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  1. Anyone have an archive of the pinsound 0.7 or whatever was prior to 0.8?
  2. Can't wait.. Back to the Future is another one of those 3rd DMD backglasses with a nice set of lights in place of DMD similar to Simpsons...
  3. Whoo Hoo. Space shuttle "Closed Airlock" is back!
  4. Thanks for the reply. So would the 192x64 support all DMDs out there then? I use extdmd on my lcd monitor at 1360x320 and everything looks beautiful.. I'd just like to get something brighter that does it all. Oh, also things like 3 screen simpsons that have the DMD show a non dmd display.. Would that work?
  5. Thanks @lucky1 That Link goes to a generic page... Would this be the proper part? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32651366889.html?spm=2114.12010615.8148356.42.6d0e7300vdWCjH Thinking about swapping my LCD monitor used for DMD. When I last asked, i'd be losing a few tables like maverick. Any solution to that like a higher density display?
  6. BTW... verified this on my rig.. went back to v.4735 and space shuttle voices are much louder.
  7. Are these only for actual pins or would they also serve as a color LCD replacment for a Vpin using dmddevice.dll and altcolor folders? Also, would the handle higher resolution pins like Maverick? Thanks
  8. Very nice. there were a few I was not aware of. I tried the The Walking Dead, twd_156, gech, WIP color DMD link and it has expired. Could this be refreshed if the author is out there?
  9. Wow, thanks. There were actually 6 tables in there I was not aware of.. especially the lost in space and starship troopers. Those were big improvements over the original VP9 tables.
  10. Getting empty folder/zip.... real = empty source = files vpin = empty
  11. Nevermind.. I realized my DOF issues were all tied to a PM5 config change I made recently.
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