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  1. hi All, ive finally changed over to using BAM to run future pinball in my pinball cab, question is can i put the DMD that is generated by future pinball games on my 3rd screen using BAM ? Please if the answer is yes please keep it as simple as possible as im totally hopeless when it comes to altering things even when i have written and even printed instruction, possibly due to my Medical condition ( im Autistic ). Any help is always very appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
  2. https://youtu.be/32ox8uRJp58 Please check out my build a pinball machine and leave a comment. and SHARE. Thanks.
  3. YAY sorted !!!!!! i found i needed to manually alter the globalconfig location and add \config and also alter the output port to 3 and its working all i can say is a massive THANKS!!!! To everyone that has helped me get through this and get my shaker working in Visual Pinball :-). So onto to the next project getting it working in FP and FX2 and 3....any takers ?? Ian.
  4. progress but still have this error can anybody assist ?? 2018.02.02 00:28:16.499 DirectOutput Logger initialized 2018.02.02 00:28:16.500 DirectOutput Version 0.9.5812.27024 as of 2015.11.30 15:00 2018.02.02 00:28:16.500 Global config loaded from: C:\DIRECTOUTPUT\GlobalConfig_B2SServer.xml 2018.02.02 00:28:16.500 Loading Pinball parts 2018.02.02 00:28:16.500 Loading cabinet 2018.02.02 00:28:16.502 Will load cabinet config file: C:\directoutput\config\cabinet.xml 2018.02.02 00:28:16.594 1 output controller defnitions and 1 toy definitions loaded from cabinet config. 2018.02.02 00:28:16.594 Cabinet config file has AutoConfig feature enabled. Calling AutoConfig. 2018.02.02 00:28:16.595 Cabinet auto configuration started 2018.02.02 00:28:16.619 Debug: Ledwiz devicelist content. Handles: 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, Num devices: 0 2018.02.02 00:28:16.620 Debug: Disposing LedWiz instance -01. 2018.02.02 00:28:16.621 Cabinet auto configuration finished 2018.02.02 00:28:16.621 Autoconfig complete. 2018.02.02 00:28:16.621 Cabinet config loaded successfully from C:\directoutput\config\cabinet.xml 2018.02.02 00:28:16.621 Cabinet loaded 2018.02.02 00:28:16.621 Loading table config 2018.02.02 00:28:16.622 Warning: No table config file found. Will try to load config from LedControl file(s). 2018.02.02 00:28:16.622 Will try to load configs from DirectOutput.ini or LedControl.ini file(s) for RomName cc_13 2018.02.02 00:28:16.635 No directoutputconfig.ini or ledcontrol.ini files found. 2018.02.02 00:28:16.636 No config for table found in LedControl data for RomName cc_13. 2018.02.02 00:28:16.637 Table config loading finished 2018.02.02 00:28:16.637 Pinball parts loaded 2018.02.02 00:28:16.637 Starting processes 2018.02.02 00:28:16.637 Initializing cabinet 2018.02.02 00:28:16.637 Debug: Initializing output controllers 2018.02.02 00:28:16.640 FT245RBitbangController Zebsboards 1 with serial number ZBPLUNGE01 has been initialized and the updater thread has been started. 2018.02.02 00:28:16.640 Debug: Output controllers initialized 2018.02.02 00:28:16.643 Cabinet initialized 2018.02.02 00:28:16.647 Loading shape definition file: C:\DIRECTOUTPUT\DirectOutputShapes.xml 2018.02.02 00:28:16.660 Connection to FTDI chip ZBPLUNGE01 established. 2018.02.02 00:28:16.702 Framework initialized. 2018.02.02 00:28:16.702 Have fun! 2018.02.02 00:28:49.260 Finishing framework 2018.02.02 00:28:49.262 Finishing cabinet 2018.02.02 00:28:49.263 Debug: Finishing output controllers 2018.02.02 00:28:49.368 Connection to FTDI chip ZBPLUNGE01 closed. 2018.02.02 00:28:49.368 FT245RBitbangController Zebsboards 1 with serial number ZBPLUNGE01 has been finished and the updater thread has been terminated. 2018.02.02 00:28:49.368 Debug: Output controllers finished 2018.02.02 00:28:49.368 Cabinet finished 2018.02.02 00:28:49.368 DirectOutput framework finished. 2018.02.02 00:28:49.368 Bye and thanks for using!
  5. Can anybody please help as im pulling my hair out...i have purchased a shaker motor along with a plunger ki from zeb board. i have followed all the set up but my shaker doesn't run, im trying it with the medieval madness table the shaker is connected to port 2 on the output board and ive created the files from the dofconfig tool here. i have directoutput on c: drive and visual pinball has a short cut to point to this. if anybody could please help id be most greatfull ( please let me know what files i need to show ) ihave uploaded my setting for you which may help. Many thanks in advance. directoutput.rar
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