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    Vpuniverse.com Site Rules

    Please do NOT Private Message or Instant Message our Developers & Table Authors VPUniverse was created to make a better place for development and table creation. We want this site to remain a safe haven where developers, artists, script guru's and table creators can develop without the harassment that other sites have tolerated in the past. Our developers do what they do for our hobby. Our developers normally do not get anything in return for their time and effort except for our thanks. People need to understand that pressuring our developers to make a certain table, to update a table, or asking about progress on tables they have under construction pushes this hobby in the wrong direction. On VPUniverse.com we encourage our Developers to make continual updates regarding their Works In Progress and to keep the community informed. Our developers DO NOT NEED to be constantly reminded that people are looking forward to their creations. Pressuring our developers makes them to NOT want to continue working on their projects. Many authors work much better and efficiently without having hundreds of PM's clogging up their inbox's and the constant hounding for tables or updates. Please DO NOT message developers regarding the following: 1. Works In Progress 2. Table Requests 3. Progress Updates 4. Asking for access to unreleased tables. In return for not bothering our developers; our developers promise to keep the community updated on their current Works In Progress. ** NOTE ** "PM" includes Private Messages and Instant Chat Messages.
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    Vpuniverse.com Site Rules

    Temporary and Disposable Email Services VPUniverse.com does not allow any registrations by users using Temporary and Disposable Email Services. Users using Temporary and Disposable Email Services will be flagged and possible account deletion without notice. Temporary and Disposable Email Services do not include Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.
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    Version 0.95


    As promised! Here is the Beta Version of my Walking Dead Table. It´s finished about 95%. Only some Visual things have to be done. You can play the table in the Stock Stern Version or you can Install the Bezel Mods. Simply press "F6" during play and choose the Mods you like to install. Restart the table and they are installed. I hope you have Fun with this until the Releaseversion is ready (Which will hopefully not take so long.....You all know me and my breaks ...Kidding)
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    Metallica Pro Fs Pm5

    File Name: Metallica Pro FS PM5 File Submitter: 85vett File Submitted: 27 Dec 2015 File Category: Recreations Permission to Mod: Yes ROM Name: MTL 131 VP Version: Experimental - PhysicsMod Stern Metallica Pro recreation. Thanks for everyone's patience in the release of this table. I'm not sure what the most recent code is for Met Pro so you will most likely want to update that. Just download the most recent version and change it in the script. This is a Physmod 5 table of which I highly recommend playing it in this version due to the much improved flipper physics. A VP9.9 version was not created. I was going to build a specific table in that version but lost interest. If anyone wants to make a conversion to VP 9.9 approval is granted to release. Thanks to Dark for the Sparky head. I used a moddified version of JP's AFM ship movement script for the head so I should give credit to him for that. It's pretty cool using that script as nudging makes his head bobble, just like the real table. Thanks to Fren for letting me use some of his Met table redraw. I had most of it already but was able to fill in some gaps from his PF. Thanks to my testers - you know who you are. Some people have experienced some issues with balls getting stuck on the cross. I've made a couple of adjustments which seems to have removed that problem. Hopefully that issues doesn't pop up anymore. Gameplay wise is very fast as I adjusted settings to play like my real Met table. I keep it waxed and super fast thus why this table is fast. I encourage everyone to play with the settings to make the game play as they wish. Full rights to mod are given at this time. It's been a fun ride building tables so hopefully everyone enjoys this one. Hopefully I'll get the bug again some day to build tables again. Click here to download this file
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    I started messing with South park today, Once I got everything going this evening it took me a couple hours just to play around with these. So now that I have a feel for things I believe I am going take this South Park head on.
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    Visual Pinball X (10.0.0) is officially out of Beta status and ready for public consumption. Toxie and his team have done an amazing job on Visual Pinball X. I have uploaded the Full Install and Minimal Install of Visual Pinball X in our downloads section. If you haven't dug into Visual Pinball X yet, now is the time to do so! With the release of Visual Pinball X we are also removing our rules for SAM emulation. As of now, the wait has been removed. This now opens up Metallica, Walking Dead and any other games we all have been waiting for. Feel free to upload!
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    Metallica Release Date

    Some more lighting and physics changes made. Table is now officially finished and will be released once it goes out of production on sterns site. P.S. - Donations wont get you the table sooner so please don't ask. Seems to be a common request these days so I figured I'd just answer that all at once.
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    Csi (Stern 2008)

