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    Medieval Madness(Williams 1997)

    Version 2.1


    Medieval Madness(Williams 1997)
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    Start messing with South Park

    I started messing with South park today, Once I got everything going this evening it took me a couple hours just to play around with these. So now that I have a feel for things I believe I am going take this South Park head on.
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    fucking facepalm. So now hannibal is the creator is he? A few short leaps and it's all his? This is a mod of a mod and all the credits are missing. For the record, Fren and ICPJuggla made the original version of this table and Dozer did the LE mod with lots of updates, Flupper did the ramps, ninuzzu did the prison walker head and I did the Well Walker, bicycle girl and Fish Tank models. This is just shameful.
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    Version 1.0.3


    Hi first of all "Thank you to all creators (ICPjuggla, Fren, Dozer, flupper, Dark, Ninuzzu, Hanibal) Fren and ICPJuggla made the original version of this table and Dozer did the LE mod with lots of updates, Flupper did the ramps, ninuzzu did the prison walker head and I did the Well Walker, bicycle girl and Fish Tank models. Thank you very much for your work Here is my 1st mod for Walking dead LE - new playfield Hight resolution - new crossbow - new balls - add accessory available on real table Lucille, panel ... - rom edit with voice actor and negan full season 7 - new physics A big thank you to hannibal for the ramps and the roof of the prison Possibility to change the panel (terminus vs woodbury, and 3 different panel For cross road, and two balls) just change the picture in the option or change the no in picture manager. I would update the table if I add accessories The download link contains everything (modified rom, table, b2s) Good game for all
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    ACDC LE 1.68

    Version 1.0.2


    ROM File patch for Stern ACDC LE by PinballMike To create the needed ROM file you can use bspatch (http://www.daemonology.net/bsdiff/) Place the .pal file in your ..\vpinmame\altcolor\acd_168hc\ folder named pin2dmd.pal Patch needs vpinmame V2.8, latest dmddevice.dll and pin2dmd firmware >= V2.36. THIS PATCH DOES NOT WORK FOR REAL PINBALL MACHINES ! PLEASE CONTACT THE AUTHOR IF YOU NEED IT FOR A REAL PIN !
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    Code change to enable SAM LE driver board support

    Here's a new Vpinmame for testing. 1) Includes Toxie's fantastic ddraw=0 scaler (with a bug fix). 2) Fix TZ gumball machine when modulated solenoids are turned on. It actually uses a FAKE solenoid to pop out gumballs.! Grr I hate this code. 3) Fix DMD size (empty black bar) issue with WPT, TSPP, Ripleys, and probably others with mini-DMDs. This one has annoyed me for years. What's weird is there was a pre-existing tag for hidden DMD objects, but it only HID things when MAME_DEBUG was turned on (That HAD to be backwards!) and was only utilized by one capcom game. *Edit" B verson - fixed Monopoly & NBA vpm103016b.zip
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    Code change to enable SAM LE driver board support

    Some really fantastic news! Herweh has released the B2S sources. This allows us to fix some issues that were very painful to work around. Please test the following B2S build. It fixes: 1) Increases the lights to 400 from 251 to support games like Star Trek LE 2) Converts modulated solenoids to booleans internally so using the WPC/SAM modulated mode doesn't negatively impact or crash B2S. Full range should still be passed to DOF. 3) Passes GetRawDMD commands through to VPM, so dual controllers are not necessary for things like Cirqus Voltaire, or hopefully ... eventually native VPX DMD rendering. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5o61qx0gahc8r24/b2s102516b.zip?dl=0
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    SAMBuild2.9 beta thread

    Latest SAMBuild for the version 2.9 cycle can be found in this post. The package includes the latest external DMD dlls if there has been a recent update. Or else find the external DMD dlls with the beta thread for the official VPinMAME build here: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27063&page=1 OR at lucky1's GitHub repository for Pin2DMD here: https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/tree/master/integration/pinmame Copy the files into your VPM directory, and run setup.exe again. There, press the install button (with each new build) and remember to setup the defaults again! In case you have an external DMD connected that you want to use with VPM, please move the dlls from the respective subdirectory (Pin2DMD or PinDMD1 or PinDMD2 or PinDMD3) directly into your VPM directory! official rev 4277 Bring back 8 port AUX board check; hopefully will enable Metallica LE AUX board for coffin magnet SAMBuild_r4277.zip
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    Version 1.1.0


