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  1. I was using a HDMI -> DisplayPort for a 28" TV i first used and had not problems with my EVGA GTX 960.
  2. I know its been a while, but do you recall what size shaft collars you used? thanks!
  3. thanks for the info. Ebay is definitely a better place than AliExpress... I'm waiting on parts from AliExpress for over 2 months now The 144 LEDs are not cheap but I think they will give the best effect. ? Edit: Ordered the LED strips. Expect to be building this in a few weeks time..
  4. I just checked my photo/video collection, I don't have any shots from PBA of the DMD, sorry.
  5. I believe your assumption is correct from my understanding of reading up on LED strips. The white and red are to allow more power to the strip if needed. I was looking to do the same setup.. LEDs on the sides of the playfield screen. Where did you source your 144 led strip from? Did you get two strips of 1m each? Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  6. thanks. I guess that's the only write up out there.
  7. No worries. Well with Pinball Arcade the DMD shows the colours correctly, so it can't be hardware related. For some reason in Visual Pinball the colours dont come out the same. Someone must have the settings dialed in..
  8. Just saw this thread. Yes, the whole banning of talk of Pin2DMD and site references has annoyed me too. I started a Build thread there, mainly to help pay forward to all the help I got from community members on the sites I found on the internet.. It actually was Randr's video on youtube that got me interested in the whole VirtualPin thing. I know a lot of the members are on all 3 sites at least , but for sure on *that* site you can't talk about certain things. Anyway, appreciate all the help I get form the community and I will be returning back a lot of help etc when I can. After nearly 2 years I just realised I can change the them on VPUniverse to make the forums a bit more readable in the office ;-)
  9. Hi, I was looking for a tutorial or description on how to do the Addressable LED Matrix and strips as seen on Randr and TerryRed's machines. For the life of me, I can't seem to find posts that describe how to do this? A pointer to where to start would be really helpful. thanks!
  10. any luck with the DMD colours?
  11. UPDATE: Solved I uninstalled Visual Pinball using the uninstaller. I updated DMDExt to v1.5.2 to in my C:\DMDext folder. I then reinstalled Visual Pinball X all-in-1 installer, and now the TZ table works! Hooray! I think there must be registry settings though that are not removed on install as I still seem to have some of the weird keys I set up by mistake in some tables. Ok, so all seems fine! I think I should update the dmddevice.dll in the VPinMame folder with the one I just got from DMDExt ? Or will it always pick the C:\DMDext\dmddevice.dll first as I have C:\DMDEXt as part of my PC Path?
  12. Yikes. Not a cheap mistake. At least you're up and running now. Where did you get your panels from ? I used AliExpress, but they shipped via DHL so it cost me another $CAD 25 for brokerage fees etc :-(
  13. pin2dmd

    Dom, great work on those DMD setups! If anyone's thinking about it,- it would save a lot of time when you can just plug and play. - Trust Me! It took me about 3 weeks to get mine done the way I needed it.. The Mounting board looks really sharp.
  14. thanks! This is something I noticed in my testing too. (Pin2DMD v2.37 ) The Pinball Arcade looks awesome when Pin2DMD is running the DMD. In the 2 tables I have working on VPX, VPinMame is like an orange with a reddish second colour. Not as nice. I'm still using default settings.
  15. Update.. so it seems the ONE table I decided to test with (Twlight Zone 2.1) won't work.. I downloaded and instaleld LAH and TOTAN and they worked fine. Agh! I've kind of lost track of what DmdDevice.dll file I should have in the VPinMame Folder. I might take a back up and do a reinstall.. Might just keep it and do some more testing etc.. Still havent tried VP9 or any newer tables..