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  1. Version 1.1.0


    Thanks for Coindropper for the permission to mod of the nice table from him. I have add a moving palantir and looking eye on tower. The moving and pictures of the Balrog has been changed. Many physics, lights and design updates. Enjoy this Mod
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  2. View File FirePower (Williams 1980) (coyo5050) (db2s) Complete overhaul/redraw/edit of this backglass. All the images I could find had pictures of back glasses in rough shape so needed a TON of work. Also the pictures were tricky because of the mirror glass, which I ended up recreating. I couldnt find any videos showing what the multi-ball animation looks like so I re-used part of Dozer316 animation scripts and changed it around to have animations. Spent many hours on this so hopefully people enjoy it! If you like it let me know, comments are VERY motivating if you would like me to do more! Submitter coyo5050 Submitted 03/24/2017 Category B2S Backglasses  
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  3. sliderpoint

    The Simpsons pinball party

    Eh.. selling copyrighted materials. Not sure about that. I can certainly appreciate all your work to put this together, but I think this might be the wrong place to ask for money. All of the digital content around this community is provided for free by folks like you that spend a lot of time and effort to put it together. I do think you did a great job based on the video! Best of luck. -Mike
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  4. jbg4208

    El Dorado City of Gold

    Version 1.2


    This was the last pin produced by Mylstar and production was continued by Premier. It is also the last game designed by Ed Krynski for Gottlieb/Mylstar. The models for the explorers on the backglass were two Gottlieb employees, Jeri Knighton and Jeff Lee (Gottlieb video game artist). Gottlieb 1984 - Aztec Jungle Theme This is a MOD of theGhost787 and 32assassins table. I'm not sure what it is about this table but it intrigued me when I first saw it. It is a slower table but it is challenging. Script is by 32assassin, and table start by theGhost787. I did a partial redraw of the play field just to line everything up a bit better. Enhanced the colors a bit. Also moved around the table elements and lights to match the play field and to make it play and look more like the videos online. If we could get a good play field and plastics scan this table would really come to life. I used what resources were available online (and there are not many). I have never played the real table but have watched some youtube videos. So physics are adjusted to match them the best I could. Enjoy, I know I have enjoyed modding it. If anyone has any high resolution resources for this table please let me know.
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  5. lucky1

    Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    New version on github V2.38 virtual pinball improvements -new dmddevice.dll with improved frame processing of fsq files for Replacement frames and ColorMasks real pinball machine improvements - fix bitorder for dataeast and whitestar machines - improved frame processing of fsq files for Replacement frames and ColorMasks Small changelog entry but thanks to Vbobrusev a major step for the colorizing features of the pin2dmd project His work on The Simpsons Pinball Party makes it the first fully colorized machine which originally has 4 shades All scene recordings where done on the real pinball machine and the colorization works also cross platform on VPins. It is completely done with the help of the latest version of pin2dmd editor from here https://bintray.com/sker65/pin2dmd/Editor#files
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  6. Version 1.1.0


    Complete overhaul/redraw/edit of this backglass. All the images I could find had pictures of back glasses in rough shape so needed a TON of work. Also the pictures were tricky because of the mirror glass, which I ended up recreating. I couldnt find any videos showing what the multi-ball animation looks like so I re-used part of Dozer316 animation scripts and changed it around to have animations. Spent many hours on this so hopefully people enjoy it! If you like it let me know, comments are VERY motivating if you would like me to do more!
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  7. Version 1.1.0


    Diner (Williams 1990) 3 scr db2s V2 Version of adam (Pookamoondo) For screen 3 scr LCD I thank adam for giving me permission to add version 3 scr. New animation of the characters, clocks, light. Version 2 scr here http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/4630-diner-spring-animation-backglass/
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  8. Version 1.0.0


    This backglass has the best image on it I could find and I have tweaked and cleaned up the clock with a higher resolution version. I have also animated the characters with a more realistic spring motion and added a see through background for the lights to work behind them. This is as close to the original backglass as I could make it, and after 4 hours of trying to get the layering to work correctly (there are bugs in the editor) tearing my hair out (of which I already had very little this is as good as I can make it… Thank you to Blacksad, Flupper01, and Stat for access to the images and help to get this working..... And thank you also to Wildman for the original backglass design Enjoy.
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  9. Wildman

    Diner(Williams 1990)

    Version 2.0


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  10. roar

    The Simpsons pinball party

    This looks really amazing, great work! I don't own a TSPP but if I did a $15-$20 fee for it would be a no brainer as the machine runs $5K+ Canadian... but on a my Virtual Pinball that is a more challenging price point I look forward to seeing it on my Virtual Pin one day if it does become free.
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  11. zebulon

    Virtuapin legal troubles

    Ouch..... not only $155,000 but the cnc router and the large format printer. That sounds more like he was given them to accomplish the work by skit-B and so remain skit-B assets. That's gonna cause some issues with his operation. The $155,00.00 alone would bury me. I was approached by Popadiuk/Zidware way back when and it was only after analyzing some research into his bill paying habits that I avoided getting myself into a similar mess. I guess it's a case of there but for the grace of God go I.
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  12. View File Lord of the Rings (Stern 2003) fantasy 3 screen db2s Lord of the Rings (Stern 2003) fantasy 3 screen db2s Submitter laylow Submitted 03/20/2017 Category B2S Backglasses  
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  13. vbobrusev