    Blood Mod of the very nice table from Dozer, and tx for the permission to mod. I have changed this things: - new Hires playfield - new apron - new physics - new sounds - new animation - new lights - new grfx - more blood Have fun and enjoy
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    I have a WIP for TWDLE up on vpinball.com (Conversion of Fren's PRO table) - I thought I'd post it here as I can see some authors starting to convert it and I didn't want to double up on the same work. (Unless of course you want to make your own version). It's a couple of weeks out as it needs new mesh ramps and a couple of models and I'm in the middle of a work contract but all the mechs and RGB are in.
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    Code change to enable SAM LE driver board support

    Since lots of people seem interested in GI support, here's a build that supports ROM controlled GI for the rest of the SAMs, and WhiteStar tables like LOTR. Tested it with the TRON and LOTR Roms. Here's the script you need, it comes in over the existing VPM GI channel.. This is for TRON. You of course also want to remove the GIOn/GIOff calls from other parts of the script now that the ROM will do it. Sub UpdateGI(no, Enabled) Select Case no Case 0 'Top If Enabled Then GIOn Else GIOff End If End Select End Sub set GICallback = GetRef("UpdateGI") SAM and Whitestar control the GI with a relay on the IO board. So there's no dimming possible here (the real tables won't either!) vpm102416.zip
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    Yep for sure. I'm 90% of the way there. I've discovered that the AIC interrupt controller emulation is woefully incomplete. It's supposed to manage concurrent activity (like timer and serial happening at the same time ), and re-fire pending IRQs when previous IRQs complete, but it's currently doing none of that. It's probably related to why we see those "not designed for this country" messages when we press buttons too quickly at boot. It's documented pretty clearly in Atmel's documentation. Should have it solved soon.
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    Code change to enable SAM LE driver board support

    Update: I'm getting LED output from ACDC and Metallica now. It's using a different write method (character by character). Both of them use the same output structure though. No hack will be needed for these two. I still have to figure out why the output is stalling after a few updates. Interrupt handling problem of some sort. But at least there's progress.
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    Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    New version 2.20 is out with exciting new features V2.20 !!! renamed palettes.dat to pin2dmd.pal !!! - completely reworked sync routine. Now resync is lossless. No artifacts on resync - working Stern Spike input for colorization with pinballbrowser - working Gottlieb input - New colorization feature : increase colordepth of 4 color animations to 16 Colors) . Working with dynamic frames (score display etc. ) Use latest editor version -> cut scene with "Mark Start" - "Mark End" - "Cut" and select scene -> Check ColMask -> -> edit scene with tools (only colors 4 to 15 available for drawing) -> Select Keyframe where to start playback of additional colors (same as startingpoint of scene) -> Assign Scene in FrameSeq Dropdown -> Add ColorMask -> export project and copy to device - increased number of detection masks to 10
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    [Vp10] Spider-Man(Stern)(2007)(Ninuzzu)(V1.1)(Vp10)

    Thanks lucky1. Yes I will update it
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    SAMBuild2.9 beta thread

    official rev 4277 Bring back 8 port AUX board check; hopefully will enable Metallica LE AUX board for coffin magnet SAMBuild_r4277.zip
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    Hi, this just a build aligned with the latest beta build at VPF. All of DJRobX's latest commits have been incorporated into the official source and the SAM improvements are now incorporated in the SAM driver as well. In terms of features, the only thing of note added here on top of the latest DJRobX test build is PinSound support. If you use a real DMD be sure to get the latest dmddevice.dll file for your controller board in the beta distribution at VPF. VPinMAME_SAM_2.45.zip
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    Code change to enable SAM LE driver board support

    New build: 1) Fix CSI & IJ (again) 2) Fix sound stuttering in SF2 and other heavily divided IRQ systems 3) Fix Walking Dead LE lights. Turns out there's two more banks of lights. There's also something writing garbage, so I filter that out if I see malformed data. vpm111116.zip
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    You need the latest (read: released like 2 hours ago) build of the 10.2 beta from VPF https://www.dropbox.com/s/1gi8elt4u06rtoo/Tron Legacy (Stern 2011)1.3f.vpx?dl=0 I'll delete the link once ICP updates his upload
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    Twilight Zone (Bally 1993)

