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  1. I futz around with a suggestion from another user, I think in a CCC thread and finally have Evil Dead and Cactus Canyon working properly from PinballX. This is the .ahk script contents I ended up with, which I launch in PinballX as my launch before Executable variable:
  2. Hi, Thanks for the table. I have one last bit of help needed for getting DOF going. Does anyone have it working? I have this and Cactus Canyon continued all set up in PinballX working fine. CC has DOF working. Evil Dead has backglass from a few pages ago on this thread (Thanks horsepin and Thalmus), my video is good, game plays, but no DOF Effects. Setup wise I think I am good, but do not understand what this means or if I need to do it... " Copy the SdlTTF that is compatible with VP ". I'm not sure what that file is, or where to put it. A confg tip, I don't have my setup in the default scripts, so I made a permanent link (different than shortcut) like so to the path of vpinball from C prompt... mklink /J "C:\Visual Pinball" "E:\Emulator\Pinball emu" Thanks
  3. Hi, Is there something other than defining the 4 RGB vpinmame color values for overriding the default colors in the script?
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Lucky1s color work is fantastic! I've been spending quite a bit of time getting all of my DMD displays optimized with your EXTDMD and palletes and wanted to share/contribute. I took his original pack and then organized them by color and found the best stern rom replacements for different color themes and added a bunch of new games. There are about 296 folders in this archive For any replacements, I copied the original pin2dmd in the rom folder as a backup. The stern DMDs, even the not color patched ones look much better I think with these. This set does assume you patched the ones with color rom versions as well. Be sure to backup your altcolor directory to revert any of your customizations.
  5. Hi, I've been stuck on something for a while now and seem to be missing a piece of the puzzle. There are tables out there that seem to have DOF feedback commands, yet are not defined in the dofconfig tool and don't include a dof mapping .xml file in the table. e.g. "Cowboy Eight Ball" from vpforums it has commands like: Const cGameName="cowboy",cCredits="Cowboy Eight Ball" and Sub S33_Hit:vpmTimer.PulseSw 33:S33.IsDropped=1:S33A.IsDropped=0:S33.TimerEnabled=1:End Sub Sub S33_Timer:S33A.TimerEnabled=0:S33A.IsDropped=1:S33.IsDropped=0:End Sub I can get the switches to fire solenoids buy assigning random incorrect table map .xml files, however they are not accurate. I'd assume either a mapping from the dofconfig tool or a specific .xml mapping file would be out there, but without either, there is no DOF working on the table. Is there something I'm missing that is preventing a large number of the VP9 tables to work correctly with DOF which have such commands? Maybe I'm just missing some history here? Thanks
  6. I didn't even realize Mustang was stuttering. I played it several times with different settings and 8/10 times I get the sound duplication issue. I found it easiest to detect on the beach boys background music. I can't get rid of it either.
  7. Interesting.. it definately made a difference for me. But I'm not getting any dump file that I'm aware of, at least not in my video path. Where would I look? My video setting is: [video] ; if enabled, writes frames to an .avi file enabled = false ; path to folder or .avi file. if folder, gamename.avi is used. path = C:\Users\xbox\Desktop\test\
  8. Regarding the studdering/audio issues: I Figured out some settings that eliminated my audio: -Disable Brute-Force 4x SXSSA if you have it enabled Most Important: -Be sure both windows and external dmd are enabled in vpinmame rom options. then set backglass dmd to hidden. This fixed all the double/stuttering audio issues for me. With at91jit disabled I have zero issues now and run over 100 fps on all stern tables.
  9. I Figured out some settings that eliminated my audio: -Disable Brute-Force 4x SXSSA if you have it enabled -Be sure both windows and external dmd are enabled in rom options. then set backglass dmd to hidden. This fixed all the double/stuttering audio issues for me.
  10. Godzilla

    Wow! Fantastic shading/colorization.
  11. Oh, the irony.. with DMDext going to a normal monitor ( non pin2dmd display ) the tables crash on launch with at9jit enabled and they crash on quit with it disabled...
  12. Hmm looks like VPX locks up when quitting tables intermittently with the at91jit disabled....
  13. Thanks Thalamus, disabling at91jit did indeed get the tables to launch and run first run with VPX. Unfortunately I get the double audio voices as other reported.. will keep hunting...
  14. Having same problem with VPX: ver 10.4.0 rev 3235, DMD ext 1.6 or 1.52 Steps to reproduce: Set "twenty4_150" Rom to use DMD/Display window Launch VPX Open 24 table and play. Esc-Quit Table close table Set "twenty4_150" Rom to use external DMD Open 24 table and play. Exit out of VPX Run VPX Open 24 Table witness VirtualDMD lock up during rom initialization