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  1. Given that TPA is losing license on most of its games...and also how often it gets updated....and the IMMENSE amount of work it is to do that...I dont ever see it happening.... especially given that VPX does it automatically and way batter for cabinet feedback and lighting.
  2. Pinball FX2 and The Pinball Arcade now have DOF feedback for flipper solenoids (NOT slingshots or bumpers!), RGB lighting and more thanks to a new program called DOFFX2 made by DDH69! It basically maps keyboard keys to trigger Led-Wiz or sainsmart outputs! It also has some other cool features like RGB lighting control, flipper solenoid timers, and more. Here are videos that demo both Pinball FX2 and The Pinball Arcade on my cabinet running with DOFFX2 (1.3 beta). I have the program set to be always on and active the whole time, and you can see it doesn't interfere with Pinball X running the DOF plug-in. I have the flipper buttons triggering my solenoids. I have the center RGB led strip "flasher" set to random flipper triggered RGB lighting. I have the flippers set to turn on a left flasher as green, and a right flasher as blue. I have the beacon, blower fan, and strobes set to go off during certain moments.... including an appearance from Scotty of Star trek! ...and other things too. It's a simple demo of the kind of thing that can be done so far... Here's a video demo of Pinball FX2: Here's a video demo of The Pinball Arcade: No more octo coupler circuits needed! This can be used for MAME, PC Games, etc... Here's a link to the program's thread: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=35349
  3. Coming Soon... SSF for FX3! Once the new DOFLinx is released, I will upload 2 sets of "FX3 SSF" PuP-Packs! The "DEFAULT TRIGGERS" PuP-Packs set will work for all tables with the standard Flippers, Slings, Bumpers, Drain, Ball In, Launch, and Nudge for SSF. These will use the same sounds and 3D positions for every table. You simply setup DOFLinx for PUP SSF, and then copy these pup packs into your PinUPSystem folder. For a more Complete SSF Experience: Now, if you want more than the default sounds and positions...well this will require some editing of PuP-Packs from yourself or others. I will make available, the "ALL TRIGGERS" PuP-Packs that can be a more table specific and complete SSF experience. HOWEVER, these need to be COMPLETED! You would only copy over one of these PuP-Pack if you intend to edit them! You simply need to play the game (using this version of the pack for the table), listen to the "numbers" you hear (and note where you heard it). Then you edit the PuP-Pack, find the trigger using the "number" you heard, and then change the sound file to what kind of action it is, and edit the 3d position of where the sound should come from. It may sound complex...its not. Its very easy. Just watch my entire video and you will see me explain everything.
  4. I'm a 42 year old guy who grew up in arcades in the 80's and 90's. I love arcade games and pinball, and video games in general. I've also been an electronics technician for 20 years. (15 as a civvie, 5 in the military) This WAS my mancave a while ago. It housed my custom simpit that I made for racing and flight sim games. It had three 42 inch TVs for surround view, as well as 12 transducers combined with SimVibe software to give vibrational feeback from telemetry data from the racing games I played. The console on the right rotates around to switch between a shifter and flightstick. The dash has two tablets that act as tachometer / speedometer, and a button box / control panel. I love it! That being said, I always thought the 3 screens (that spanned almost 10 feet!) were a bit much. So when I got myself a 55 inch UHD 4K curved TV, for my normal PC gaming, I found I loved playing my racing games on it much better. I would get 2/3 of the same visible screen field of view that I had with 3 screens using a custom 21:9 resolution of 3840x1640, with much nicer colour and resolution. Also, with VR headsets coming out, I wouldn't be using those screens as much when I (someday) get one. So I decided to ditch the 3 screens setup and use them to make a combination Pinball and Arcade cabinet that would also play PC games! (I can move the simpit in front of my UHD TV's new location easily when I want to use it). Commence the start of the creation of PinKadia! After reading ALOT of posts of other projects, here is where my priorities were, and what I wanted: -I wanted something that would play Future Pinball, Pinball FX2, The Pinball Arcade, Visual Pinball, MAME Arcade games, and PC games (ie fighting and action games) -I wanted two player controls with actual (PC / Xbox 360 / One) hardware for maximum compatibility and ease for all games -it had to be made using many of the components I already had (I already had most of the electronics needed) -it had to be made as cheaply as possible to keep me from becoming