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    I started working on this one back in the fall.... The way I want to approach this project will be SUPER intensive because of the manner in which this DMD triggers the animations....a TON of transitions and essentially 28 different teams to incorporate into the color schemes. I'm happy with where the project is at to this point as the keyframes seem to be triggering well. I believe I have a solid approach to this which makes me happy admittedly though this will be worked on the side while I am finishing up other projects....X-Men being first and foremost on the list. Here are some samples of how this project is being approached....I am proud of the fact I got "Official NBA color schemes from 1997 for all teams" amazing though how much the game has changed since '97....lol Cheers! I am curious from the community what the interest level is for this table? I like it alot as an NBA fan but I feel it's not overly popular? Feedback please?
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    Version 1.3


    Monster Bash X - NZ&TT 1.3
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    Spended around 100 hours until now for this project, still busy...
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    Thanks to @Wob again for this ingenious gamplay test of the current progress of my Monster Bash Pin2DMD colorization. As you will see, there is still plenty to do. Not all scenes are colorized yet and there are missing frames, timing issues and glitches, but the progress should be around 80% and enough to take a closer look for those who are interested. This video and the corresponding dump will surely help me to capture the problems and complete the project. Enjoy...
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    Another 10 hours on that scene(s)...these transitions are tricky because of the color restrictions.
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    official rev r4828 changes mentioned above plus some updates for squawk and talk SAMBuild_r4828.zip
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    Version 1.0.0


