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    Gdrive updated. I'm going to go through one more time but I might actually be done! Added Leonardo name call scene, pal, and trigger Added Donatello name call scene, pal, and trigger Added Raphael name call scene, pal, and trigger Redraw of "Last Chance" scene and trigger masked of "smiling turtle" bonus and name entry done Pin2DMD animation injected
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    Good timing, it sounds like Cyberpez's table is nearly done, too.
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    Sure, but that is why I'm suggesting it be a setting... like a new type (Replace, ColorMask, ReplaceNoInterrupt, ColorMaskNoInterrupt). I also would not want to break existing colorizations that now expect this behavior. Other than exposing the setting it's more of a change in Freezy's and your DLL's colorization algorithms to support it (probably not hard to do). So I'd want your buy-in on any design change ideas before requesting them from Steve. I just think this is something that's probably very easy to do from a coding perspective, that will make the colorizations much easier to accomplish. As opposed to the T2 video mode thing, which will probably require extensive development to complete. Are the pin2dmd editor sources buildable? I saw they get committed on github but wasn't sure if they were fully functional. I know you guys have licensing stuff in there, which is typically at odds with fully open source code. If I can build a functioning version, I may take a stab at it. Not a big Java guy but I can probably find my way around it, just another f'n language.
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    I have no programming knowledge, just some work related power shell scripting. SFII, T2, and Baywatch....I worked on all of those Ive gotten a lot better at making things work, but adds a lot of work.
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    The reticle animation could play and not get interrupted by itself but then the explosion could interrupt. It makes sense in my head but I'm better at coloring dots than explaining things
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    Royal Rumble WIP

    A quick update, working through some keyframing challenges with DJrobX. Coloring should be 100 % complete today and my goal is to post a beta version of the project for testing from the community by the end of the weekend! Stay Tuned!
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    SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    Fast Flips for pro acd, tf, twd, mt le, wd (wpc-s), and many more Whitestar (see whatsnew.txt) Sound fixes for Bell Games Super Bowl fix ddraw crashing VPM when VPX is full screen exclusive votrax bug fix - toxie is asking for testing to make sure this doesn't break anything loads of codes fixes that may not be apparent to end users official rev r4594 SAMBuild_r4594.zip
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    No point in waiting. Here are the current WIP files: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UtVjBM2hh9bKb0iMDwU_Sp-R8pJEFwqu I wouldnt suggest making changes and saving as the files will get updated a bunch. Not a ton is done yet, but until the money starts flowing in, I dont have any pressure to finish
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    World Cup Soccer

    Holy crap. You are simply amazing Rob. You just continue to give and give. Of course - this shout out goes to Malenko as well. Thank you soo much both of you !!
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    World Cup Soccer

    There are always people who post things that might frustrate and discourage you but be aware of the fact that they are the minority and mostly only a hand full. The funny thing is that this hand full of people can give you the impression of beeing the majority by posting their shit again and again. They do this either out of personal (financial) interest or they are just in desperate need of attention, which they often don´t get in the real world but unfortunatelly do get in the virtual world. You can identify both groups easily. The first promote (their) products and the second have a unusal high number of (senseless) posts. Just ignore them both. Makes life much easier. You did an awesome job on your colorizations.
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    The Getaway - High Speed II

    I haven't touched this for a while now... real life got busy, and I need time to learn how to do keyframes. Once I understand keyframes this project should be able to be finished but I don't think it will be a quick process.
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    The Getaway - High Speed II

    Sad, but might be true. Just like people selling visual pinball and tables. You will always find such scumbags in communities like this. The only way to stop them is by letting people know that they buy from scumbags. We introduced the v-pin export in the editor that the project can´t be used with real pinball machines. That way users have to contact the author to get a real pin version of the colorization and maybe donate for it, if they want to. Currently I don´t know of any website selling pin2dmd colorizations. If you know of one, please send me a PM and I will try to initiate countermeasures.
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    Version 2.0


    Metallica Pro (Stern 2013) Hi Rez Update