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  1. Clear pin2dmd logo manually?

    I am in firmware 2.39, don't know if that is a problem Envoyé de mon SM-A320FL en utilisant Tapatalk
  2. Clear pin2dmd logo manually?

    The one from the link yes Envoyé de mon SM-A320FL en utilisant Tapatalk
  3. Clear pin2dmd logo manually?

    is there an installer for the pin2dmd tools? i copied all the files from https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/tree/master/tools to a folder on my drive and &hen i simply execute the exe?, it complains about the libusb-1.0.dll
  4. Clear pin2dmd logo manually?

    gotcha, thanks
  5. Clear pin2dmd logo manually?

    i don't know if it was posted somewhere, i couldn't find the answer with my searches. Is it possible to clear the pin2dmd logo from the command line? if i play non rom tables, i want to remove the pin2dmd logo, or better, clear the logo when i start windows, is this functionallity available?
  6. Hello, rom name is fixed to nightrdr with 2 alias nightrdb and nightr20 Envoyé de mon SM-A320FL en utilisant Tapatalk
  7. i used the awesome proc installer from ninuzzu so the upgrade process was pretty smooth for the shaker, to add a dof effect, if i'm not mistaken because without the script it is not easy to tell, but for a shaker pulse use DOFALT 129, DOFPulse, int- the configtool i associated a fixed duration of 600ms, but if you want to control the ON and OFF, use DOFALT 133, DOFOn at the start of the shake and DOFALT 133, DOFOff
  8. it seems that Sub sw48_Hit:vpmTimer.PulseSw(48):DOFALT 128, DOFPulse:End Sub Sub sw58_Hit:vpmTimer.PulseSw(58):DOFALT 128, DOFPulse:End Sub Sub sw75_Hit:vpmTimer.PulseSw(75):DOFALT 128, DOFPulse:End Sub and Sub leds_Timer() . . . DOFUndercab(led_num) . . . End Sub and Sub DOFUndercab(lednum) if ballsInPlay > 0 and giOff = False Then For i = 1 to 12 If i = lednum and lednum <> 12 Then DOFALT 200 + i, DOFOn Else DOFALT 200 + i, DOFOff End If Next end if End Sub are not in place in the new version, or some code around has been changed, there are not strobe and rgb undercab actions in the DOF, could you have a look?
  9. table evil dead romname

    I put it as an alias, you can change it in the table page in the configtool Envoyé de mon SM-A320FL en utilisant Tapatalk
  10. SAMBuild3.0 beta thread

