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  1. Yeah, I'm having issues with the center post as well, let us know if you find a solution.
  2. Did you do the 3D models? They look really nice.
  3. Damn, that looks killer!!
  4. Yup, this would be nice in a future update.
  5. The table plays so good. You should be very proud Javier, It's your Masterpiece!!!
  6. Javier's AC/DC looks amazing. I used pretty much stock setting except for Tonemap settings, and I also raised the brightness on the table itself. small changes have BIG effects in sweetfx. /*-----------------------------------------------------------. / Tonemap settings / '-----------------------------------------------------------*/ #define Gamma 0.9 //[0.000 to 2.000] Adjust midtones #define Exposure -0.1 //[-1.000 to 1.000] Adjust exposure #define Saturation 0.4 //[-1.000 to 1.000] Adjust saturation #define Bleach 0.0 //[0.000 to 1.000] Brightens the shadows and fades the colors #define Defog 0.0 //[0.000 to 1.000] How much of the color tint to remove #define FogColor float3(0.0, 0.0, 0.0) //[0.00 to 2.55, 0.00 to 2.55, 0.00 to 2.55] What color to remove - default is blue
  7. It's a dream come true!!!
  8. See, it's not so bad around here. And knowing fren he probably knock this off in 20 min just for you.
  9. Thats freakin awesome!!! The well walker looks cool. to bad milin didnt stick around to see it.
  10. Nah man your cool, there just havin a bit of fun with ya. Although you will need a bit thicker skin if your going to ask those kinda questions.
  11. Still playin around, but I'm really liking this.
  12. Really nice!! During centrifuge multiball, when you relock the ball, I never knew to press both flippers to get it to spin. Cool
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