    Based in CSI Stern 2008 CREDITS: FRANSISCO666 AND ROM: Models 3d and resources redraw GTXJOE: Animation the Skull MAKUSTE: For excelent PhysMod WILDMAN: B2S Backglass ARNGRIM: DOF Bodydump: DroppTargets Flippers Koadic: New Plunger code Zany: Flasher Domes Dark : Primitive screws bolts DAZZ: BY ALLOWING THESE BEAUTIES WILL BE HOSTED ON THE FORUM. "I apologize if I forget to mention someone." The table runs VP_PHYSMOD5. Download latest version VP: Physmod5 To add the table Hyperpin should follow this tutorial. Launch different version of VPinball fron Hyperpin Español La mesa corre en VP_PHYSMOD5. Para descargar la version VP con las fisicas: Physmod5 Para agregar la mesa a Hyperpin, deben seguir este tutorial. Launch different version of VPinball fron Hyperpin Download CSI (2008)
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    Could really use some scans of the plastics for Mustang. Figured I'd post this here since the table is ready to go minus the actual plastics and some lighting issues due to aux board needs (still playable so will release without that if necessary once it goes out of production). I just made my own for now.
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    King Kong - Data East - 1990 - Wip

    King Kong WIP is in progress again. This will be a physmod table, so I will start taking objects from Dazz's table and transfer it over. I will try to post a WIP pic over the weekend.
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    SAMBuild3.0 beta thread

    Latest SAMBuild for the version 3.0 cycle can be found in this post. The package includes the latest external DMD dlls if there has been a recent update. Or else find the external DMD dlls with the beta thread for the official VPinMAME build here: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27063&page=1 OR at lucky1's GitHub repository for Pin2DMD here: https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/tree/master/integration/pinmame Copy the files into your VPM directory, and run setup.exe again. There, press the install button (with each new build) and remember to setup the defaults again! In case you have an external DMD connected that you want to use with VPM, please move the dlls from the respective subdirectory (Pin2DMD or PinDMD1 or PinDMD2 or PinDMD3) directly into your VPM directory! v3.0 beta cycle is complete. Download SAMbuild here:
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    Version 0.01


    Use this program to quickly patch color ROMs. Download ROM and extract file (.bin) Download Color Patch (.diff) Select Original ROM (.bin) Select Color Patch for ROM (.diff) Enter name of ROM and ensure that you include .bin extension. Click Apply Patch Patched ROM will be placed in \mods\ folder where you have unzipped this app to. Right Click on the new ROM and select Send to > Compressed Folder. Make sure that filename is valid name from game list in PinMAME Setup. Please Note: ** I haven't done much testing of this. I patched a couple ROM's, but did not test them on my machine. I'm assuming they should work correctly. If you run into any issues; please let me know. Next version will have Auto zipping of completed ROM.
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    File Name: Transformers Pro (Stern 2011) (FS VP9.9) gtxjoe freneticamnesic File Submitter: gtxjoe File Submitted: 18 Sep 2014 File Category: Recreations Link to B2S: Permission to Mod: Yes ROM Name: tf_180.zip VP Version: v9.9.0 - DX9 "What you are about to see is totally classified..." Transformers Pro (Stern 2011) A joint production by gtxjoe and freneticamnesic Built using VP 9.9. Several options available at the top of the script so give it a look. Zipfile includes transformers intro music - place this mp3 file in your Visual Pinball\Music folder * This table requires Vpinmame SAM version and sam.vbs found here: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2480-vpinmame-sampindmdunity-unified-version/ Download the TF PRO ROM from the Stern website and rename the ROM zip filename to "tf_180.zip" Note: If you lose a ball during gameplay, you can press B to add a ball back to continue play. Credits: 85vett - Transformers pictures used for this build Dark - Optimus Ramp and Flasher dome Randr - Flasher dome rom - Optimus Prime model Arngrim - DOF author extraordinaire rascal - Nudge bobble script for the level and his ball handling expertise Wildman - Transformers DB2S backglass jimmyfingers/Unclewilly - Halo lighting approach and many others... Click here to download this file
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    Retiring From Vpm Sam Builds

    Hi Guys, As you know I'm involved in a lot of VP developments, i'm adding force feedback to all tables and help authors to have their tables adapted to it, i have the responsibility of the configtool since Deegor retired from it, and I took and officialized Sam builds after Snotz had no time to deliver new versions. For that part, I'm lacking a lot of knowledge and i never had a desire to grow there, lack of time compared to the rest of my tasks in VP and considering my real life, having a wife and 2 little kids In short, the latest build 2.23 that has been published recently is the last one you will see from me, but i'm sharing the sam.c that contains all the roms that the 2.23 contains. sam.rar Here also the driver.c, that contains the references to all the roms, required for the list of roms visible in test from setup.exe, and also that is what VP uses to make the roms working driver.rar if you want to compile vpm with these, you need to bind these files to the official vpm available in the repository here http://sourceforge.net/p/pinmame/code/HEAD/tree/ in some places you have to make sure to remove the restrictions to allow sam.c to be recognized, i don't want to cover that as normally you can't do it, but it is explicit enough in the code, the it's not that difficult If someone wants to continue after me, please do so, i also hope that vpm team will start to support SAM, I'm sure they will do a perfect job just like they achieved with the rest of the pinball emulation I'll continue to DOF tables, and support configtool, when i have enough time, I also will enjoy more vp as a player, i didn't play that much these past months actually, it's time to break some high scores
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    List Of Vp Physmod Tables

