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  1. Addressable Rgb's

    There are links, diagrams and photos throughout the whole thread. A dummy like me figured it out. You just got work your way slowly through the thread and links. If you get stuck ask a specific question and we can try and help.
  2. [Project] Vp Wizard. Need Help.

    I'm not an 'idiot'. I just rather spend more time playing tables rather than setting them up. Anything that can simplify this is a good thing in my eyes. Keep up the good work Tom!
  3. Addressable Rgb's

    Thanks. I was thinking an L-bracket was the only way to go without butchering the case.
  4. Addressable Rgb's

    Is you PSU similar to this?
  5. Addressable Rgb's

    If it's easy can you take a pic of where you put the screw through the psu? Did you remove the case to do it?
  6. Addressable Rgb's

    That's kinda where I'm thinking of mounting them. Did you use a specific mounting bracket for the PSU. I've got 2 "meanwell" style PSUs that I didn't want to disassemble to screw into the cabinet.
  7. Addressable Rgb's

    Hi vampirolatino2 Thanks for the drawing,but, wiring it up should not be a problem. Soldering these 144/m maybe, as my 2m lengths are soldered every 50cm and the solder joint is larger is larger than the normal pixel spacing so it will make creating the matrix harder. Anyway...... Just wanted to get some hardware mounting/positioning ideas. Purely from an aesthetics looks point of view.
  8. Addressable Rgb's

    That looks great! Has anyone got any photos to show off the teensy and PSU mountings in their cab?
  9. Addressable Rgb's

    With all these config issues it sounds like a cabinet.xml file config tool would come handy my coding skills are rubbish so I can't follow up on my suggestion.
  10. Addressable Rgb's

    Have you got any links to the sort products you used to achieve the results you settled on.
  11. Addressable Rgb's

    Thanks for the advice. My other PSUs are meanwell and cost heaps more than these. I was quite surprised when I saw the price myself. I'll certainly be looking around for a better quality one.
  12. Addressable Rgb's

    Seems like suppliers obviously can't test strips at that length and so generally unwilling to send long lengths of the 144/m. Based on the response it appears like they're willing to supply at various lengths. My follow up request will then be to ask them to cut it up at the desired lengths and then test before sending.
  13. Addressable Rgb's

    That beacon light show looks great.
  14. Addressable Rgb's

    Looks fantastic! I can't wait to join the club. Those shapes look awesome. Just about to buy 8m of 144/m (randr style). I'm talking to the Chinese suppliers to make sure there is no miscommunication when I say I want a continuous roll of 8m with no joins. They all seem to want to send me 0.5m or 1m rolls soldered together. There biggest concern is ensuring power is injected every metre and that's why they shy away from long rolls fearing ppl will complain when there is inadequate power. I know I can solder joint lengths together,but, I feel it would be easier to have single runs on the back pf matrix and sides. @Randr you had 1031 LEDs. Do you feel the PSU you got for them is adequate? I found this cheap one and hope it would do the job. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/ac-110v-220v-converter-to-dc-5v-70a-350w-switching-power-supply-power-supply-5v-led/1914686094.html My cab is a wide body and so dimensions a pretty much the same as Randr's. Just a question for those that already have built the matrix. Are you running it perpendicular to the pf or is it angled toward the player. My 5 flasher is currently angled. Most videos you guys have supplied look perpendicular to the pf.
  15. Addressable Rgb's

    Hi In case any one is interested I found these whilst looking for a 5m roll of the 144/m.