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  1. do you have the .Net requirements installed? I cant remember them of the top of my head. Check the DOF install guide.
  2. i guess everyone's system worked first time
  3. good job. I recently built the teensy board version as I am Nth American based, but hopefully you find someone willing to help you out.
  4. Hi, I just tested my solenoids 2 days ago. This mean 10 solenoid/contactor setup. This is the Back Left Bumper. like this:
  5. Hi, I am using a DOF setup that is working with 10 12v solenoids. Everything seems to be working fine, then occasionally at the start of PinballX the left flipper will not fire the DOF. The PinballX receives the input as I see the screen scroll. If I try right flipper immediately afterwards it fires the solenoid, then if I try the Left Flipper it now works... and keep working. I have seen similar behavior in game. Sometimes left flipper DOF is not firing solenoid, but flipper flips, then after using the right flipper, the left one will fire. Not sure if this is co-incidence or not, but I have used different solenoids and get the same issue happening . All solenoids are connected to a 12v line of a secondary PSU in the cab. Any tips/help would be appreciated. thanks
  6. Good point. I was going to just use some foam double sided tape roll I had. I would need to trim this down. to the correct width. It also looks like I may have to trim off a few LEDs from the end of the strip to have it fit . The shelf rail wont go all the way down to the lockdown bar as the glass would get too close as I have a tight angle there. Right now, i have pulled everything off now that its set up and will re install when I and finishing up my build.
  7. Well just to follow up as it looks like we loose a lot of members once thier cabs are built. 🙁 I used the Darkfall method that's posted on VPF. Google shaker motor Darkfall Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  8. I'm not sure. I'm a noob with DOF.. Lol. I just got the 5 rgbs and strobe working last week and last night figured out how to enable it in PBX. I also got one led strip working. I wish I had come to this forum first rather than that other one [emoji12] I was thinking of along the lines of turning off led strips for maybe older EM games.. Or maybe they are not defined for those tables anyway? But if you can do it on a table basis that could work too. I still have to work out how to use the DOF configuration tester exe. [emoji1] Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks! And I thought my eyes were wonky because it was 3am when I got it done... Lol [emoji23] Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  10. ah, Thanks.. I so have some old shelf brackets sitting around somewhere. I assume you put it so the LEDS face out across the cab rather than facing up?
  11. TerryRed, were you able to find something to cover up the shelf tracks?
  12. Hi Guys.. so, I finally got to doing this mod. I soldered the header pins on the Teensy board and to the octo board.. (yeah, I should have ordered the one with the socket! lol! ) This was the finest level of soldering I have ever done. I had to buy a magnifine glass to check the joints yesterday! lol! Very nervous that the software config is daunting and what of I broke the hardware I wouldnt know where any fault would lie! agh! So I found some posts on VPF.. I really wish I found THIS thread first. There is MUCH more information here and it pretty much covers what I stumbled across reading the DOF framework guide, the Teensy Wiki guide etc. I have the Pinscape Expansion boards as well, as most people in the guides have other ones so that also was getting me confused. Long story short.. got one strip working at 3am this morning! Wheee heee! I pretty much stumbled through the config files and saw the first 20 or so LEDs light up on the strip when I ran the DOFTester .exe I'm not really sure what that is used for actually but then I saw the option to install the DOF plugin for PinballX, Did that and then saw my RGBs firing.. a few fixes of my Cabinet.xml file , I got the LED strip firing in the menu in PinballX ! Hooray! It feels almost like a "Rite Of Passage" in the cab building process!! Now to wire up the other strip and figure out which is Cabinet Left vs Cabinet Right and then figure out how to best mount them. Is there a decent way to do this for Cab's with TVs in routed slots? I think a few of you guys routed another channel, but I want to avoid that. Any tips or pointers or ideas appreciated.
  13. This looks great.. Will we be able to turn off certain toys based on tables? Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  14. I was using a HDMI -> DisplayPort for a 28" TV i first used and had not problems with my EVGA GTX 960.
  15. I know its been a while, but do you recall what size shaft collars you used? thanks!