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    Hi everybody. As an inexperienced beginner I thought it would be an easy start and started some time ago with the Pin2DMD project "Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends". I have used the ROM "rab_320", I think that the ROM "rab_130" is nearly the same, maybe it gonna work to. At the moment I'm desperately looking for the last bugs, maybe one of you likes to help me out. To my knowledge, I have captured all animations, but unfortunately I am not a good pinball player and therefore I have a little chance to confirm this. Although there are still about 80 missing puzzle options, but ... well ... as I said, I'm not a good pinball player and it seams for me this progress is enough for me 😉 Because I transfer the project now to the community, I remain with: 1x export for real pinball machines. 1x export for Vpins. 1x whole project. Permission to process the project: confirmed. Permission to modify the project: confirmed. Permission to do whatever U wanna with the project: confirmed. Have fun and peach out. Your X3r2A6 Projekt AoRaBaF.zip Real Pin Export.zip VPin Export.zip
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    To show you some more progress here is a next scene for my TOM pin2dmd colorization project. This scene was an amazing bunch of work. To make it run smooth and prevent flicker and also to make it work correctly on a real pin I had to colorize 361 single frames. Thanks to @Wob again for hours of testing and providing this preview videos!
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    official rev 4805 SAMBuild_r4805.zip
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    ok version 0.1.0 is up meow. I'd like some thoughts on what I could do to improve video mode. Triggering anomolies: V.09 Million1-C is triggered corectly with only 1 possible key frame, yet it doesnt get triggered in WOB's video Million2-H is triggered corectly with only 1 possible key frame, yet it doesnt get triggered in WOB's video 1 trigger of PoliceWipe is triggered correctly in WOB's v.09 dump but its not triggered in WOB's video 1 trigger of LamboWipe is triggered correctly in WOB's v.09 dump, but its not triggered in WOB's video Scenes missing for sure: Extra Ball Release Change Log: .10 Shoot the SC to Lite Jackpot -Applied correct palette, looks better Shoot the SC millions plus per -new trigger, new colormask. -removed gradient text from supercharger and made the scene more colorful AND frame between extra ball awards -Recolored and added gradient -Might make make it even fancier later Post Ball Multiplier Bonus -Bonus trigger is cutting off the big number Mulitplier (gw_l5_007, frame 3,296 mask 5) -created new wider mask for bonus trigger, that should prevent the numbers from getting cut off -Scoring behind the 4x and 6x multiplers prevented them from being triggered after draining -created new keyframe mask just for the multipliers -new triggers using the new key frame mask Helicopter Chase Left - Keyframing 1:1 because the ghost frames duplicate triggers so I cant just color a sequence - Order may be random, this will resolve that - Not sure if I should shade the car; same "sprite" as the match & burnout scenes , cant shade those - I believe some of these frames are also used in other sequences, so this will colorize those parts as well - This is not completely colored, but the part that is done is triggered and colored SuperCharger Mode -Redid mask to remove ghosting -Altered colors to keep score color consistent and add some much needed green. MultiBall- -Recolored letters to differentiate from ColorDMD's choices -changed blue letters to white -cherry light stayed red to match topper Gears- -Forgot the gear display was 3 or 4 frames -copied first colored frame to the rest (ooops) -cut, colored, and triggered 5th gear -added gradient to the 4th gear frame JACKPOT -fleshed out the gradient colormask for sequence 1, final colors to be determined -All 4 jackpot sequences cut masked and trigger -I wont lie , I kind of like the unexpected purple Traffic Lights -These really are a cluster -removing the old keymask 5 and using the new keyframe mask 8 -may redo triggering based on the WORD on the screen and not the bulb lit up on the tree -These will likely get redone completely using the color words as triggers and colormasks Credits + Push Start -removed colormask -removed keyframe -will just use default palette Replay At -new and additional keyframes FreeRide -Converted to replacement scene instead of color mask. -retriggered split to hide transition frames Burn Rubber -cut, colored , and trigger word prompt -same for the award screen 4th & 5th Gear Award -cut, colored , and trigger word prompt Red Line Mania -cut, colored , and trigger word prompt Video Mode -Colored instruction screen -added a simple mask to put the scores and gear in color, better than nothing -You Win Screen keyed and colored Tunnel Shots -cut, colored , and trigger word prompt Speed Trap -colored the missing pixel on SpeedTrap2C frame, merp Replay -added scene -not set on colors, want to make it POP Status Report -First screen added, need to capture and color the rest. SC Boost -Added value screens for 4,5,6,7,8, and 9
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    official rev r4815 SAMBuild_r4815.zip
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    official rev 4811 SAMBuild_r4811.zip
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    Hi I started learnig how to use the editor. I overtook this project: I know the the user "Rensh" from pinside.com and @DJRobX from here already did a lot, so thank you guys, for all the work you already did So at the start i can play with the colors and then see where some trigger mistakes are. Here is one scene: Before: After: It still will take a loooooong time to finish and there will be 1000 questions but i`m having fun with the editor. A pitty that i dont have that much time.. As soon as i have this working i will carry on with the Apollo 13 where i also started (will put the DUMP in the download). Greets
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    I didnt quite finish all the helicopter stuff, so maybe I'll call this version .95 it'll go up tonight or tomorrow, but most likely monday. here is WOB's v.90 video As you can see, there are a few bugs to squash but overall it very close to completion
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    I released a test version for the vpin.Its not finished and i dont know how it plays on vpin because i dont have vpin. Still got some problems with the keyframing.Got look at it when back from the holidays .
