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  1. Just another video showing you my big progress with my PinCab while you can still see inside of it. Now I have a Fire Button on the lockdown bar, and Apron LCD Screen, a 16:9 Middle Screen, a working tilt bob and analogue nudge, SSF... and more!
  2. Halloween (Ultimate Pro): "PinEvent - PUPDMD - Pup-Pack - PUPSSF" mod. After weeks of work on both integrating and updating PUPDMD framework to PinEvent... and completely updating Halloween with a new PUPDMD and PuP-Pack update... I'm happy to finally be able to show it off! This video shows the 16:9 FullDMD option and the Backglass pup-pack videos working together very nicely. All text and zoom / flashing effects are done with PUPDMD in real-time to completely replace the FP DMD functions. All game modes are shown. Lots of cool stuff! I updated the table itself significantly to fix bugs and make all modes complete (it was released early by SLAMT1LT to be out for Halloween...more updates will come from him at some point). I also added an "end" objective (clear all modes to kill Michael and start over). I'll be trying my best to get the table ready for tomorrow. I need to now work on the RealDMD settings and 4:1 videos (if there will be any more). This table uses a brand new version of PinEvent... so I also need to update RetroFlair - BAM to be compatible as well. I think we are going to see more and more cabs with Stern style backboxes now
  3. Here's a quick peek at my PinEvent PUP FullDMD update to Halloween Ultimate Pro. I've created the attract mode to mimic the opening to the movie, but I'm using PUPDMD's features to display all the text in realtime. I have complete DOF, MX, SSF, PUPDMD (4:1 and 16:9) and a complete pup-pack done for the table. This is a HUGE update! I have completely updated the table...fixed A LOT of bugs (SLAM said it wasn't complete yet, but he posted it for Halloween)... and made all modes completable, and also added and "end" to the game. I'll have a "gameplay" demo video soon enough, and I "hope" to have it available to download and test by tomorrow. Words cannot describe how friggin cool this table now is with the complete PinEvent experience in a cabinet!
  4. PinEvent - PUPDMD new features preview on Halloween Ultimate Pro (Future Pinball). For the last while I have been adding even more options to Nailbuster's excellent PUPDMD framework for my new PinEvent standard for FP (to work along with DOF MX Leds PUP and PUP SSF). Now you can do zoom effects, flashing, scrolling and different colours on a per line (or multi-line) basis with my new options added to Nailbuster's pupdmddisplay command (that makes things MUCH easier for PUPDMD). This is still WIP and I haven't added any splash videos at all yet... but I wanted to show off how excellent just the text can look for a 4:1 LCD DMD. Like RetroFlair - BAM, Halloween will also have a 16:9 Stern style FullDMD option as well to complement any videos on the backglass. Sorry for the low volume from the table... my crappy phone didn't pick it up. I hope to have Halloween U-Pro done (I've also fixed a bunch of bugs in the game), along with an update to RetroFlair - BAM for the newest PinEvent features by XMAS.... hopefully.
  5. In the next PinEvent update, it will allow for your choice of what toys actually gets used for DOF and SSF (similar to VPX but with ALL noisy toys included). This allows you to mix up things the way you want for your system. This is handy for guys like Outthere who have real pin parts, and doesn't want certain things (like flippers, slings, bumpers) used in SSF, while still using everything else in SSF. Or in your test case.... disabling the SSF "toys", but keeping ball rolling and all other SSF sounds still. This eliminates the need to edit the table script or SSF pup-pack for custom setups! This also of course means that RetroFlair - BAM's next update will also be using this as well as Jaws U-Pro and Halloween U-Pro (coming soon).
  6. PinEvent Update! 1.1 new PUPDMD Framework with support for LCD DMD (4:1), Real DMD, and LCD Full DMD (16:9) RetroFlair - BAM Edition 1.21 new PUPDMD support with pup-pack options for LCD DMD, Real DMD, and LCD Full DMD (Stern Style middle screen, or on BG) fixes for missing Pac-man Ball and Marquee Sign textures when playing in arcade / cabinet mode. PinEvent, RetroFlair table, and PUP-Packs are ALL new files!!! Please goto the first post of this thread for the NEW link to the NEW files. PLEASE read ALL instructions, even if you already had an older version, as there are new feature for Pinevent, and to be sure you are using PUPDMD correctly. Here is a demo of the new 16:9 Full DMD playing on my Backglass in my cabinet!
