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  1. kiwi

    Pin2DMD for < $125 - DIY

    great job on the write up.
  2. kiwi

    Pin2Dmd Order thread

    you are far too paitent to wait that long. I was waiting 2 weeks and getting frustrated. In the end it took me about 1 month to get the items after ordering them "in stock" - See page 11 of this thread. http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/2253-pin2dmd-order-thread/?page=11 I believe there is a health problem that is part of the problem here.
  3. Hows things going? I thought I'd check in and see if there's been any updates as I'm setting up my VPin menus and adding the Medieval madness table. Hopefully the version 1.3 or newer will be available soon? Thanks again for taking the time to make this.
  4. kiwi

    Shrek and POTC colorized patches no longer work

    ah, I see. I'll just sit tight and hope it get fixed sometime. No rush. I've got my system working pretty good now that I have PuP as the main menu and sorted out about 70 tables. Thank you for the reply. Appreciated.
  5. kiwi

    Shrek and POTC colorized patches no longer work

    Hi, Has this issue been solved now? I just installed POTC and the colour ROM patched and it looks like crap.. Other games are working fine.
  6. kiwi

    Terminator 2

    I have Version 2.58 on Pin2DMD and the colour installed without any issues, infact I was playing it today..
  7. kiwi

    DOF and PinballX

    making a link makes sense! I didn't know Windows supported this. thank you for the information, just tried it and it worked ok.
  8. kiwi

    Terminator 2

    Thank you very much. It works great!
  9. kiwi

    Terminator 2

    Hi, Is there any chance of getting an update for this? I have the Std L8 Rom. Many thanks!
  10. kiwi

    DOF and PinballX

    So, I dont have a directoutputconfig file in my tables directory, only on the directputput\config folder... well, I actually have these: directoutputconfig30.ini directoutputconfig51.ini so, I copied directoutputconfig30.ini and renamed it directoutputconfig.ini in the same folder, and now PinballX shows the undercab lighting!! ha! Perhaps the PlugIn is coded to look for a default .ini name ?? thanks for your tip!
  11. kiwi

    DOF and PinballX

    Had no luck. I believe its controlled by the DOFLinx plugin, but I can't find any more information on it.
  12. kiwi

    DOF and PinballX

    thanks - Will take a look at this tonight.
  13. kiwi

    DOF and PinballX

    Hi , how did you resolve this ? I am having the same issue with ACDC in PinballX not showing UnderCab lights
  14. kiwi

    Pin2dmd fx2

    Hi, I had the same problem... I checked the setup for DMDExt... and then checked the PinballFX2.. looks like the settings for the DMD size and location in Cabinet mode disappeared in FX2. I set it up as described here: https://github.com/freezy/dmd-extensions and its all working fine again in PinballX