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    Gilligan's Island Colorization of Bally’s Gilligan's Island WOB wanted this! Its my thanks for the vids and rips for colorization Post any bugs in the vpuniverse thread This game uses a lot of repeated 2 frame animations with middle frames a hybrid of the 2 frames. I will likely have to redraw or replace to eliminate shadowing Release Change Log: .02 Public Beta 1 6 more hours, 13 total hours Jungle Wedges -adjusted colors to match playfield Gilligan -changed eye color to brown, reference image on google had green eyes but his were actually brown Grand Champion & Highest Scores -Extra bling -Recolored to be more consistent Jungle Run -Changed color mask, and removed extra line from mask affecting score After Ball Bonus -Converted to a replacement scene -was triggering correctly half the time -this will ensure there is no white "shadow" trailing the words Rope -redone Pineapples -redid scenes 7 through 10 Gift of the Gods -redone -each frame 1 to 1 masked -frames are used in other sequences, this will partially color them -used better colors this time around -13 frames, 26 triggers! Coconuts -redone using the Kona Palette -sequenced ONE -redone Million -redone Secret Formula -redone -1 to 1 framing/triggering Kickback -redone -1 to 1 framing Lava Seltzer -redone -1 color mask for all 4 frames -better color scheme Seltzer to Kona -masked and triggered Match Game -Skipper Sequence done -Gilligan Sequence done -Apparently everyone randomly gets a turn Watubi -cut and colored -this is super low detail -may redraw but not likely Skipper Hands -both frames done 1 to 1 matching -previously named Skipper Yell -Used for Kona Seltzer mode and part of the ball drain animation Skipper and Gilligan cut colored and triggered Score Screen -added scene and key frame for credit dot Thurston Far Left -moved old frame to copy -colored new extra frame Professor and Gilligan -cut colored and triggered -copied the professor from his intro frame -copied Gilligan from the frame with him and the skipper Millions -Millions words sectioned off and 1 to 1 framed -Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are done Lagoon Bonus -colormasked and triggered -colors may change .01 WOB Private Beta 7 Hours Intro -A Movie Star! -Professor -Professor and MaryAnn -Gilligan's frames -Skipper -Thurston Howell the 3rd -Thurston and Lovey -Bally Star animation -Bally Logo animation -Replay At -Say No to Drugs sequence (will likely get replaced with a custom colored by this ginger screen) Score color mask -cut colormasked and triggered Shrunken Head Sequence -cut colormasked and triggered Banananananana sequence -cut colormasked and triggered Credit Count & Half Credit Count -cut colormasked and triggered Game Over -cut colormasked and triggered Grand Champion -cut colormasked and triggered High Scores -cut colored and triggered -title, scores 1 and 2, and scored 3 and 4 Jungle Run -"wedges" cut colormasked and triggered -text/countdown cut colormasked and triggered Spot Lagoon -cut colormasked and triggered -used non black background so it looks underwater Spot Lagoon Ready -cut colormasked and triggered -used non black background so it looks underwater -not sure about color choices yet Shells -cut colormasked and triggered -triggered using the word leaving the shell greyscale Turtle (Eggs) -cut colormasked and triggered After Ball Bonus -cut colormasked and triggered -Sequence cut into parts to allow last frame to hold while score scrolls in Pineapples -cut colormasked and triggered -Almost added pink gstring for Brooklyn 99, clearly the pineapple is the slut. Editor crashed and I didnt have auto save on so I have to do these again: Only lost 2 hours of work! Gift of the Gods -cut colormasked and triggered -the half frames are such a pain in the dickhole. -This whole sequence will need sliced and diced up -parts of it are used for other shots -part of this animation is re-used scrolling the other direction -Those frames will need to be redone matched 1 to 1 Skipper Yell -cut colormasked and triggered -cut into frame to frame matching fo rthe half frames Coconuts -cut colormasked and triggered -cant even tell I used the pineapple palette Secret Formula -cut colormasked and triggered -cut into pieces to fix possible timing issue with final frames -last frame gets triggered 3 times to cover the possible end frames Lava Seltzer -cut single mask frame and colored it -triggered the 4 frames to the same mask 1 Millions -cut colormasked and triggered -cut into sections -1 drop -1 standing -Millions is its own sequence (1 to 1 framing) Rope -cut colormasked and triggered -cut sequence because first frame repeats as last frame ~Malenko
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    Confirmed that the author is not hosting the previous assets files on his server. So an updated Install CCC.bat is really needed. The project author was still committing code this week, but I have the port up to date to commits he made up to July 4th. I've at least played through a few times, and it works quite well. The feature I'm not sure about is Last Call. It's supposed to be a multi-ball feature awarded on match. And it is supposed to launch three balls and play ends (flippers are disabled) when there is one or zero balls remaining. For me, Last Call launches one ball and the mode plays through fine until drain. Not sure if it is a bug in the game code or something with the table. The game is still very enjoyable. Updated assets include new music for Franks N Beans Mode and some updated callouts. There is a fixed animation if the ball drains during Polly Peril. New colored Multi-ball restart animation. Fuller list of updates here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/cactus-canyon-p-roc-project/page/28#post-5069168 Consider this a beta. But as long as the project author does not change the assets, then the same bat file can be used to update the game code. I'll post a notification in this thread when I've updated the port from the main project repository. I'm mostly waiting for activity to wind down to finalize the port (at least for the time being). Although the bat file automatically backs up and restores user_settings.yaml, I do suggest copying user_settings.yaml to another folder prior to running the bat file. The project author added some more games settings options that you may want to use - the pop bumper activity restriction. If you change your settings file with a text editor you may be very glad that you have a copy somewhere. OR you can simply use the in-game settings menu. PS - Don't bother the project author, epthegeek, about virtual pinball on Pinside or elsewhere. He is generally happy that virtual pinball players can enjoy the game, and he generously gave express consent for the port to VPX to exist. But it should be considered an entirely separate project from his main project code. Post your bug reports here is what I'm saying. Have a good time! P-ROC_Offline_Installer-V3.4.zip is available in the download link in the first post.
  10. 9 points
    Ok, made some changes to categories for Color ROM downloads. We now have the following: Color ROM's -- SAM - Color ROM Patches -- Pin2DMD Colorizations - Virtual Pinball -- Pin2DMD Colorizations - Real Pinball
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    I took your advice and reworked things triggered by mask 1. I've basically redone almost the entire attract sequence and a ton of other stuff, probably another 30 hours of work poured into this. Im hoping I can finish my surprise part of the update but its taking a considerable amount of time.
  12. 8 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Wheel of Fortune (Stern 2007) 1.0
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  14. 7 points
    For those who want to look at the source, or export for real pin: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ezyqZ6VAHwOCeZzqoOF-npTQoozmL1lf .07 Call this the WOB release, cause he did a video for me that was a huge help and he provided a dmd dump with it. Changed the hitch hiker to match the backglass. Red shirt, blonde hair. (WOB) corrected color mask width on Loop Champion fixed credit show break between shift scenes ("Credit Reset") corrected title card palette and trigger frame Helicopter Bonus even more lambo wipe triggers changed super charger active boost color mask and added new triggers even more police wip triggers changed default 4 color palette to greyscale. removed old traffic light masks and triggers new traffic light masks and triggers Lock Is Lit tweaked RPM color mask redid "Gear Award" to cover all gear awards corrected hitch hiker scene timing (first frame had too long of a delay, may need tweaked) SuperCharger Mode Started redoing all the super charger millions. start position and direction isnt static; doing 1 to 1 framing super charger millions 1, 2 , and most of 3 are done. They are 8 frames each and theres 10 numbers sooooooo..... its a big chunk of work. super charger millions changed to red and blue (WOB) extended delay of last match game frame to hopefully stop the number changing colors at the end Loops to lite super jackpot New score mask/trigger for credits New score mask/trigger for freeplay Shoot the Super Charger Millions solo animation Score with loop count
  15. 7 points
    I'll be doing some testing on the real deal too
  16. 7 points
    It doesn't appear that any of the animations or modes are different between pro and le. I will be coloring the pro rom moving forward. For now Magneto!
  17. 6 points

