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    after 4 yrs and taking care of alot of personal issues .. I am rebuilding my old cab and will be updating most of my b2s... mostly the flashers as i see them again on a cab they look like shit 🤣 last one i did was Popeye and i do like that look thanks to stat pointing that out to me 😉 so as i add tables one at a time i will update the b2s if i used the old techniques... what a diff seeing on the cab from just using a monitor.. so enjoy things to come.. 👍
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    Very minor update, if you got the last version there isn't a compelling reason to re-download. I do not plan on updating these files anymore. Both the real and virtual pin files have been released. Still appreciate donations but they are still optional. .05 Final Edition! 2 more hours, 28 hours total Match Game -Fixed masks for the player numbers to all be white (skipper and Gilligan were red) -Verified no wandering pixels -fixed Thurston Howell's palette to change the bright green to back to black -I change the last color to green to make sure theres no color where it shouldn't be -and I forgot to change it back to black Jungle Run -Fixed color mask so timer color doesnt bleed into score Rope -redone with replacement scenes to add more shading and pop -Its 6 frames with a rewind animation, so I did what I could Watubi -redone -I wasnt happy with the original, neither was WOB -still done using colormasks, but I got more creative with the palette and dithering colors
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    Version 2.0


    Genie (Gottlieb 1979)
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    Gilligan's Island Colorization of Bally’s Gilligan's Island WOB wanted this! Its my thanks for the vids and rips for colorization Post any bugs in the vpuniverse thread This game uses a lot of repeated 2 frame animations with middle frames a hybrid of the 2 frames. I will likely have to redraw or replace to eliminate shadowing Release Change Log: .02 Public Beta 1 6 more hours, 13 total hours Jungle Wedges -adjusted colors to match playfield Gilligan -changed eye color to brown, reference image on google had green eyes but his were actually brown Grand Champion & Highest Scores -Extra bling -Recolored to be more consistent Jungle Run -Changed color mask, and removed extra line from mask affecting score After Ball Bonus -Converted to a replacement scene -was triggering correctly half the time -this will ensure there is no white "shadow" trailing the words Rope -redone Pineapples -redid scenes 7 through 10 Gift of the Gods -redone -each frame 1 to 1 masked -frames are used in other sequences, this will partially color them -used better colors this time around -13 frames, 26 triggers! Coconuts -redone using the Kona Palette -sequenced ONE -redone Million -redone Secret Formula -redone -1 to 1 framing/triggering Kickback -redone -1 to 1 framing Lava Seltzer -redone -1 color mask for all 4 frames -better color scheme Seltzer to Kona -masked and triggered Match Game -Skipper Sequence done -Gilligan Sequence done -Apparently everyone randomly gets a turn Watubi -cut and colored -this is super low detail -may redraw but not likely Skipper Hands -both frames done 1 to 1 matching -previously named Skipper Yell -Used for Kona Seltzer mode and part of the ball drain animation Skipper and Gilligan cut colored and triggered Score Screen -added scene and key frame for credit dot Thurston Far Left -moved old frame to copy -colored new extra frame Professor and Gilligan -cut colored and triggered -copied the professor from his intro frame -copied Gilligan from the frame with him and the skipper Millions -Millions words sectioned off and 1 to 1 framed -Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are done Lagoon Bonus -colormasked and triggered -colors may change .01 WOB Private Beta 7 Hours Intro -A Movie Star! -Professor -Professor and MaryAnn -Gilligan's frames -Skipper -Thurston Howell the 3rd -Thurston and Lovey -Bally Star animation -Bally Logo animation -Replay At -Say No to Drugs sequence (will likely get replaced with a custom colored by this ginger screen) Score color mask -cut colormasked and triggered Shrunken Head Sequence -cut colormasked and triggered