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  1. Same issue for me, most of VPX tables seems to work with my RGB undercab, but not ACDC (luci) with acd_170hc rom.. I didn't resolve that problem. I've created link from "directoutputconfig8.ini" to "directoutputconfig.ini" in the config directory but it didn't repare my issue. If someone have the solution, please help !!! (I have the same issue with the last Adams Family table of G5k) PS : I've joined the DirectOutput log file (all seems to react well) DirectOutput.log
  2. Hello everyone, Am I the only one to have analog plunger issue with this table ? Precision : I have many other tables running under VPX, they work perfectly but not this one, and I didn't achieve to solve it ! Edit : I have the line : " If keycode = PlungerKey Then Plunger.PullBack:End If ", but it still doesn't work with analog plunger
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