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  1. thank you firepower, i had the issue from my win764 as well and i didn't took the time to find the solution about it, so i always updated my inis from my laptop win10 from the lan, do you think the msxml2 solution works for any windows? it works fine as well from win10 as well at least that's all i can test myself, i want to provide a new version with the fix for everybody if possible
  2. soundfx definition is inside the controller.vbs, with comments, you can override the behaviour of the command there but i don't see like this how you can do what you want to do without changing tables, but at least you have some more infos Sent from tapatalk
  3. hello, i have added 2 more custom outputs non rgb Cheers
  4. so the direcoutputshapes.xml is just not complete based on the png? you can share yours, but dof r3 is beta for a long time now, there is no official version, mjr, djrobx have put changes to it, now rambo3 is adding support for ultimate I/O controller, i suggest you send the updated direcoutputshapes.xml to rambo3 so he can put it to his fork? besides, one tip in the configtool the first textbox in the tableconfig page for all configs is the tablevariables, so you can have local variables per tableconfig example blackwater 100 table tablevariables = playon=(W43=0) flasher outside left W24 Yellow f200/(L28=1 and @playon@) Brown/(L92=1 and @playon@) Forest_green you could put a reference to a custom shape in your private config like, tablevariables : letterD = AH100 AL20 AT0 AW19 SHPtherightnamethatpointstotheshape and S9 Red @letterD@ L0 problem to publicize this config change, every teensy user needs to be aware to update his direcoutputshapes.xml and i'm quite not everybody is following the discussion or if you publish a public config with the tablevariable that points to a new direcoutputshapes.xml, you could send a link in the comment of the release of the config, when you submit for public consideration?
  5. you can have custom letters that you can use for a specific table, i know it is possible but don't know how, maybe randr knows, swisslizard for sure Sent from tapatalk
  6. this is where it is hardcoded and can be changed from the source code, got that from ninuzzu long ago Edit the file C:\P-ROC\tools\, at line 70, change it to logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO, format="%(asctime)s - %(name)s - %(levelname)s - %(message)s", filename="C:/P-ROC/shared/log.txt")
  7. are you talking about this feature that is there already?
  8. Hey slider, can you put the link back for a moment i didn't take the file yet...
  9. uvp is not supported by controller.vbs auto choose controller and all recent tables uses it Sent from tapatalk
  10. the new ball solenoid was on the flipper contactor for all tables and since months i move that effect to the right slingshot for the new or updated configs, each table has its own sol number effect for that event, it is not standalone to a configtool toy Sent from tapatalk
  11. don't keep a copy of some files in the same folder, in my case it loaded the copies so not the new files Sent from tapatalk
  12. did you update dof software with djrobx files? Sent from tapatalk
  13. ah yes, so i forgot in b2s server settings we can specify the location of the ini file, then we could name the db2s like the description of the table that we want to run and it works maybe because we have more than one ini file based on different systems that was my issue, anyway i already renamed all my db2s like the table name, and rename the ones that had problem with exe mode and pbx, i already renamed like the rom, solution is great like this so far i have 3 tables that i knew by heart that has the problem, demolition man, scared stiff, monster bash
  14. just tried it on my cab with scared stiff that doesn't launch in exe mode with pbx, renamed the db2s to the rom name, and it does the trick seems i am ready to use true fullscreen now, thanks about It seems a real fix needs to be done in VisualPinball itself, but there is a possible workaround for the backglass. did you suggest that to vp team? the trick is working with pbx, but without, the bg is not displayed. also i remember long time ago b2s.server could use the description of the table rom the ini files, and suddenly it stopped working on my system, i had to rename all my 400 db2s at that time from the description to the table name, i wonder if investigating to have that properly working would be a good solution also