single (my wife is not a big gamer) Things that will come later on down the line and were not a priority: -DOF, LED controlled lighting, feedback, etc -printed artwork - or otherwords... anything really costly that I didn't already have. So I came up with this mock-up to tide me over and help me figure exactly what I wanted. What a beauty.... boy my wife just "LOVED" seeing this in my mancave for weeks on end.... but it really helped me tinker with different ideas instead of rushing into things. What I found was that I wanted to have a 3 screen setup, and I wanted to make use of the ENTIRE 3rd screen. Not just for the DMD like everyone else, but also to extend the backglass (only possible with Future Pinball) to make use of the excellent movie clips / colour DMDs / gadgets and other things you could see in Future Pinball. I HATE trying to "squish" a square backglass into a wide rectangular screen. This would allow me to make use of that space in a good way! Both Pinball FX2 and The Pinball Arcade can now support DMD / displays on the third screen (TPA uses a mod, PBFX2 has native support now). So with the extra space left over on the 3rd screen, I can put nice animated logos or whatever I want there using Pinball X as a frontend, as well as having animated videos for the backglass. By having arcade controls on the cabinet this would also allow me to play MAME vertical games on the playfield, and MAME horizontal games on the backglass or playfield. I could also play almost any PC action game on the backglass as well (since they are 16x9 games). I also wanted to make use of my 5.1 speakers in the cabinet. So on with the build... I began with de-bezeling one of my 42 inch TVs, only to find that the main support for the framing of the TV came for the plastic housing itself. (This is because this TV is not an edge-lit LED TV, its a back-lit LED TV) So I had to keep the TV housing fastened together. I cut off the plastic for the IR / Power LED, and control PCB. I just taped the PCB on the bottom of the TV where it won't be seen. For the size of the cabinet itself, I used the standard Williams Widebody plans that you can find all over the Internet. I then adjusted to sizes to work with my 3 screens. 42 inch TV for playfield, 27 inch monitor for backglass, 19 inch 4:3 monitor for DMD / extended backglass. I had found a place here in Canada that had Pinball legs and bolts for a decent price. The Canadian dollar is horrible right now, so getting anything from the States can be expensive. I was able to get the following built in a day. This was a mock up for the arcade controls...I tried a couple of different layouts to see how I would like it. Three buttons on the side. Main flipper, 2nd flipper / special, and nudge. I personally can do without a "real" nudge control for now. A plunger was also not a priority either. That may come later. So I just have a normal button for now until i get a big dome type Launch button. The coin door is not for functionality, but just for looks and simple access. Maybe i'll get it working later on. Now comes the sucky part.... taking it apart for mudding. All open cut parts of the MDF were sealed with dry wall compound. Other areas were covered with wood filler. Then all the sanding which made a lovely dusty mess in the mancave.
  5. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    Something to keep in mind... If you have more that one gamepad / controller connected....only ONE of those controllers will actually cause a tilt warning. So if for example you have a Pinscape (configured as gamepad) and another gamepad controller connected...and you have VPX set to use the X Axis... both of them will make the table "nudge" like it should. However only one of them will actually cause a TILT. Problem is, you don't get to choose which controller! (and you may not know which one is supposed to work) This is a fairly unknown "bug" / function limitation of vpx that many may not know about. It can cause a problem with no TILT occurring depending on the user's cabinet setup. Some people may not be as good a player as they think they are!
  6. So after almost 3 years it finally happened. I now have a lockdown bar.... as well as a new 1 player - 2 stick control panel (instead of the monster 2 player - 3 stick 1000 button panel). The 2nd stick is still great for MAME 2 stick games, but is awesome for pinball games like The Getaway! But there's a twist! Presenting the world's first control panel blower fan vent. This works so much better for me than having it come out through the coin return or on top of the cab! Is all of this goofy and different than everyone else's cab? Yup...what else would you expect from me?
  7. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    Glad you got to check it out! I would love to see that working in your cab someday!
  8. So...now that I had some time....yes...after 3 years...the cab is shaking!!! I finally installed a real Stern Shaker Motor.