  7. To give you an idea of the difference (for me) when adding DOFLinx support for DOF, PUP, PUP-SSF, Nightmode, and Desktop, compared to how I can do it now with PinEvent and using DOF, and PUP directly. This cuts my work down to 1/4 of what I needed to do before. That said... there are still things that DOFLinx does MUCH better compared to using DOF commands... but if I want to be able to use ALL of PUP's features (like PUPDMD) with FP going forward (and save me a lot of work)...then using PinEvent (with iCOM BAM plug-in) is what I need to use without creating a crazy amount of work for poor DDH69.
  8. PinEvent - BAM iCOM - RetroFlair: BAM Edition Testing needed! (only for those who already have Future Pinball and BAM working!) New update! Nov 24-2019 PinEvent 1.1 RetroFlair: BAM Edition 1.21 This can be used on ALL setups. Desktop, cabinet, vr, dof, pup, pup-ssf, pupdmd, real dmd (colour or mono)... or no pup and dof at all. Any combination! PinEvent I've been working away at my new PinEvent standard for Future Pinball (with some assistance from Nailbuster). This is what will manage and control DOF, MX Leds, PuP, PUP-SSF, PUPDMD (mainly for cabinet users) as well as normal FP playsounds used for mechanical events (such as flippers, bumpers, ball drops, drain ,etc). So my table updates now and in the future will be using this. The idea is that it "should" allow for anyone to be able to use the table...even desktop users if they don't have dof, pup installed at all. You no longer need DOFLinx to use DOF, PUP or SSF with FP tables that have PinEvent support. If you wish to use DOF, PUP, SSF with a table that has PinEvent support... you no longer require DOFLinx, or B2S server. (Just DOF or PUP installed and setup, the iCOM BAM plug-in, and PinEvent vbs files). This is because the iCOM plug-in for BAM (made by Nailbuster and Ravarcade) now allows Future Pinball to directly use DOF and PUP. (you could also use UltraDMD and VPinMAME, B2S Server, etc). PinEvent Profiles and Settings: PinEvent will allow for you to use multiple Profiles for different setups such as Autodetect, Desktop, Cabinet, VR, or Custom. This could allow for multiple versions of the table to be used (one for VR, one for desktop, one for cabinets, etc) by only changing one option in the table script. Or you can use the Autodetect feature (the default) which will automatically apply a PinEvent profile based on what mode FP is running in (Desktop, Cabinet, VR). Just configure ALL the PinEvent profiles, PUPDMD settings, and Nightmode settings in PinEvent_Settings.vbs for your setup. That's it! (you can have custom settings per table if needed) NOTE: Cabinet users with a second screen enabled should have BAM's "Force Arcade Mode" enabled and FP's "Arcade Mode" enabled. To do this, first disable "Arcade Mode" in FP's Video and Render Settings. Then run a table. Goto BAM's AddOn menu and enable "Force Arcade Mode" (since this is now accessible). Exit the Bam menu, and then exit the table. Now re-enable "Arcade Mode" in FP's Video and Rendering Settings. If you don't have FP's Arcade Mode enabled... the videos, some timers and other features while run way too fast! If you don't have BAM's "Force Arcade Mode" enabled, then some elements on some tables may not appear correctly in a cabinet view. ====================== PinEvent, BAM iCOM, and RetroFlair-Bam Edition files: Here is the link to my current 1.21 update to the RetroFlair - BAM Edition table (with new BAM features and PinEvent support) and the other needed files for PinEvent: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kcwDh1m7-8C9NIHDjJlRs6_V44e6-AHp Please download the Pup-Pack zip files separately, as Google Drive sometimes will choke by trying to zip up everything before downloading. Installing the files: iCOM.dll (inside BAM\plugins) This plug-in is what will allow for anything such as DOF, PUP, VPinMAME, etc to be usable with FP (if only we had this YEARS ago!) - this goes into "BAM\plugins" folder, You need to be sure it's enabled in BAM plug-ins menu. PinEvent_Settings.vbs PinEvent_Control.vbs PinEvent_PUPDMD.vbs These are the PinEvent files. Copy these files to your FuturePinball\Scripts folder. desktop users with no DOF, or PUP installed don't need to make any changes to these files...but you still require them to play the table! DOF or PUP users, MUST edit the PinEvent_Settings.vbs and make the changes noted in there for your setup in regards to DOF and PUP, PUP_SSF, PUPDMD and Nightmode. Pup-packs (folder) The content in this folder is only for those who have Pinup Player installed, and want to use PUP-SSF or PUPDMD (which can also be a video pup-pack on your Backglass or Middle 16:9 screen). RF BAM (FULL DMD on BG - PupPack).zip (this is for those who want to use the PUPDMD on their Backglass or their 16:9 middle screen) RF BAM (LCD DMD - PupPack).zip (this is for those with an LCD DMD or a Real DMD) Extract the "FP_RETROFLAIR_BAM" folder