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    I am pleased to announce my next project which is now nearing completion - Creature From The Black Lagoon! A few preview gifs are shown below; still a few things left to pick up, and once the remaining missing scenes and bugs are dealt with, I hope to put out a release here, all being well in the next week or two. I will say this was an early DMD game and it shows in the animations/dumps - this has been much more challenging than TNG believe it or not, and CFTBL has no stars in the background to contend with! I'm sorry these are not the most enthralling previews, but given how these scenes get cutup in the editor, creating nice previews using the export isn't always so easy or practical However, the incredible Wob has once again provided one of his amazing preview videos which will give you a better idea of what to expect; it's been said so many times by so many people, but I can't reiterate just how instrumental Wob is to this process - it's not just the preview videos, what you guys don't see is the literal hours of pinball playing he does behind the scenes to create dumps and test intermediate versions and find whole game modes you didn't even know existed - thanks buddy!
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    official rev r4777 Lots of collaborative work on improving sound: Added MC3417 chip for Bally Vocalizer games Improved HC55516 CVSD sound emulation (Gorgar up to Twilight Zone, etc) Improved YM2151 sound/timing emulation (mainly WPC pre-DCS machines, maybe improves even other manufacturers) Give TAF a try! Thanks to @mjr, @DJRobX. volkenborn, and @toxie Initial efforts to start converting the PinMAME source base over to the 3-Clause BSD License SAMBuild Add slot for colored DMD patched game code - MTL LE 1.64 SAMBuild_r4777.zip
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    Hi members, this is my wip of lord of the rings sso far... i've done about 70-80% of it but atm i feel a bit tired because of all the drama, greed, missinformation going on behind the scenes and sometimes even publicly... for now you can get the beta files here: https://mega.nz/#!qEQVwQgT!9S2rJgwvOm7DiIL6Lzg2iMstWyna6X99yG_mI-B1JF8 Password is: VisualPinballAddicts Once I have the power to finish it I will upload it here. Cheers Dom EDIT: I hereby prohibit uploading, redistributing and repackaging these files!
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    Guess I'll try to colorize Doctor Who. Still have a lot to learn but I'm slowing working on it.
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    I decided to color Guns N Roses next. I have been working on the attract mode and it is actually pretty much complete at this point, I have a few gameplay scenes finished none of the modes have been started. I will be finishing this next after X-Men is complete, Cheers!
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    The time for the colorization work is really less the last weeks because of the focus on my fiancee and daughter after my real life job. Also the upcoming weeks/months this won´t change, but I will try to keep you up to date in case of some progress if time permits... Thanks for all the positive feedback to date!
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    Spended around 100 hours until now for this project, still busy...
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    So I just completed the first dynamic content scene of the project and the first scene to incorporate pinball browser into the project.....special thanks as always to DJrobX and Lucky1 for helping me navigate through the pinball browser you guys are the best! Enjoy Colossus!
  12. 8 points
    V.08 is up! Its tough to say, I have a LOT done of what I can do (ie, Im not going to be able to do video mode or the burn rubber map). The only major scenes left are the helicopter, and all the donut heaven scenes. I didnt get the speed trap finished but its getting there. Im spending too much time adding shading and what not to the scenes and I should just be masking them and be done with it.
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    official rev r4735 Add fast flip support to Jack Bot [DJRobX] SAMBuild_r4735.zip
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    might be able to get a release out today....maybe
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    just wanna get this working, and finish the rest of the "million" scenes with the numbers in the middle then I'll upload a new version
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    Version 1.1 has been uploaded to the downloads section, May the 4th Be With You!
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    It's a labor of love brother! Looking Great!
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    Spent the morning in my workshop and made me this simple pinball controller. Much better than playing with the keybord 🙂👍 AC441106-BE01-4C08-91A3-26C5332A1F9F.mp4
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    I am indeed hoping to return to Flintstones in the very near future so that it is ready in time for the VPX release, whenever that may be At the very worst, I will make my WIP files available when the VPX is ready, but I am sure I will have time to pick up some of the remaining scenes before then - watch this space! EDIT: As the thread is already active, I will post Wob's preview too - this has been made available elsewhere previously so you may have already seen it, but I refrained from posting here at the time to avoid necroing/drawing attention to the thread
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    V.08 should be up by this weekend. Its mostly a utility update, bug squashing and stuff. but I'll try to add a donut heaven scene or two.
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    Yes. I agree. Thank you for all the colorizations. No rush. You do this on your spare time because you like it. Its not a job and never should feel like one. We appreciate your work whenever it comes in. Family is the most important not this stuff. This should just compliment your life. Besides we have lots of your work to enjoy. Thank you.
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    Thanks so much for all the colorization you have done and will do and when it gets done, it gets done there are far more important things than a hobby And as usual it looks great👍
  24. 3 points
    Take your time. I much more prefer you not getting tired and fed up with the awesome work you've done so far on this and the other projects of yours. We've waited about 40 years, so we should manage 😉
  25. 3 points
    Of course it is being worked on. It's not a 5 minute job so it will be ready when he says so
  26. 3 points
    Yes, so I heard. I need to put together a simple pinball controller first, hate playing on the pc keyboard, but then I will try to install vpx and try it out. eventually, I might even see if I can update some of my old tables to VPX.