  9. Into the abyss of the inside of my cabinet...
  10. View File Tron Legacy (Stern) (PuP Edition, PMD 1.1) Tron Legacy (Stern) (PuP Edition) PinUp Player Edition mod : TerryRed PinUp Player created by: NailBuster VPX table created by: ICPJuggla, freneticamnesic (original FP to VPX conversion). RustyCardores: Surround sound mod, new sounds added (where there were none) DJRobX: Updated physics and code to bring table inline with VPX 10.4 routines. ROM-controlled GI and PWM flasher support. Prettier Ball. HauntFreaks: File size optimization Other credits: Rom and GLXB (original FP table version), SLAMT1LT (Ultimate Edition FP version, and inspiration for this table mod) To see the world's first PinUp Player VPX table mod, watch this video of it here in my cabinet: PinUp Player is a program that lets you play any video file on your Backglass, Topper, DMD, or any other screen using VLC media player. These videos can be controlled through the table’s script, switches, triggers, lights, or other table events. This allows any VP, FP or FX2 (using DOFLinx for FP and FX2) table to have a Backglass or Middle Screen with full videos like Jersey Jack Pinball, modern Stern tables, or Heighway Pinball tables. You can control the videos using direct PuP control through the table’s script, or you can use B2S Server and create a PuPB2S that doesn’t require any modification of the table (but with less control), similar to a normal B2S (but really easy to make). This PuP table mod is not using the PuPB2S method (which uses B2S Rom calls), and was a complete mod of the table script. I created all the videos myself (1920×1080 for Backglass, and 1920×822 for Topper), inspired by SLAMT1LT’s FP version. Since this is a rom based table. I have no access or control over any of the game code or actions. I literally made A LOT of new code specifically for PUP that works based on only triggers / switches from the game, and the playfield lights and neon ramp colour logic. It’s a miracle I was able to pull this off, as this works with most MB modes, as well as the jackpots,etc all having unique videos with titles,etc. Because of this, I also wasn’t able to do anything for Sea of Simulation, End of Line MB, or portal, as they all use White for neon ramp colours, and I have no way to differentiate them. To use this table you will need: - VLC media Player "32 bit" only installed! (64 bit version won't work): https://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html - PinUp Player installed: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=38979&page=1 - "Tron_Legacy" PuP videos should be installed to your "PUPVideos" folder. - there must be absolutely no files in the "PUPVideos\trn_174h" folder! (this folder is created when the table is first run, as is the Tron_Legacy folder) That folder is meant for a PuPB2S (based on the table's rom). This table's "PuP mod" doesn't use the PuPB2S function, so if you have any videos in there meant for a PuPB2S, then you will have videos from both folders playing...and you don't want that! - ensure all files from PinUp Player are "unblocked". You may need to set PinUp Player Compatibility Mode to WinXP if you are running on Win7. You may also need to have PinUp Player "Run as Admin". Desktop users: VPX MUST be run in windowed fullscreen! PuP will not be visible if VPX is run in exclusive fullscreen. When setting up PuP, size and postition both your PuP Backglass and PuP Topper so they don't cover the table. Cabinet users: No Pinball X Topper or backglass "videos" can be playing when the table is launched and running. While it "may" work, having videos from PBX and PuP playing on the same screen may cause issues. Pinball X still image for your Backglass or Topper screen is fine. PuP will play over still images and B2S backglasses, no problem...in fact its encouraged to use a still image for the Topper background, as this PuP mod doesn't use any "Background images or videos" that are always displayed. You can run your playfield screen in Exclusive Fullscreen, just don't setup any PuP screens to play on that screen, as they won't be visible. Recommendations: - this table mod is designed to be used with both a Backglass PuP screen, and a Topper PuP screen. You don't require both of those however, in a cabinet for PuP to work. - you can have both the PuP Backglass and PuP Topper on the same screen if you wish. Just re-size and position them on the same screen so they don't overlap each other. You may also only use one or the other if you wish. - setup both your Backglass PuP screen and Topper PuP screen to "Pop-up enabled". This will have videos pop-up and play and then close when finished. - note, that if you have a looping video playing (Topper, multiball modes) when you exit the table, PuP will continue to play this looping video as it hasn't been given a stop or disable loop command. Please note: This table mod is using a PinMAME Rom, and therefor I have no control over what the table is actually doing. All I have done is create new code in the table script that will react to switches, triggers, playfield lights, Timers, and the Neon Ramp colours to play videos as a result of in-game events. While I have thoroughly tested this mod, there may be rare instances where