    ------>>>>>> Dedicated Physmod list is now here: http://vpuniverse.com/index.php/physmods.html <<<<<------ PinballX Physmod Logos: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/1692-physmod5-logo/ http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/1583-pinballx-system-logos-vp-dx7-vp-physmod-5/ http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=29431&p=285529 http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=28916 Official VP Physmod beta: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27416&p=261239 Unofficial VP Physmod with modified nudging and different registry storage location: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=28313&p=277099 Physmod5 - http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27416&p=266075 Physmod4 - http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27416&p=265265 Physmod3 - http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27416&p=263194 Physmod2 - http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27416&p=261813 Physmod1 - http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27416&p=261241
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    as soon as dazz approves it you can grab it......probably tomorrow morning unfortunately.
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    List Of Vp Physmod Tables

    Please patch my tables. Converting to physics mod is a pain in the a $$. Oh and an update. Vp10 is coming right along. I think we will see a beta in the not to distant future. Maybe a few months
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    Not much to show so far Apron done minus plunger sticker............................................. that's it redrawing plastics tomorrow goodnight
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    Metallica Release Date

    Yup. Once it goes out of production I'll release it. It's pretty much ready at this point.
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    Iron Man "v" Edition

    Convinced a friend of mine to let me shop out his IM for him if he buys the parts. This will allow me to get pics of all his plastics so I can replace my drawn ones with the real ones :-) Fren - After I get the pics I may still need help getting the images to match the maps. Will let you know when that time comes. Little more progress made on the update as well.
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    Here is a little Video Preview of the lightning.
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    OK gtxjoe gave me permission and I've been itching to share a WIP thread of this table! This one has been pretty fun to work on since he sent it to me. It's going to have some cool lighting yet that you don't see in the screenshot. Right now it's playing good and we've got a lot of the neat eyecandy going, but there's still a lot more to come. We've taken a bit of a break on it for the past week and a half but probably will get back to it shortly and more screenshots will follow And of course great resource photos for this table have been provided by 85vett
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    Version 1.1


