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    official rev r4777 Lots of collaborative work on improving sound: Added MC3417 chip for Bally Vocalizer games Improved HC55516 CVSD sound emulation (Gorgar up to Twilight Zone, etc) Improved YM2151 sound/timing emulation (mainly WPC pre-DCS machines, maybe improves even other manufacturers) Give TAF a try! Thanks to @mjr, @DJRobX. volkenborn, and @toxie Initial efforts to start converting the PinMAME source base over to the 3-Clause BSD License SAMBuild Add slot for colored DMD patched game code - MTL LE 1.64 SAMBuild_r4777.zip
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    The time for the colorization work is really less the last weeks because of the focus on my fiancee and daughter after my real life job. Also the upcoming weeks/months this won´t change, but I will try to keep you up to date in case of some progress if time permits... Thanks for all the positive feedback to date!
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    V.08 is up! Its tough to say, I have a LOT done of what I can do (ie, Im not going to be able to do video mode or the burn rubber map). The only major scenes left are the helicopter, and all the donut heaven scenes. I didnt get the speed trap finished but its getting there. Im spending too much time adding shading and what not to the scenes and I should just be masking them and be done with it.
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    might be able to get a release out today....maybe
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    just wanna get this working, and finish the rest of the "million" scenes with the numbers in the middle then I'll upload a new version
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    Yes. I agree. Thank you for all the colorizations. No rush. You do this on your spare time because you like it. Its not a job and never should feel like one. We appreciate your work whenever it comes in. Family is the most important not this stuff. This should just compliment your life. Besides we have lots of your work to enjoy. Thank you.
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    Thanks so much for all the colorization you have done and will do and when it gets done, it gets done there are far more important things than a hobby And as usual it looks great👍
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    Take your time. I much more prefer you not getting tired and fed up with the awesome work you've done so far on this and the other projects of yours. We've waited about 40 years, so we should manage 😉
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    Of course it is being worked on. It's not a 5 minute job so it will be ready when he says so
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    I am pleased to announce my next project which is now nearing completion - Creature From The Black Lagoon! A few preview gifs are shown below; still a few things left to pick up, and once the remaining missing scenes and bugs are dealt with, I hope to put out a release here, all being well in the next week or two. I will say this was an early DMD game and it shows in the animations/dumps - this has been much more challenging than TNG believe it or not, and CFTBL has no stars in the background to contend with! I'm sorry these are not the most enthralling previews, but given how these scenes get cutup in the editor, creating nice previews using the export isn't always so easy or practical However, the incredible Wob has once again provided one of his amazing preview videos which will give you a better idea of what to expect; it's been said so many times by so many people, but I can't reiterate just how instrumental Wob is to this process - it's not just the preview videos, what you guys don't see is the literal hours of pinball playing he does behind the scenes to create dumps and test intermediate versions and find whole game modes you didn't even know existed - thanks buddy!
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    Try this This is what I use for patching Stern sam color rom ---> http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/4808-vpu-color-rom-patcher/
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    Hi members, this is my wip of lord of the rings sso far... i've done about 70-80% of it but atm i feel a bit tired because of all the drama, greed, missinformation going on behind the scenes and sometimes even publicly... for now you can get the beta files here: https://mega.nz/#!qEQVwQgT!9S2rJgwvOm7DiIL6Lzg2iMstWyna6X99yG_mI-B1JF8 Password is: VisualPinballAddicts Once I have the power to finish it I will upload it here. Cheers Dom EDIT: I hereby prohibit uploading, redistributing and repackaging these files!
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    Have a look inside the zip. If there’s a readme inside then that’s the new one. https://mega.nz/#!KQQwzKwD!TxoQHu5ubeKLhSK9lXuPlxY2Qo1U_3VH2IJaC9mn3iY
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    Nowadays 44100 or 48000 shouldn't make a difference anymore as we use high quality resampling anyway in both cases. Same goes for the soundcard. So i would suggest 48000 (which is also the default). 96kHz is IMHO overkill and also not tested very well.
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    i am still working on it.
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    Nope, just checked. You need to advance more to see the most recent changes.
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    Version tom_13c


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    Looking great!!!! Have fun, take time. is all good
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    I want to announce that I started this one as side project. It will take some time, because the focus is back on IJ, just want to inform that I am working on it.
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    I believe where you download the patch file most of them give an example for the altcolor folder.. Place the .pal file in your ..\vpinmame\altcolor\Rom name\ folder named pin2dmd.pal
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    Version 2.0.0