a video may play when it shouldn't, or a video will stop when it shouldn't (mostly just Topper videos). This is usually a result of a ball drain's timing being off a little (with ball saver,multi-ball modes, etc). This is beyond my control, but if it does happen, it won't affect the gameplay at all. Once you have a normal ball drain or certain multiball modes active again, then everything should be good to go again. This mod was a lot of work, but the results are just too damn cool! I hope you enjoy it! TerryRed Configuring PinUp Player's Screen settings for this table only (so you don't need to change PuP's default settings): Since I don't think SetScreenex is mentioned yet in any of the PuP docs...I'll mention how I used it with Tron (PuP Edition) here. In the table script near the top, you can find these two lines: PuPlayer.SetScreenex 2,0,0,0,0,1 'Set PuPlayer Backglass to Pop-Up On <screen number> , xpos, ypos, width, height, POPUP PuPlayer.SetScreenex 0,0,0,0,0,1 'Set PuPlayer Topper to Pop-Up On <screen number> , xpos, ypos, width, height, POPUP Screen number 2 = Backglass, screen number 0 = Topper. Change the last digit to 0 if you want to disable PopUp for this table ONLY! (though Pop-Up is recommended) Setting the xpos, ypos, width, height, to 0 will also use PinUp Players's default size and position if you don't want a different position and size for only this table. Or you can comment out the entire line with an apostrophe to disable the command entirely (and use PinUp Player's default settings). Also you will see these lines: PuPlayer.Init 0,"Tron_Legacy" PuPlayer.Init 2,"Tron_Legacy" If you don't want to use one of the PuP screens at all, just comment out the line with an apostrophe which screen (Backglass=2, Topper=0) you don't want to use specifically for this table ONLY! This way you don't have to change PuP's default settings. All of the above is only applicable to a PuP table "MOD" that doesn't use a PuPB2S (like Tron Legacy PuP Edition). This is the only way to allow for this table to have its own user definable PuP screens config without changing PuP's default settings. Submitter TerryRed Submitted 11/28/2017 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name trn_174h Link to B2S http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2695-tron-legacy-le-stern-2011/ Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod Yes VP Version v10  
  11. Progress is slow....but the plunger is done...
  12. Stranger Things: Stranger Edition! A video demo of ScottyWic's fantastic Stranger Things: Stranger Edition table for VPX..... featuring DOF, MX Leds, and PinUP Player awesomeness!
  13. Some long overdue cabinet upgrades are coming...
  14. Announcing my All-New Tron Legacy LE, VPX PinUP Player PuP-Packs. 3 different packs for almost any cabinet configuration. The Max Pack: PuP Backglass, PuP Topper, and real DMD or virtual DMD on their own screens. This is by far the best looking version. For anyone who has a real DMD or an LCD DMD screen. (Topper is optional). Has a brand new "framed" backglass with animated lens flares and colour changing neon effects to match the neon ramps and the gamemodes, other animations and new Topper videos. It makes the older PuP-Pack look very boring and simple in comparison. (2 Backglass video layers, 2 Topper video layers). 3 on 1 screen Pack: PuP Backglass, PuP Topper, DMD (PinMAME or DMDExt) are all on the Backglass screen. For those who MUST have their virtual DMD on the backglass screen (16:9) and don't have room for anything else. If you have a "square" backglass screen, then you can try the other two packs ("Max Pack" or "2 on 1") and have the DMD below the PuP Backglass. This Pack uses still image overlays for the new "framed" neon border. This overlay will change neon colours for game modes as well, but only has single colour transparency, and can't have animated neon or flares, or other animation on the border, so it's not as nice looking as the "Max Pack". You need to position your virtual DMD at the bottom center of the PuP Backglass. (1 Backglass video layer, 2 Topper video layers, virtual DMD Layer, 1 Overlay layer) 2 on 1 screen Pack: PuP Backglass, and PuP Topper on the Backglass screen. Real DMD or LCD DMD on a separate screen (unless you have a square screen that gives you space for it below the PuP Backglass) For those who want the Topper on the backglass screen (16:9) and don't have room for anything else. If you have a "square" backglass screen, then you can also try the "Max Pack" and have the DMD below the PuP Backglass (Topper is optional with Max Pack). This uses still image overlays for the new "framed" neon border. This overlay will change neon colours for game modes as well, but only has single colour transparency, and can't have animated neon or flares, or other animation on the border, so it's not as nice looking as the "Max Pack". A video demo of all 3 packs can be seen here:
  15. I've been a busy boy for the last few weeks... I'm helping Nailbuster test a new front end he's been working on called PinUP Popper! It's made for virtual pinball, but also can be used for probably most emulator systems, or PC Games as well. The video does a better job at explaining it than my typing... ...cool stuff.
