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    I am pleased to announce my next project which is now nearing completion - Creature From The Black Lagoon! A few preview gifs are shown below; still a few things left to pick up, and once the remaining missing scenes and bugs are dealt with, I hope to put out a release here, all being well in the next week or two. I will say this was an early DMD game and it shows in the animations/dumps - this has been much more challenging than TNG believe it or not, and CFTBL has no stars in the background to contend with! I'm sorry these are not the most enthralling previews, but given how these scenes get cutup in the editor, creating nice previews using the export isn't always so easy or practical However, the incredible Wob has once again provided one of his amazing preview videos which will give you a better idea of what to expect; it's been said so many times by so many people, but I can't reiterate just how instrumental Wob is to this process - it's not just the preview videos, what you guys don't see is the literal hours of pinball playing he does behind the scenes to create dumps and test intermediate versions and find whole game modes you didn't even know existed - thanks buddy!
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    I want to announce that I started this one as side project. It will take some time, because the focus is back on IJ, just want to inform that I am working on it.
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    Just want to announce one more in the side pipeline (not the final color choices)...
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    Other thread was , well a mess. I started this off of my original attempt from like 2 years ago and combined it with Mr.Tantrum and JustAnotherRat's work. To be honest they didnt have much but since I used some of their work, they deserve some credit. Their dumps were an immense help. Files hosted here!
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    official rev r4777 Lots of collaborative work on improving sound: Added MC3417 chip for Bally Vocalizer games Improved HC55516 CVSD sound emulation (Gorgar up to Twilight Zone, etc) Improved YM2151 sound/timing emulation (mainly WPC pre-DCS machines, maybe improves even other manufacturers) Give TAF a try! Thanks to @mjr, @DJRobX. volkenborn, and @toxie Initial efforts to start converting the PinMAME source base over to the 3-Clause BSD License SAMBuild Add slot for colored DMD patched game code - MTL LE 1.64 SAMBuild_r4777.zip
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    Hi members, this is my wip of lord of the rings sso far... i've done about 70-80% of it but atm i feel a bit tired because of all the drama, greed, missinformation going on behind the scenes and sometimes even publicly... for now you can get the beta files here: https://mega.nz/#!qEQVwQgT!9S2rJgwvOm7DiIL6Lzg2iMstWyna6X99yG_mI-B1JF8 Password is: VisualPinballAddicts Once I have the power to finish it I will upload it here. Cheers Dom EDIT: I hereby prohibit uploading, redistributing and repackaging these files!
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    Version 1.1


    This is a remaster of Tom Tower's and Ninuzzu's Medieval Madness Reloaded. Credits: TEAM ROTHBORSKI: Project lead, visuals and QA - Skitso Scripting, gameplay and physics - rothbauerw Mesh playfield and primitives - bord -- Original authors: Tom Tower and Ninuzzu Features: Completely revamped gameplay and physics with all the modern VP tricks New mesh playfield with all nice holes and edges visible New animations and sound Improved GI lighting Completely new inserts lighting Completely new flasher lighting Completely new wall reflections and other atmosphere elements Completely new HD apron texture Improved playfield texture Countless amount of bigger and smaller details and polish
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    I started working on this one back in the fall.... The way I want to approach this project will be SUPER intensive because of the manner in which this DMD triggers the animations....a TON of transitions and essentially 28 different teams to incorporate into the color schemes. I'm happy with where the project is at to this point as the keyframes seem to be triggering well. I believe I have a solid approach to this which makes me happy admittedly though this will be worked on the side while I am finishing up other projects....X-Men being first and foremost on the list. Here are some samples of how this project is being approached....I am proud of the fact I got "Official NBA color schemes from 1997 for all teams" amazing though how much the game has changed since '97....lol Cheers! I am curious from the community what the interest level is for this table? I like it alot as an NBA fan but I feel it's not overly popular? Feedback please?
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    Guess I'll try to colorize Doctor Who. Still have a lot to learn but I'm slowing working on it.