from your zip file of choice to your "PUPVideos" folder. BAM\CFG This has a BAM cfg for the table all ready to go for proper setup for POV, backbox, etc. Copy to your BAM\CFG folder. Note, if you change the name of the table file, then this must also be changed to match. ZBRrollingballsoundslib.vbs This is needed for smoke's Ball rolling function used with FP's normal sound. Copy these files to your FuturePinball\Scripts folder. ======================== BAM update! You need the latest update to BAM (1.4-267 when this was posted) for both PinEvent and RetroLair - BAM to work! Get it here: https://www.ravarcade.pl/download PUP SSF This is for surround sound feedback (SSF). When used, this will play ALL the mechanical sounds for flippers, bumpers, slings, ball drops, etc on your 5.1 or 7.1 setup. In 7.1, it should only play on the side and rear surround speakers (this is how it works in a cabinet, with the front speakers used only for game audio). This will only work in surround with discrete analogue audio outputs on a sound card, not a digital audio output! (unless your audio card encodes analogue 5.1 to DD or DTS in real-time like mine does) If you have 2 or more audio cards, only your main (primary) audio card in windows will work with PUP-SSF! If you only have a 2 speaker setup, you can still use SSF, but there is no benefit to this. PUP SSF 3D positional Ball Rolling in Future Pinball! Pinup Player now supports 3D positional Ball Rolling with PUP SSF! This requires Pinup Player 1.4.4 or higher. The latest update for PuP can be found here: http://www.nailbuster.com/wikipinup/doku.php?id=release_notes DOF users: DOF for the table is now on DOF Config Tool! Update your DOF Configs! DOFLinx is NOT to be enabled while using PinEvent tables! You may end up having DOFLinx and normal DOF both triggering your hardware at the same time! V7.0 of DOFLinx now has a new feature you can use to HOLD / Pause DOFLinx BEFORE you launch a PinEvent table (you don't want FP being detected by DOFLinx). The command is: DOFLinxMsg.exe HOLD_ACTIVATION=1 You can add that command to your front-end's launch script. This is an example for Pinup Popper: `cd /d c:\directoutput` `if "[custom3]"=="NO_DOFLINX" (DOFLinxMsg HOLD_ACTIVATION=1)` `START "" "[DIREMU]\FutureDMD.exe" table="[GAMENAME]" close=1` `START "" "[STARTDIR]Launch\VPXSTARTER.exe" 10 5 60 "BSP Software*"` `START "" "[DIREMU]\FPLoader.exe" /open "[GAMEFULLNAME]" /play /exit /arcaderender /STAYINRAM` Then you add a command to your Close Script to allow DOFLinx to resume its normal operation. Here is an example for Popper: `"[STARTDIR]LAUNCH\PUPCLOSER.EXE" WINTIT "Future Pinball" 2 1` `cd /d c:\directoutput` `DOFLinxMsg HOLD_ACTIVATION=0` Then in Popper's Game Manager, just add NO_DOFLINX to Custom Var #3 for any PinEvent tables. This means that Popper will HOLD / PAUSE DOFLinx only for FP tables that have NO_DOFLINX in the Custom Var #3 field. ================================================ PUPDMD To use PUPDMD, you need to use the correct PuP-Pack for your setup. You also must set what type of PUPDMD you want to use. The DEFAULT settings for this can be found in the PUPDMD settings in PinEvent_Settings.vbs. `'/////// PinEvent - PUPDMD Default Settings ////////` `PuPDMDDriverType = 0 ' 0 = LCD DMD (4:1), 1 = Real DMD, 2 = FULL DMD (16:9 fullsize)` `useRealDMDScale = 0 ' 0 or 1 for RealDMD scaling. (for Real DMDs only. If enabled, useDMDVideos should be set to False!)` `useDMDVideos = true ' true or false to use DMD splash videos. (false may be preferred for real DMDs that are monochrome)` However... you can override those same settings in the table script, in the section labelled: '******* PinEvent - Custom Settings for this table ******* This section is there in case a specific table may use a different PUPDMD (or other settings) compared to what your Default / Profile settings are set to. FULL DMD (16:9) If you are using 16:9 Full DMD, then you need to set PuPDMDDriverType = 2. If you want to display it on a specific screen, then you need to edit the Pup-Pack with the Pup-Pack Editor, and change the DMD Screen's CustomPos to the screen you are using (such as a 16:9 Stern style middle screen on the backbox). Example: 2,0,0,100,100 This will display the Full DMD using the Backglass screen's position and size 4,0,0,100,100 This will display the Full DMD using screen 4's position and size LCD DMD (4:1) If you are using an LCD screen as your 4:1 DMD screen, then you set PuPDMDDriverType = 1 Real DMD If you are using a real DMD, you need to have PUPDMDControl setup and working. More info can be found here: http://www.nailbuster.com/wikipinup/doku.php?id=hardware Then you need to set PuPDMDDriverType = 1 NOTE: If you are NOT using any type of PUPDMD, then you MUST edit the PuP-Pack using the PUP-Pack Editor, and set the DMD Screen to OFF! ======================================================= USAGE: After those files are installed and