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    V.09 is up. It was supposed to be a "pre-release" to work out some bugs but its been too long since a release and I dont want you guys thinking I quit. 😛 Judging by time stamps and best recollection, Im up at like 60 hours so far on this 😕
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    829 frames. 277 sequences of 3 frames cut and coloured. 277 individual triggers added(!). Hours and hours of work in total, I added the last trigger last night and nervously loaded it up - it works great!... ...until you hit any shot on the table; at which point the none of my triggers reliably fire anymore, presumably the placement of the Enterprise vs. the purple background changes depending on when you hit the shot. It's hit and miss, sometimes it works great, but sometimes it just doesn't fire again. Alas my dreams of working magic may end here, assuming I could capture the "other" 829 frame sequence, I don't know if I have the heart to colour it again this was incredibly monotonous. I might try adding some "backup" triggers in line with how it used to be coloured but I have a feeling these will interfere with my existing 277 triggers... If anyone wants to try it, here is a (green borg) vpin version featuring the above sequence - it works sometimes, but not all the time. On the plus side, I think I have broken a new record here, the VNI comes in at over 10Mb! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1oCEbTS-fsV0Xle8aWge3d1p7-IQrxhtL?usp=sharing
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    Thanks, glad you like it the fact people are willing to install and enjoy it is payment enough! Learned a new triggering technique/approach while working on a Flintstones scene recently and hoping to come back to this and work some magic on the wormhole status in the near future...
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    I was at the California Extreme pinball show this weekend. I played a WCS that had a colorized DMD on it, but it wasn't a LCD like most of the other pins running official ColorDMDs. Didn't really think too much of it at first. As I played the machine I got to one of the "teacher" sequences that I knew we hadn't colorized yet, and saw it go white, and realized that this pin had OUR colorization running! It was very surreal but it was SO cool to encounter our work on a real pin at a pinshow!
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    Still fighting with the dynamic scenes... colorizing this table feels like it depends of 90% dynamic content. These are the tricky ones I am currently working on, had to cut and trigger 164 single frames for the tank mode to get the horse in front of the tank. There are still some frames missing, but I hope all the countless hours of work will be worth the end result (hopefully)...