    Version 2.1


    Popeye Saves the Earth (Bally 1994) total rebuild New Hi Rez Scan
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    This is by far my biggest release with countless of hours of research and work. I want to thank rothbauerw and bord for perfect co-operation and support. You guys are amazing! Also, thanks to Tom Tower, Ninuzzu and all the others that were involved in that original project back in the days. I hope this version is a worthy successor for it and a virtual copy of one of the all time greatest pinballs, Medieval Madness. Can't wait to hear what you guys think of it. Have a great weekend!
  19. 6 points
    official rev r4735 Add fast flip support to Jack Bot [DJRobX] SAMBuild_r4735.zip
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    Version 1.0


    Iron Maiden (Stern 1981)
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    So I was asked to do some customization work on the Getaway. Part of what was asked to do was to change some words on scenes that had dynamic content. You may think this is impossible, but it can be done albeit with a limited palette. This is a technique using red and black to replace ACE DRIVERS in the getaway with MPH DRIVERS while retaining the dynamic content of the scores and initials. To note, you can still use 2 of the 4 sections of the palette for whatever you want, the 2 parts you lose are the black out section, and the replacement color section. First step is to capture and trigger the frame you want to replace: Next step is to color whatever parts you want to be dynamically done, in this example its the initials. They didn't have to be red, this is just the color choice I wanted to use: Next I blackout the word(s) I want to replace. In the example I remove the word ACE, by coloring it in with a palette section where all 4 colors are black: Finally, I draw in the replacement word using a palette that has all 4 colors the same as the text I want: One thing to keep in mind is I needed the first 4 colors to do the score and checked flag wipe, the 3rd and 4th section was used to color in the letters, but the second set of 4 colors could still be used to color in dynamic content. For example I could have had the initials in a different color while keeping the text red at the top. This wont work for more complicated dynamic scenes but its great for altering text on high score screens and stuff like that.
  22. 5 points
    mjr also did some volume balancing retweaks to Sys11 games, so please test these with the next SAM release, too!
  23. 5 points
    Im going to try and get V.10 up tomorrow, I have a shit load done. What do you guys think of this for the chopper? I'm trying to match the backglass without having to redraw the entire thing with more detail. I might go through and add some greys to represent the guns / missiles from the backglass. Theres only like 10 actual chopper frames and its the same static image in all of them
  24. 5 points
    Thanks everyone! Already spotted there is one missing mode, and a few other very minor things to try and pick up in the coming days, so expect a 1.1 update at some point soon. In the meantime, @Wob has put another preview video together to show the final 1.0 version for those not able to try it out for themselves:
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    It's a labor of love brother! Looking Great!
  26. 5 points
    I am excited to share that I just finished my first "exclusive" animation for X-men! I colored and incorporated a scene into the attract mode that I am very proud of. I did not create the artwork. It is an unused scene near as I can tell from the ROM, I just recreated it in the editor and keyframed it. It will only appear with this colorization. Still moving along with this 75% of the replacement scenes are finished. Once the replacement scenes are done, I will have just a handful of dynamic content to color in Pinball Browser.
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    official rev 4709 SAMBuild_r4709.zip
  28. 4 points
    I thought I would start colorizing Scared Stiff: So far I have the attached done. It's fun but time consuming.
  29. 4 points
    View File League Champ (Williams 1996) League Champ Bowler ... took a long time to find a good pic to work with but finally found one. Submitter Wildman Submitted 08/08/2019 Category B2S Backglasses  
  30. 4 points
    i am so excited to be first on planet with colorized hook
  31. 4 points
    Nice teamwork @Wob and @NetzZWerg
  32. 3 points
  33. 3 points
    official rev r4841 SAMBuild_r4841.zip
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    View File Skyrocket (Bally 1970) (rosve).zip Bally's Skyrocket, a new VPX build from scratch. A very thruthful recreation of this old gem BUT I might have fallen into a frenzic "scripting flow" and perhaps added a few enhacements to the table. These extra featurers can be switched off in the script. Submitter rosve Submitted 07/01/2019 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name Link to B2S Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod Yes VP Version v10  
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    Yes I should Lucky1, fair point well made. I've now climbed over the playfield - things are a bit tight up the corner my leg doesn't fit between the table so I have to shin up the rails.. 🙂 It's now updated to v2.66 and I have updated my comments above to reflect the changes.
  36. 3 points
    I'm glad someone is doing South Park. I installed my display this morning and it's looking great. Thanks for all the hard work.
  37. 3 points
    Of course it is being worked on. It's not a 5 minute job so it will be ready when he says so
  38. 3 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Full rebuild from scratch New HD translite image 2560 x 2048 For 2 and 3 screens (removable grill) New Grill redraw Authentic bulbs placement and Rom ID Photoshop lighting A special thank you to @Bord who shares his magnificents tables and all the Jack-Bot recreation team @djrobx @rothbauerw @sliderpoint (and all the other authors as well). Link to the table : https://vpinball.com/VPBdownloads/jack-bot-williams-1995/ Cheers Blacksad Video Preview :
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    official rev r4732 Added LAH 1.06 Canadian, Dr. Dude LU-1, Elvira LF-1 SAMBuild_r4732.zip
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    Version 1.0.0