  16. I made this reply to another thread and figured it would be better served as it's own Topic. How Future Pinball "should" be setup with a new clean install for a cabinet: -install Future Pinball from the setup file you get from the Future Pinball site -copy your FP tables (*.fpt) to the Tables folder (NOT in their own self-named sub folders!) -if your table needs a different version of physics (2.4,2.5,2.6,2.7, Zed, Custom, etc), then just copy the needed .XML (*.zip for Zed) to your Tables folder and rename it the same as your table -copy any table Library files (*.fpl) to the Libraries folder -install BAM (Better Arcade Mode), it should be in the "Future Pinball \ BAM" folder -don't change or rename any files in BAM folder! -you can replace the Future Pinball.exe in the "Future Pinball" folder with another version if you want. I use SLAMT1LT's version from his site as it does default to 2.7 physics and has no watermark. Keep the original for backup. -unblock ALL *.exe and *.DLL files within Future Pinball, BAM, and Pinball X (Win 8 , Win 10) -Future Pinball.exe and FPLoader.exe are: set to "Run as Administrator", and "disable DPI scaling" -launch your FP tables with FPLoader.exe in the BAM folder -setup Pinball X to launch FP tables with FPLoader.exe Configure Future Pinball with these settings. This is a MUST, for complete compatibility with all tables and BAM / Cabinet use! Use these EXACT settings. (You can your change screen resolution and anti-aliasing if you want, and rotation to 0 if you have your playfield screen set to Portrait in Windows.) Also don't forget to set your Backbox resolution. FP doesn't really correctly enable vsync, so if you want you can disable that IF you enable it in your graphic card's driver settings for Future Pinball. -make sure you have "Load Image Into Table Editor" disabled (unchecked) in the "Preferences \ Editor Options" menu. This is important as you will get crashes and other strange things happen when you launch some tables! -when running a table from the FP Editor directly (no frontend), ALWAYS load only one table at a time, and ALWAYS close FP and re-open it after exiting a table! This won't be an issue when launching a table from a frontend like Pinball X. By doing the above, you will have Pinball X use BAM to launch your FP tables, and BAM will use the appropriate physics file for your table if there is one...otherwise BAM will default to whatever the "Future Pinball.exe" uses (in my case, SLAMT1LT's 2.7 physics). Then when the table loads, press "Q" and you can adjust the size, layout, render type, etc of each table to your liking. BAM is simply amazing! BAM notes: -New Renderer (Light System) is the nicest looking for lighting, etc....but is also more graphically demanding. Change to "FP Original" if a table runs slow for you -new version of BAM fixed reflection limitations with FP, but also makes the ball look wierd with "FP Original" when in a rotated "cabinet" view. It looks fine in desktop view though. -ambient occlusion can really kill your fps. You're probably better off disabling it. ======================================= DOFLinx: (Future Pinball specific stuff) My setup for my cabinet with DOFLinx: -install the VPX all in one installer. (Installs the B2S server and all needed files. Yes it installs Visual Pinball 10 too, but you don't have to use it. This saves you some work) -install DOF R3 and confirm it's working -I install DOFLinx in the DirectOuput folder. This will allow DOFLinx to see DOFLinx.ini automatically. You can install to a different location, but you must configure DOFLinx to see where your DOFLinx.ini is located,etc... -copy the DOFLinx.vbs file to the "Future Pinball \ Scripts" folder. Create one if doesn't exist. -configure the DOFLinx.ini for your cabinet setup! (consult the DOFLinx guide for more info) -unblock ALL *.exe and *.DLL files within the DirectOutput folder or wherever you installed DOFLinx (Win 8 , Win 10) -all *.exe files are set to "Run as Administrator" within the DirectOuput