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    Im going to try and get V.10 up tomorrow, I have a shit load done. What do you guys think of this for the chopper? I'm trying to match the backglass without having to redraw the entire thing with more detail. I might go through and add some greys to represent the guns / missiles from the backglass. Theres only like 10 actual chopper frames and its the same static image in all of them
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    Version 1.0


    Atlantis (Bally 1989) Hi rez version
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    Confirmed that the author is not hosting the previous assets files on his server. So an updated Install CCC.bat is really needed. The project author was still committing code this week, but I have the port up to date to commits he made up to July 4th. I've at least played through a few times, and it works quite well. The feature I'm not sure about is Last Call. It's supposed to be a multi-ball feature awarded on match. And it is supposed to launch three balls and play ends (flippers are disabled) when there is one or zero balls remaining. For me, Last Call launches one ball and the mode plays through fine until drain. Not sure if it is a bug in the game code or something with the table. The game is still very enjoyable. Updated assets include new music for Franks N Beans Mode and some updated callouts. There is a fixed animation if the ball drains during Polly Peril. New colored Multi-ball restart animation. Fuller list of updates here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/cactus-canyon-p-roc-project/page/28#post-5069168 Consider this a beta. But as long as the project author does not change the assets, then the same bat file can be used to update the game code. I'll post a notification in this thread when I've updated the port from the main project repository. I'm mostly waiting for activity to wind down to finalize the port (at least for the time being). Although the bat file automatically backs up and restores user_settings.yaml, I do suggest copying user_settings.yaml to another folder prior to running the bat file. The project author added some more games settings options that you may want to use - the pop bumper activity restriction. If you change your settings file with a text editor you may be very glad that you have a copy somewhere. OR you can simply use the in-game settings menu. PS - Don't bother the project author, epthegeek, about virtual pinball on Pinside or elsewhere. He is generally happy that virtual pinball players can enjoy the game, and he generously gave express consent for the port to VPX to exist. But it should be considered an entirely separate project from his main project code. Post your bug reports here is what I'm saying. Have a good time! https://www.dropbox.com/s/p387rviv7s1hbqv/P-ROC_Offline_Installer-v3.4.zip?dl=0
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    Happy to announce that I am progressing well with my next chosen project - Indianapolis 500 Still a long way to go, but a lot of the text and value screens are already covered and that is half the battle; really going to town and using gradients whenever I can, they look OK on the virtual DMD but they are just gorgeous on a real panel. Will post another update here again when there is more progress worth reporting
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    official rev r4816 SAMBuild_r4816.zip
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    Hey NetzZWerg, Just wanted to say thanks for your work on this. I install the DMD and this colorization on my Addams Family real pin yesterday. I've already played a few games and it's awesome. Thanks!
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    WOB's gonna make me another video in a few days, I'll go through and try to fix up any remaining triggering issues, then I'll finish coloring the numbers with the background that plays when you hit the super charger, finish the chopper screens, and cut trigger and color extra ball then it *should* be 100%
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    you can cheat and have more colors by cutting up the scene into smaller chunks, look at how I did some of the longer sequences on lethal weapon 3. I look forward to seeing what you can do, and if you need any help ask @cb3 or @slippifishi they've gotten better at this than me!
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    View File Bally Hoo (Bally 1969) rev 1.00 for VPX 10.5 - Original table in VP8 is done by Leon Spalding. - Script, plastics and playfield is done by Leon Spalding. - Rebuild and improved script is done by Kees61 (-=Kees=-) Submitter Kees61 Submitted 08/02/2019 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name Link to B2S Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod Yes VP Version v10  
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    Thank you... I will work on the update after finishing Tom and ij.
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    @NetzZWerg Try the attached to help with your current problem; wish I'd written it sooner, it's very interesting to see trigger and palette counts on my projects TNG was 1100+ triggers! Probably not perfect but let me know if you run into any issues. @lucky1 As for ideas/suggestions for the editor, I definitely have a few I that in my opinion would help save masses of time - I will add some comments to github in the near future. NetzZWerg mentioned a tool I had sent to him that is ultimately nothing more than a dump browser, but it lets you see a list of hashes up front and do some analysis and planning outside of the editor with crucial keyboard navigation! For the record, there is a copy available below. I don't know how useful NetzZ has found it, but it's definitely helped me save some time when it comes to repeating scenes and working out efficient triggering. It's not without its faults and quirks, but it does the job I created it for, happy to share the C# sources if required, though there is nothing ground breaking here... https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14EfpaVO5oAkja6wFe79BG-R0rc2Gtqcl?usp=sharing I did look into some "auto-analysis" type methods that are under discussion elsewhere on the internet for a rival product but in my opinion there were just too many variables to make it that viable. It would be easy to auto detect non-dynamic sequences, but without defining masks upfront and really restricting the number of frames to be analysed there was too big a chance of the wrong stuff being detected. By the time you've worked out the mask and restricted the frame sequence, you have already done all the hard work and the fun part of colouring it by hand can begin... p2dprojectinfo.zip