  27. 3 points
    @all thanks for the kind words Will make a small update later today...
  28. 3 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Shrek (Stern 2008)(NZ&TT)(v1.0) '****************************************************** '* SHREK VPX 1.0***** ********************************* '****************************************************** '* STERN PINBALL 2008 ********************************* '****************************************************** '* SAM SYSTEM ***************************************** '****************************************************** '* ROM VERSION 1.41 (shr_141.bin) * '****************************************************** '* CREATED BY NINUZZU AND TOM TOWER******************** '****************************************************** '* Many thanks to Groni, without him this wouldn't be * '* possible.The table is based on Family Guy by Groni.* '* Many thanks to comicalman, I used his FP table as * '* a resource for playfield images and toys. * '* Thanks to arngrim for the DOF script * '* Also a huge thanks to Freneticamnesic, who fixed * '* the bug with the flashers and to DJRobX, who fixed * '* the center post script. * '* Shrek, Fiona and Donkey models made by GLXB * '* What I did: * '* Readapted the textures to fit Groni's models * '* New Plastics from scatch * '* Some textures redone from scratch * '* Made a new model for the mirror * '* Reworked some 3d models * '* Added light system to Donkey mini-pinball * '* Other little stuff (lights, model positioning) * '******************************************************
  29. 3 points
    And I forgot to mention: Special thanks to@WOB for providing dump files and testing (playing ) for several hours to provide these!!! Thanks man, really appreciate it.
  30. 3 points
    Little update some dynamic scenes
  31. 3 points
    Most of the VP stuff can be on any drive. What most people struggle is when they try to run P-ROC of another drive than the regular C. There are several tricks you can use to overcome drive letter dependencies as well. The standard command line utility 'mklink' is one of them where you you can create "links" betweeen A and B. Actually, with a export of a few registry keys, a little search/replace and reimport is all you need to even re-locate VP itself. There are of course other dependencies that you can't do anything about. Like directx, .net etc. I would say. In most cases. Just install - using the one-in-all installer to where you want VP to reside, and make sure it is not c:\program files or any OS related paths. D:\VP is perfect. Then to move data from one install to the other. Only take the tables, nvram (this contains your highscores etc - so maybe you don't want it), and roms from the master install over to the the other machines. Of course, if you run a frontend - then you have to take that into account as well. A general full backup of the VP install is of course smart no matter what you decide upon. Please note that you want to export \\hkcu\software\freeware for dmd locations and other config.
  32. 2 points
    Try this This is what I use for patching Stern sam color rom ---> http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/4808-vpu-color-rom-patcher/
  33. 2 points
    Have a look inside the zip. If there’s a readme inside then that’s the new one. https://mega.nz/#!KQQwzKwD!TxoQHu5ubeKLhSK9lXuPlxY2Qo1U_3VH2IJaC9mn3iY
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    i am still working on it.
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    Nope, just checked. You need to advance more to see the most recent changes.
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    That is looking great and nice color choices!
  39. 2 points
    Well done!!! Very good choice of colors, can’t wait to play it.
  40. 2 points
    Go to the setup file in your Visual Pinball\VPinMAME folder to make sure the Rom is in there If so test from there
  41. 2 points
    There is a way to get more colours. Do it yourself.
  42. 2 points
    Thanks for the compliments 🙂 Professional look and easy installation was the goal when I designed the EVO boards.
  43. 2 points
    I love this table! I started working on the attract mode but......the transitions are extremely frustrating for key framing and I fear my attention span is not great enough to take on this project. I would be willing to assist if someone else wants to try but I am moving on to other projects. I will announce my next project after X-Men soon....!
  44. 2 points
    Now that I figured out how to make a .diff, moving forward I probably will not be including the .pbm file in the zip folder just the .diff, .vni and .pal files
  45. 2 points
    fixed, I put it in the wrong place. You want v1.01. Cheers!
  46. 2 points
    I updated the download packet and replaced the .pbm file with a .diff file. Hopefully that works for everyone, Cheers!
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    View File Wipe Out (Premier 1993) directb2s Here is my new Wipe Out (Premier 1993) directb2s Backglass File Image from VPX Table by kiwi, edizzle - i think it is from Akiles ( mentoined in Release Notes ) ! Have Fun ! Submitter stefanaustria Submitted 04/25/2019 Category B2S Backglasses  
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    about 99.9% of all the stuff in virtual-pin-land is using someones IP/copyright. Many different countries have different rules, but since most of this is considered 'fan-art'/not-for-profit they usually won't enforce it as it usually just upsets their 'fans' which is the opposite of what you want. Worst case like GB, you get a warning and you comply/take down anything that may 'upset' them.
  49. 2 points
    After the tutorials on how to do this I can imagine how much work it must be with table. You kind of need to be a magician yourself. Hmm. Maybe you are, because it looks really good !
  50. 2 points
    Its a hell of a job job but still going.Here some gifs. EDIT:gifs doesnt work they uploaded as gif but shown as one frame.FIXED
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