folder, and all DOFLinx *.exe files as well -I have DOFLinx always running in the background with the startup of Pinball X. I HIGHLY recommend that you do this as it's how DOFLinx was designed to run, and it will save you alot of headaches. You have been warned! ===================================== DOFLinx.ini : (This is updated as of version 5.0) Sections of interest (in the DOFLinx.ini file) for Future Pinball tables modded to work with full cabinet support. (Consult the DOFLinx guide to configure your entire DOFLinx.ini file! Not just these sections) FP_LINK_WAIT_TIME=50000 - add this "FP_LINK_WAIT_TIME=50000" if it's not there. This is the max time DOFLinx tries to establish a link (FP Link) with your FP DOFLinx modded table, before it defaults to its "key to output" type function. You change the time to a higher value if your computer takes longer to load some tables. FP_ATTEMPT_LINK=1 -this is needed if you want DOFLinx to attempt to establish the FP Link with FP DOFLinx modded tables Cabinet Toys: The following is your cabinet toys setup. Anything with a # in front of it will be ignored. Make sure you put a # in front of any device you don't have in your cabinet. (I don't have a shaker or gear motor) Consult the DOFLinx guide for more info on how to configure this section. These are the solenoids for flippers, bumpers, etc. Make sure they are configured for your particular setup, device, ports, etc. LINK_LF=101,25,8000,255 LINK_RF=102,25,8000,255 LINK_LS=103,75,1000,255 LINK_RS=104,75,1000,255 LINK_ML=105,75,1000,255 LINK_MC=106,75,1000,255 LINK_MR=107,75,1000,255 LINK_BL=108,75,1000,255 LINK_BC=106,75,1000,255 LINK_BR=110,75,1000,255 This is the blower fan, shaker, and gear motor. (Note, I don't have a shaker or gear motor) LINK_FN=111,75,9999,255 #LINK_SH=111,75,9999,255 #LINK_GR=111,75,9999,255 Strobes and Beacon LINK_SR=116,ON,0 LINK_BK=132,ON,0 Start, Launch, Fire button (you can add coin, exit, etc) LINK_ST=114 LINK_LB=115 LINK_FR=113 RGB Flashers. These are configured with the Red port of each RGB flasher. LINK_FLOL=129 LINK_FLIL=126 LINK_FLCN=123 LINK_FLIR=120 LINK_FLOR=117 This section deals with RGB_OUTPUT devices. As far as Future Pinball DOFLinx modded tables are concerned, this is the RGB under cabinet lighting. Note: if you have any RGB_OUTPUT device configured the same as a RGB flasher, then the RGB flasher will be used when a FP DOFLinx modded table is launched! RGB_OUTPUT=117,120,123,126,129 -I use my flashers for other programs, not just Future Pinball and Pinball FX2, so that's why my RGB_OUTPUTS are configured the same as my RGB flasher ports. -RGB_STYLE, RGB_TRIGGER, RGB_MIN_TIME all effect the RGB_OUTPUT....but for FP DOFLinx modded tables this will only have any effect if the table modder chose to use these features. All of the above cabinet toys settings are also used for the Pinball FX 2 full cabinet support features of DOFLinx as well (correct me if I'm wrong DDH69!). That about wraps it up as far as DOFLinx and Future Pinball modded tables are concerned. This doesn't cover the other sections of the DOFLinx.ini, or all the other numerous features that DOFLinx has.... but it should help to answer A LOT of the questions I get.
  17. Here's a video (featuring my new Tron PuP-Pack) demonstrating PinUP Players' new WIP features such as Overlay and Underlay support both of which can be changed by any trigger (note the NEON colours change for MB modes,etc). It also shows the new Splash Video function (plays a new video then returns to previous video instead of stopping it), as well as using StopFile to stop only specific files that may be playing, or StopPlayer to stop all videos on a screen. So you have a DMDExt DMD overtop an Overlay still image, which is over top of two Topper video layers, and a Backglass layer which uses an Underlay still image as well. NOTE: this PuP-Pack is for those who don't have a 3rd screen DMD or real DMD. Until these new PuP features came along, this wasn't possible! Two other PuP-Packs will be made for the other setups!
