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  1. Odd question, or feature request. (The feature request could be for either pin2dmd.exe or the -editor.exe, admittedly..) I haven't used the editor since around the time v2.07 was released. For real pin integration, is it possible to display an image on the live DMD (not on the screen) showing the current palette? Getting general colors is easy on the editor, but fine tuning has to be done up on the display (since colors on the LCD vary from the DMD...) It'd be a lot easier seeing the changes live for small tweaks to palettes.
  2. Twilight Zone, but yeah, it's the PINLed board. Will drop you a PM. It honestly looks like the screen is interlaced, showing half frames. Noticable on moving screens. (Static, unmoving text looks fine.) I was running 2.13, and just never got around to upgrading (too busy playing!) but I'm taking my game to the York Show this coming weekend, and decided it could be upgraded. I went ahead and upgraded it before I noticed I had no backup of the 2.13 version. D'oh.
  3. Dies anyone have a copy of v2.13? It's not on the GitHub history, unfortunately. That was the best version with my setup, and idiot me forgot to save a copy before upgrading to the latest v2.2x. For my setup, the latest v2.2x versions are really bad on animations and quick screen changes. I jumped back to 2.07, but that early has scan issues. D'oh.
  4. For the record, it is *NOT* a 'charity donation' for us. We are paying *you*, not this 'charity'. What you do with the money, well, we're taking your word what you do with it, and for those in the US, it's not a tax writeoff, which is the definition of a 'charity donation'. (Granted, noone writes off $10..)
  5. See my board, here: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/2283-pin2dmd-real-pinball-support/page-6#entry30250
  6. I don't think I've posted here on the power, but this is what I made - I made it so it'd mount to the display mounting screws, and is powered off from the transformer feed to the display driver board. It powers off when the game's powered off, and very easily removable/revertible.
  7. Hm, thanks. I'll look into that. Backbox is easy, since it's the same size (usually..)
  8. A friend has asked me to look into converting a narrow cabinet into a VP cabinet. The cabinet is 18" on the inside (same as a Safecracker, for example), and doing a search I haven't come across anyone trying to do this, and was wondering if anyone has seen any info on good TVs that would fit? (If *any*..?!)
  9. Thanks guys - will tear it apart and do a close look at soldering on both areas..!
  10. Hey guys - Anyone seen this before? Whatever this is, it's been getting worse. The first time it happened, a couple weeks ago, I simply moved my display cable (display driver to shield) and it stopped. It came back later, and I had to move the cable again, but had to move it a lot more before it cleared. Now, today, it returned again - and this time - no matter how I move the ribbon cable, it doesn't clear up. Thoughts? -Me.
  11. Not on the 'original' orange, since on mine it was yellow. I came up with my own palette, so can't help you on brightness alone.
  12. Okay, this worked. So, to sum up - 1. The palette has to be VGA in pin2dmd.exe 2. Define custom palette in -editor 3. Export project, save to palettes.dat 4. Copy to the SD card. One thing I noticed - with firmware v2.07, my -editor reports that it could not find the device (display), but pin2dmd.exe can without an issue. Not sure if something woulda changed in the F/W or I have a strange version of -editor.
  13. Ah! okay, I'll give that a shot!
  14. You may be running the wrong version of the editor. The editor since v2.05 had the timing sliders removed. (At least, mine does..!) It's possible the application's crashing because you're using an old version to talk to a newer firmware.
  15. Hey! Yup - if I use 'pin2dmd.exe' the colors are updated. If I use the 'Send Palette' button in the -editor, the colors are changed. The problem with the latter (-editor) is that upon reboot of the display, it reverts back. I mean that I have a pin2dmd.dat that was created and saved by pindmd.exe. This file's required for me to set it to mode PinLED (for the PinLED display driver board setting). The mode (PinLED, WPC, Stern Whitestar, etc) and the palette is saved to the device when I set the mode. And the palette in that file seems to be taking precedence over any 'palettes.dat' saved to SD card. And ah! Remaing that way worked. I was trying to get rid of the "0 -" - apparently that part has to stay. Okay, if I click 'VGA (0)' or 'Red (1)', it just sets the color - I don't see a way to edit the 16 colors in those two palettes? (The 'Load palette' button also asks for a *.DMC file, which .. I'm not sure where that comes from, other than the 'Save Palette' button. )
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