    Here is my new Hot Hand (Stern 1979) directb2s Backglass. Have Fun!
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    Thank you.This is a complete new version.
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    I haven't tried this, but, I would install it to c-drive - then move it to another if you need the harddrive space. Of course, creating a symlink in between those locations. I know that there are guys that have installed it to other drives than c-drive. What you need to do in order to do so, I don't know. As mine is on c. You should look around for threads where this has been discussed.
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    Great work!!! Looks awesome!
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    Amazing, ready for donation too 🤩
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    Yeah, you are running the stock game code via VPinMAME and not Cactus Canyon Continued. I could have sworn that the P-ROC installer was linked in the original file submit. Well, here it is. Install CCC.bat will download the missing DMD and sound assets for you as well as the game code. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0zv491795rp8bch/P-ROC_Offline_Installer-v3.3.zip?dl=0
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    Spent the morning in my workshop and made me this simple pinball controller. Much better than playing with the keybord 🙂👍 AC441106-BE01-4C08-91A3-26C5332A1F9F.mp4
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    excellent work! Also, there is a setting to turn on adult match mode which shows a bit more. color that too if you will
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    Oh man now this!!! I cant believe this so excited!! great quality work being released almost monthly, i am so happy to be a part of this community
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    I am indeed hoping to return to Flintstones in the very near future so that it is ready in time for the VPX release, whenever that may be At the very worst, I will make my WIP files available when the VPX is ready, but I am sure I will have time to pick up some of the remaining scenes before then - watch this space! EDIT: As the thread is already active, I will post Wob's preview too - this has been made available elsewhere previously so you may have already seen it, but I refrained from posting here at the time to avoid necroing/drawing attention to the thread
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    Guess I'll try to colorize Doctor Who. Still have a lot to learn but I'm slowing working on it.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Shrek (Stern 2008)(NZ&TT)(v1.0) '****************************************************** '* SHREK VPX 1.0***** ********************************* '****************************************************** '* STERN PINBALL 2008 ********************************* '****************************************************** '* SAM SYSTEM ***************************************** '****************************************************** '* ROM VERSION 1.41 (shr_141.bin) * '****************************************************** '* CREATED BY NINUZZU AND TOM TOWER******************** '****************************************************** '* Many thanks to Groni, without him this wouldn't be * '* possible.The table is based on Family Guy by Groni.* '* Many thanks to comicalman, I used his FP table as * '* a resource for playfield images and toys. * '* Thanks to arngrim for the DOF script * '* Also a huge thanks to Freneticamnesic, who fixed * '* the bug with the flashers and to DJRobX, who fixed * '* the center post script. * '* Shrek, Fiona and Donkey models made by GLXB * '* What I did: * '* Readapted the textures to fit Groni's models * '* New Plastics from scatch * '* Some textures redone from scratch * '* Made a new model for the mirror * '* Reworked some 3d models * '* Added light system to Donkey mini-pinball * '* Other little stuff (lights, model positioning) * '******************************************************
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    Version 1.0.0


    Pinup Popper Wheel Images created and maintained by Joey2001
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    Spended around 100 hours until now for this project, still busy...
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    I'll be doing some testing on the real deal too
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    The reason for this new pinmame specific altsound format is that current Pinsound soundsets are no longer supported without the usage of pinsound studio and Pinsound has forbidden the sharing of soundsets generated by community members in the old folder based file structure by claiming that this unique folder structure is their intellectual property. To generate a soundset in the new pinmame altsound format you can simply exctract original sounds from the ROM files using M1 (http://rbelmont.mameworld.info/?page_id=223) or pinmame. Instructions how to do this can be found here https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=tutorials&article=54 Then you can easily map the soundcommands from the pinball ROM to these soundfiles editing a simple CSV lookup table with e.g. LibreOffice or Excel. For each soundcommand you can adjust parameters for the playback like reducing the volume (DUCK) or STOP the playback of the backround sounds. Adjust the volume of this sound sample (GAIN) or play the sample in a LOOP. See whatsnewVPM.txt for further information. The CSV file format also makes it possible to share soundsets without having to share copyrighted content by adding information like (Track 1 of OST CD) in the name field.
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    Hi everybody, I'm starting a WIP to colorize TFTC Pinball. I owne the true pinball at home, so I'm really motivated... I need to create a dump file first. So any help are welcome
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    View File Black Fever ( Playmatic 1980) Black Fever ( Playmatic 1980) Submitter Wildman Submitted 09/29/2018 Category B2S Backglasses  
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    Reminder: I've still been maintaining and updating this list of links to different remixes and patches. There might be something here that you don't already know about.
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    If you are wondering how to make BG I will show you the steps in making one 1.. you need to start with a picture of a BG...for ex. You will start with that a pic you found on the internet or a picture you took.. then you have to use your favorite image program like Photoshop or gimp or what ever you use crop it and then skew it ....make it look like a BG.. and clean up the image...and cut out snippets if you choose to.. Example of a snippet snippets are fun to use to give a better look for lights IMO and some guys dont like them its your choice...its your BG lol this tut is fast cause you should have some skills with paint programs.. so basically you will spend anywhere from a hr or 2 to days making it look great quick example is one that i worked on it took 4.5 hrs to make it and clean it up...Watch the animated gif ... its is fun but alot of hrs.. but nothing compared to the guys that make the awesome tables that are built and coded by great authors that spend months making a table.. so give credit / thanks to these guy that spend so much time making this shit for you to enjoy Thats what keep us making more...This is a hobby on OUR OWN TIME....... as you will see its no automated program lol....hrs of labor of love for pinball go into all you use and play and enjoy ....SO SAY THANKS FOR ALL THE FREE SHIT YOU DOWNLOAD OK next is after you make your BG and all nice and made snippets if you wanted them not necessary .... you will need to take all that and go into the B2S Backglass Designer That the next tut
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    Version Rev 1


    Williams standard body cabinet plans (22" wide). for those not use to working with the metric system, simply take the number and divide by 25.4 to get imperial.
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