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  1. it doesn't matter to have a certain name of the bin file, for roms that needs to match the hash of the rom that is foreseen in vpinmame. this applies to all roms except the stern patched colored roms, for these ones, we have to uncheck the ignore crc option. Then vpinmame don't do a crc check, then i guess the name of the bin file is what vpinamme uses to match the respective folder inside the altcolor folder
  2. Ah, i was just trying to update and test new features of the configtool, that will be for later Envoyé de mon SM-G970F en utilisant Tapatalk
  3. Excellent Envoyé de mon SM-A320FL en utilisant Tapatalk
  4. Omg this is a BIG improvement, we were waiting for good voices on TAF for ages and you made it, big thanks I think i will remove pinsound pack now and use legacy sounds I tested also tz and sound was crappy, but the problem was the sample rate was put on 96 khz, i went back to 44100 and same feeling as TAF Btw in theory is it better 44100 or 48000 for these games, or even in general? Envoyé de mon SM-A320FL en utilisant Tapatalk
  5. Just in case they will be created in the future, vpinmame is already prepared to make these colored roms working Envoyé de mon SM-A320FL en utilisant Tapatalk
  6. table entry added, with a blank page since i don't know what id goes where, if the author know hopefully?
  7. Outhere gave me his table and rom, that fixed my issue Envoyé de mon SM-A320FL en utilisant Tapatalk
  8. dfsudemo only accepts dfu files, i extracted only the dfu file when i tested, after i extracted the whole master package and use the same dfu file and it worked, strange, maybe another file was needed in order to use the dfu
  9. @lucky1 the latest upd file has a problem
  10. and for info rascal, here's a tutotial on how to implement controller.vbs, for the basics i think you just missed the cgamename https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=33453&hl=
  11. Thank you too, i will review all the other tables you released when i have the time
  12. there is a parameter in the Global Configuration that adds a minimum duration, but it is for all the non rgb toys in fact by default it is 60 ms, don't know if that can satisfy you? : <GlobalConfig> <LedControlMinimumEffectDurationMs>60</LedControlMinimumEffectDurationMs> <LedControlMinimumRGBEffectDurationMs>120</LedControlMinimumRGBEffectDurationMs> <IniFilesPath>{DllDir}\config</IniFilesPath> <CabinetConfigFilePattern>{DllDir}\config\cabinet.xml</CabinetConfigFilePattern> <EnableLogging>true</EnableLogging> <ClearLogOnSessionStart>false</ClearLogOnSessionStart> <LogFilePattern>{DllDir}\DirectOutput.log</LogFilePattern> </GlobalConfig>
  13. ok, got it, i pushed mario andretti, i will make better names of the release next time sorry for the hijack of the post carny
  14. can you try again? thearngrim@gmail.com or with thearngrim or Denis Galand
  15. ok, i put my first script in the repo, mario andretti, until rascal uses it in his release
  16. ok, pin2dmd is working again, with 2,64, and passes the theater of magic scene, it's all good, thanks @lucky1
  17. i found that link where all the mbp tables are: https://web.archive.org/web/20181007115237/http://www.monsterbashpincab.com/download-page/tables-vpx/
  18. @lucky1, i saw the dfu was still 2.63, so i tried to update via the upd file, first time i try like this 1.3 Updating firmware from microSD card With firmware version 2.50 and higher it is possible to upgrade the firmware of the device by copying a pin2dmd.upd file to the SD card and reboot the device. This file can also be found in the github repository. i put the upd file to the root of the sd card without touching the rest, put it to the dmdst32, switch on, i see the logo with update in red, then it goes off, then i unplug and plug the usb cable again, and the dmd stays dark, not working anymore, what did i do wrong? what can i do to repair my device?
  19. my github is on thearngrim@gmail.com i always open the script of the tables i download and verify them for the dof and soundfx. I don't always send back the script to the author when there are only soundfx missing or with wrong soundfx, but when there are E commands to add to the script for the dof, i contact the author. i don't always have a response, so only in that case i would need to post the script update, once the script of the release is aligned, i would not let the script update in the repo, i don't know if that is how you are working now?
  20. the link https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/archive/master.zip still points to 2.63, at least that's &hat the dmd says after upgrade
  21. sorry i forgot the github, in fact i like to make changes myself and understand, in this case, i forgot that patched roms have the same setup than non patched... about the repo, it's a good idea i have access, i sent an update of the script of totem to tom and he never replied to me, the dof config is pending with quite some changes, if i can paste the updated script there
  22. fatflips doesn't work for that rom, but it works with spiderman vault edition
  23. here's the file @lucky1 &ith the crash thanks tom_14hb.zip
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