    I Dream of Jeannie Pinball VPX by CryptDoctor21 and Xenonph Based on the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series of 1973 This custom pinball table is a modification of Genie by Gottlieb originally released by 32assassin, HauntFreaks and Fuzzel Many thanks to them for their outstanding VPX release of Genie! Also big thanks to Darquayle for his great backglass which we used and modified for this project!! This table is a joint release by Xenonph and myself! We have had a really good time modifying this table with the I Dream of Jeannie theme!! We hope you all enjoy it! I did the artwork for the table, plastics and backglass and customized B2S backglass file. Backglass is included with the table. Xenonph did literally everything else including a spectacular sound modification and tons of technical additions and adjustments! Some of his improvements include: Fast Flippers added updated script with new controller method JPSalas GI Effect added to script for twinkling table lights! various script changes including music options magna save music off option POV settings for full screen and desktop plunger adjustments kick out hole adjustments lighting adjustments graphic fixes rubber height adjustments purple LED displays various physics adjustments sooo much more!!! Xenonph's AMAZING sound mod includes: dozens and dozens of actual sounds from the TV cartoon. 3 different versions of the theme music which play randomly between games. many comical and wacky sounds that are hilarious Jeannie's voice many of the targets and switches have several sound options which make each game a unique experience! This project is very much an equal partnership between Xenonph and myself!! I got the ball rolling with a fun weekend project... and Xenonph has dedicated many hours of his time...and used many of his skills to bring this table to the next level!! We are both very pleased with the final result and we hope all will have a great time playing and experiencing... I Dream of Jeannie Pinball
  41. 3 points