setup, then use the table like normal...and all should work! (I hope) The table script has user options at the top. FAQS: Does the COM Extensions plug-in not show up in BAM plug-ins menu? Go here and install EVERY version (x86 and x64, each year as well) of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019.: https://support.microsoft.com/en-ca/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads You may need to update your .Net FrameWork: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework Then reboot, and check your plug-ins again. I have ball stutter or non smooth gameplay... Go to BAM´s “config / addon” Menu ingame. At the bottom set the “Framerate Limiter Mode” from “auto” to “off” and have fun with an always smooth gameplay. (thanks to kds70 and Nailbuster for finding that this solved their stuttering problem) I do find however...that if you are running in forced Borderless Windowed mode, and are using PUPDMD, that this can result in stutters, and I don't know why. If run in Fullscreen, I have never had any issues with PUPDMD and stutters. ============================ RetroFlair - BAM Edition v1.21 (beta, not final) This table requires: - BAM 1.4-264 or higher! - iCOM.dll BAM plug-in file must be installed in "BAM\Plug-ins" folder and enabled in the BAM Plug-ins menu! - ZBRrollingballsoundslib.vbs in your "FuturePinball\Scripts" folder. - PinEvent_Settings.vbs, PinEvent_PUPDMD.vbs, PinEvent_Control.vbs in your "FuturePinball\Scripts" folder. - PinEvent Profiles and PUPDMD settings configured for your setup (in PinEvent_Settings.vbs) - USER's BAM OPTIONS can be changed (goto the USER's BAM OPTIONS section) - if using PUP SSF or PUPDMD: Pinup Player 1.4.4 or higher installed Updates: '**** TerryRed BAM Edition Mod V1.21 ***** ' added new BAM dynamic physics ' adjusted flipper, bumper settings in editor for strength and elasticity (in editor) ' adjusted table slope (in editor) ' added new adjustable BAM lighting for playfield inserts ' added new adjustable BAM lighting for GI ("detached" nanoflashers) ' added control to turn off GI lighting when ramp flashers go off, and when launching ball ' added new BAM shadowmaps ' added new BAM RGB flashers (on the slingshots) that change colour to match the game's progress ' added "detached" coloured flashers for launch ball rainbow light sequence ' changed bumpers to coloured ghost matching the ghost toys ' changed ghost toys to only move when their matching ghost bumper is hit ' added invisible guide on left orbit so ball movement was smooth coming down ' added fpMusicVolume variable to allow adjusting the volume of the music played ' added smoke's ZBRrollingballsoundslib (FP ball rolling function) ' added full PinEvent support for DOF MX PuP-SSF ' added new PUP SSF 3D positional Ball Rolling support for 5.1 / 7.1 sound setups ' added new Pac-Man mode! (eat pills, avoid ghosts to eat Power Pill, then hit Bumpers to eat ghosts) ' added Custom Balls for Default, and Pac-Man ' added new Speedball mode (hit all Opponent targets, then avoid random Opponent and get the Power Ball) ' added new Outrun mode (avoid cars, hit Checkpoint ramp 3 times to change Outrun tunes to complete the mode) ' left Sign is now larger and changes its marquee to match each song played ' extra voice overs for ball drain ' fixed up the DMD text to be cleaner. ' fixed up some playfield geometry ' fixed PacMan ball and Sign Textures not showing in Cabinet / Arcade mode ' added full PinEvent PUPDMD support for 4:1 LCD DMD, Real DMD, and 16:9 Full DMD FEEDBACK: PLEASE give me feedback! Does it work? Does it not work? (give specifics like errors,etc) What setup are you using? (Desktop, cabinet, dof, pup ssf ,etc)
  9. Retroflair (original table on normal Future Pinball) vs my updated Retroflair (BAM Edition) mod. This is a video of my first attempt at taking an older Future Pinball table (made by the talented rom), and updating it to modern BAM features. You can see the drastic difference in not only how much better it plays (and I don't really know much about physics)...but also how stunning it can look with the following changes: BAM dynamic physics new controlled g.i. lighting using hardware nano flashers BAM RGB flashers (that look so cool!) BAM shadow maps BAM ball texture BAM ball and flipper shadows BAM global lighting and post processing BAM controlled brightness of light inserts This looks and plays so much better....and looks so cool in BAM Open VR! I already have DOFLinx support on the table, but I may update it to use the new iCOM BAM plug-in (thanks Nailbuster and Ravarcade!), that allows FP to use DOF directly without needing DOFLinx. Link to 4K 60fps Youtube demo video: https://youtu.be/ZfxM6k24zos
  10. For those wondering... this is part of the reason why the Jaws (Ultimate Pro - Future Pinball) update for DOFLinx MX SSF PuP-Pack hasn't been released yet. Note the lack of Linx anywhere. Never thought I would see this day come.
