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  1. Question for you guys, When using DOF and contactors/solenoids do you guys mute the corresponding sounds in Visual Pinball. IE: I have 2 contactors for the flippers, do I somehow mute the flipper sounds that visual pinball reproduces? Getting close to the finish line on the cab build and setting up the tables. Seems it would sound weird with duplicate sounds.
  2. The last screenshot was on my laptop yesterday, so today I tried on my desktop in both IE and Chrome to see if the browser was the problem. Here is what I get if I choose pacdrive: Now if I choose LEDWIZ, I get this:
  3. Question, i'm using a pacdrive 64 to run my new cab but when I select it as my controller is seems I can't set any port assignments. Granted I am new to this but am I missing something?
  4. I am sworn to some amount of secrecy on this but YES YES YES, and I am pretty sure everyone is going to be very very happy.
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