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    Here is the preview for the next change log: .09 More yellow light triggers -added more for the word yellow -added more for the yellow light being lit -Will do the same for red and green later Donut Heaven -Colored the Donut Heaven with 4 cops out front -Colored the burnout in front of DH with 4 cop cars -Colored the Donut Heaven with 3 cops out front -Colored the burnout in front of DH with 3 cop cars Free Ride -added a new mask and trigger for the last frame containing "free ride" -added a new mask and trigger for the last frame with "free ride" blacked out -this should cut down/cut out the grey flicker at the end -Additional frames and triggers for free ride. Bonus Multipliers -Redid 2x, 4x, and 6x color masks to allow for bonus tally at end of ball -Color Mask allowed the big 2/4/6x to work in game and during bonus -notification of earned bonus, and multipler at drain with bonus masked red and score in white. More work on Tunnel sequence -This is used in numerous other longer sequences such as the helicopter. -Doing all the sequences that use this with the same pallete so I can shade it in the future. Hitch Hiker Sequence adjustment -Cut last frame as its own squence and created new trigger to that last frame -this allows the last frame of the girl outside to stay on screen for alternate plays -this was altered in V.08 but redone in V.09 -She's stil a blonde, just like the backglass -Corrected frame with wrong road line color Score Mask / Colors -Removed the blue shadows from the yellow section -Score colors are still not set in stone -Changed MPH to blue from green -Score changed to off-white/light grey. I just dont like the yellow -Score color matches ball count and credit count, RPM is still pure white -Removed the dark insert behind the score Altered Gear Color frames -All the gears have been redone removing the duplicate frames -New color scheme to add increased separation to ColorDMD's choices -hand added gradients/shading to the letters and backgrounds Millions Frames -More triggers and more frames done each number has 7 frames and there are ten numbers so....... -All frames from 1 through 5 should be done and 1:1 triggered , pending testing. Speed Trap -Sequence 1 is cut up, colored and triggered. -Sequence 2, the cop on the radio, is cut up and 1 to 1 frame/trigger mapped -Sequence 2 was only 4 key frames, until WOBs video proves me wrong SuperCharger Mode -Corrected colormask to remove unneeded dark blue Testing -Changed ROM revision color to yellow to make it stand out Say No To Drugs -Converted to my "credit" screen -removed "shout outs" , they just looked janky. May add ppl to the special thanks credits Special Thanks -Altered colors to make them "softer" , also got rid of the yellow -May add "shout outs" to this screen -Pin2DMD colors adjusted KickBack- -Recolored a majority of the sequence to get yellow on the road instead of brown (for the road stripe) -Recolored a few car frames
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    Latest SAMBuild for the version 3.2 cycle can be found in this post. The package includes the latest external DMD dlls if there has been a recent update. Or else find the external DMD dlls with the beta thread for the official VPinMAME build here: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27063&page=1 OR at lucky1's GitHub repository for Pin2DMD here: https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/tree/master/integration/pinmame OR freezy's dmddevice.dll which provides full color DMD support for virtual DMD as well as hardware DMD (i.e., LED panels): https://github.com/freezy/dmd-extensions/releases Copy the files into your VPM directory, and run setup.exe again. There, press the install button (with each new build) and remember to setup the defaults again! In case you have an external DMD connected that you want to use with VPM, please move the dlls from the respective subdirectory (Pin2DMD or PinDMD1 or PinDMD2 or PinDMD3) directly into your VPM directory! Commits to official source: https://sourceforge.net/p/pinmame/code/commit_browser SAMBuild_r4816.zip
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    Hello everyone. I am at the end of the colorization of the DMD of Who Dunnit en fr (french version). I still have to colorize the roulette wheel and the characters during the interrogation. I block on the colorization of the characters, I have a problem when we must choose a character. Each scene must be colored independently, but some scenes have many different frames, which causes me to lose my color palettes or masks. I need help to colorize these scenes (interrogation and casters). If anyone could look into the colorization of these scenes, I could finish the coloring of Who Dunnit. I think with my work the English version should be fast. (Sorry, I do not speak English, thank you google translation.) I'm looking for help to complete the colorization of the scenes _ Roulette scene _ Scene selection of suspects To access the pin2dmd files. pal and vni, go to forum topic pincab passion.fr https://www.pincabpassion.net/t11030-wip-who-dunnit-color-version-fr#188724 PINCAB PASSION
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    Almost one year ago we presented the PIN2DMD EVO128x32 all-in-one controller board. The plug and play design received a lot of positive feedback and pinball ethusiasts from all over the world successfully built several hundred PIN2DMDs using the ordering information published on github. PIN2DMD firmware now supports Sega 192x64 display mode for almost 2 years now and is successfully running in more than 100 machines. One and a half year ago we successfully added support for DataEast 128x16 machines. To round things up I decided to also design a EVO board for my private DataEast 128x16 Checkpoint machine and my Sega 192x64 Batman FE pinball. To make sure that there are no errors in the pcb layout I ordered a test run (10 pieces) from the chinese pcb manufacturer called pcbway. They offer turnkey manufacturing service at a good price which means they not only manufacture the pcb but also source the parts and mount them on the pcb. All infomation can be found here https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/tree/master/hardware. You receive a fully functional pcb and only need mount the RGB display panels and solder the power connector for the panels to the pcb to get a fully working pin2dmd hardware. The pcb uses the original power plugs like installed in the DE and SEGA machines as these connectors supply enough amps to drive the panels (not like WPC power DMD power plugs which would get overloaded) As always pcb design can be used free by everyone no matter if for personal use, to organize a group buy or sell them in a shop. I still don´t commercially sell any hardware. Here are some pictures of my testboards.
