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  1. Topper Videos

    Thanks for the Topper Videos, Bambi. I really like your editing on the movie cuts. I look forward to furure releases! Suggestion: If you leave the audio in the movie cut, it won't play in the Topper, but for those tables that have no attract audio, the audio track could be de-muxed and used as Table Audio. Leaving audio in, doesn't add much to the size, but would add ambience to those 'silent' attract mode tables.
    Your backglass really adds more eye candy to an already great table. Looking forward to your next one!
  2. Thanks for the help Terry... I think I have it now.
  3. That sounds like the way I do it with the power and ground lines. So the data line is the ONLY line running from the Octoboard....
  4. OK... I checked the site and ordered the 3 items. Looks pretty simple with his clear instructions. I'm glad I asked, as I almost ordered the 3.6 last night. Thanks for the quick reply! I've wired many a LED strip for my Christmas decorations, and it seems like this is wired a bit differently. I just add a ground wire from the power supply at the start and end of each full run. The ground runs through all the strips using the 3 connectors strip-to-strip. With the Octoboard, you need to wire a ground from the Octo to the start of each strip? For your setup, on the 6 strip back LED display, do you use that ground on each strip on one side (say the right) only? Do you power inject every 2 strips?
  5. Hi Terry, I am adding a Zebs Basic Easy kit for feedback to my cabinet. I really like the way you made your light bar with side lights, so I didn't get Zebs light bar, I've ordered the LED strips and looking forward to getting this setup.. In your video, you said you used the Teensy board which has a Cat5 cable coming out of it. I was thinking of the Teensy 3.6 board w/pins. Is this the one you picked up? I'm not sure from the pic on the PJRC storefront if it has the CAT5 plug. Can you verify?