    Tron Legacy (Stern) (PuP Edition) PinUp Player Edition mod : TerryRed PinUp Player created by: NailBuster VPX table created by: ICPJuggla, freneticamnesic (original FP to VPX conversion). RustyCardores: Surround sound mod, new sounds added (where there were none) DJRobX: Updated physics and code to bring table inline with VPX 10.4 routines. ROM-controlled GI and PWM flasher support. Prettier Ball. HauntFreaks: File size optimization Other credits: Rom and GLXB (original FP table version), SLAMT1LT (Ultimate Edition FP version, and inspiration for this table mod) To see the world's first PinUp Player VPX table mod, watch this video of it here in my cabinet: PinUp Player is a program that lets you play any video file on your Backglass, Topper, DMD, or any other screen using VLC media player. These videos can be controlled through the table’s script, switches, triggers, lights, or other table events. This allows any VP, FP or FX2 (using DOFLinx for FP and FX2) table to have a Backglass or Middle Screen with full videos like Jersey Jack Pinball, modern Stern tables, or Heighway Pinball tables. You can control the videos using direct PuP control through the table’s script, or you can use B2S Server and create a PuPB2S that doesn’t require any modification of the table (but with less control), similar to a normal B2S (but really easy to make). This PuP table mod is not using the PuPB2S method (which uses B2S Rom calls), and was a complete mod of the table script. I created all the videos myself (1920×1080 for Backglass, and 1920×822 for Topper), inspired by SLAMT1LT’s FP version. Since this is a rom based table. I have no access or control over any of the game code or actions. I literally made A LOT of new code specifically for PUP that works based on only triggers / switches from the game, and the playfield lights and neon ramp colour logic. It’s a miracle I was able to pull this off, as this works with most MB modes, as well as the jackpots,etc all having unique videos with titles,etc. Because of this, I also wasn’t able to do anything for Sea of Simulation, End of Line MB, or portal, as they all use White for neon ramp colours, and I have no way to differentiate them. To use this table you will need: - VLC media Player "32 bit" only installed! (64 bit version won't work): https://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html - PinUp Player installed: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=38979&page=1 - "Tron_Legacy" PuP videos should be installed to your "PUPVideos" folder. - there must be absolutely no files in the "PUPVideos\trn_174h" folder! (this folder is created when the table is first run, as is the Tron_Legacy folder) That folder is meant for a PuPB2S (based on the table's rom). This table's "PuP mod" doesn't use the PuPB2S function, so if you have any videos in there meant for a PuPB2S, then you will have videos from both folders playing...and you don't want that! - ensure all files from PinUp Player are "unblocked". You may need to set PinUp Player Compatibility Mode to WinXP if you are running on Win7. You may also need to have PinUp Player "Run as Admin". Desktop users: VPX MUST be run in windowed fullscreen! PuP will not be visible if VPX is run in exclusive fullscreen. When setting up PuP, size and postition both your PuP Backglass and PuP Topper so they don't cover the table. Cabinet users: No Pinball X Topper or backglass "videos" can be playing when the table is launched and running. While it "may" work, having videos from PBX and PuP playing on the same screen may cause issues. Pinball X still image for your Backglass or Topper screen is fine. PuP will play over still images and B2S backglasses, no problem...in fact its encouraged to use a still image for the Topper background, as this PuP mod doesn't use any "Background images or videos" that are always displayed. You can run your playfield screen in Exclusive Fullscreen, just don't setup any PuP screens to play on that screen, as they won't be visible. Recommendations: - this table mod is designed to be used with both a Backglass PuP screen, and a Topper PuP screen. You don't require both of those however, in a cabinet for PuP to work. - you can have both the PuP Backglass and PuP Topper on the same screen if you wish. Just re-size and position them on the same screen so they don't overlap each other. You may also only use one or the other if you wish. - setup both your Backglass PuP screen and Topper PuP screen to "Pop-up enabled". This will have videos pop-up and play and then close when finished. - note, that if you have a looping video playing (Topper, multiball modes) when you exit the table, PuP will continue to play this looping video as it hasn't been given a stop or disable loop command. Please note: This table mod is using a PinMAME Rom, and therefor I have no control over what the table is actually doing. All I have done is create new code in the table script that will react to switches, triggers, playfield lights, Timers, and the Neon Ramp colours to play videos as a result of in-game events. While I have thoroughly tested this mod, there may be rare instances where a video may play when it shouldn't, or a video will stop when it shouldn't (mostly just Topper videos). This is usually a result of a ball drain's timing being off a little (with ball saver,multi-ball modes, etc). This is beyond my control, but if it does happen, it won't affect the gameplay at all. Once you have a normal ball drain or certain multiball modes active again, then everything should be good to go again. This mod was a lot of work, but the results are just too damn cool! I hope you enjoy it! TerryRed Configuring PinUp Player's Screen settings for this table only (so you don't need to change PuP's default settings): Since I don't think SetScreenex is mentioned yet in any of the PuP docs...I'll mention how I used it with Tron (PuP Edition) here. In the table script near the top, you can find these two lines: PuPlayer.SetScreenex 2,0,0,0,0,1 'Set PuPlayer Backglass to Pop-Up On <screen number> , xpos, ypos, width, height, POPUP PuPlayer.SetScreenex 0,0,0,0,0,1 'Set PuPlayer Topper to Pop-Up On <screen number> , xpos, ypos, width, height, POPUP Screen number 2 = Backglass, screen number 0 = Topper. Change the last digit to 0 if you want to disable PopUp for this table ONLY! (though Pop-Up is recommended) Setting the xpos, ypos, width, height, to 0 will also use PinUp Players's default size and position if you don't want a different position and size for only this table. Or you can comment out the entire line with an apostrophe to disable the command entirely (and use PinUp Player's default settings). Also you will see these lines: PuPlayer.Init 0,"Tron_Legacy" PuPlayer.Init 2,"Tron_Legacy" If you don't want to use one of the PuP screens at all, just comment out the line with an apostrophe which screen (Backglass=2, Topper=0) you don't want to use specifically for this table ONLY! This way you don't have to change PuP's default settings. All of the above is only applicable to a PuP table "MOD" that doesn't use a PuPB2S (like Tron Legacy PuP Edition). This is the only way to allow for this table to have its own user definable PuP screens config without changing PuP's default settings.
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    Ac/dc (Stern 2012)

    File Name: AC/DC (Stern 2012) File Submitter: Javier15 File Submitted: 09 Dec 2014 File Category: Recreations Permission to Mod: YesVP Version: Experimental - PhysicsMod Based in AC/DC Stern 2011 CREDITS: FRANSISCO666: Models 3d and resources redraw MUKUSTE: For excelent PhysMod WILDMAN: B2S Backglass ARNGRIM: DOF Koadic: New Plunger code Zany: Flasher Domes Dark : Primitive screws bolts and bell model 3d DAZZ: BY ALLOWING THESE BEAUTIES WILL BE HOSTED ON THE FORUM. The table runs VP_PHYSMOD5. Download latest version VP: Physmod5 To add the table Hyperpin should follow this tutorial. Launch different version of VPinball fron Hyperpin Download VPinMAME_SAM_UNITY_PINDMD_UNIFIED latest version: vpinmame.dll Español La mesa corre en VP_PHYSMOD5. Para descargar la version VP con las fisicas: Physmod5 Para agregar la mesa a Hyperpin, deben seguir este tutorial. Launch different version of VPinball fron Hyperpin Descargar VPinMAME_SAM_UNITY_PINDMD_UNIFIED ultima version: vpinmame.dll Click here to download this file
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    Spider-Man Vp10

    Hi guys, I'm working on Spider-man, here a preview
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    Wheel Images by Laylow

