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  1. I keep getting an error after playing for 5 minutes or so. Fatal Error: HRESULT 8007000e at ..\RenderDevice.cpp:491 Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. works fine without directb2s backglass running. i still get the error if i have a backglass load. not sure if the table and backglass combines are too big or something? i tried changing the max texture to 2048 but it still doesnt work. how do i change the playfield size?
  3. is there a version of this table that works with vp 9.20? the fs version i hsve crashes vp on exit.
  4. Thanks much Wildman! Any chance of using the higher res backglass that the FP version of this table uses? Great work though! Bill
  5. I did name my zip that. I renamed the file inside as well per the instructions in the other thread. I can redownload the rom and only rename the zip file and delete the txt file if you think that will fix it. It does work fine when I do the test. After downloading the new vpinmame.dll I did run the setup.exe and did 'install'. Bill
  6. Yep. Just grabbed it yesterday. It tests fine. Just get that error when loading the table.
  7. Going to try this later today and see if it fixes my issue as well.
  8. I did this, but still not working. It tests fine in vpinmame, but when I launch the table I get this error, "Machine terminated before intitalized, check the rom path or rom file". Any ideas? Bill
  9. Mine is working now as well. Strange. Maybe something changed in thew new version or something? Whow knows. Played a few games and no crashing. GREAT job on this table P1!!!! Bill
  10. Anyone else having an issue using the .directb2s backglass? I am getting VP crashes with this table and the d2bs backglass when I go to exit the table. If I turn off b2s and just use VPM everything works fine. Any ideas? Thanks Bill
  11. PayPal Email:: bill.hayden@live.com Shipping Information: Local pickup preferred. Shipping is possible, but I will need to get a quote. It's obviously big. :-)
  12. I am getting slow flipper response. If I turn off VSync the flippers are way faster and feel correct. With VSync off I get ball slowdown/stutter though. Is there anything I can do to fix it? WinXP i5 @4.4 ghz GTX 560ti 4gb ram Using BAM and FP 2.5 physics. Thx Bill
  13. Wow. Really looks nice! Can't wait for release of this one!
  14. I still get stutter on some tables, but nothing like you describe. That sounds horrible. I am not on win7 though. I went with XP because of so many HP/VP issues with Win7. I do get way more stutter not using HP though. If I just run it right from VP I get a lot more stutter with the LEDWiz on. Not sure why this is, but I think DeeGor has had the same results as I have with that. Bill
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