    File Name: Twilight Zone (Bally 1993) File Submitter: Wildman File Submitted: 22 Jun 2016 File Category: B2S Backglasses Twilight Zone (Bally 1993) Hi Rez Click here to download this file
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    Here is a testing version based on the latest version of Carny´s SamBuild for pindmd3 and pindmd1 It uses a modular driver interface for external DMD devices I have been working on. Simply put the dmddevice.dll and other related dlls into your vpinmame directory according to the device you have attached to your cab, pindmd2 driver is already tested and should work. Please report if pindmd3 and pindmd1 are also working since I couldn´t test.. If it works it could save Carny and Toxie a little time needed to make different builds Now also includes DLLs for PinballX and UltraDMD which support the dmddevice.dll driver interface PIN2DMD driver looks for pin2dmd.pal file in a subdirectory of your pinMame installation directory called altcolor/GameName e.g. you have to copy your palette file for TZ_92 into PinMame/altcolor/tz_92/ named pin2dmd.pal vpinmame_sam_latest.zip vpinmame_sam_2.36.zip
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    I really hate to say anything but this is a VP10 alert post which is auto generated by the forum software it doesn't post all of the information.. The original post of the file is a separate post made by the author ...which is were the download is located / support / and as you can see from day one that credit was all listed there on who made the original table file ......it was not edited now whether the table is good or not lol I cant say and if permission to mod wasn't.. right again I cant say... Its just you dudes are raggin on the guy for not saying who made the original table that he modded and he did....so? .
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    Version 1.0.0


    Freddy - A Nightmare on Elm Street (Gottlieb) HI REZ authentic and fantasy ( Flashers )
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    Version 2.1 final


    Db2s LED version BACK TO THE FUTURE pinball Table back to the future version LED available soon thanks jimenez
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    Wildman Backglass King

    ...Its comments like that keep me motivated to make more BG.....Just a simple is all I ask ....Glad guys are enjoying them and making the pinball experience real...... just wish more guys would thank authors more for all their hard work....most have no clue how many hrs are spent making all this shit lol....
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    Version 1.0.0


    Super Mario Brothers Mushroom World (Gottlieb 1992)
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    Code change to enable SAM LE driver board support

    Yep, that's exactly right. The contributors of this community are super impressive. Best example was when I was working on the LE RGB lights. I had finally figured out how to get the data, but I had a lot of work ahead of me to move that data into something VP could use, and I badly needed a diagnostic table, I made a post about it one evening. By the time I woke up the next morning, GTXJoe had created a test table, and Toxie provided some skeleton code. Those things would have taken me weeks to sort out. I don't think I've ever had such excellent support, even in my professional development career where people are getting paid! Once I finally had a test build, Fren ran with it and made that freaking amazing ST:LE table. Incredible teamwork. Such support definitely helps motivate me to keep going.. And of course nothing makes me happier than seeing all the great tables that utilize the new features like TWD LE, Mustang LE, Metallica LE, Scared Stiff, and forthcoming tables like AC/DC LE. I've been enjoying VP for a long time and I'm glad I found a niche where I could give something of significant value back.
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    Color Palettes Collection

    Version 1.0.1


    This is a collection of 141 different color palette files for pinball tables. To use with pinmame >= 2.8 use a dmddevice.dll with support to read color palette information from /altcolor/"tablename" directory structure, Put the palette file in that directory and rename it to pin2dmd.pal. Activate colorize option in pinmame settings. To edit the palette files use the latest pin2dmd.exe tool from https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/archive/master.zip For real pinball machines copy the file as pin2dmd.pal to your SD card.
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    PIN2DMD Christmas Charity 2016

    I took the chance to present the latest collection of the pin2dmd donations on the christmas market where the S.O.H. foundation had a booth. Many thanks to all pin2dmd users in the name of Rainer (president of S.O.H. foundation), his wife Alex and of course the children of the orphans home. Happy christmas.
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    Code change to enable SAM LE driver board support