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    Happy to announce that I am progressing well with my next chosen project - Indianapolis 500 Still a long way to go, but a lot of the text and value screens are already covered and that is half the battle; really going to town and using gradients whenever I can, they look OK on the virtual DMD but they are just gorgeous on a real panel. Will post another update here again when there is more progress worth reporting
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    I decided to color Guns N Roses next. I have been working on the attract mode and it is actually pretty much complete at this point, I have a few gameplay scenes finished none of the modes have been started. I will be finishing this next after X-Men is complete, Cheers!
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    I have just uploaded my completed Indianapolis 500 DMD colour project! In the download section, as usual I have made both vpin and real files are available, make sure you download the right ones. Through sheer accident this release has coincided with a nice graphical update of the VPX which is available over at vpinball.com - nice one sheltemke! @Wob has been an absolute legend - as always - but especially so because this table is so fast and I have spent so long in finishing the work - the first dump was done in March but I took a few weeks off over the summer so this has been a long slog. He never ceases to amaze with his persistence, even this morning I got an email to tell me he had found yet another uncoloured scene I would also like to give a special shout to @outhere who has incredible patience in helping everyone who struggles to get the colour DMD projects working - thank you outhere, without you I don't know how much of an audience for these projects there would be Glad I got this out in time for the weekend - have fun!
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    Hey there, going to colorize this awesome machine because I always found the Color DMD version to be lackluster, actually so much I got rid of it. What I want to do is get the maximum out of it and go with my own style. Not copying what Pudding did, not copying what Color DMD did, but I guess some crossover is to be expected You will see that I want colors for the rivers. I love that but it's a lot of work. I will not promise anything, I will not give release dates. But this will happen. I did a lot in the last few days, but it's the easy stuff and this machine requires a lot of dynamic work. Hope you like the first steps. Still all of it is work in progress!
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    Hi everybody. As an inexperienced beginner I thought it would be an easy start and started some time ago with the Pin2DMD project "Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends". I have used the ROM "rab_320", I think that the ROM "rab_130" is nearly the same, maybe it gonna work to. At the moment I'm desperately looking for the last bugs, maybe one of you likes to help me out. To my knowledge, I have captured all animations, but unfortunately I am not a good pinball player and therefore I have a little chance to confirm this. Although there are still about 80 missing puzzle options, but ... well ... as I said, I'm not a good pinball player and it seams for me this progress is enough for me 😉 Because I transfer the project now to the community, I remain with: 1x export for real pinball machines. 1x export for Vpins. 1x whole project. Permission to process the project: confirmed. Permission to modify the project: confirmed. Permission to do whatever U wanna with the project: confirmed. Have fun and peach out. Your X3r2A6 Projekt AoRaBaF.zip Real Pin Export.zip VPin Export.zip
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    To show you some more progress here is a next scene for my TOM pin2dmd colorization project. This scene was an amazing bunch of work. To make it run smooth and prevent flicker and also to make it work correctly on a real pin I had to colorize 361 single frames. Thanks to @Wob again for hours of testing and providing this preview videos!
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    Latest SAMBuild for the version 3.3 cycle can be found in this post. The package includes the latest external DMD dlls if there has been a recent update. Or else find the external DMD dlls with the beta thread for the official VPinMAME build here: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27063&page=1 OR at lucky1's GitHub repository for Pin2DMD here: https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/tree/master/integration/pinmame OR freezy's dmddevice.dll which provides full color DMD support for virtual DMD as well as hardware DMD (i.e., LED panels): https://github.com/freezy/dmd-extensions/releases Copy the files into your VPM directory, and run setup.exe again. There, press the install button (with each new build) and remember to setup the defaults again! In case you have an external DMD connected that you want to use with VPM, please move the dlls from the respective subdirectory (Pin2DMD or PinDMD1 or PinDMD2 or PinDMD3) directly into your VPM directory! Commits to official source: https://sourceforge.net/p/pinmame/code/commit_browser official rev r4946 SAMBuild_r4946.zip
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    I have just uploaded the complete project files for Real and Vpin - for anyone who already has the new VPX release, the latest colour project files (v1.0) are already included so no need to redownload again, but I have uploaded them here to VPU so there is a place to go in the event of any future updates. There is a super secret hidden thanks screen somewhere for a few of you who were not directly involved in the table creation, but have helped me in the past Also, if anyone ever sees the image of Halle Berry, please let me know how you found her Really happy with how this turned out, I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did making it. As usual, massive shout out to @Wob because without him, none of this would be possible.