  11. ...and here's a bunch of quick video demos of the main modes in the game, including the end mode! (again, these were recorded with 1.02...release will be 1.08 and will look a little different). Harpoon, Killer Shark and Game Over Panic Alarm (quick demo) Shark Cage Pond, Civilians Eaten and Random Clips Orca MultiBall Barrel Multiball Jaws Multiball KILL JAWS!
  12. Here are some preview pics of my new (Future Pinball) Jaws Ultimate Pro PuP-Pack, SSF and DOF update. This table is VERY different than any previous Jaws tables out there. Many more modes (Panic Alarm, Shark Cage, Pond, KILLER SHARK, Barrel MB, Orca MB, Jaws MB, Kill Jaws, etc)... Civilians (balls) can get Eaten during different modes and affect bonuses that can be used in your next game...a new (Walking Dead LE style) Harpoon Launcher, and more! Over 200 videos (timed to match the in-game voice overs, etc), Topper videos that give animated instructions for gameplay during each mode, and 80+ PuP SSF 3D positional sounds. These pics were from version 1.02 of the table (I'm updating to 1.08 of the table). For those wondering... this table requires the newest BAM (including the beat of BAM), and uses the newer Dynamic physics (so it plays much better than normal FP), better lighting, shadow maps, RGB lighting, Bump Maps and more. Good news...it can work for desktop users too! You simply need to force FP to a Borderless Windowed mode (I'll show you how, again easy) to allow the pup-pack to play on top of the FP window.
  13. Star Wars DSA (Ultimate Pro 1.03 update - Future Pinball). Awesome Attract Mode! (Gameplay and TerryRed Lights mod test) SLAMT1LT added in my Lightsaber mod to his excellent Star Wars DSA Ultimate Pro 1.03 update! He also added new options for changing Lightsaber colours. On top of that, he also added a sweet attract mode! (with one specifically cool moment) I decided to add some more additional updates myself to see how they would look. (shown in this video) '** TerryRed Updates ** (these may or may not be included in SLAM's next update. I did this for fun) - increased brightness of white saber blade light (when using lower post processing gamma settings it wasn’t bright enough) - slightly adjusted angle / size / position of holograms for a better view of glow in all camera views (adjusted mini-playfield to match) - updated lights (Lightsaber hilt, Kickback, outerlane left bulbs, Defense Bonus Lights) to change colour to match the Lightsaber colour change - added user option in script to adjust the brightness of playfield insert lights and some bulbs (for GI on and GI off) - added Vader Red Ring Light to Light Inserts Brightness option (makes hi voice-overs much more noticeable when GI is off) - Added option for SLAMT1LT BAM Light Preset settings to be used automatically on table start. - Added some amusing voice overs for the excellent TerryRed Saber mod special mention - adjusted the attract sequence (GI on and off) for a more dramatic effect Youtube link for 4K 60fps video demo (when YT finishes processing): https://youtu.be/MXMDJvSOhEg
  14. Let it glow... let it GLOW! This video demo is a test of my mod to Star Wars: Death Star Assault (Ultimate Pro - Future Pinball). I updated the Lightsabers to use new beta features of BAM, and now we have a kickass glow effect! I replaced the saber blade "toy" models with a "bulb" version instead (SLAMT1LT did the same after I showed him the new features). Now the blades can be used as lights. However, instead of lighting the blade as a colour, I have it light up as white for the "core", and then I also used holograms to only display the coloured glow effect, as well as some adjusted lighting! It worked out pretty good! ...and another video showing the mod with different colours... ...and SLAMT1LT asked to add the mod to his table...yay!
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