    Version Final


    I'm done, collection ended..
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    File Name: Shrek (Stern)(2008)(ninuzzu)(mod 1.1)(VP10) File Submitter: ninuzzu File Submitted: 07 Aug 2015 File Category: VPU Patching System - Table Modifications (FS) Modified by: ninuzzu Original Table Author: Groni Original Table Version: beta 0.5 Original Table Download: SHREK VP10 mod 1.1 ------------------ VP10 MOD/conversion by ninuzzu Credits/thanks - Groni, without him this wouldn't be possible. The table is based on Family Guy by Groni. - Comicalman, I used his Future Pinball table as a resource for the playfield texture and the toys. - GLXB , who made Shrek, Fiona and Donkey 3D models - DJRobX for the center post script fix - arngrim for the DOF script - Also a huge thanks to Freneticamnesic who fixed the bug with the flashers. What I did: - Readapted the textures to fit Groni's models - New Plastics from scatch - Some textures redone from scratch - Made a new model for the mirror - Reworked some 3d models - Added light system to Donkey mini-pinball - Other little stuff (lights, model positioning) How to apply the patch - download the original table at http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/3214-family-guy-beta-version-groni-pinball-vp991/ - download the VPUPatcher tool at http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2581-vpu-patching-system-vppatch-32bit-64bit/ - open VPUPatcher and select "Family Guy_BETA_VP991.vpt" as the original (unmodified table) - now select "Shrek_VP10_mod_1.1.dif" as the new table patch - type the new filename, e.g. "Shrek_VP10.vpx" . Make sure that the file name ends in .vpx. - you're ready to patch. Click "Apply patch" and, when the tool finishes, you'll find the table in the "mods" folder inside the VPPatch location path You need the rom version 1.41 to play this mod (shr_141). Note: - Shrek and Puss in Boots 3D models were replaced by 2D flat primitives , but the 3d model is still there. If you want to see them you have only to make them visible. To do that, open the table in the editor and go to layer 4; select ShrekP1 and PussP and make them invisible in the properties window. Now select ShrekP and CatP and then make them visible in the properties window. Note for desktop users: if you want to move/resize the DMD or change its color, go to "Backdrop" and select the black box named "textbox1". In the properties window change its parameters to your wish. Have fun Ninuzzu Click here to download this file
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    Stern's Rolling Stones

    Thanks to 85Vette for posting the playfield. I decided to try my first Stern SAM build. Still a ways to go, but I am finally starting to be a little more efficient at builds. I started with TMNT (as you can see with the bumper caps). It also helps when looking at other builder's fine tables. It's partially playable, with the moving Mick being the glaring missing piece. I have some ideas on how to script it. I will definitely look at the Batman Dark Knight Crane script, as I think it would be pretty similar with the main difference being different switches are triggered depending on Mick's position. I may give it a go and if I can't get it, I'll probably turn the scripting pros. Plastic resources are a bit surprisingly hard to come by so still looking for some good resources on that. This table overall seems very basic compared to the modern stern pins...no VUKs, very open playfield with very little toys, but it makes for some fast shots and potentially lots of combos. I am currently doing this in PM5.
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    Not much going right now. The FP version of this table by GLXB and Highlnder00 (beta or WIP on pinsimdb) had a great table redraw by Highlnder00 and models done by..shoot....I actually don't know, did GLXB do the models? Or rom? Since it was so good it doesn't make much sense for me to go redraw and I can't find a high res playfield scan. I'm currently waiting for permission from Glxb to use his resources. Does anyone know if he has given permission on GoPinball somewhere? I've redrawn the plastics and done primitives for them, re-textured a couple things. I've put it together in VP and have it launching (as you could see in a video elsewhere on this site) thanks to help from gtxjoe, I'll probably need a bit more help from him... this table is complicated compared to other Sterns from this era! Progress will be a bit slower than my last build because of that........
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    I'm not even going to consider making a mod of another builders table and releasing it BUT I will tell you how to make the upper PF lights work and make it as simple as possible. First you need to add the flashers: - Upload the below flasher images - in the lower left hand side click on the "Flasher"icon. Then click on the table. This will place a flasher on the board. - On the right hand side make sure that "visible"is checked as well as ""addaptive alpha blend"is checked. The rest you can leave alone. - assign a flasher image to the flasher (it's one of the ones you uploaded at the start of this). Match the color to the insert. - Now name the flasher for the first light you are working on (light 68 would be F68, light 121 would be F121, etc...) - Line the flasher up to be one or two units higher than the mini playfield's playfield. In this case they should be 147.5 units of height. - (the hardest part which is trial and error. Line up the flasher light with the insert on the miniPF. Since the MiniPF is a primative you'll just have to put it as close as possible and them move it as you test the game (start a game). Be sure to save it once you get it to where you are happy. *** by not adding the scripting in yet the light will stay on lit solid. This makes lining things up easier. - Save the table. I like to save it as a new version incase something gets coruputed. This way you can start with the last good table vs having to start from scratch. It happens more than you would like to think). For instance I may do something like Family Guy 1.01. Next save is Family Guy 1.02 and the next is Family Guy 1.03, etc.. - Repeat this process until you have all your lights on the PF. - You should now have all the lights on the table but they just aren't working. Time to add the script. I'll post it for you so don't worry. - Simply replace this: Sub FlasherTimer_Timer() Flash 191, F31 Flash 192, F32 Flash 193, F23 Flash 195, F25 Flash 196, F26 Flash 197, F27 Flash 198, F28 Flash 199, F29 End Sub With this: Sub FlasherTimer_Timer() Flash 68, F68 Flash 81, F81 Flash 82, F82 Flash 83, F83 Flash 84, F84 Flash 89, F89 Flash 90, F90 Flash 91, F91 Flash 92, F92 Flash 97, F97 Flash 98, F98 Flash 99, F99 Flash 100, F100 Flash 105, F105 Flash 106, F106 Flash 107, F107 Flash 108, F108 Flash 114, F114 Flash 121, F121 Flash 122, F122 Flash 123, F123 Flash 124, F124 Flash 125, F125 Flash 191, F31 Flash 192, F32 Flash 193, F23 Flash 195, F25 Flash 196, F26 Flash 197, F27 Flash 198, F28 Flash 199, F29 End Sub - Save the table again and now start up a game. Your mini playfield lights should be working now. Hope this helps some get this working but I also hope it can also get some people more comfortable with the idea of modding their own tables. *** there are several ways to do this. This is just one way so I am not claiming it to be the best. I just thought this would be the easiest way to explain it for a DIYer.*** Here is the light layout - You can use this image for your orange flashers: You can use this as your yellow: You can use this as your white light.
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    Batman De Pf Redraw

