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    B2S snippit steps change request

    You can quite literally, right click on the file.directb2s and choose open with: choose your favorite text editor (sublime text or notepad++ or similar, I've been using Visual Studio Code lately. You might even be able to use notepad, but it's really just a port forward of a 16bit app so it may not have the memory to handle it) I just did a search for the name of the snippit in the file and found SnippitRotatingSteps="90" and changed that to SnippitRotatingSteps="360". Saved and closed. Opened my wip and the wheel spun smooth like butter. Bummer you can't re-import an image on a snippit. I'll have a go at making a new snippit. -Mike
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    Version 0.95


    As promised! Here is the Beta Version of my Walking Dead Table. It´s finished about 95%. Only some Visual things have to be done. You can play the table in the Stock Stern Version or you can Install the Bezel Mods. Simply press "F6" during play and choose the Mods you like to install. Restart the table and they are installed. I hope you have Fun with this until the Releaseversion is ready (Which will hopefully not take so long.....You all know me and my breaks ...Kidding)