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    Been thinking about this a little bit. How do you extract those files from the game code? I think it would be possible to make a pinup pack using those animations. I don't believe there is any overlap between animations and scoring so this may work. Let me know your thoughts
  2. Unfortunately I can't get to the script to make this change. HorsePin?
  3. No Shaker (I wish I had one). I've only got the lights right now
  4. got everything working! thanks for this awesome table! my only issue is I can't seem to get the undercab lighting working via DOF, any ideas? by the way, here's what I did to get everything working alongside CCC: used CCC installer from Ninuzzu delete the existing /proc/games/evildead put the new evildead folder in /proc/games - then copied & replaced files from the hotfix to evildead folder change "DMD" position in /proc/games/evildead/config.yaml put game_default_settings.yaml into /proc/games/cactuscanyon/config replace SDL2_ttf.dll in /proc/dlls replace register_vpcom.py in /proc/tools from command prompt: run: pip install requests goto: c:/proc/tools run: python register_vpcom.py --register
  5. how about those of us that don't use an actual pin2dmd? i have freezy's latest dmddevice.dll (1.5.2) and all other color roms are working fine with my lcd monitor. this one just crashes on startup. i have tried lucky1's dmddevice.dll but i think this only works for actual pin2dmd hardware. any suggestions? thanks, these color roms are sweet!