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  1. Not sure what you mean, but if you make the mount you drill it so it is perfectly centred.
  2. Hi Kiwi, I cut the polycarbonate with a Scroll saw. Drilled and tapped to mount the pcb..Drilled through to use original LED mount holes to secure to the polycarbonate.
  3. Hi, This is the first one I just cut out of 10mm polycarbonate I had lying around. I was intended for something else hence all the little holes, but they make no difference to the appearance from the front. The next two I bought a piece of polycarbonate at the local Hardware, I could get 10mm and 8mm for the hardware , Both would be ok. The surround is just black foam. The Panels themselves are still on the manufacturers plastic 64x64 frame I cut in half to get 128 x 32 and mount side by side. I think its the simplest part of the project.
  4. Hi Lucky, maybe its me but I think there is an issue with the editor version 1.0.21 build 42. If you use it to create a device file, i.e. pin2dmd.dat in device mode WPC it creates a hex file with the first byte as 02. when this file is on the sd card the DMD display shows Stern SAM so wont work with the Real Williams Pinball. From studying your original code way back in January I recall the first byte set the device mode. When I manually changed it to 01 then put the SD card in , the DMD displays Williams and the Real Pinball output will display on the DMD. Then the pin2dmd.pal file will control the palate switching.
  5. Wow, I've done this twice before and I still get confused. I need saved on the SD card a pin2dmd.dat file that the editor can create with Palettes/Mode>create device file/wifi and A pin2dmd.pal file that the editor can create with File>export project. So yes you are correct I did not have both files on the SD card at the same time. Sorry to trouble you.
  6. That's the point, it should be WMS because its a real pinball not a virtual pinball. When the file is called pin2dmd.pal I do see virtual pinball at the bottom of the DMD but obviously no Data from the actual Pinball machine is being accepted. First HEX byte of the pin2dmd.pal file is 01, is that not WMS? You said. "I also would delete the configuration file of the device and configure it from scratch. " Does this mean the board runs from a configuration that's been loaded into it NOT from the SD card? That's making sense.
  7. Ok, will get the latest St-link I believe it is 4.0, I currently have 3.8. The DMD displays that the STM32 has pin2dmd version 2.33 loaded. Cant understand why renaming to pin2dmd.dat at least lets it run. Will try later in the week. Thanks for the advice.
  8. The DMD will not display pinball data until you rename the pin2dmd.pal file to pin2dmd.dat The file is attached. pin2dmd.pal
  9. Hi, I haven't been here for a while and have been running two of my Real pinball machines STTNG and TOM on pin2dmd version 2.01 for quite a while successfully. I decided to set up my third unit and thought I'd use the latest firmware 2.33 and editor v1.0.21 build142. I read before that the pallettes.dat file name is changed in this version to pin2dmd.pal. The editor even warns you when you export your project. see this. Well I have spent many hours pondering over why my latest unit would not work. I tried many different SD cards. Different Shields, Different STM32 boards but even though I got the STM32 to indicate it was reading the SD card correctly, i.e. the appropriate LED was not lit, I could not make it run. If I took it back to an older firmware I could make it run. Finally I just named the palates file pin2dmd.dat not pin2dmd.pal and it started to work, i.e. the blue led on the stm32 would flash indicating data was coming from pinball DMD controller. The DMD display showed the game data, however no palette switching was happening, looked like it was in VGA mode I think, so had 4 different colours , not 4 shades of the same colour like standard DMD. I did this testing on my working TOM. Is this editor/firmware combination working? How did pin2dmd.dat work?
  10. Hi, Been busy restoring a machine so have not been working with this for a while. you say this !!! renamed palettes.dat to pin2dmd.pal !!! So does that mean the software now expects the palette file to be named "pin2dmd.pal" instead of "palettes.dat"? So when the editor creates a .dat file we must re-name it pin2dmd.pal?
  11. I have contacted one of the panel suppliers in China LinsLed and sent them a photo graph of the colour bleed. The one below They responded actually knowing what the problem was. This is their response. This is the RCG problem. You can set it again by the software,and change the parameters. Attached please find some documents of RCG Parameter Settings They sent me some configuration files for their controller card. *.RCG files specific to their card Also on their web site http://www.sbright.net.cn/english/techinfo.asp?id=67 they have this comment about configurations. Row Blanking time: value set between 10-200000. It is used to fix brightness leak. Set 3000 for double-color display; 200 for full color display. (Real pixel and virtual pixel). If high value is set for Row Blanking time, and with no effects, please check the connection of receiving card and led display, especially whether OE is reversed connected (settings for Led manufactory) So they know about it and call it Brightness leak. Maybe Lucky knows about these parameters or understands better than me but perhaps it is software fixable. Hope this makes some sense to someone.
  12. Hey Steve, I downloaded 1.0.15 of the editor and seem to have a problem. When in Two Plane mode, which is what WPC was before you can only modify 3 colours. From the attached image you can see my previous colourisation with version 1.0.12 and there are 4 colours. Green, Yellow, Orange and black, yet the orange cannot be found on the colour selection bar. Even if you start from loading an animation you cannot change 4 colours any more. See the second image, now there is no white in the colour selection bar. Even if you change to four Planes there is still no white in the colour selection bar. What's happened?
  13. I would like to second mageeks comments. I think this is a fantastic project and cannot stand people knocking you and your project. Yes it's a bit of a learning curve so what. You also I am sure have a day job and this is a spare time project and must take up a lot of that time. Don't be discouraged there are heaps of us who appreciate your efforts and are thankful. After all you are raising money for a charity as well.
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