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  1. rockhouse1955

    Pool Sharks(Bally 1990)

    another wildman db2s many thanks for this one
  2. rockhouse1955

    csi 240 rom

    that was quick i looked but dont know why i misseed it many thanks
  3. rockhouse1955

    csi 240 rom

    looking for the csi 240 rom if anyone can point me in the right direction many thanks
  4. rockhouse1955

    Wanted: Redraw Tutorial

    Even if Michelangelo made you a tutorial on how to paint the Sistine Chapel, what good would that do you? well it would be a start all journeys start with a small step and as suggested by jasonsmith pick a small area only if people who know dont show the people who dont everyone will keep waiting for the same people to make playfields and backglasses just my 10 cents worth and yes i know its an old topic but not to me
  5. rockhouse1955

    [New B2S Alert] Black Jack(Bally 1976)

    many thanks
  6. rockhouse1955

    Absolute Favorite Vp/fp Of All Time?

    sounds good but it needs a you tube video
  7. rockhouse1955

    Absolute Favorite Vp/fp Of All Time?

    another E.M one from duglis and jp salas, Fun Park very underated i converted it to f/s made it 5 balls and increased flipper power brilliant but no backglass if it had one would be perfect
  8. rockhouse1955

    Backglasses For Wildman

    hi just wondered if there was a gottlieb funpark in the pipe line or know where i might find one thanks for any replies rockhouse
  9. rockhouse1955

    Absolute Favorite Vp/fp Of All Time?

    brill but no backglass also plays lovely on my f/s cab
  10. rockhouse1955

    What Backglasses Still Need To Be Made ?

    gottleib road race would be nice oops sorry found it
  11. rockhouse1955

    Bow And Arrow(Bally 1974)

    very nice thanks