    Version 1.1


    Wheel Of Fortune (Stern 2007)
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    If you are wondering how to make BG I will show you the steps in making one 1.. you need to start with a picture of a BG...for ex. You will start with that a pic you found on the internet or a picture you took.. then you have to use your favorite image program like Photoshop or gimp or what ever you use crop it and then skew it ....make it look like a BG.. and clean up the image...and cut out snippets if you choose to.. Example of a snippet snippets are fun to use to give a better look for lights IMO and some guys dont like them its your choice...its your BG lol this tut is fast cause you should have some skills with paint programs.. so basically you will spend anywhere from a hr or 2 to days making it look great quick example is one that i worked on it took 4.5 hrs to make it and clean it up...Watch the animated gif ... its is fun but alot of hrs.. but nothing compared to the guys that make the awesome tables that are built and coded by great authors that spend months making a table.. so give credit / thanks to these guy that spend so much time making this shit for you to enjoy Thats what keep us making more...This is a hobby on OUR OWN TIME....... as you will see its no automated program lol....hrs of labor of love for pinball go into all you use and play and enjoy ....SO SAY THANKS FOR ALL THE FREE SHIT YOU DOWNLOAD OK next is after you make your BG and all nice and made snippets if you wanted them not necessary .... you will need to take all that and go into the B2S Backglass Designer That the next tut
  43. 2 points
    Hi, I just uploaded my updated project to your g-drive. I used it to fix some problems with the editor and also add some new features to it. I catched almost all positions of the car and copied them together in the LCM scene. In previous versions you had to change to replace mode to copy single frames from a recording then add a new frame to the scene using Frame+ and paste the content from the recording from the clipboard. To make it more easy I added CTRL+R to the copy functions. It simply replaces the current frame with the content from the clipboard. You still need to add a frame using frame+ button. So now it is like FRAME+ in the scene-> CTRL+C in the recording -> CTRL+R in the scene to add e.g. a missing position of the car. Triggering is done by enabling the D-Mask then selecting either hash0 or hash1 and pressing the Set Hash button below the hash selection. Here is a video of it in action So basically the steps to trigger a colorized sprite in ColorMask Layered scene are 1. enable D-Mask mode and draw a suitable mask to detect the sprite (e.g mountains to colorize the background) 2. select a hash from the upper 2 checkboxes. 3. press Set Hash 4. Check the hash assigned to that frame.
  44. 2 points

    Version Release


    Soul Reaver by Delta23 - A graphics and sound mod of Taito’s Titan by JP Salas. G’day! I have been a Visual Pinball aficionado for a long time and I would like to thank the efforts of all the people involved in this hobby, from artists and programmers through to site moderators and users. I have been toying with the idea of “modding” a table for a while now and finally here is my little contribution to this great community. Before moving onto the table details I would like to especially thank the following people: Siggi for his friendly attitude, support and help. Siggi’s insight allowed me to get stuck into this mod, without it I don’t think I would have attempted it (Thanks mate and thank you for all your metal tables, they rock.) JP Salas for creating the original Titan table and allowing mods without permission. Using a solid and beautiful table from your catalogue was a given. (Muchas gracias hombre! lo que has hecho con este hobby es fenomenal!). Thalamus for your super fast responses and pointing me in the right direction. Wildman for creating the original Titan back glass. - I used it to create a basic back glass for the table (I hope this is ok). The table is based on the "Legacy of Kain" video game series by Crystal Dynamics, where the main character, a handsome vampire named Raziel, under the ever watching eyes of a giant squid, has to unravel his past and future, all the while dodging and dealing with his dysfunctional family! In an attempt to capture the game’s moody feel. I have added a lot of subtle sound samples to the table. If you find that the music volume is muffling the sound samples, I recommend adjusting the music volume from the Table Options. The download should contain a wheel image and a basic back glass to get you going. The back glass is a simple rework of the original Titan back glass by Wildman (I just changed the picture and moved some lights). Now without further ado… turn your lights off put the volume up and immerse yourself in the dark world of Raziel and the Soul Reaver.
  45. 2 points
    I had some strange behaviour with my PIN2DMD recently that I believe were caused by me using a USB 3 port; the problem went away when I moved it to USB 2...
  46. 2 points
    In the meantime you can turn off match in the vpinmame window. Press #7 to get into the rom settings and cycle through the AUDITS, then ADJUSTMENTS. Expand the ADJUSTMENTS when it asks by pressing #1 and then #7 then proceed to the match setting. Press #1 to change match to OFF and press #7 until the rom exits.
  47. 2 points
    I don't think you get into trouble with these. I'm having hard time seeing that this is anything else than fan related and if you are not charging money for you work.
  48. 2 points
    no worries @Thalamus I overreacted, we are good!
  49. 2 points

    Version 3.1.0


    Here is my new Goin Nuts directb2s, prev. Version by Wildman, and also chucky87, it was in the Settings-Notes, so thanks Guys, esp. Wildman, for the prev. Version. I only wanted to have a Version like the existing "dark" Versions, what you can see in some YT Videos. Redesigned Black Boxes, optimized LED Elements, added Light Effects, ... Have Fun.
  50. 2 points

    Version mt_145h


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