Banananananana sequence -cut colormasked and triggered Credit Count & Half Credit Count -cut colormasked and triggered Game Over -cut colormasked and triggered Grand Champion -cut colormasked and triggered High Scores -cut colored and triggered -title, scores 1 and 2, and scored 3 and 4 Jungle Run -"wedges" cut colormasked and triggered -text/countdown cut colormasked and triggered Spot Lagoon -cut colormasked and triggered -used non black background so it looks underwater Spot Lagoon Ready -cut colormasked and triggered -used non black background so it looks underwater -not sure about color choices yet Shells -cut colormasked and triggered -triggered using the word leaving the shell greyscale Turtle (Eggs) -cut colormasked and triggered After Ball Bonus -cut colormasked and triggered -Sequence cut into parts to allow last frame to hold while score scrolls in Pineapples -cut colormasked and triggered -Almost added pink gstring for Brooklyn 99, clearly the pineapple is the slut. Editor crashed and I didnt have auto save on so I have to do these again: Only lost 2 hours of work! Gift of the Gods -cut colormasked and triggered -the half frames are such a pain in the dickhole. -This whole sequence will need sliced and diced up -parts of it are used for other shots -part of this animation is re-used scrolling the other direction -Those frames will need to be redone matched 1 to 1 Skipper Yell -cut colormasked and triggered -cut into frame to frame matching fo rthe half frames Coconuts -cut colormasked and triggered -cant even tell I used the pineapple palette Secret Formula -cut colormasked and triggered -cut into pieces to fix possible timing issue with final frames -last frame gets triggered 3 times to cover the possible end frames Lava Seltzer -cut single mask frame and colored it -triggered the 4 frames to the same mask 1 Millions -cut colormasked and triggered -cut into sections -1 drop -1 standing -Millions is its own sequence (1 to 1 framing) Rope -cut colormasked and triggered -cut sequence because first frame repeats as last frame ~Malenko
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    As i haven't real pinballs, source files (especially .ani and .xml) allow me to export scene picture by picture (long work but easier than coloring scene 😅) to gif files then i can play scenes with my dmd clock 😉 THXXXXXXXX I also did a free tutorial (link in video description) for people who wants to do easily their own dmd clock (raspberry inside) 😁 😉
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    Some crazy dynamic scenes on that one...
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    Development thread here - I have the beginning of a port to make the game code more VP friendly - I've cloned Scott Danesi's project repository and made a new branch called ESASforVP This is not yet a working project. We don't have sound or music assets and there is no timeline for completion. At this point, I'm simply facilitating development and building interest. I'm not aware of any release versions of Earthshaker for VPX. I know @32assassin has put out some working betas. So far, disabled logging. Still to do - Incorporate fakePinProc simulator The project makes use of the original alphanumeric display hardware where CCC had its own virtual DMD renderer. So, display information must be communicated via dB2S or PuPDMD or whatever. Remaining patter calls seem to be dealing with the scoring display. Don't think that dB2S supports alphanumeric display dimming. FastFlips support The original project was designed for use on a prototype machine. I haven't delved into the code very deeply to see if the code supports 'collapsing' the building into the playfield as the early production units could do. More into on the Earthshaker prototypes here: http://www.billyseven.net/es/Earthshaker.html Modified game code is here: https://github.com/CarnyPriest/earthshaker-aftershock/tree/ESASforVP THIS IS A MODIFICATION OF THE ORIGINAL CODE DO NOT CONTACT THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR OF THE P-ROC PROJECT ABOUT THIS GAME CODE - THEY ARE TWO SEPARATE PROJECTS.