    I've been working on a PF overlay for my Batman PF since I'm betting they will never be redone. Here is a version that I resized to 2048 x 4096 in a lower res that I think would work well for VP if anyone wanted to update the table or build it from scratch. The art is not a 100% match of the real table as some of the dimensions are off a bit to get things to line up right with my tables inserts but it's super close. Figured I'd share as I've heard several people wanted to update this table with a decent PF image.
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    Csi (Stern 2008)

    A new update to the table rotated FS Cheers..
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    List Of Vp Physmod Tables

    This is not fully true - mainly not the authors got upset but some people who like to talk big. They ruined the fun for many. Thank god VPUniverse exists! And no worries, the dropbox links will work again soon.
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    Version 2.1


    Medieval Madness(Williams 1997)
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    Hey everyone Now that my AFM Table is finished and the LOTR Table also makes some very nice progress, I decided to work a little on my new favorite Pinball Machine. The Walking Dead got me addicted from the first time I played it in a Bar around the corner. I just wanted to create a WIP Topic for this, when it is in a good progress. First I wanne thank Paulo for great ressources he sended to me and also every request I had at him, he did so good!!! Thanks my friend! As you can see on the table the left exit ramp needs to be modeled and much little details. The prison is working very well and also the prison walker is waiting modeled behind the door. The Well Walker is scanned in 3D and also moves good I spend 4 Weeks to do the Playfield in HQ and worked on a new Lightinsert system to make them more real (important on this table). Also I started the script and bring some life into the table. Also I created a very nice Stern Mechanical Soundset which Paulo records on his TWD. I would say the table is at 70% Hope you like it Best Regards Groni
  36. 10 points

    Version 1.0.3 DOF


    Hello everyone A big thank you JPsalas for its version of LOTR and allow me to share my MOD. Thanks to bassgeige for his participation on the original table Original 3D models from GLBX.JP's adapted to VPX and adjusted their textures. The path of the dead figures are simple images since I did not have any 3D models of them. special thanks to Leevuth wheels picture creator changelog - New texture for all ramps and rails, sword ramp, My precious ;), wall - New playfield - Change all Gi light for colour led effect - Add Mod Sword toys Bilbo - Change dead figs for led model - Change soron eye - noise reduction all plastics You need the latest VPX 10.3 beta (or newer) to play this table. Thank you all for your support and to have taken the time to read me lotr.zip
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    fucking facepalm. So now hannibal is the creator is he? A few short leaps and it's all his? This is a mod of a mod and all the credits are missing. For the record, Fren and ICPJuggla made the original version of this table and Dozer did the LE mod with lots of updates, Flupper did the ramps, ninuzzu did the prison walker head and I did the Well Walker, bicycle girl and Fish Tank models. This is just shameful.
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    File Name: Batman Dark Knight (Stern 2008) (85vette) File Submitter: 85vett File Submitted: 05 Sep 2014 File Category: Recreations Link to B2S: Permission to Mod: Contact Author First. ROM Name: bdk_294 VP Version: v9.9.0 - DX9 There are two version of the table being uploaded. One is for use in VP 9.9 and the other is for Phsymod5. The physmod5 plays much better in my opinion so I encourage you to give that version a try. The table plays fast (as I like them) but can be slowed down by reducing the gravity or adding more friction. Easy changes in the editor (click on the backbox and you will see it on the right). I encourage you to tweak those setting to your feel. I'm hoping I've caught all the bugs but if one is present please let me know and I'll do my best to correct it. Keep in mind that the crane will only register hits at a specific strength of shot (or higher). Balls rolling down the playfield out of the pops or lane generally wont meet that threshold thus not register a hit. You will also see the ball get trapped by the crane sometimes on the right loop if the ball comes from the top. The crane will move and the ball will release. happens on the real table but is more prevalent on the VP version . Thanks to P1 and UW for letting me use the the Joker turntable and bat ramp animation from their WIP. This saved me a lot of time and works great! Thanks to gtxjoe for the script help for the crane animation Thanks to all my beta testers. I'll keep your names quite so you don't get PMed asking for some of the other tables in test ;-) *** you will have to rename the rom off sterns website to bdk_294*** Happy Friday! *** version 2 uploaded - with version 2 I have reduced the threshold to activate the crane switch as well as increased (and relocated) the targets. This should make the crane more sensitive which should help with balls being caught by the crane. There will still be caught balls but hopefully it will be minimized now. If you would like it to be more sensitive just click on the wall for each spot where the ball stops and change the threshold (right now it is 9). Reducing it to 1 or 2 will make it real sensitive and pretty much prevent ball hang ups but I felt that was to soft as it would register light glances which the real table would never register. i went down the middle but you can easily change to your liking. Click here to download this file
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    Version 3.0


