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  1. Hi Terry, I was reading this thread. When you replaced your playfield with a 4K tv, what model did you get? thanks!
  2. this looks amazing. Looking forward to getting my Pin2DMD updated soon to be able to try this out. thank you
  3. Lucky1, thanks for the reply. I haven't tried the .dat file yet, Worried that if I reprogram them that way, I wont be able to undo it easily without access to the config menu - I am planning on changing my setup to use a newer version of the shield etc. My current cards can be bundled with the older panels and perhaps installed into a real Pinball machine once configured via PC software etc. Thanks again.
  4. Okay, some good news first, I was able to drop voltage to 4.8v using the small pot on output of the PSU and the new displays are working. (yay) Bad news, is that from testing, it looks like the Panels are displaying Green as Blue, and Blue as Green.. ie. They seem to be RBG rather than RGB. Now, I heard you can change this in the configuration menu.. something I never have used before.. I have 2 buttons on the STM board, I press the black one and the Pin2DMD will reset, but if I keep my finger on the other (blue) button, I don't see a menu. I tried many times and I think the blue button is not working? Can we not set the mode from the Pin2DMD software from a Windows PC? That would be perfect for me.
  5. I am using v2.64. In regards to the PSU, I'm using a dedicated 'generic' silver one like I think most people. (Can be seen in the last photo) I'll see if there's a way to drop voltage easily
  6. Hi, So a friend got some new LED Panels for building a Pin2DMD setup. We thought we would try it with my working setup to test the panels. My Pin2DMD system is based on a STM32 board with a Shield v2 from UncleSash. My LED Panels work but have the color bleeding occasionally that the "first gen" panels apparently have, and they look slightly different from the newer panels we received. So here is what happens when I plug in the new panels to my existing system: I double checked all the connections and they seem fine, I checked with the old panels and they worked fine... So, then I plugged in one of the new panels to the older panel which is connected to the Shield, and the new panel displayed ok, as so did the old panel. I tested the other new panel this way and it worked. Now I went again and connected the new Panel to the Shield and got the same messed up image on the LED Panels. Here is a pic of the older LED panels and the STM32 & V2 Shield : here is the New LED Panel connected to the old panel and the new Panel works fine.. Kind of confused on whats going on? Any Ideas? It would be nice to upgrade my system to the newer panels if I can. thanks!
  7. I didnt even know this table was on VPX! Thanks for the Color DMD - Makes it so much more enjoyable!
  8. most excellent! thank you. Looking forward to testing this tonight
  9. So I was testing the new releases of TOTAN from Skitzo and JPSalas last night and I guess I must have updated the DMD colour files last month but not played the game. (I'm sure I did.. but) BUT amazingly the colour DMD really stood out this time. Maybe something loaded correctly for a change in my system,.. anyway, wow. TOTAN looks really amazing with a colour DMD during game play. Thank you.
  10. ah, I see! thank you! I might upgrade mine then. Thanks Lucky1. Wow. It's been 2 years since I built my Pin2DMD. The progress with all these great colour DMDs will make it worth it.
  11. Hi, this is looking great. Can you tell me what panels you are using for the Pin2DMD? Was it premade or did you source and make the panels yourself? I ask as I see there is no colour bleeding in the images. Some of the first Pin2DMDs I have seen with panels sourced from China have a colour bleed of some pixels at times. thanks
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