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    After a slight delay, I am pleased to announce that my CFTBL project is now available for download! As is customary, I must first give a shout out to the legendary Wob - without his help, there is no way I would be even a quarter of the way through this... I mentioned previously this has been pretty challenging game to colour, there are some really dirty animations in the source and making them presentable has not always been easy. I will admit that there are still some minor flickers or colour ghosting in a handful of scenes, but Wob and I have already put in an awful lot of work and I feel it is time to put it out in the wild, rather than sit on it for a even more time just to tidy up one or two annoyances. I have had to take a few shortcuts in some places simply due to editor or time limitations, and I may pick up some of these in the future - I will post any updates here. Having said all that, I think there is still plenty to enjoy here Have fun!
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    Hey guys, at the moment I'm playing the Austin Powers VPin. Like the last times, I wanna share my work with you. I can't say how well thise files work with a real pin, but for me it's well enought for a Vpin. At the moment I'm still searching for bugs, maybe one of you wanna assist. I wish you all peacful days an a good start in the new year. U're X3r2A6 Vpin.zip Austin Power.zip real Pin.zip
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    View File Medieval Madness Skitso mod This is a remaster of Tom Tower's and Ninuzzu's Medieval Madness Reloaded. Credits: TEAM ROTHBORSKI: Project lead, visuals and QA - Skitso Scripting, gameplay and physics - rothbauerw Mesh playfield and primitives - bord -- Original authors: Tom Tower and Ninuzzu Features: Completely revamped gameplay and physics with all the modern VP tricks New mesh playfield with all nice holes and edges visible New animations and sound Improved GI lighting Completely new inserts lighting Completely new flasher lighting Completely new wall reflections and other atmosphere elements Completely new HD apron texture Improved playfield texture Countless amount of bigger and smaller details and polish Submitter Skitso Submitted 11/02/2019 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name mm_109c Link to B2S Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod Yes VP Version v10  
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    Alright people, please read some personal notes first: When I thought that some of the colorizations I did were hard challenges, I was not aware of this one yet. Colorizing this table was a real pain, since it consists of 95% dynamic content that is hard to catch and trigger. It took me about 500-600 hours to reach the current state of colorization and to be honest, I did not expect to get this far with current software limitations. I want to point out that I am sharing it with the community now for free like always, nevertheless I will offer a donation link for those who would like to say thank you by sending a drink. I would grab the drinks, grab my wife and baby-daughter and move somewhere to relax and recharge my energy to complete the theatre of magic afterwards. Donation link: https://www.paypal.me/mistamartin Project summary: Rom version: L7 Language: English Dump Files used: 59 Palettes used: 145 Triggers: 2560 Working hours: 500-600 Known issues: - some minor glitches and flicker at some scenes and transitions - some uncolored possible monkey animations at streets of cairo mode, since not able to find and record all yet. - mabybe some missing attract mode screens, did not play with the rom settings, left it at default. Big thanks to Beau Dwyer aka WOB for all efforts and patience to test and provide dump files and videos, also for giving hints by providing movie screenshots that helped me with my color choices! Now take the path of adventure and get the files and further instructions here: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/5602-indiana-jones-the-pinball-adventure/ Enjoy the new look and have a great weekend!
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    Version 1.0


    Phantom Of The Opera Original mod for VPX by 32Assassin I finished up the modeling and texturing New Machine Learned / AI Backboard Bumper Covers Light in Organ Added Missing Plastics Added Catwalk Ramp Added Wire Ramps L/R Added Magic Mirror flapper, and Plastics Adjusted Lighting for the Phantom letters in the back Do deal with sound Tuning, make sure Display DMD is set to 1 (On) in the script, then press "Tilde" -> ` The symbol to the left of the "1" key and modify sound banks, there are 3, 1 for the "Phantom of the opera sound and some FX" and the other two are for the organ and the other musical pieces that play.
