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  1. this will be the best project ever! wip is looking fantastic 🤤 this color project and a nice pup pack will make the table go crazy
  2. thx martin, like always a over the top release! tried out your altcolor with the MB Pupack and it was really a pleasure to play. hopefully we will see some more quality releases by you in the future
  3. it's done but comes out when the new TAF table gets released anytime
  4. nbcrew

    Star Wars

    now i get confused, do we have now two diffrent star wars altcolors in the same thread? what should we use, what is more complete?
  5. So beautiful! A dream is coming true
  6. nbcrew

    Star Wars

    I see. But what is with the .pal file? is it for real pins too or do i have to replace the .pal file in my altcolor folder with this one?
  7. Looking really nice on my totan vpin. Thank you! Jewels are still in wrong colors
  8. On the orange DMD the Camelman has 2 orange eyes but on the colordmd version the eyes are missing
  9. very good kleiner zwerg! can't wait to test it on my TOTAN VPin
  10. Somebody heared you. Did Crabtree is working on this table now. After his great Star Wars DE Table this one will be a blast for sure too
  11. Found this from Rob on FB for colorization, maybe it helps... VPX has ball control (hit D and check "ball control"), you can guide the ball around with the mouse to get the different modes to trigger.
  12. i guess it is the next pin2dmd XL colorization after baywatch? so useless for all the normal pin2dmd users I appreciate all the work you guys do but wonder why these get done before the normal dmds? Hopefully we will see a Tales of the Arabian Nights Colorization one day