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  1. Dazz, Any future progress on this? I love a good challenge and like how you have laid things out. Sure, there will always be The cheaters out there, but don’t let that discourage you from building something fun for the rest of us that just like a good clean competition playing VP. It looks like you’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting already.
  2. Has there been any activity on this? For those that like tracking high scores when playing VP, and also enjoy VP challenges, it appears DNA Disturber has been busy updating pinemhi and pinemhi Leaderboard over on VPF site. He has added a significant number of the more popular VP tables, added many more challenges to try on the various tables, and recently added a Weekly Challenge feature. Plus, it all now works without having to use any front-end UI. Your high scores can be saved and tracked automatically just by running VPX (or VP9, etc.). Check out the latest version here.
  3. Now that you got it working on v1.1, now download the latest version (v1.5) and it should work! Make sure to NOT delete the nvram file though. It was properly configured when you first got it working with v1.1. This is how I got the latest version of the table running without seeing the "Locating balls, please wait...." error. Hopefully this works for you too.
  4. I found a solution to the "Locating Pinballs, Please wait...". As suggested earlier in this thread, if you download the v1.1 of the table (not the latest v1.5), it works great.
  5. I am having the same issues as comicalman. I run the table and when I hit the start button I get the ""Locating Pinballs, Please wait...". Then after about a minute, it resets to Game Over screen on the DMD. All other Stern tables work and i'm on version 10.0.0 of VPX. Thoughts?
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