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    official rev 4805 SAMBuild_r4805.zip
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    It's about time I throw my hat into the ring for my next project as I have now progressed enough that I won't back out Still many weeks away, but the ball is rolling. Some tough scenes in this one, the angel and devil popping up may create some problems...
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    Hi, Since my last test games went without a mistake, I thought to myself, that I hand over the files for the pinball "Stern RollerCoaster Tycoon" to community. Display Version A7.01 CPU 7.02 english credit and free game. I share the project files, also. If you find errors or missing frames, please integrade them and give it back to the community. You will find in the Download section: 1x export for real pinball machines and 1x whole project. 1x export for Vpins and 1x whole project. Have fun. Your X3r2A6
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    A side project of a side project of the current side project... 🙂 Sometimes the colorization work gets kind of boring at some points and I always like to have some variety to keep myself motivated. That´s why I decided to also give this table some more love with my current state of knowledge about the editor. So I am working on the Medieval Madness 2.0 update from time to time as well. Already did some color grading and added a lot of missing scenes and transitions. I want to thank you all for the positive feedbacks and support to date! And thank you very much @slippifishi for your awesome tool that helps me to find and free masks to have more possibilities to add details! And as always big thanks to @Wob as always for your time and effort in testing and video providing! Some images:
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    The time for the colorization work is really less the last weeks because of the focus on my fiancee and daughter after my real life job. Also the upcoming weeks/months this won´t change, but I will try to keep you up to date in case of some progress if time permits... Thanks for all the positive feedback to date!
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    Its a hell of a job job but still going.Here some gifs. EDIT:gifs doesnt work they uploaded as gif but shown as one frame.FIXED
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    Here are some previews for you! Let me know what you think!
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    Another 10 hours on that scene(s)...these transitions are tricky because of the color restrictions.
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    All, I started playing with this just for fun, I was not very familiar with the table but the colorization was going pretty smoothly so I kept working on it for about a week. I have posted the beta version in the downloads section, please remember that this is still an early release I am aware of the the bugs to this point, there are a few modes I have not started yet I would estimate the project to be 60% complete. I will be taking some time off during the summer months, kids are out of school and the outdoors calls! I will be back and checking in periodically, Cheers!
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    ok version 0.1.0 is up meow. I'd like some thoughts on what I could do to improve video mode. Triggering anomolies: V.09 Million1-C is triggered corectly with only 1 possible key frame, yet it doesnt get triggered in WOB's video Million2-H is triggered corectly with only 1 possible key frame, yet it doesnt get triggered in WOB's video 1 trigger of PoliceWipe is triggered correctly in WOB's v.09 dump but its not triggered in WOB's video 1 trigger of LamboWipe is triggered correctly in WOB's v.09 dump, but its not triggered in WOB's video Scenes missing for sure: Extra Ball Release Change Log: .10 Shoot the SC to Lite Jackpot -Applied correct palette, looks better Shoot the SC millions plus per -new trigger, new colormask. -removed gradient text from supercharger and made the scene more colorful AND frame between extra ball awards -Recolored and added gradient -Might make make it even fancier later Post Ball Multiplier Bonus -Bonus trigger is cutting off the big number Mulitplier (gw_l5_007, frame 3,296 mask 5) -created new wider mask for bonus trigger, that should prevent the numbers from getting cut off -Scoring behind the 4x and 6x multiplers prevented them from being triggered after draining -created new keyframe mask just for the multipliers -new triggers using the new key frame mask Helicopter Chase Left - Keyframing 1:1 because the ghost frames duplicate triggers so I cant just color a sequence - Order may be random, this will resolve that - Not sure if I should shade the car; same "sprite" as the match & burnout scenes , cant shade those - I believe some of these frames are also used in other sequences, so this will colorize