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  1. Honestly both programs are the same VPX is just a beefed up VP9.. Like I said it wouldn't take months at most a few days. If you would like help converting the table just ask.. If not my self there are others that would step up to lend a hand too.. Remember, change is good don't be afrade of it.. :-)
  2. It's actually a lot easier to build a table in VPX than it is in VP9. VPX does a lot of things for you that you won't have to waiste your time with, doing it in VP9.. The physics a lone in VPX would make it worth it... In my opinion There are a lot of materials already made you can import to use in your build.. Honestly it would only take a few days maybe even a few hours if your motivated to convert to VPX seeing how far you have it already.. All you would have to do is set the materials, fix the command scripts for VPX and create the lighting you want to use and you'd be all set.. And if you really wanted but it looks like your already familiar with primitives add VPX objects like rubbers etc. etc. With over 150 VPX tables already created you could look at some examples to get yourself started, it would really be easier than you think.. VPX is really user friendly now, much more so than VP9.. Anyway, cool theme and great progress so far...
  3. Is this being built in VPX?
  4. No beef just maybe think before putting people down when they have a different view.. Honestly what bothered me the most was how you all ganged up on me and treated me like an ass hole b/c I had a different view on the matter.. There is a fine line when joking around and the written word can be read differently by different people.. Anyway, as I said that was a long time ago and I'm over it.. :-) Wildman we have already talked I've got no beef with you! We all good hug it out.. :-)
  5. I see that comments in this thread are aimed at me and it's funny to see I've been singled out. I feel honored and wouldn't think anything less from this sight as I figured it would happen... The little clique of some of the members here is why I no longer frequent this sight! I come here maybe once every month and rarley post.. Most of you come across here as better than everone else and to be blunt your a bunch of little high school girls that I and others don't have time for.. Take it for what it is, I don't like you and you don't like me and you know who you are.. I'm fine with that, its just sad to see how some of you treat people around here.. Also, not once, has anyone said that I have seen, they want money b/c of the tables they have built! I know I want nothing And about the beer me function I've already expressed my dislike for it and I'm not going to get into that again! It's my opinion I think it's wrong! I'm entitled to my opinion as are you. Since expressing I have an issue with it I've been treated like an outsider here, I haven't brought it up once except the post today! I've dropped it even though I think it's wrong.. Sorry someone thinks diffrent and has an issue with it.. The problem here is that cabs and DVD's are being sold with vpinmame installed and a full set of tables pre loaded! That's the problem and nothing else! Unless you have no morals then I guess you just can't see how it's WRONG!
  6. I'm looking forword to this with updated models.. Wow they look great Tom
  7. personally the wife and I didn't find Kiss much fun at all.. We have maybe played the table 12 or so times, maybe once we lean the rule set and get a better feel on what to do it will get better.. But with the 12 plays so far I'm not a big fan.. I'd rather dump my $$$$ in Star Trek or WWE
  8. No way randr we are def. cool... :-) I haven't gotten any PM's from you man, hit me up any time if you want to talk.. :-)
  9. Well I've already expressed my opinions on the matter and sitting down and talking it out in a chat would accomplish nothing. I'm sure things would be said and taken the wrong way in the heat of the moment.. I guess the solution here is to just put certain members on ignore. I should of done that a wile ago.. I'll do that and let someone else step up and say something from now on about all the negativity, nagging and bringing up the same stuff over and over.. So with that said you heard it here 1st I won't say another word unless it's a direct comment or digg at me personally.. Feel free to light it up, complain and put people's work down, I guess it's open season now b/c I'm done dealing with it!
  10. It's not stalking bro. I'm an active member of this comunity.. Think about that!!! You too are "friends" according to CK so I'm not surprised you'll jump on the bandwagon and defend him.. Witch I totally understand, I don't have a problem with you or Kaan. As I've said before maybe CK should think about what he is saying before he types it.. Some people including me take all his nagging and complaining as negative comments b/c it's always about the same crap. Never a nice thing to say and always a but! It gets old and many of us around here are sick of it! It's b/c of people like him we only have a few authors left. When I got into this comunity there were over 20 or 30 authors look at it now what are there maybe 5 to 10 now.. think about that! Keep pissing us all off and you'll have no tables to play.. Maybe us authors will just start showing awesome screen shots of tables and stop releasing them and only share them with friends! b/c pretty soon that's prob the route I'm going to go b/c I'm sick of it as I know many others are too.
  11. Instead of bitching about it why don't you take the time and play with the flipper setting's and figure it out, then report back with some positive feedback and a possible fix for the "issue".. Buuuuuuut no, like always your just quick to bitch about everything offering no real solutions to any problems! It amazes me still how many of you bitch about something your getting for free! Great table fren... Thank you I've enjoyed playing it quite a bit..
  12. lol I've used b2s.server since day one and the only reason I didn't originally want to use DOF was b/c I didn't feel like updating all my tables. You did talk me into it though and I've since updated all my tables to DOF so thank you for the push its appreciated as DOF is much nicer.. :-) As for winXP going to windows 7 I'd love to upgrade but as I've said I don't have the extra $$$$ to shell out to buy a licensed copy of win7.
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