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Here are the included files Enjoy and re distribute Ace Ventura 2 MF.png Ace Ventura MF.png aliens badass.png Ant-man 2 MF .png Ant-man MF.png avatar 2 MF.png avatar MF.png Baby Pacman 3 MF.png back to the future 2 mf.png back to the future mf.png bad cats mf.png batman 66 pen mf.png batman 66 rid mf.png batman the dark knight 2 mf.png batman the dark knight 3 mf.png batman the dark knight mf.png bounty hunter 2 MF.png bounty hunter 3 MF.png bounty hunter MF.png Bubba the redneck werewolf 2 MF.png Bubba the redneck werewolf MF.png cactus canyon 2 MF.png cactus canyon MF.png Christine 2 MF.png Christine 3 MF.png Christine 4 MF.png Christine MF.png cirqus voltaire 2 MF.png cirqus voltaire MF.png CLue mr greenmf.png CLue mrs-white mf.png CLue prof plum mf.png CLue scarlett mf.png csi MF.png cue ball wizard mf.png Diablo 2 MF.png Diablo MF.png Dirty Harry 2 MF.png Dirty Harry 3 MF.png Dirty Harry MF.png Dr dude.png Dracula 2 MF.png Dracula MF.png Elvira 2 MF.png Elvira 3 MF.png Elvira 4 MF.png Elvira MF.png Evil Dead 2 MF.png fallout 2 mf.png fallout 3 mf.png Family Guy 2 MF.png Family Guy MF.png fire MF 2.png fire MF.png Fish Tales 2 MF.png Fish Tales 3 MF.png Fish tales mf.png Gargamel 2 MF.png Gargamel 3 MF.png Genesis MF.png Gilligan's island 2 MF.png Gilligan's island MF.png goldorak 2 MF.png goldorak 3 MF.png goldorak MF.png good bad ugly.png Gremlins2.png Guns'n Roses 2 MF.png Guns'n Roses MF.png harley davidson 2 mf.png harley davidson 3 mf.png harley davidson mf.png Haunted house.png Hitchcock.png Insaneclown.png ironman 2 mf.png ironman 3 mf.png ironman mf.png Jack-Bot MF.png jaws mf.png jp nascar logo.png JP's Nascar race 2 MF.png JP's Nascar race 3 MF.png JP's Nascar race MF.png lord of the ring 2 MF.png lord of the ring 3 MF.png lord of the ring MF.png Monopoly 3 MF.png Monopoly 4 MF.png Monopoly MF.png monster bash mf.png Mortal Kombat 2 MF.png Mortal Kombat 2A MF.png Mortal Kombat 2B MF.png Mortal Kombat 2C MF.png Mortal Kombat 2D MF.png Mortal Kombat 2E MF.png nitro ground shaker.png Pin-Bot MF.png pinbot MF.png Playboy 3 MF.png Playboy.png Playboy2.png Police Academy MF.png Rat Fink 2 MF.png Rat Fink MF.png Resident Evil 2 VII MF.png Resident Evil VII MF.png Rick and Morty.png road girls 2 MF.png road girls MF.png Road Runner 2 MF.png Road Runner MF.png Robocop 2 MF.png Robocop 3 MF.png Robocop MF.png Rollercoaster tycoon 2 MF.png Rollercoaster tycoon.png Schwarzenegger's Commando 2 MF.png Schwarzenegger's Commando MF.png Scooby doo & kiss 2 MF.png Scooby doo & kiss MF.png secrets of the deep MF.png Serious Sam 2 MF.png Sexy Girl.png shaman mf .png shaman mf.png Simpsons Pinball party 2 MF.png Sleepwalkers 2 MF.png Sleepwalkers 3 MF.png Sleepwalkers MF.png South park 2 MF.png South park 3 MF.png South park 4 MF.png South park 5 MF.png South park 6 MF.png South park MF.png spiderman 2 mf.png spiderman 3 mf.png spiderman 4 mf.png spiderman 5 mf.png spiderman 6 mf.png spiderman 7 mf.png spiderman mf.png star wars last jedi mf.png star wars solo mf.png STARWARS_Droids MF.png STARWARS_Return of the Jedi MF.png Still Crazy 2 MF.png Still Crazy 3 MF.png Still Crazy MF.png Street fighter 2 MF.png Street fighter 2-1 MF.png Street fighter 2-2 MF.png Street fighter 2-3 MF.png T2 MF.png Taxi.png Team America 2 MF.png Team America 3 MF.png Team America 4 MF.png Team America 5 MF.png Team America 6 MF.png Team America MF.png The Adams family 2 MF.png The Adams family 3 MF.png The Adams family MF.png the flintstones 2 MF.png the flintstones 3 MF.png the flintstones MF.png the getaway 2.png the getaway 2a MF.png The last ninja 2 MF.png The last ninja 3 MF.png The last ninja MF.png The last of us 2 MF.png The last of us MF.png The Mask 2 MF.png The Mask MF.png the simpsons MF.png The sopranos 2 MF.png The sopranos MF.png Thor 2 MF.png Thor 3 MF.png Thor 4 MF.png Thor MF.png Tom and Jerry 2 MF.png Tom and Jerry MF.png Tomb raider 2 MF.png Tomb raider MF.png transformers 2 MF.png transformers MF.png ufa champion league.png wheel of fortune.png wheel pack.png WPT 2 MF.png WPT MF.png X-men MF.png young frankenstein.png
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    I always take your backglass, if there are more to choose. They are great. But if you think, you could make them better, I don't say "Don't do it". 😉🤗
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    That’s kind of you! It’s only a suggestion to improve the appearance...