those parts as well - This is not completely colored, but the part that is done is triggered and colored SuperCharger Mode -Redid mask to remove ghosting -Altered colors to keep score color consistent and add some much needed green. MultiBall- -Recolored letters to differentiate from ColorDMD's choices -changed blue letters to white -cherry light stayed red to match topper Gears- -Forgot the gear display was 3 or 4 frames -copied first colored frame to the rest (ooops) -cut, colored, and triggered 5th gear -added gradient to the 4th gear frame JACKPOT -fleshed out the gradient colormask for sequence 1, final colors to be determined -All 4 jackpot sequences cut masked and trigger -I wont lie , I kind of like the unexpected purple Traffic Lights -These really are a cluster -removing the old keymask 5 and using the new keyframe mask 8 -may redo triggering based on the WORD on the screen and not the bulb lit up on the tree -These will likely get redone completely using the color words as triggers and colormasks Credits + Push Start -removed colormask -removed keyframe -will just use default palette Replay At -new and additional keyframes FreeRide -Converted to replacement scene instead of color mask. -retriggered split to hide transition frames Burn Rubber -cut, colored , and trigger word prompt -same for the award screen 4th & 5th Gear Award -cut, colored , and trigger word prompt Red Line Mania -cut, colored , and trigger word prompt Video Mode -Colored instruction screen -added a simple mask to put the scores and gear in color, better than nothing -You Win Screen keyed and colored Tunnel Shots -cut, colored , and trigger word prompt Speed Trap -colored the missing pixel on SpeedTrap2C frame, merp Replay -added scene -not set on colors, want to make it POP Status Report -First screen added, need to capture and color the rest. SC Boost -Added value screens for 4,5,6,7,8, and 9
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    Completed a next very fiddly scene...
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    Spended around 100 hours until now for this project, still busy...
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    Hello guys, I have begun the task of colouring this game. I am working off my real machine using the latest home rom which includes a few more animations than the original. Hopefully this means I can cover all rom versions in a single go. I am expecting to start a public beta on the virtual files within the next 2 weeks - I will of course keep this thread updated with progress etc. Virtual files will be free with a donation for a real files. All in good time.
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    Version 2.0


    Atlantis (Bally 1989) Hi rez version
  43. 10 points
    Worked on more scenes, hard to find good colors for this table...
  44. 10 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Rocky (Gottlieb 1982) this is the movie backglass ...ENJOY 😎
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    gdrive updated with source files, download here updated to V0.1.2 Scenese still not done: Donut Heaven with 2 cops Helicopter chase into tunnel Explosion after jackpot I need to clean up the triggering for jackpot Release Change Log: .12 Lots of bug fixes release! 2x4x6x8x -Changed to Green to match playfield inserts -Completely redone, AGAIN -1 to 1 frame matching for after drain bonus -Same color masks used for non drain graphics since the red is not shown -Deleted all the old triggers and color masks -2 hours of my life, gone. SHIFT -Changed to Orange to match playfield insert Bonus Held -Changed to Orange to match playfield inserts After Drain Bonus tally -Recut, masked, and colored frame to work with new multiplier frames Slanted 1 Million (+ freeway) -Redid trigger frame to ensure its a replacement scene and not a colormask scene Slanted 2 Million (+ freeway) -Redid trigger frame to ensure its a replacement scene and not a colormask scene Free Ride -Redid trigger frame to ensure its a replacement scene and not a colormask scene -Same for parts 2 and 3 of free ride Super Charger Millions -Finished 6 , 7 , 8 , 9, and 10 -Judging by frame count Im missing a few for 8 Traffic Lights -Redid keyframe triggering to try and remove the green showing up during the yellow light Burn Rubber -Reduced delay of the repeated frame, so the map appears sooner RPM Redline -Changed keyframe mask to trigger from the right -This should fix lambo wipes from the right -May break lambo wipes fromt he left, TBD Score -Made the red darker -Made the blue softer -Still not sold on the color scheme, but cant think of anything better. KickBack Lit -Cut , colored, and triggered -Divided into sections to prevent loops, delays, and overlaps -Ghost frames eliminated Extra Ball -Cut, colored, and triggered -Divided into sections to prevent loops, delays, and overlaps. Design Team Credits -Cut, colored, and triggered -Altered to match special thanks scene -TOASTY! Two-Way Combo -Redid Palette Credit 0 (Insert Coin) -Keyframed to trigger on credit/pushstart -This should eliminate the "blue blip" on the scene CREDITS -Cut, colored, and triggered -Gradient mask over words HitchHiker Sequence -Separated first and last frame (it was a dupe) -Triggered first/last frame indepedantly -Triggered speaking frames independantly -This prevents the speaking frames from looping after shes done talking Chopper Chase Left -Finished Coloring -Finished Triggering Super Charger (5 millions plus per loop) -Changed maske to make enire bottom line blue -Added keyframe for when the screen is inverse Game Over -Cut, colored, and trigger Video Mode -Key framed the "crashed" screen to trigger the You win colormask