    The Simpsons pinball party

    Hi,I´m proud to present The Simpsons Pinball Party PIN2DMD colorization project which I started 2 months ago for my own pinball machine.I never did anything like this before and I had to learn a lot how to get it done in the quality i wanted to have. One of the biggestparts was to make all the recordings, using the pin2dmd tool, containing all the scenes of a gameplay. After all the time I have spent on this, I must admit that I would rather have paid somebody else 15-20$ to get a ready to use colorization, instead of doing it by myself. That is why I ask you to support my job and if you want to have a copy of my work please make a donation by using this linkhttps://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=JLRAHFTD23UKUI will send you 2 files you simply need to copy on the SD card and put it into your pin2dmd. I will also send you updates automatically if available. Out of respect for my work and as a motivation for future projects, I kindly ask you not to forward these files to other users. Please also report me if you get my work offered from other sources. Thank you !!PIN2DMD firmware version 2.38 or later and Display ROM v5.0 in english is recommended, since all my work is based on this versionIf you find any uncolorized scenes, or bugs, let me know, how you got it, or send me recordings / videos. We have conversation about vpin users and it's will be available for free in future. But right now i provide only files which will be works on both machines, real pinball and virtual pinballs. Version for vpins only, will works only on vpins.
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  14. Wildman

    Black Pyramid(Bally 1984)

    File Name: Black Pyramid(Bally 1984) File Submitter: Wildman File Submitted: 09 May 2013 File Category: B2S Backglasses Black Pyramid(Bally 1984) Click here to download this file
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  15. Version 1.0.0


    Lord of the Rings (Stern 2003) fantasy 3 screen db2s
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  16. Thalamus

    Simulating Force Feedback with Subwoofer

    http://vpinball.com/VPBdownloads/elvira-the-party-monsters-pmd-script-mod/ According to Russ - sound feedback is awesome.
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  17. rambo3

    Simulating Force Feedback with Subwoofer

    I've got a Buttkicker mounted under my couch, and was wondering the same thing, LFE to simulate kicks / contactors and rumble. The kicks can be quite immense, things will fall apart if not screwn together and I absolutely would not have spinning rust (hard drive) anywhere near the cabinet I would imagine a Buttkicker could literally make the cab move itself if left unchecked, not sure if it's even safe for the electronics. Playfield glass could shatter. The Moon could be affected. Erhmm. C-: I'm loving the idea though! Been thinking about it for a while. Contactors are good, but can be quite noisy during the evenings and it's a bit stressfull after work. Seems the simplest initial effort could be to trigger LFE sounds of varying intensity and strength on trigger, basically a device of its own (sound). Just for kicker and slingshots themselves could be huge.
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  18. arngrim

    Simulating Force Feedback with Subwoofer

    soundfx definition is inside the controller.vbs, with comments, you can override the behaviour of the command there but i don't see like this how you can do what you want to do without changing tables, but at least you have some more infos Sent from tapatalk
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  19. View File Spider-Man Vault Edition (Stern 2016) Spider-Man Vault Edition (Stern 2016) Submitter Wildman Submitted 11/21/2016 Category B2S Backglasses  
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  20. TerryRed

