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  1. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    i look into pinscape, but I prefer to use ledwiz clone, because I have got all items for arduino.
  2. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    I can find "Simple LED Test" and i work my ledwiz clone. all digital outputs work just fine, but i want to use Analog support and the analog Acelometers. how my english is very bad I have trouble following and I don´t know if It has managed to make both things work. My idea is use this potenciometer for plungler. https://es.aliexpress.com/store/product/Free-shipping-Electronic-building-blocks-slide-potentiometer-module/433698_2029224818.html?detailNewVersion=&categoryId=400199 and this acelometer for tilt. https://es.aliexpress.com/item/GY-61-ADXL335-Module-3-axis-Analog-Output-Accelerometer-angular-transducer-3v-5v-Wholesale-Electronic/32463825736.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.0.ZSOUUK Could you say me if can both work? i need help for get this. thx for help
  3. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    I'm trying to follow your YouTube tutorial and I have a doubt. At time 15; 20 on your video, you open 'simple LED test' application, but i do not find that application. Where do i find it? On the other hand, i have flashed LedWiz Clone to my arduino in my laptod, But I want to install vpinball in other PC. Do I need to change ID in the second PC or can I change it in my laptop?