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  1. Someone up for sum Video Nerdgazm? The Cab The Gameplay ;-)) If you wanna check out technical Details including Blueprints and the Build Log with all the Pictures hop over to sascharossier.com/?p=2007
  2. HejHej HLR53 Thanx Man! I first built the whole Cab in Autodesk Inventor and rendered the Visualisations in KeyShot. By The Way: The Beast is Alive! If you wanna check out technical Details including Blueprints and the Build Log with all the Pictures hop over to sascharossier.com/?p=2007
  3. Finally ... Woodwork done ... That Sukka feels really stury and heavy Find all Pictures of the WoodWork-Process here: http://sascharossier.com/?p=2007 Next Step: Electronics ;-)
  4. hej mpad ... absolutely ... the top edges of the Plexiglass will be rounded and polished clear. I just was too lazy to incorporate all the minor details into the render ;-))
  5. Then i Got some stuff from GroovyGameGear: 2 LED-Wiz and alotta RGB-Leds for the Cab to Disco ;-) And started testin the Setup of the Buttons ;-) and the newest Render of the Final Cab ;-)
  6. Carpenter Roger is using the Cab-Design for sum serious Stage-Perfomance. A new Stratocaster-Design ? Prolly not ;-)
  7. HejHej Djurre ... yeah ... ive read a lot already on the bumpy ride towards a own VP-Cab ... looking forward to it ;-) I had planned a full Deck-Out with Zebsboards all in one Solution Solenoids, Shaker, Gears etc. But then I fell in Love with pfx2 tables. Maybe because of my age Im right in the Middle between traditional FunHouse-Machines, Arcade-Shmups and the Modern Era of Videogames. I think pfx2 combines the best of all worlds. After All I am a Pinhead 4 sure ;-) It might not be as real as VP and Co. but has a lot more "unreal" but cool Play-Gagdets and Whistles ;-) But: pfx2 offers a minimum of Force Feedback ... this i will implement into my Cab. It wont be the full 8-Solenoid, 2 Contactor-Setup ..but some Contactors in the Front wired to the Vibration-Motor-Cables of a torn down xbox360 controller. Lighting ill manage with two LED-Wiz and LEDblinky set to Audio-Animation since pfx2 doesnt have any Light Outputs either. And for nudging/tilt ill be on the videogame-side of things ... Just Buttons on either side of the Cab and in the Front. This reduction of Options has advantages as well: Place is not so stuffed anymore as with all the FF-Stuff an cabling ;-) And the developpers of pfx2 have discovered Cab-Possibilities just yet. They have implemented a limited Set of Cab-Support into their Soft and said theyll be working it out in the Future. So Future seems to be bright ;-)
  8. Status: Performing final Tests before Woodwork starts:
  9. Setting up the heart of the Beast: Intel Core i5-6600K on a Supermicro C7H170-M, Gigabyte GTX 950 Xtreme R and 8GB DDR4 powered by a Corsair HX850W
  10. ;-) yepp ... this is just a Sketch-Render for Motivation ;-) I Think, there will be a lot of Details changed in the process. My Plans are a 43"/24" Two-Screen-Solution with the DMD included on the Backglass Monitor.
  11. ;-) Okay enough virtual reality .. no its time to get my hands dirty ;-)
  12. and they always say you should visualize your goals ;-)
  13. Hej Dear Pinheadz I use to play a lot of Pinball when I was young, but with Age this Passion went a bit to sleep. But just Yesterday i got caught by the Fascination of Virtual Pinballs. I watched all the Tutorials of that Dude scorpius (www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnKXIRK4-J4&list=PLZU98v6HPzNYCxOazPkDtTbBKPIAzi14V) and i was completely blown away. I didnt know something like this even existed and now here i am. One night later, barely slept an hour and already planned my own pinball cabinet: 43"/24" Screens, zebsboards all in one VP-Kit, visual pinball with a Hyperpin frontend. Tipping Analysis looks pretty good Place might be an issue here. But if things get packed i can still enlarge the lower belly on the front to get some more space. Since Im a complete Noob to VPs a lot of - maybe useless - questions pop up. The Most recent one is this: Focussing on the angle and placement of the playfield-screen and the playfielt glass is saw, that a lot of cabinet designs carry the screen parallel to the floor and only the glass is angled at 6 degrees up. Is there any practical reason for that? Cause logically it makes no sense to me: The virtual tables are already styled in a kind of 3D-Style where a virtual pinball-backwall is already included. So the playfield itself should be angles at 6 degrees as well; or do i miss on somenting. And a angled playfield would improve the viewing angle on the screen and thus improve the perceptual color quality of the screen innit? And another Question for you VP-Grandmasters out there ... i decided to split my built into several phases: 0. PLANNING IT OUT - Gather Knowledge - Lock Design - Draw Plans - Structural Analysis - Final Plans for WoodCut und Assembly - Shopping List 1. IT - Buy Screens - Buy Computer Parts - Computer Up And Runnin - install VP/PinballX/Roms/etc. - Test the System 2. ELECTRONICS/MECHANICS - Buy Controller Boards an Lights/FF-Accessories - Wire/Solder Components - Hook up to Computer - Test Setup 3. CAB - Buy Wood and Saw according to Plans - Screw Cab together - Apply Decals/Design - Fit Plexi-Glasses 4. PUT IT TOGETHER - Place Components into Cab - Test if everything is working - final tunes and fixes - Assemble & Screw Everything together - Final Tests - Prosecco Run Does that look like a good Plan or am I missing something or would you put things in another Sequence? Thanx 4 ya help
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