    Unofficial Stern SAM enabled compile based on Visual PinMAME Same as official VPinMAME except 1. also supports full color DMD patches for S.A.M. game code that require side channel loading to use extended memory 2. also supports full clones that have unique configurations in DOFConfigtool - blkou_hf, ratfink, missworld, penthouse Instructions for use: Install official Visual PinMAME http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=11571 Overwrite VPinMAME.dll with the SAMbuild version. Run Setup.exe again and press the 'Install' button. In order for any user customized game code mods to load and run whether the mod adds full color DMD or a soundtrack remix, the game setting for the replacement game code set must have 'Ignore ROM CRC errors' enabled. PinMAME executable included for rom testing and auditing. Compiled with VC2015 PLAYERS NOTE (for 2.8 or greater): To align with official VPinMAME set naming from driver.c, the following were renamed: Iron Man & Iron Man Vault Edition im2 -> im X-Men xmen -> xmn The Avengers avg -> avs This will also require renaming the rom in VP table scripts For stable release based on official 2.7 go here and then click "See Changelog" button and select June 30 v2.34.
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    File Name: Family Guy Beta Version - Groni Pinball - VP9.9.1 File Submitter: Gronimod File Submitted: 18 Mar 2015 File Category: Recreations Permission to Mod: Contact Author First.ROM Name: fg_1200af VP Version: v9.9.0 - DX9 As I promised, here is the Beta Version of my Family Guy Table. This Version is fully playable with some exeptions that are missing. 1. No PM5 Physics, just standard 9.9.1 Physics 2. Mini Playfield Lights missing 3. Some code optimizings 4. Code for Pincabs and Plungers needs to be added 5. No B2S Controller, just normal VPM This table is almost completely done in 3D/Primitives so it might run slow on older systems. You need the latest SAM VPM and the Rom Version 12 (fg_1200af) As soon I have the time I will continue this table as promised. Have Fun playing it and don´t forget some feedback. Happy playing! Groni Click here to download this file
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    Well first of all I wanne say sorry for my long disappearance. I had to to fight another very bad illness and a divorce. So hard times this Year! Then I wanne say sorry that I locked the table, this was a mistake while I was playing around with the security options. Here is the table unlocked. Mods are allowed for this table for release. http://www.file-upload.net/download-11148076/FamilyGuy_Beta05.vpt.html This table will not be continued since I am learning VPX from now on and create this table from scratch. And please Vett85 and Fren. Let´s just have peace. We wanne make pinball and have fun. I am sorry for any kind of missunderstaning or any bad word I said. Vett I am really sorry for the words I said. Now that I have readed it again after this long time, I also felt like I was a little bit hard. I never wanted to make any table bad that you did. I like them really, but as a table author you may also have this effect sometime that when you see a new table that has been released, that you can make it better in some ways. That was something I thought on POTC, but maybe I should have keep it for myself instead of showing what I can do better. I am really sorry Vett85! BTW.. I love the BBH and DK Table!! At the moment I am learning much stuff in VPX and testing around doing an AFM from scratch. I am really exited about what VPX has to offer! Now the tables look really nice and realistic so I give my best to do a good release someday when all is learned. Have a nice day and happy modding! Groni
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    The Walking Dead

