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  1. Ive only used 1K on all mine but i would think there would be no difference between 1K and 2.2k.. Before and after pics..
  2. I see in the above post version 1015 of the editor has a Live Preview option.. I have downloaded 1015 and my version does not have this live preview check box option at all. Also i have the color button and the above does not.. Is there multiple versions with the same number? or have i not done something correct ? Thanks
  3. Gday Steve' Is there an explanation as to how to use the mask tool in your editor? Maybe a step by step guide that ive overlooked.. Thanks
  4. Pins 5,6 are the same point and 7,8 are the same point ( connected internally inside the IC and also connected via the traces on the PCB) it was just neater to solder the resistor evenly over both pins but you can solder only to one pin like in the top post if you like also.. It is 16 ic's you need to do, these ic's contain 2 FET's inside the one package. So 16 ic's really is 32 FET's, one for each of the rows.. I used 1K 0805 resistors because thats what i had access too at the time, you can use either 1K or 2.2K as stated in the top post.. The size also can be whatever you like as long as it is going to fit in the limited space available so 0603, 0805 even normal 1/4 or 1/8th watt through hole resistors cut to size could be used if thats all you have. It is only limited to what can fit in the limited space.. These would be fine..
  5. Attached a pic of how i did this mod, it may be of help... I used 0805 resistors as thats what i had on hand, these are a little bigger than 0603 ones but fit perfectly on the two drain pins of each FET.. I chose the ground point at random, any point can be used to tie too as long as its ground..
  6. Gday coyote I had all sorts of problems also as the software is very early.. Does the Pin2dmd.exe tool work for you? If you load Pin2dmd.exe and select from the various defined palette options are the changes reflected on the DMD? With the editor i just export straight to the sd card and rename palettes.dat at the same time just like your doing. What do you mean by "Screen comes up with palette saved in "pin2dmd.dat", not "palettes.dat"." Do you mean on the DMD display? Pin2dmd.dat is created by the Pin2dmd.exe and palettes.dat by the editor.. When renaming a palette you have to select that palette, change the text to what you like leaving the number and dash at the start and then hit the RENAME button..
  7. Is there a way to change dynamically updated images when there is no reliable frame to detect? for example the High score list.. Also what is the function of MASK in the editor? and its usage.. And ive started to play with the mark and cut options to increase the color depth, what file do i end up with using this opition ? Is it stored in the palettes.dat file or do you need to save as another file? Im liking this project very much, a very nice way of updating all my machines without spending big bucks.. Thanks
  8. I had this issue also.. It has something to do with the keyfile.. If you update to 2.05 and the ST board has not had a keyfile applied to it then the screen will be blank, the red led next to the micro usb connector does not light. I had to load 2.04, apply the keyfile and then load 2.05 to get an image..
  9. I think all my issues are caused by the stars in the background as im using STTNG as my test.. Each duration was never any less than about 2000 the last being 3070 i think.. Ive found that choosing a different frame or using an alternate hash would sometimes fix it not switching, however it would still indicate a palette switch with the green led but not change the color on most occasions.. Is it possible that the stars are causing the not switching colors issue im having. Ill have a try with some other roms to see when i get the chance..
  10. ok will do in future.. I found that if there is only ONE keyframe set in the editor its palette will always be palette 0 and cant be changed, it will always default back to palette 0. So it looks like the palette switch does not occur when it actually does as the green led on the board will indicate a palette switch has occurred . If i set more than one keyframe all of them will work except for number 1 as its palette cant be changed and will stay the default one. I was able to get it all working by making a dummy palette 1 and then all subsequent palette switches 2.3.4..... will work ok..
  11. Im trying some simple palette switching to get used to using the editor but i have been unable to get it to switch to the palette i set a keyframe on.. I export the project and copy it to the SD card but the palette stays as the default palette and does not change. Included the palette file below renamed to .TXT What i have found is that when i run pin2dmd.exe and select palette 1 RED ( with the palette.dat on the SD card i just exported) it displays the palette switch color i have chosen in the project, So instead of switching to the selected palette it has put it as RED palette option1. Can anyone advise what am i doing wrong please? palettes.TXT
  12. Thanks... that did the trick.. There is one issue that comes up now and then... When i set a palette i want as the default the dmd will reset and come up with that palette and it will work fine like it should, but sometimes it will reset and not keep the setting i just made or it will reset and come up saying " NOT ACTIVTATED" .. To clear this i have to reset it back to it's default palette and try again..
  13. Im having all sorts of issues trying to load palettes and save projects. Im running the latest versions of the editor and firmware. If i make just a simple project to test, it will save it but when opening that project i get the below error. Also when i try and upload a palette i get another error as below.. Is there a specific version of java that has to be used? Is there an outline of how to use the editor, export palettes.dat files. Specific instructions anyone can point me too please.. I have everything working except the editor. Pin2dmd.exe works flawlessly and i can change everything i choose to, it just seems to be the editor and creating palettes i am having trouble with.. Im using this on real machines not virtual ones. Thanks Daniel
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