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    official rev r4828 changes mentioned above plus some updates for squawk and talk SAMBuild_r4828.zip
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    I have started creating some new backglasses for some of the tables on my cabinet (3 monitor) that go far beyond twinkling lights. Most of these are created/animated from the original artists offerings whose talents and work I highly respect and hope they would like my animated interpretations of their still graphic work. Some will be completely new creations while most will be re-creations from the original artwork. Purists might not approve or like what I am doing, and that's ok, I feel ya. Just know what I do with their art is a huge message that what they created was awesome and I will try to do my enhancements to hold true to the original concept... just in motion. Please note that these are all work-in-progress with some far more along than others. These are all 1920x1080, no audio, and when finished, will be :30sec long and loop seamlessly. I will also create a new static image from the finished animations to use as a static backglass for those softwares that cannot use video assets "in-game" like Pinball FX3. For those setups, these animations are still very useable in the front end and work awesome as "attract mode visuals" while on the front end selector. Always welcome feedback either way and cool ideas/suggestions. Animated KISS backglass for PinballX cabinets Here's an example for a KISS backglass I'm tinkering with as well for when I can finally find and install a 2015 Stern KISS table for my cabinet. cough cough help cough cough... - This one is what really started my craze for animating my cabs backglasses. This piece I created from scratch from a single pic of the band and was used for marketing their 2019 show here in K.C. What's seen here now is a quick cut up to remove the other elements (dates, times, location) for the purpose of what it will look like. (the "explosion to the screen" will be gone for sure.) Timing of all the other elements will be altered. More pyros bursts... and always... more cowbell. BALLY - Attack From Mars animated pinball backglass Loads more to do here. - Both UFO's will be animated. The UFO that is animated now will change as the light pattern for both will look like the lights are rotating instead of flashing as they are now. - Aliens will have full limb articulation and motion. - Current explosions are place keepers for now. - More motion to come for the surrounding city/scene including a passing elevated train. UNIVERSAL - Jurassic World animated pinball backglass This is just a working concept at the moment. - When completed, this will look like the Dino is "walking" with the logo rattling with each step and the camera view floating with each step as well. - More lava and debris to come. - This scene actually might change to be used for Jurassic Park Pinball Mayhem while I create a version more true to the night scene view from the mouth as the original artwork depicted. - Maybe some circling Teradac... flying lizards. UNIVERSAL - Back to the Future animated pinball backglass BTTF is pretty much final. That could change in 2055 though. BALLY - Champion Pub animated pinball backglass *sneak peek* Here's a sneak peek of a work-in-progress for my Champion Pub animated backglass. - This is one of my favs! Both the game itself and the fun time animating everything. Lots goin on in there for sure Kid! - Final version... maybe Willliams - Medieval Madness animated pinball backglass -very early work-in-progress - Very early work-in-progress, maybe 20% complete. - All fire elements are just place holders at the moment. - All character movements are just testing purposes only... as is just about everything at this point! - Lots of work yet to be done on the castle and characters in the scene. - King, and Dragon will have full body/appendage articulation. (which is fun just playing around with the appendage controls!!) - Enjoy the sneak peek, this is a fun one!
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    Still working on colorization when i have time. Hope it will be ready soon! Beers are welcome
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