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  1. Frank Thomas' Big Hurt (Wip)

    WIP if someone wants to finish .. Ill keep it up for a week https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3FJmB_SCUOOdlRVXzZYQWdXUWM
  2. Wheel Of Fortune

    can you help me with the script for NBA stern ?? i can send you the file and manual ... i have an un release VP9 nba stern that you can try to see how it works or use part of the script
  3. Wheel Of Fortune

    Ok , I can work on graphics and table layout .. I have a few table i need help with script ..but i can do this one if you got the script
  4. Wheel Of Fortune

    I been looking to remake this one ??? anyone had this made ??
  5. Nba Stern

  6. Nba Stern

    this is what i have so far NBA Stern VPX .. wip started at VPinball
  7. Nba Stern

    anything ?? I want to do a VPX of it ... any info on this ??