    UGGGHH! B2s needs the GI level to be greater than 4 to turn the light on. Here's an update to VPM to now return GI as 0 or 9. I could change B2S to be more sensitive, but that might make existing backglasses have bad behavior. TABLE AUTHORS: If you have updated tables to use ROM controlled GI in WhiteStar or SAM, please change it to check for GI state greater than 0, instead of being equal to 1. Toxie/Carny, please pick up this change and publish new builds, as it may require modification of tables people are building tables against the betas. Thank you. vpm112916.zip For most regular users I recommend sticking with the previous build for now. The only change is the GI thing to fix DirectB2Ses that haven't been released yet. It may break the GI lighting on some tables that have just started to use the new GI routine.
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    Thank you for the encouragement guys, it's really appreciated. OK, as promised here is a build to test. 1) Timing calculations tweaked. After rigorous testing I no longer see any attempts to throttle if there is not enough CPU to warrant it. 2) Post the actual build that I did testing against on the same machine! 3) In case #1 still fails, there is now an option in the registry: freeware\visual vpinmame\globals\low_latency_throttle Set to 0 to stop it from trying to evenly distribute the CPU usage. 4) Since I was adding a setting, why not add one more. I noticed a few people are trying to nail down ball stutter issues and are trying to use CPU affinity tools. There is merit to that approach as I've found some documented cases of timing problems ("sleep" lasting much longer than typical) when the OS switches threads around different CPUs that are solved by locking a thread to a single core. One problem is tools can't separate VPM from VP since they're one application. So we really need some help from the applications themselves if we want to dedicate these separate processes to their own cores. So you can find a new setting: freeware\visual vpinmame\globals\cpu_affinity_mask Please note that it is a "mask'. So if you want CPU #1 only, set it to 1.. CPU #4 only is 8. CPU's 1 and 4 is 9, etc. To get full use of this we will want a similar setting on the VP side. I have a simple code patch for that that I will give the VP devs. I also have added a setting to B2S so we can separate these things without external tools. 5) Fix Metallica LE and ACDC LE led strings. Let me know how it goes. vpm112716.zip
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    Version 1.0.0


    Spider-Man Vault Edition (Stern 2016)
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    thanks here is a WIP version of SPP VPX with the GI controller working http://vpinball.com/forums/topic/simpsons-pinball-party-wip-2-0/
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    Code change to enable SAM LE driver board support

    There might be some news incoming on the last part soon!
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    Code change to enable SAM LE driver board support