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    I wanna say thank you for amazing job. I just got sttng. And I am really happy, because I don’t need colorize this game where is donation link? I wanna support you guys!
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    View File Secret Service (Data East 1988) Release Builds : Current Latest 1.2 Fixes include White House triggers work more like real table. Metal Rails now have sound. All fixes thanks to Robo43 ! Thanks for the fixes ! You Rock ! Secret Service (Data East 1988)_v1.2.zip Submitter DCrosby Submitted 06/23/2019 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name ssvc_a26.zip Link to B2S http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/909-secret-service-data-east-1988/ Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod Yes VP Version v10  
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    I had some strange behaviour with my PIN2DMD recently that I believe were caused by me using a USB 3 port; the problem went away when I moved it to USB 2...
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    Thanks, but it is Gerrit Volkenborn from PinMAMEdev who rounded up all these new clones.
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    Version rev 1.00


    - Original table in VP8 is done by Leon Spalding. - Script, plastics and playfield is done by Leon Spalding. - Rebuild and improved script is done by Kees61 (-=Kees=-)
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    Great Job 👍 Donation Made.
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    It's included in the alpha.
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    yeah cut and colored is primary, triggering can be done later. WOB's videos are a HUUUUUUUGE help. I'm almost done the chopper chasing the car going left , I already fixed a bunch of triggers from .09 as well. Ialso went through and added some shading to replacement scenes. I do need a capture of 2 cars in front of donut heaven, I have 3 and 4 done. Is there any chance of only 1 car showing up?
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    Start working on TZ colorization.
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    For the DMD position all i did was copy my coordinates from dmddevice.ini . Plug those into config.yaml (proc/games) and it worked. Also the CC table i updated the tables script from thalamus Github page of updated scripts , i didn't even have to plug in any startup for dmd-ext into my frontend (pinball x ) for the table to successfully launch or exit
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    that helped, I have proof of concept now. Will play around with PinballY to get it stating and stopping without cmd window Thanks
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    You'll need to know the position of the virtual dmd that you're trying to mirror and also, the position of you dmd screen to mirror to. In a cmd prompt it would be something like dmdext.exe mirror --source=screen --position 4 50 905 273 -d virtual --virtual-position=5786 514 1560 375. Please don't use these exact numbers. Use a tool like setdmd to find out the locations if you don't know them.
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    Just so you know the game isnt 100% done yet. I'll be releasing 0.09 soon Im just trying to make sure everything I have done triggers properly. Im alsmot done the "speed trap" sequences where you zoom by the cop hiding, then he gets on the radio, etc
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    Still working on colorization when i have time. Hope it will be ready soon! Beers are welcome
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    Version 1.0.0


    I built this particular B2S, who help me having a visual render of the rom for finding the right ID when I build a B2S. I think this is helpful and fun, in addition to the Pinball manuel and reading the table script, so I share it if it can help anybody else. This B2s will show you : the LAMPS ID wich are used (between ID 1 to 100), the SOLENOID ID wich are used (between 1 to 60) the GI STRING ID wich are used (between 1 to 20)
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    Version 1.0


    Theatre of Magic ( Bally1995) Hi Rez
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    Hey guys I got this one to work for me. Once the game is loaded and running in pinball x, press 7 key to enter the rom's settings. Then I pressed the left flipper button to enter settings. Then I pressed 1 key I believe which loaded the factory rom settings. Then I had to set the button assignments in pinball x as they were gone once I did the factory settings. (plunger, flipper, nudge, etc) Reset everything and play on!
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