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    Version 1.0


    Pharaoh - Dead Rise Wheel Image Thank you and enjoy! Watacaractr
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    I like your db2s. So, that sounds like this coming year will be me updating most of mine ?! You are wrong when you say they are crap. Be improved, can't everything be ? Sounds like you know already how to make them better, I surely won't try to stop you ❤️
  13. 1 point
    Thanks for the hints. The main problem is the color limitation especcially in those scenes. If I want it to keep the 3d look, I only have 4 main colors for all elements. That´s why I am not sure if those changes will be possible, I even don´t know if I am able to catch all possible frames, since this dynamic content seems to be kind of random what causes r andom constellations of the elements. Due to software restrictions it would be more easy to work with a palette switch, but with a much worse result. But I will try my best...
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    Wonderful remake of your first release. So much better choice of colors on this. Colors really pop on this! As for PayPal I know that if you have a bank account linked you can get around the fee. I have a separate account just for online transactions
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    Version 1.0


    AUTHENTIC Backglass (mostly) for Genie
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    After you load the game in to the 10.6 editor then just save the game and it should be fine
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    On the first pic (mission spring break), the ground would look better in sand color or partly green for grass. I think the people are running on the beach. The robot on the second pic is the one from TZ. I‘ve found a good pic how it looks in color: https://www.entertainmentearth.com/product/twilight-zone-invader/sid6905 I think the worker in front of the crane should have a different top - as far as I know workers in the usa have neon yellow or red safety jackets.
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    Have your screens set at 100% scale in windows 2 and 3 Screen set-up and more https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=33272&page=7#entry346276
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  20. 1 point
    always beautiful work from you, but this one is even beautifuller No, really, I started it in my cab and thought "Perfect"
  21. 1 point
    Well, i also never shared my artwork so i guess its the low res i uploaded here, otherwise i dont know why its a choice to order at his site...
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    you have to watch this video he has ..to funny.. he dont mention anything about the tables except were you can get a hard drive full of them for like $100 dont talk much about the upkeep just how easy everything is to do and play LMFAO i feel bad for the people that buy these things and have no clue what they are getting into....🤣
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    Always! I think being able to look "behind the scenes" of how a game is colored is a great way to learn how to do it. I like to think that @slippifishi and @cb3 may have learned some stuff by looking at the source for some of the games I've done. They are both really good at this. It also lets people export colored scenes for DMD-clocks I do have 1 small update to do for Gilligan's Island that will probably get uploaded today. I need to check the match game color masks to make sure it doesn't cover up any of the 4 player numbers to match, I need to correct the color mask for the jungle run countdown, and Im going to recolor the Watubi scene. After that's done I'll get @Wobto do 1 last video and I'll link it to this thread.
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    I uploaded a working Layered Color Mask project to your google drive in the videomode folder. I also copied the real pin exports I used for testing in my HS2 to that folder. I had to remove all VideoMode Triggers from you project. Test it yourself
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  26. 1 point
    Wow, I can’t wait for this. Hopefully soon.
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    Medieval Madness 2.0 available now at the download section. Big thanks as always to @Wob for the support with countless hours of testing and dump/video providing! Also big thanks to @slippifishi for the software support, without your help I would not have been able to free the needed masks within the project to improve it! Project summary: Dump files used: 66 Triggers set: 1510 Palettes used: 127 Working hours total: 400-500 Changelog: - missing scenes added - Complete overhaul with improvements, color grading and optimization As always I provide a donation link for those who would like to support my works: https://www.paypal.me/MistaMartin Please feel free to add a comment or review at the download section and use this WIP thread for any kind of bug report. Enjoy!
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    I think the clarification is also interesting for others, so please ask in public that other like e.g. @slippifishi and @NetzZWerg can follow.
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    Version 1.1


    Here is my Alle Neune (NSM 1969) VPX Version I made a VP9 Version in the Past ... Thanks to hmueck for the first VPX Demo with the Pin Models Thanks to bord for the Final Works with Lights, Wires and more ... File includes VPX Version, Flyer, Wheel and a Photo from the real Machine. Start a Game with Insert Coin (5) Before Start, press LeftFlipper to Change Balls up to 19 ( 9 for real Machine ) Press and hold down, then release RightFlipper or Plunger to shoot out a Ball. Try to hit all the Pins for a nice Surprise Have Fun !
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    Version 1.0


    Attack from Mars (Bally 1995) HI Rez Its the boring BG and Fantasy.....Fantasy is the best you guys should love it.. I think some of my best work....want comments on this one Thanks and enjoy
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    Version 1.5 beta


    working beta "for now" of Atari's 1979 Hercules Pinball
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