    New update: WPC modulated solenoid support. I've only tested it on Scared Stiff so far but it seems to work pretty well. I'm also going to include my badly modified table, which is a mod of an apparently abandoned table by Shoopity. If someone has an issue with me posting this table please let me know and I'll happily remove it, it's just hard to explain/share how the new feature works without it. . Remember folks, I don't know what I'm doing with VP, but the light show looks pretty close to what I saw on videos. WPC is quite a bit trickier to get right. It doesn't write to solenoids in a predictable pattern like SAM. Instead I poll the current status of the soleniods at specific intervals (every few IRQ calls, around 400hz) and collect the bit history there. I must have spent all day looking for the best sampling frequency, and history depth to get mid-brightness dimming to look stable. The best example is the pop bumpers. When you hit them the ROM will make an electric buzzing noise, then fade them up and down. If the timing is at all wrong they will flicker. What I have is the best compromise between stable brightness levels and speedy "flickering" that I could come up with. Pretty happy with the result, anyway. I had no idea what I was missing before. ssmodsol.zip vpm102016c.zip
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    Here's an updated video of the Mustang game with the new PWM flasher implementation. You can see the fade effect at the start of each ball launch up the back right of the table (skillshot flasher) and also toward the end of the video when the two rear and under turntable bumper flashers start to pulse. The table has been shipped off to Dark who is going to convert the ramps to proper 3D objects so that will really take it up a couple of notches. I can also confirm that the PWM solenoid gradients work with DOF as well so you can finally get the proper flasher effects on devices controlled by DOF. Being that solenoids are generally not RGB, you need to configure the ini files with entries that span this 3 inputs for an RGB light like so - (For a white flasher controlled by solenoid 30 you would do - S30 NoBool, S30 NoBool, S30 NoBool) which will turn Red / Green and Blue on to create white. (For Yellow - S30 NoBool, S30 NoBool, 0 ) - (For Blue - 0,0,S30 NoBool ) etc.
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    Screw this, I'm making my own Mustang LE with BlackJack, Hookers and the XB GT Interceptor from Mad Max 2.
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    Here's a current build of ST LE for testing purposes or anyone interested in trying it out. There's probably a couple bugs though I can't think of any. There may be a handful of things missing, off the top of my head I think just a bunch of flashers. They will be added soon but don't affect gameplay so not a huge deal to me yet. Lasers are in there, vengeance movement scripted, gates are scripted, left kicker and scoop are scripted, left outlane kickback is scripted, RGBs are scripted, the warp chaser lights and enterprise cabinet side chasers are scripted. Switched over the ramps to the LE style ramps (wireform) to accommodate the left scoop. Tweaked the physics a bit, changed the sounds. I haven't made a new apron yet but the lights are kind of laid over the top so you get some of the effect. I think the laser is pretty sweet, I adapted a demo script gtxjoe had made for moving balls in a circle and applied it to 120 VP light objects that circle the playfield. I don't really know how to get to the mode, I do know that if I complete a mode stack (3 of the same mode) it will come up quicker, so give that a try and see if you can get the laser to turn on. This has been fun, a needed distraction... DJRobX has done some amazing shit the past few weeks. https://www.dropbox.com/s/24df19sl29fr70v/stle 100116a.rar?dl=0
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    Update: I got TWD LE to send LED data quickly by "transmitting" a bunch of 0xff's. Seems like as long as I send it a bunch of anything other than 0x00, TWD LE will start sending me the LED data pretty fast. This is good because the hack to enable the output wasn't clear on TWD as it was with Mustang LE. This technique doesn't work as well for Mustang. Mustang starts sending data faster than before, but still takes a while. So these games definitely are looking for input. Just need to figure out what it is that they want. I've also done work on the IJ and CSI problem. I got them working alongside the improved timer code. For some reason they don't like the deferred timer interrupts, even though it's clearly what's supposed to happen according to the ATMEL documentation, and the vast majority of roms play smoothly like they're supposed to when the interrupt controller is emulated. I can fake the old behavior by not sending a timer interrupt if the ARM core has IRQs are blocked. Once I do that, IJ and CSI work exactly like they used to (along with the sluggish emulation, but at least I didn't break anything). Since these are only two games, and old ones unlikely to get game code updates, I may look a programmatic hack so they run right.. The failure to launch ball is these games is really the "Not in this country" error message seen in other roms. I'm not sure why Stern went "evil" on these two games and just silently stopped allowing balls to launch (really a main loop of game code stops looping), but it's definitely that same 60hz zero crossing check. The IJ / CSI problem is less of a critical issue now that I'm able to make them work. I just didn't want to make changes that took away working games, since it's not really easy to switch VPM versions on a game by game basis .
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    Hi Rez Backglasses

    Ok hope you all enjoying the batch of Hi Rez BG that been coming out???? Once again I am calling out for BG pics..... most cellphones will work if not blured lol..or Hi Rez camera try to get pics with no flash and in focus and take a bunch of pics from different angles pics lol and send them to me.... BG pics not lite by machine...no reflections are great i can fix if you take enough pics.. if you got real camera i can take the raw format or nef then i can adjust...whatever.. Comon man alot of you guys got the pins take the time to take the pics and i make great bg that you couldnt tell the diif from fake or real lol of course sometimes mine even look better then the real one LOL...But all joking a side PM me your pic collections so i can keep making great BG's....load them in the thread ..just give me shit to work with cause one day i will be done making them LOL Thanks for helping out..all the guys that have so far
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    Fishtales (Williams 1992)

    File Name: Fishtales (Williams 1992) File Submitter: Wildman File Submitted: 05 Jun 2016 File Category: B2S Backglasses Fishtales (Williams 1992) Hi Rez Click here to download this file
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    Version 1.7


    Have fun with this version of Monster Bash
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    No Good Gofers(Williams 1997)

    Version 1.1


    No Good Gofers(Williams 1997)
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    Gilligans Island (Midway 1991)

    Version 1.0


    Gilligans Island (Midway 1991) not original but better..2 screen and 3 screen in rar...enjoy
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    Vpuniverse.com Site Rules