    that's strange, there was only the 156 working in the dof configtool since 2 days ago, you couldn't have DOF for an earlier version of the rom, nobody complained... for me there was a reason to have mutliple roms for the same config, if there is for example a free play version rom, or an earlier version of the rom that has better rules like an old judge dredd rom that has mutliball compared to the latest one. but i would expect everybody to upgrade twd from 156 to 160, i wanted to make an announcement in the dof configtool that i changed the default rom, but ok, i put back 156 by default and you can select the 160 like that here's the change log of the 1.60 pro for info, a must have! V1.60.0 - Nov. 30, 2017 ======================= - The CROSSBOW mode was allowed to start during HORDE and LAST MAN STANDING. This has been corrected. - Added dynamic stacking of background display/music for PRISON and WELL modes, such that the player will see/hear the backgrounds that correspond to the last mode that was started. - Changed background lamp effect priorities so more important lamps could be seen (i.e. CDC lamps over PRISON lamps). - Trough ball serve at the start of HORDE / LAST MAN STANDING was not being held off long enough for the ball-in-play to be cleared from the shooter lane. This has been corrected. - LAST MAN STANDING was allowed to start during multiball (PRISON, WELL, BLOOD BATH) and HORDE. This has been corrected. - The accessibility of the WOODBURY SKILL SHOT awards is reset when all of the awards have been collected. - Fixed a problem with the WOODBURY SKILL SHOT where none of the good awards would show up unless they were all lit on one ball. - Lowered scoring for LAST MAN STANDING. - Removed shot scoring cap for LAST MAN STANDING. - Added sounds for PRISON MULTIBALL victory laps and WELL MULTIBALL victory laps. - Fixed a bug in the auto-percentaged extra ball module that would sometimes set the extra ball value (walker kills) to an out of range value. - The background lamp effect for SIEGE was allowed to run when the awards for SIEGE were not allowed (due to other rules, e.g. HORDE, etc.). This has been corrected. - Changed the number of target bank completions to light modes for COMPETITION to always be 1. - PRISON MULTIBALL super jackpot now starts at 1M instead of 0. - PRISON MULTIBALL victory lap jackpot now starts at 500K instead of 0. - Added SIEGE status to PRISON MULTIBALL background display effect. - CROSSBOW scores carryover ball to ball changed from NO to YES. This should help make CROSSBOW FRENZY more valuable. - HORDE background now renders the text over the advancing walkers. - Added an adjustment (default=YES) to HORDE that relights all killed walkers with the exception of the walker that is associated with the shot that was just made. - Fixed a bug in the HORDE mode which would cause the game to reset when the last walker was killed to advance to the next level. - 2x playfield status now displayed in the shot multiplier HSTD roll. - Added and adjustment to light "ESCAPE" for HORDE after a certain number of levels have been completed (default: 3 levels). - After the required number of levels have been completed, when the player is down to 1 ball, the WOODBURY shot is lit for ESCAPE. - Shooting the WOODBURY shot with ESCAPE lit allows the player to either continue to fight the HORDE (left flipper: FIGHT) or to ESCAPE the HORDE (right flipper: ESCAPE). - If the player chooses FIGHT, the ball is auto-launched back onto the playfield and the HORDE mode continues. - If the player chooses ESCAPE, the HORDE mode ends, a bonus is awarded, and the SKILL SHOT is started. - If the player plunges (launches) the ball back onto the playfield without making a choice, the HORDE mode continues. - Added a setting (default: OFF, competition default: ON) that pauses the advancement of the walkers during HORDE when the FIGHT/ESCAPE screen is being displayed and the game is waiting for input from the player. - Added an adjustment for losing HORDE (the walkers advanced too far and bit the player) to either serve a new ball (default, as before) or go to bonus (competition). - Added TOWER HITS and TOWER EXTRA BALL to instant info. - Increased the scoring for the ESCAPE TERMINUS mode. - Fixed MULTIKILL mode start display effects from showing "MULTIKILL VALUE 00" when the values are set to reset at HORDE start and HORDE is started before the MULTIKILL start display effects have had a chance to run. - Changed the update priority of the background lamp effect for the fire button so it will run first and not be excluded by in-game lamp effects that cannot run. - SKILL SHOT scores now rendered using the outline font. - Changed score type to 64-bit so scores will not roll at 4B. - Fixed a render-order bug in the LAST MAN STANDING background display effect that was causing the back right walker kill to be rendered over the far right walker. - If the player scored an 8X, 11X, 18X, or 80X-89X multiplier for the X champion, the prefix (A) was wrong. This has been corrected. - Fixed an issue where fading the music volume would cause the music to cut out entirely. - Removed score caps for BARN, TUNNEL, and ARENA modes (shot acores are allowed to increase without limit). - BARN shot score increase per shot changed from 500k to 750k. - SLINGSHOT types were not baing flagged as such; this has been corrected. - Increased consecutive ARENA ramp shot score multiplier from x3, x4, x5, ... to x3, x6, x9, ... - TUNNEL mode scores increased by 2.5M a shot when all shots (not including the tunnel shot, of course) are completed and reset. - BARN mode switch hit increment (one for each barn shot made) increased from 10K to 12.5K. - Fixed player up effects so they wait for speech and don't end on a blank frame. - Changed previous mode scores for TUNNEL from 1M to 1.25M. - Tripled the scores for SIEGE. - Fixed a bug in the loop code that would allow multiple X shots within a time period. - WALKER KILLS minimum # lit increased from 3 to 4. - The "timers off" logic was not checking for HORDE or LAST MAN STANDING. These modes CAN be multiball, but also run with only one ball on the playfield (the mode does not end when the player drains down to 1 ball). This has been corrected. - Changed previous mode scores for ARENA from 250k to 500k. - Fixed switches from showing up in the tech alert when they are not broken. These include: TOURNAMENT START BUTTON START BUTTON LEFT COIN CENTER COIN RIGHT COIN FOURTH COIN FIFTH COIN DEDICATED #6, #7, #8, #14, #16, #20 (NOT USED) TILT PENDULUM SLAM TILT (OPTIONAL) TICKET NOTCH TEST ESCAPE, MINUS, PLUS, ENTER DIP #1 - #8
  11. SAMBuild3.0 beta thread

    configtool updated for twd160 and 160LE thanks guys for following this up!
  12. Pro Pinball: Timeshock - Dof Support

    You don't see the 5 flashers turning green at the start of the table? Envoyé de mon SM-A320FL en utilisant Tapatalk
  13. Pro Pinball: Timeshock - Dof Support

    Strange, it works here Envoyé de mon SM-A320FL en utilisant Tapatalk
  14. thanks Groni for your version, i replaced the physmod 5 by this one, i always keep one version of each rom here's some script update regarding soundfx calls like drop targets missing https://pastebin.com/N3cm0yGP i noticed the flippers are physically active outside play, although the solenoids aren't not triggered but the flippers move when we press the buttons also, the table is a little bit too bright some contrast difference in the playfield and/or some gi illumination, don't know if it's available would be a great +
  15. Pro Pinball: Timeshock - Dof Support

    No it is just a habit. First i have 2 sound systems in my cab and the mech sounds comes from inside the cab. Secondu all my vp tables have no flipper sounds, bumper, redundant sounds with force feedback toys, thanks to how i built the controller.vbs, i can shut all them down with one parameter globally in the dof and keys menu in vp Envoyé de mon SM-A320FL en utilisant Tapatalk