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    Your backglass really adds more eye candy to an already great table. Looking forward to your next one!
  1. Thanks for the help Terry... I think I have it now.
  2. That sounds like the way I do it with the power and ground lines. So the data line is the ONLY line running from the Octoboard....
  3. OK... I checked the site and ordered the 3 items. Looks pretty simple with his clear instructions. I'm glad I asked, as I almost ordered the 3.6 last night. Thanks for the quick reply! I've wired many a LED strip for my Christmas decorations, and it seems like this is wired a bit differently. I just add a ground wire from the power supply at the start and end of each full run. The ground runs through all the strips using the 3 connectors strip-to-strip. With the Octoboard, you need to wire a ground from the Octo to the start of each strip? For your setup, on the 6 strip back LED display, do you use that ground on each strip on one side (say the right) only? Do you power inject every 2 strips?
  4. Hi Terry, I am adding a Zebs Basic Easy kit for feedback to my cabinet. I really like the way you made your light bar with side lights, so I didn't get Zebs light bar, I've ordered the LED strips and looking forward to getting this setup.. In your video, you said you used the Teensy board which has a Cat5 cable coming out of it. I was thinking of the Teensy 3.6 board w/pins. Is this the one you picked up? I'm not sure from the pic on the PJRC storefront if it has the CAT5 plug. Can you verify?