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  1. I think this is a underated table, ive been looking at picking one up in the near future but buying a Ghostbusters Premium set me back a few $$$$
  2. Dazz I had to create a new account because my old account simply wont work. I used to login with the Facebook option but that was gone. I messaged you regarding this.
  3. Ok guys, I tracked down the error in pinball X, even thou it was a fresh install I then copied over my older setup. I had some settings in there that on some tables it was confusing the DMD/Backglass because on the new setup they are different monitor numbers. Dmd is now 3 where on old setup it was 2, Fresh install of VP10 full install, fresh install of all files, fresh install of Pinball X and setup as new, Only copied over tables and pinball XML settings, Everything works!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Randr for help.
  4. I just got a Gtx 970 and every VP 10 table plays smooth, its powering a 3 screen setup in my cab.
  5. Uh ho I spoke too soon, im still getting it inside of Pinball X but not outside of it.
  6. Allknowing it was a corrupt B2Stablessettings.xml. I edited everything out until I got it working. Guys thanks for all the help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Ok I moved the B2s table settings.xml and HOLY COW THE TABLES WORK!!!!!!! With one exception, Now I have no DOF/Toys or lights but the tables that were broken now load. Where do I go from here to get everything working.
  8. OK ill check line 646 and report back immediately. Ok there is only a little over 100 lines in the script Arngrim...
  9. Hi guys this error started after I upgraded my cabinet, I installed new ram and went from 2 450 Gts cards to 1 GTX 970 and went from windows XP 64 to Windows 7. I did a fresh VP 10 full install, copied my folders over, Almost all of my tables work great and DOF has no problems as well. Also I might add everything set to run as Admin and I have unblocked any DLLs in the folders that were blocked. So what happened is after I downloaded the Sopranos I lauinched the game and the backglass didn't load and I got his error. B2s Backglass Server The "game" start tag on line 54 position 2 does not match the end tag of 'menu'.Line646,posistion3. Its doing it on multiple tables, old and new. I can play the table after I get the error with no backglass. I have attached a image of the error.
  10. Im having issues with the Sopranoes as well, I get error from the Backglass server. I cant figure it out.
  11. Got it all working, only small problem in Pinball X im have a few tables give be a B2S server error but they work outside of it. Running 1 video card ( GTX 970 ) has been real smooth. No stuttering or jittering with everything turned on Including DOF toys.
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