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  1. As it's a current WIP, it might be not useful for him to share this ongoing developement. I hope it will progress anyway as the current state is GREAT !
  2. That's a free stuff you are working for the whole community, no pressure at all. If you want to share the load to help you, I'm sure that people would be ok. Anyway, hope you'll find a way to handle your issues Thanks again
  3. Hi Dominik, putting the .vni and the .pal files on the PIN2DMD sd card is enough to get the colorization ? anything else ? I've got now a working PIN2DMD (thanks to a genuine ST32FM instead of crappy chinese one..) and I want to give a try with your colorization.
  4. AND that was it. My three chinese ST32FM were perfect for pincab, but not in real pinball. I've just tried with a brand new genuine, flasedh the ST update (otherwise, i had no power in the ST card), and It's perfect without any glitch. Bottom of the line : chinese cheaper cards are troublesome Sad news, my 3 activation codes are useless, as linked to three cards that i will not use Thanks @lucky1
  5. Gasp, I just checked your topic on Chinese clones. Green socket and no logo.. I'm in any recommended link to purchase a good one ? nucleo or discovery are both compatible with the shield ?
  6. I've just tried with or without enhancer, jumper in each position, same issue. I've also tried on a Shadow Bally, same issue, to eliminate a cable seating issue. So same artefacts on 1 bally and 2 different whitestar. Now, I've just plugged the same setup (power+shield+ST card+panels) to my PC, no parasite at all in VPX, runs perfectly fine So there is something weird here.
  7. I've also tried on 2-3 with Enhancer on, same thing. But i'll give another try to confirm Thanks for the assistance
  8. Hi, I've tried 3.04, no change, always the same parasites. Voltage is set at 4.73 When i turn off the pinball, image stays fix. I took some pictures of one shield. I don't know if that can impact, but the 220v feeding the 5V power unit is not coming from the pinball by itself, but from a different plug.
  9. Thanks for your reply. I've already tried the tweaking screw on the power . No luck. I will measure the output.
  10. Hello, I've three shields from Germangaming . They were working well in vpin but now, I want to set them in two whitestar TSPP and LOTR. on both machines, with each cards, I've got the same issue, displays works but with a lot of vertical glitches See here : i've tried with enhancer off or on, same. The only difference against the shield layout was that I had no bridge resistor, so I put three resistors respectively in pin 1-2 , 3-4 and 5-6 for each BR slot. Any idea to solve that ? Thanks
  11. Hi, I've got a shadow and a Pin2DMD ready if you need a beta tester
  12. Clearly among the best pinball. It deserves a colorization !!
  13. Hello, any news on the project, how are things going on ? another question, will it work for all languages ?
  14. Great. If you need some help, detail your instructions and we may bring some manpower to finalize!
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