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  1. it was me remembering wrong, i "remembered it should be a rainbow" but that was so wrong. It looks like unclesash's pictures above.
  2. lucky1: I have found out it was vpinmame not overwriting the settins in the registry. I deleted all registrysettings, retried with 2.41 firmware and vpinmame 2.9, and now it works. Perhaps not exctly like it used to, actually better now. rappelbox: is there an onscreen menu on the display??? i have never seen or read about that before. and "while booting"? the screen starts immidiately when powerd on, there is no "boot time" and i can only see two buttons on the board, one blue and one black. I will try and see what happens, but as i got it to work now and it was vpinmame f***ing up..
  3. i don't get it. where does it get it's pallette from? the pink, brown reddish?
  4. Sorry to say removal of sd card and resetting does nothing. The "pin2dmd virtual pinball" startscreen has the rainbow colors in wrong order i think. starts with black, then bright red, less red, bright purple, blueish green and so on. "pin2dmd" in white and "virtual pinball" in bright red. 2.41 firmware. I have tried all settings and saving in pin2dmd.exe but still vpinmame show " red, brown and pinkish white. Even if i choose "colorize dmd" or not in vpinmame settings. Even when i create some awful pallettes in vpinmame2.9 seup exe with or withou colorization it still become the ugly pink red palett.
  5. Ok, i'll try it tomorrow. Is the sdcard not needed anymore? I guess i need to read the doc again Thanks.
  6. I am using 2.41 but still no reset of the colors with the pindmd.exe (from the 2.41 archive) .. i guess the buttons andmenu is on the new v4 boards?
  7. Lucky1: Thanks it took a while for me to find the dll on your github, i'll try it later today. UPDATE: it workedm with lucky1's dmddevice.dll. 'now i just have one problem left. befor vpinmame update i could chnge the palette in vpinmame stup, and set the colo i wanted for different roms. but i does not work now. The settings in pin2dmd.exe does not change either even if i save the settings. It is a bright pinkish tone, with brown and red..
  8. I used the pin2dmd/ dmddevice.dll in the pinmame 2.9 minimal install.. is that the wrong one?
  9. Thanks. I found the older 2.41, but i have problems still.. Slow screen refresh and flickering. But i think it has something to do with new vpinmame 2.8b or something with the dll's.. i cant get it to work properly. if i quick install vpinmame 2.7 again not changing back dll's it works as it should.. so i have no clue.
  10. Where do i find older version of the firmware? Updated from 2.12 to 2.42, having problems so want to try 2.41, but i can't find it..
  11. I am getting "machine terminated ..." with the rom both from here and VPF. The first time for a very long time i have this problem. Tried downloading several times, no luck.
  12. I have a 3d printed desing for an enclosure of both ccd and leds i am working on. I also have rgb button leds. Should be finished any day, and so far i have had good results with 6 white leds (from a ledstrip) about 7cm from the ccd. I hope it will work ok when finished, otherwise i'll mount them at the cabbottom as everone else does.
  13. I bought zeb's plunger awhile ago, he has great support and it works really well, but there is one downside with it which made me go the mrj plunger way instead, You can't rotate the plunger handle with zeb's solution, because the sliderpart is fastened to the plunger. I have bad habit of rotating the shooter before i shoot So i am just converting to mrj's kl25z version with a ccd panel. Testing here now and the resolution is much greater and as the sensor never touches the shooter i can rotate it how much i ever want. It also has the advantage of 24 button inputs (zeb's has 20, 10 normal and 10 shifted) and can use the plunger as shootbutton also, plus it has a "led-wiz" mode also with outputs, I am in endtesting of a ccdsensor mounting enclosure (3d printing).
  14. These colorizations on foreign languange roms, will they work with english rom also?
  15. What does this mean, and how to use it? : V2.22 - fix for vpin full color mode
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