  18. Yes, I saw the he is doing that. It's awesome, and BAM is in my opinion a requirement now. The only thing missing is a watermark free version included. DOFLinx is a program that works with much more than FP...and it's always being updated. It also requires B2S Server and DOF installed to work with it, so it can't really be bundled with FP easily as a standalone install.
  19. This is definitely a step in the right direction. This would hopefully allow for a Backglass or Topper,etc that would have almost anything you wanted...but utilizing today's hardware and looking slick and smooth. Imagine much better looking T3, Scared Stiff, Circus Voltaire,Fast Break backglass with real-time moving elements for rom based tables. For original tables, you could do some really neat little games mixed in, movies, anything really. You should also be able to use "proper" LAYERS for a backglass with videos and scoring,etc...much more in line with what you would see in a JJP backglass. This may also pave the way for a B2S Server replacement that was eventually needed at some point...while hopefully keeping B2S Server separate for legacy stuff. While daunting at first... this could lead to some amazing stuff.
  20. Hey Lucky. Here is a 3 part video if you want to see me install PuP....first video is mostly preparing your system first.....mostly standard stuff...but it may help explain some things for what pup uses. 2nd is the install....and the 3rd is a test of pup on each system. I have links to everything needed in the description for the videos.
  21. Here you go guys. My 3 part video for PinUP Player setup and install. I go through and show EVERYTHING you need to do for setup BEFORE you install PuP. Then I show the entire install and configure process. Then I explain the features and demonstrate a test for each system. I highly recommend watching the entire 3 videos to better understand how it all should be setup, and how PuP works. Part 1: Setup your System BEFORE installing PuP Part 2: Install and Configure PuP. Explain features. Part 3: Demo and Test of each Pinball system that works with PuP.
  22. Yes, use BAM (FP Loader) to load your tables. When table is loaded, press Q or ~ to bring up BAM settings. From there you can set any size, positions, dimensions you want for each table.. You can also set a "default" size and position for new tables to use.....you can also set your backglass size here as well. Everything is done from here when using BAM.
  23. I have been busy working away at helping with the testing and development of the new PinUP Player. Today I created a demo video showing off PuP's new features with a few different tables on different systems. One of these tables is Aliens Pinball FX3, and another is Future Pinball Tron Legacy DOFLinx: MX PuP Edition. The first table is Avatar VPX showing off a PuP-Pack created by NailBuster and xkane47. The last shows off my updated Tron Legacy PuP-Pack Edition of the VPX table. The very end of the video shows a special use of DOFLinx for MX Leds and PuP in a non Pinball game. The Aliens FX3 demo shows off the new PuP-Pack active Video Backglass and Topper I created for the table....but it also shows off DDH69's excellent MX Leds effects for the table in action as well! The Future Pinball Tron Legacy DOFLinx: MX PuP Edition demo shows off DOFLinx triggering MX Leds effects but also shows how DOFLinx is used to trigger PinUP Player for active Video s for the Backglass and Topper screens. The Aliens PuP-Pack is still WIP, but it has some cool stuff!
  24. This is a video demo on my new updated Tron Legacy (PuPCapB2S Edition)... I need a better name. :) It's a video preview of a new upcoming feature of PinUP Player, called PuPCapture that NailBuster's been working hard at completing. This feature basically uses DMD images (from dmdext) to trigger PuP videos. The last half of the video explains more about PuPB2S and I show how PuPCapture works. This version of the table includes all the previous updates by Dozer, DJRobx, Rusty Cardones, and Haunt Freaks....based on ICPjugglas VPX table. The table will be available when the new version of PinUP Player that supports this function is released (its still a WIP feature). Watch the entire video to get most of your answers.... :)
  25. Well "I" didn't do that , but yes DDH69 added support for PinUP Player through DOFLinx. Since PinUP Player now works through B2S Server as well, DOFLinx simply just INIT's PuP, and then after that it can pass PuP specific B2S Exx triggers. Very easy to create a PuPB2S, and even easier for DOFLinx to use it.... not just for FP, but for FX2, FX3 , and any other program as well.