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  1. Pin2dmd fx2

    Hi, I had the same problem... I checked the setup for DMDExt... and then checked the PinballFX2.. looks like the settings for the DMD size and location in Cabinet mode disappeared in FX2. I set it up as described here: https://github.com/freezy/dmd-extensions and its all working fine again in PinballX
  2. SAMBuild3.0 beta thread

    I haven't found if anyone actually has the settings for the Orange in Pin2DMD to be near the "proper" colour. Its should be possible, but seems to elude everyone.
  3. PinballX no Teensy Led feedback

    double check your installation. I can't think what you could be missing. Worked first time for me. You have a cabinet.xml file?
  4. Ah, I see. thanks.
  5. Just following up on this. I haven't experienced this issue again in the past weeks. All seems to be working ok now Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  6. No, I haven't tried.. But in running the branch of DOF R3 that MJR recompiled to support the Pinscape project.. Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  7. ah, I see. thanks.. I'll try and look at the script for the table and work it out..
  8. Hi, I have DOF working well with Solienods, flashers, addressable LED Strip, and a Shaker. In certain tables like TZ and TAF, I noticed that the shaker is fired during game play, and I don't really like that effect. Ie. In TAF when "The Power" is on for the 3rd ball lock, and in TZ, when "Battling the power" . Is there somewhere I can edit/change in the config tool, that will remove the shaker from these events? Will that only effect my own tables? If theres a global change to the table, will I need to redo my settings? thanks for any help!
  9. Pinballx DOF Config

    I'll find mine for you, and upload soon if you need it still.
  10. Pinballx DOF Config

    do you have the .Net requirements installed? I cant remember them of the top of my head. Check the DOF install guide.
  11. i guess everyone's system worked first time
  12. good job. I recently built the teensy board version as I am Nth American based, but hopefully you find someone willing to help you out.
  13. Hi, I just tested my solenoids 2 days ago. This mean 10 solenoid/contactor setup. This is the Back Left Bumper. like this:
  14. Hi, I am using a DOF setup that is working with 10 12v solenoids. Everything seems to be working fine, then occasionally at the start of PinballX the left flipper will not fire the DOF. The PinballX receives the input as I see the screen scroll. If I try right flipper immediately afterwards it fires the solenoid, then if I try the Left Flipper it now works... and keep working. I have seen similar behavior in game. Sometimes left flipper DOF is not firing solenoid, but flipper flips, then after using the right flipper, the left one will fire. Not sure if this is co-incidence or not, but I have used different solenoids and get the same issue happening . All solenoids are connected to a 12v line of a secondary PSU in the cab. Any tips/help would be appreciated. thanks
  15. Addressable Rgb's

    Good point. I was going to just use some foam double sided tape roll I had. I would need to trim this down. to the correct width. It also looks like I may have to trim off a few LEDs from the end of the strip to have it fit . The shelf rail wont go all the way down to the lockdown bar as the glass would get too close as I have a tight angle there. Right now, i have pulled everything off now that its set up and will re install when I and finishing up my build.