    Please do NOT Private Message or Instant Message our Developers & Table Authors VPUniverse was created to make a better place for development and table creation. We want this site to remain a safe haven where developers, artists, script guru's and table creators can develop without the harassment that other sites have tolerated in the past. Our developers do what they do for our hobby. Our developers normally do not get anything in return for their time and effort except for our thanks. People need to understand that pressuring our developers to make a certain table, to update a table, or asking about progress on tables they have under construction pushes this hobby in the wrong direction. On VPUniverse.com we encourage our Developers to make continual updates regarding their Works In Progress and to keep the community informed. Our developers DO NOT NEED to be constantly reminded that people are looking forward to their creations. Pressuring our developers makes them to NOT want to continue working on their projects. Many authors work much better and efficiently without having hundreds of PM's clogging up their inbox's and the constant hounding for tables or updates. Please DO NOT message developers regarding the following: 1. Works In Progress 2. Table Requests 3. Progress Updates 4. Asking for access to unreleased tables. In return for not bothering our developers; our developers promise to keep the community updated on their current Works In Progress. ** NOTE ** "PM" includes Private Messages and Instant Chat Messages.
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    Street Fighter II

    this is taking longer because Im not just picking colors, Im redrawing the bulk of it. for example, this is Ryu's in game animation: And this is my redraw:
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    Per request, I am updating the original post in the topic to include a set of builds related to my changes. I don't think I had planned for the journey ahead when I started this thread. VPM http://vpuniverse.com/forums/forums/topic/2933-sambuild29-beta-thread/ * LE Aux Board Support * WPC Modulated solenoids * Miscellaneous sound and graphics fixes * (12/17/16) Reduce GTS3 Vblank interrupts, to fix overly fast animations in Tee'd Off and possibly others. * Minor tweak to modulated solenoids (fix AFM monsters). B2S 11/26/16 (** Now included in official release and VP 10.2 installer **) http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=12553 * Fix intermittent string error when modulated solenoids are in use * Add support for 128 bit LED segments (for World Poker Tour) * Add some missing VPM interfaces * Increase number of supported lights DOF 12/06/16: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qncfdegwj899fby/dof120616.zip?dl=0 * Contains a small fix to prevent over-firing when modulated solenoids are in use * Fix to the fix - so combined effects like drop targets fire properly Please use these in conunction with official vP 10.2 or later. : http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=35311 An updated core.vbs script included in VP 10.2 is required for some of the newer tables to work correctly. If you see errors related to "ModSol", then VP has picked up an old version of the core.vbs script. ---=== Original post from Sept 8 ===--- So it turns out, LE aux driver support is already present in sam.c. There's just a hack that's preventing it from working properly. Near line 512 in SAM.C look for: case 6: sam_bank[4]++; if ( sam_bank[4] == 1 && bank >= 0) Change the last line to: if (core_gameData->hw.gameSpecific1 == 0 && bank >= 0) And bam, you can see all 8 of the LE solenoids fire as Solenoid 33 through 40! Tested using the X-Men LE rom. Not much concern of this code change breaking something else. That block of code only updates the solenoids2 variable. The sam_bank[4] stuff appears to be some sort of hack that's also present on the other solenoid bank to prevent misfires. It causes it to ignore the first attempt to set the solenoid. But the way the ROM is updating the LE driver bank, we miss the event if that hack is there. There are a couple conditional blocks of code below it for a SAM Mini-DMD. I'm guessing this connects to the same port on the SAM board. I added the check that hwgameSepcific1 is 0 to ensure that games with alternate hardware connected to that port doesn't trigger the solenoids.
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    Yep, if a table is not coded to receive GI updates, nothing bad happens when VPM updates them. They just get ignored and all is well. The old "faked" GI code will continue to do what it does. There's a super remote possibility that someone attempted to connect GI updates in vain and that their "dead" code attempt will be woken up by the new VPM, but there's probably a 1% chance of that happening. We saw something like that with new solenoids in Star Trek Pro.
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    Totally willing to modify Star Trek for this when you're ready. It's a minor change, I already have clear inserts for the playfield I can switch to and get RGB playfield lighting working. Switching the ramps is easy enough as well and scripting the ship movement and anything else needed is only a minor change
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    Version 1.0


    Pirates Of the Caribbean (Stern 2006)