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  1. kiwi

    Demolition Man 1.0

    I didnt even know this table was on VPX! Thanks for the Color DMD - Makes it so much more enjoyable!
  2. most excellent! thank you. Looking forward to testing this tonight
  3. So I was testing the new releases of TOTAN from Skitzo and JPSalas last night and I guess I must have updated the DMD colour files last month but not played the game. (I'm sure I did.. but) BUT amazingly the colour DMD really stood out this time. Maybe something loaded correctly for a change in my system,.. anyway, wow. TOTAN looks really amazing with a colour DMD during game play. Thank you.
  4. ah, I see! thank you! I might upgrade mine then. Thanks Lucky1. Wow. It's been 2 years since I built my Pin2DMD. The progress with all these great colour DMDs will make it worth it.
  5. Hi, this is looking great. Can you tell me what panels you are using for the Pin2DMD? Was it premade or did you source and make the panels yourself? I ask as I see there is no colour bleeding in the images. Some of the first Pin2DMDs I have seen with panels sourced from China have a colour bleed of some pixels at times. thanks
  6. WOW.. amazing! thank you!
  7. amazing work!! This will make Monster Bash an amazing game to play!
  8. kiwi

    Pin2DMD for < $125 - DIY

    great job on the write up.
  9. kiwi

    Pin2Dmd Order thread

    you are far too paitent to wait that long. I was waiting 2 weeks and getting frustrated. In the end it took me about 1 month to get the items after ordering them "in stock" - See page 11 of this thread. http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/2253-pin2dmd-order-thread/?page=11 I believe there is a health problem that is part of the problem here.
  10. Hows things going? I thought I'd check in and see if there's been any updates as I'm setting up my VPin menus and adding the Medieval madness table. Hopefully the version 1.3 or newer will be available soon? Thanks again for taking the time to make this.
  11. kiwi

    Shrek and POTC colorized patches no longer work

    ah, I see. I'll just sit tight and hope it get fixed sometime. No rush. I've got my system working pretty good now that I have PuP as the main menu and sorted out about 70 tables. Thank you for the reply. Appreciated.
  12. kiwi

    Shrek and POTC colorized patches no longer work

    Hi, Has this issue been solved now? I just installed POTC and the colour ROM patched and it looks like crap.. Other games are working fine.