    Addressable Rgb's

    I've had a bunch of people asking me for a tutorial for the addressable LED strips and matrix.. There’s just soooo much information on it, that I simply can't do a full "guide"....but I typed out a little "guide" that follows what "I" did to get my addressable LED strips up and running for me. This is by no means complete or perfect, as no two setups are the same....but I thought this would help alot of people by having this laid out out in my own plain words. This only covers the software portion of my setup. You still need to "Read the manual" as Swisslizard says.... My setup for DOF was only an Led-wiz and a Teensy for addressable leds. You will need to flash the Teensy with the custom firmware from Swisslizard: https://github.com/DirectOutput/TeensyStripController/wiki/Software:-Teensy-Firmware For software I recommend installing the VP 10 (X) all in one installer. That will setup your B2S server,etc...., and you’ll have VPX if you want to use it. http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=11573 http://vpinball.com/VPBdownloads/vpx-installer/ Then you need to install and setup DOF R3 beta. You need to find the newest version posted somewhere in the VPUniverse forums like the “addressable leds” thread. http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/2180-addressable-rgbs/page-19 You will have to read the DOF3 Wiki page to install DOF and have it enabled in the B2S Server: http://pinball.weilenmann.net/docu/DirectOutputWIP/index.html ...when it’s installed, you should have DOF R3 installed in c:\DirectOutput folder. You need to install the DOF plug-in for Pinball X. (If you want addressable leds in Pinball X) http://pinball.weilenmann.net/docu/DirectOutputWIP/pbx.html You will need to have a “c:\DirectOutput\config” folder. DOF Config Tool: http://configtool.vpuniverse.com/login.php Normally you would setup your DOF devices on the DOF config tool site. This site will basically generate config files for ALL of the VP tables. It basically maps the lights and feedback, etc to work with whatever arrangement you have for your devices (my LED-Wiz is setup different than other people for example). You would then copy those files to your “c:\DirectOuput\config” folder. In your “c:\DirectOutput\config” folder you will need the following files (I’ll explain each): ------------------------------- cabinet.xml -this is a file you MUST create yourself and edit for your setup. -You configure your led strips and back matrix in here.(left side, right side and back are all considered a separate matrix) http://pinball.weilenmann.net/docu/DirectOutputWIP/toy_builtin.html#use_DirectOutput_Cab_Toys_Hardware_LedStrip -You also create the “Led-Wiz equivalent outputs” in here... which would match up with your WS2811 controller outputs on the DOF config tool site. This is basically mapping your LED strip effects (currently only PFLeftFlasherMX, PFRightFlasherMX, and PFBackFlasherMX) to those outputs. Its confusing, but even all the other “effects” use these 3 outputs. http://pinball.weilenmann.net/docu/DirectOutputWIP/toy_builtin.html#use_DirectOutput_Cab_Toys_LWEquivalent_LedWizEquivalent -it also tells DOF what your addressable led config file is for VP tables,etc.. (normally directoutputconfig30.ini, created by the DOF config tool) ------------------------------------ directoutputconfig.ini -this is basically all the table config / mappings for Led-Wiz, sainsmart,etc for VP. Created by the DOF config tool. ------------------------------------ directoutputconfig30.ini -this is the table config / mappings for your WS2811 controller (Teensy, etc), and addressable leds. Created by DOF config tool. ------------------------------------ GlobalConfig_b2SServer.xml -this tells DOF what files you are using, where they are, etc.. You MUST create this for yourself using the GlobalConfigEditor.exe ------------------------------------ GlobalConfig_PinballX.xml -for me, I just made a copy of the file GlobalConfig_b2SServer.xml, and renamed it GlobalConfig_PinballX.xml. Needed for Pinball X addressable LED effects. ------------------------------------- tablemappings.xml -created by DOF config tool ------------------------------------ So in my case, I first had my Led-Wiz all configured and running for DOF, and I also used the DOF config Tool to create the directoutputconfig.ini, and tablemappings.xml files. I did NOT need a cabinet.xml file for Led-Wiz. When it came to addressable LEDs, then I needed the cabinet.xml, directoutputconfig30.ini, and GlobalConfig_PinballX.xml files in my “c:\DirectOutput\config” folder. Here’s the thing.... if you want to have addressable LEDS with Pinball X, and want a lot of the extra effects in VP (beacons, strobes, etc) you will need to use randr’s configs files (not sure if gech’s gives you Pinball X) in order to see them. (Pinball X is also considered a “table” in DOF) In my case, I needed to have a cabinet.xml and directoutputconfig30.ini that sets up everything for the addressable leds to match randr’s setup. If I used the DOF config tool to create my own directoutputconfig30.ini, it would work, but I wouldn’t get Pinball X effects or the extra effects in the tables. My cabinet.xml was based on randr’s, but I ONLY kept his Led-Wiz equivalent Outputs” sections. The portions needed for Teensy and addressable LED strips, etc had to be configured to my particular setup. http://pinball.weilenmann.net/docu/DirectOutputWIP/toy_builtin.html#use_DirectOutput_Cab_Toys_Hardware_LedStrip After all this was done. I was good to go! If I want to edit any DOF effects, etc in any table after this (and still keep randr's extra effects,etc)... I will have to manually do it by editing the directoutputconfig30.ini file directly, and not with DOF config tool..... that is until they have all been added into the database. Here is a dropbox link to my “DirectOutput/config” files. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/te4t6gtuv5flt2t/AABM-5p8qe6J2lpo8fYbeezRa?dl=0 These were configured for my system (I only control Led-Wiz and Teensy in DOF) , but the two main files you will need specifically for addressable leds in Pinball X and extra effects and shapes like randr’s (after you are all setup) are the cabinet.xml (you need to edit your Led strip layout) and the directoutputconfig30.ini files (this gives you the extra shapes and effects). This is by no means a complete and perfect “guide”, but its pretty much all I can help out with in my own words. Hope this helps....
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  21. Version 1.6


    Have fun with this version of Monster Bash
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  22. rosve

    B2S Default Settings

    Setting the LEd Display X Offset (or Y) in screenres.txt to a value other than 0 will remove the grill on att tables.
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  23. Wildman

    Locomotion (Zaccaria 1981)

    Version 1.0


    Locomotion (Zaccaria 1981) Hi Rez
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  24. Version 080215a


    This is a relatively quick build, an update to one of my favorite tables for use in VPX. Scripting done by 85vett, modified to work in VPX by myself Table done by Glxb, polygame, Billpa, slamtilt, with additions by myself and converted to work in VPX Essentially, this is a FP to VPX conversion, using the script from the exist VP9 table. I won't be maintaining this once VPX is out of beta
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