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  1. very good kleiner zwerg! can't wait to test it on my TOTAN VPin
  2. Somebody heared you. Did Crabtree is working on this table now. After his great Star Wars DE Table this one will be a blast for sure too
  3. Found this from Rob on FB for colorization, maybe it helps... VPX has ball control (hit D and check "ball control"), you can guide the ball around with the mouse to get the different modes to trigger.
  4. i guess it is the next pin2dmd XL colorization after baywatch? so useless for all the normal pin2dmd users I appreciate all the work you guys do but wonder why these get done before the normal dmds? Hopefully we will see a Tales of the Arabian Nights Colorization one day
  5. i wonder why but this the first one that let my pin2dmd stay black when i try to use pal and ini file. i think i am on firmware 2.56? cant check it out now. no problems at all with all the other ones, so i know how to do it normally. anyone having problems too? i really would like to use it
  6. just wow! cant wait to see this beauty on my pin2dmd!!!
  7. MM

    project still alive?
  8. dmddevice.dll crashing

    thank you lucky, i had the same crashing problem like Wob when i started color tables. Problems solved with new dmddevice.dll
  9. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    thank you carny! do i need to download/rename all these files or can i use .dat of the next beta sambuild with clrmame to rename the necessary files?
  10. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    my fault. the .dat guy is called connie, not carny. sorry...
  11. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    yes i understood that but that won't help in getting a green dot in clrmame. it worked with the old dat, how was the dat file done?
  12. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    other folder? when i used your 2.9 dat there was no problem scanning with clrmame. lookng for a green dot so another folder is no option
  13. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    since sambuild 3.0 none of my color roms get accepted anymore by clrmame. the roms are working but i get crc error and clrmame wants to delete files. @CarnyPriest did you set snything when creating .dat and how did you do that?
  14. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    fantastic, thank you carney! for clrmame scan i can use the 3.0 version, right?
  15. SAMBuild3.0 beta thread

    yes beta. since 3.0 some guys having sound problems when using pinsound (soundmode 1)