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  1. Are these only for actual pins or would they also serve as a color LCD replacment for a Vpin using dmddevice.dll and altcolor folders? Also, would the handle higher resolution pins like Maverick? Thanks
  2. Very nice. there were a few I was not aware of. I tried the The Walking Dead, twd_156, gech, WIP color DMD link and it has expired. Could this be refreshed if the author is out there?
  3. Wow, thanks. There were actually 6 tables in there I was not aware of.. especially the lost in space and starship troopers. Those were big improvements over the original VP9 tables.
  4. Getting empty folder/zip.... real = empty source = files vpin = empty
  5. Nevermind.. I realized my DOF issues were all tied to a PM5 config change I made recently.
  6. Mystery castle is another... DOF offers mystcas vpinmame offers mystcast, mystcasa
  7. Hi, I found a second table (can't remember the first now) that the dof Conifg Tool Table rom does not match the roms supported by vpinmame. Maverick (Data East 1994) DOF config tool offers "mav" vpinmame offers mav_402, mav_401, mav_400, mav_100 with the mismatch DOF has disappeared on this table for me. Is there a way to add rom variants? e.g. I'd like to just add the rom variants to mav or create a new one from scratch. Thanks
  8. Looks awesome! Very nice work. Only saw one color issue so far which was the king of the realm High score if left in attract mode.
  9. Thanks. Looks like it does not work on my 4-monitor rig setup with dmdext. e.g. ACDC color rom won't run, but does in windowed mode.
  10. So, I've been using full screen windows mode for years.. Can't remember why at this point. What is the advantage to full screen exclusive?
  11. I got an error regarding parameters on line 67 for the PlaySound SoundFX(..... I added ,DOFContactors to each in the section... This works for me for the mini pinball game now. (I was not able to get mini game plus multiball simultaneously) code: '****************************************************** '* KEYS *********************************************** '****************************************************** Sub Table1_KeyDown(ByVal keycode) If keycode = PlungerKey Then Plunger.PullBack:End If If Keycode = RightFlipperKey then Controller.Switch(90)=1 Controller.Switch(82)=1 If MiniPF.Balls=0 Then PlaySound SoundFX("Stern_MiniFlipperUp2",DOFContactors) MiniPF_RightFlipper.RotateToEnd DOF 101, 1 MiniRight=1 End If vpmFFlipsSam.FlipR true Exit Sub End If If Keycode = LeftFlipperKey then Controller.Switch(84)=1 If MiniPF.Balls=0 Then PlaySound SoundFX("Stern_MiniFlipperUp1",DOFContactors) MiniPF_LeftFlipper.RotateToEnd DOF 102, 1 MiniLeft=1 End If vpmFFlipsSam.FlipL true Exit Sub End If If vpmKeyDown(keycode) Then Exit Sub If keycode = PlungerKey Then Plunger.PullBack End Sub Sub Table1_KeyUp(ByVal keycode) If keycode = PlungerKey Then Plunger.Fire:If BIP=1 then Playsound "Stern_Plunge" else If BIP=0 then Playsound "Stern_Hit7":End If If Keycode = RightFlipperKey then Controller.Switch(90)=0 Controller.Switch(82)=0 If MiniRight=1 Then PlaySound SoundFX("Stern_MiniFlipperDown2",DOFContactors) MiniPF_RightFlipper.RotateToStart DOF 101, 0 MiniRight=0 End If vpmFFlipsSam.FlipR false Exit Sub End If If Keycode = LeftFlipperKey then Controller.Switch(84)=0 If MiniLeft=1 Then PlaySound SoundFX("Stern_MiniFlipperDown1",DOFContactors) MiniPF_LeftFlipper.RotateToStart DOF 102, 0 MiniLeft=0 End If vpmFFlipsSam.FlipL false Exit Sub End If If vpmKeyUp(keycode) Then Exit Sub If keycode = PlungerKey Then Plunger.Fire End Sub
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