    I'm not selling the table _at all_, don't get your hopes up If you beer me, I hope it is to say thanks for the work I've done, and not the privilege to play the work that I won't release until Dazz will allow. I've seen what selling "VIP" does (in FP) and it's not something I want to be a part of That's not why I'm in this, I make the tables I want to because I enjoy them. The moment that it becomes a job or a chore is the moment that I need to stop doing it. It's a hobby, that's all. I greatly appreciate the beers from everyone in the past and going forward, I don't want that system to be abused.
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    Not til you get close to finishing do you realize how far you actually are. Little things left, apron, smaller visual details
  44. 10 points
    Last update before release, I'll be sending it to a few people for playtesting and feedback tomorrow. I will provide 2 options for the LEDs, if you have DOF and need to use b2s then you can use the script provided by gtxjoe that functions very well. If you don't use DOF and just wish to use a static image instead of b2s, then you can use the rom-controlled script and it will function 100%. It sounds like a restriction with the b2s software, and since the creator of that software has stopped developing it, we're not likely to get a solution.... I certainly hope we do though. All that's left visually is a few GI cues and some minor things like screws...
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    Wip - Groni Pinball - Stern - Family Guy

    Here is a Video Gameplay of the table in it´s actual state. Due the new VPM Build, which fixes CSI and IJ, it have been a step back for emulating FG. I hope Angrm find a fix to make them all work good. Anyway you can see some gameplay of the table, watch the lightning. Still no PM5 Physics until now. Enjoy
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    Some more progress Added 3d Plunger Added Monkey Gate More progress on the Mini Playfield All Light Inserts on the main PF finished. Size and Color adjustments
  47. 9 points

    SAMBuild2.9 beta thread

    Latest SAMBuild for the version 2.9 cycle can be found in this post. The package includes the latest external DMD dlls if there has been a recent update. Or else find the external DMD dlls with the beta thread for the official VPinMAME build here: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27063&page=1 OR at lucky1's GitHub repository for Pin2DMD here: https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/tree/master/integration/pinmame Copy the files into your VPM directory, and run setup.exe again. There, press the install button (with each new build) and remember to setup the defaults again! In case you have an external DMD connected that you want to use with VPM, please move the dlls from the respective subdirectory (Pin2DMD or PinDMD1 or PinDMD2 or PinDMD3) directly into your VPM directory! The 2.9 cycle is complete. SamBuild 2.9 is available here:
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    World Poker Tour (Stern 2006)

    File Name: World Poker Tour (Stern 2006) File Submitter: freneticamnesic File Submitted: 15 Nov 2014 File Category: Recreations Link to B2S: Permission to Mod: Yes ROM Name: wpt_140a VP Version: Experimental - PhysicsMod IMPORTANT: You need to run this with the latest VPinMAME (2.04 or higher) otherwise VP will crash on JACKPOT events. Thanks to arngrim for implementing a fix for this release! I recommend running this with a static backglass image for accurate gameplay. The standard LED array in VP is for a 64 bit display. In every other game (WOF, TSPP, Monopoly) this is more than enough information. WPT is the only game so far that displays more than 64 bits of information on a secondary display. If we run the 64 bit script, it leaves the last 6 columns of LEDs unlit no matter what, but we can run b2s (and in turn, DOF). If we run the 128 bit script, you can see all of the array, but it won't start with b2s. To solve this, gtxjoe scripted an amazing workaround that will fill in the blanks. For 80% of the use of these last 6 columns, his script will accurately display the information that needs to be displayed. However, for the "River" card (the very last card turned over), it's a complete guess as to which suit will be displayed. In theory, 25% of the time, the suit will be correct. The other 75% of the time, the suit will be wrong, but in all honesty may never even be noticeable. There is some bounce on the upper PF flippers. It has no effect on gameplay, but it sometimes occurs and is a little confusing at first. It has to do with the physmod reaction of physics on a wall (upper pf in this case). This can be fixed in a new version of Physmod I think... for now it's negligible. This is for PHYSMOD 5 ONLY. I'm sorry to non-PM users, but for me, this is the only way to play anymore. I give full permission (as always) to mod and release my table as anyone desires. If anyone does a non-Physmod conversion, feel free to upload it or release a patch here on VPU! With all that being said, please enjoy this release! Thanks to bodydump for great pictures of the plastics which allowed me to redraw everything really quickly. As with all my latest releases, a lot of the primitive code on this table is thanks to Rascal. His movement script for primitives has severely sped up the time that I am able to turn tables around in. On a table like this, with a million drop targets, it cannot be understated... Thanks to gtxjoe for the script help on the LED Array. Also thanks to Sindbad for some input. Thanks to Arngrim for the VPM fix. Thanks to mekurri2006 for a lot of playtesting and feedback. I'm very happy with this table. It's much funner to play than I would expect. It flows very well and the LEDs in the middle are, at the very least, a clever novelty. Click here to download this file
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    X-Men Pro (Stern 2012) (85Vett)

    Guys.. a release thread is supposed to be a celebration of a new re-creation being released... Not a bitch and moan fest. If you do not agree with the re-creation of this game, then GTFO and go back to VPF where you belong.