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  1. Thanks Lucky1, it works good Envoyé de mon SM-G970F en utilisant Tapatalk
  2. Hello Lucky1, I have an issue with the black.ppm, i tried to load it with the black bat command, which does this pin2dmd.exe /i black.ppm i installed the latest version and have the latest firmware on a v3 board and i have the popup message "wrong format" the logo.ppm, RGB_color_test.ppm are loaded fine though. so i tried to create an image by myself using gimp and all the files that i create returns wrong format error, even just by trying to save a working image in gimp there are options to save as raw or ascii for ppm extension but the result is the same what program is preferred to create a ppm working file? or if you have a black.ppm that is working for me?
  3. There are no configs for these toys for these tables, example below is from stranger things, i'm not an expert on mx flashers, you can ask other mx users what toys they usually use, what kind of combo toys they create
  4. Did you check there is something mapped in the dof config of these tables for the toys mapped in your controller matching the 30 ini file? Envoyé de mon SM-G970F en utilisant Tapatalk
  5. Hi Arngrim,

    Following this discussion :
    https://vpinball.com/VPBdownloads/beach-bums-2018/#bbpress in the  Support topic, I modified the attached Rom in order to keep both Beach Bums and Hollywood Heat on my Pincab.

    Don't you think it might be a good idea to add this Rom support to the DOF with the same configuration than the hlywoodh.zip ?

    Thanks  :)


    1. pjeantaud


      Hi Arngrim,please forget my post, I just found the beachbms.zip rom which solves this :)

  6. Well, you could ask vp devs to add another audio output to vpx so you can redirect the mech sounds to drive your bass shaker, without disrupting the primary channels? Envoyé de mon SM-G970F en utilisant Tapatalk
  7. well, you could do that with dof i guess, connecting a small shaker 12v for example to a board that is dof compatible, and that you can bind to toys of the configtool. but shaking doesn't making making pulse noise like solenoids or contactors, small knocker sound, right?
  8. sorry to hear that, thanks for the finding, the fact is 8 bumper back is a contactor that has no use anymore, i try to not forget to remove all entries of this toy for all the tables, but yeah i forgot to continue checking all tables, that's why i didn't pay attention to this S34. besides, personally i'm not a big fan of solenoids, because of that burning issue, we could have a table issue that freezes all dof activities, including toys can being stuck, people that are in this hobby for a long time surely know what i'm talking about. i don't know which controller you have but i think mjr made an option to imit the activity of a solenoid for his boards, or the kl25z.
  9. you can also put something that will cause no errors and do nothing, like E999, until i have a look at it
  10. we should have checked your combos first... also combining 10 Bumper Back Center 10 Bumper Middle Center is not necessary, you recreated the 8 bumper center, you can get rid of this one too
  11. As a workaround, try to put something not blank, save, then empty and save again? Envoyé de mon SM-G970F en utilisant Tapatalk
  12. Hmmm ok, i have put some rules back then, need to go back to the implementation later Envoyé de mon SM-G970F en utilisant Tapatalk
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