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    Medieval Madness(Williams 1997)

    Version 2.1


    Medieval Madness(Williams 1997)
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    Start messing with South Park

    I started messing with South park today, Once I got everything going this evening it took me a couple hours just to play around with these. So now that I have a feel for things I believe I am going take this South Park head on.
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    fucking facepalm. So now hannibal is the creator is he? A few short leaps and it's all his? This is a mod of a mod and all the credits are missing. For the record, Fren and ICPJuggla made the original version of this table and Dozer did the LE mod with lots of updates, Flupper did the ramps, ninuzzu did the prison walker head and I did the Well Walker, bicycle girl and Fish Tank models. This is just shameful.
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    Version 1.0.3


    Hi first of all "Thank you to all creators (ICPjuggla, Fren, Dozer, flupper, Dark, Ninuzzu, Hanibal) Fren and ICPJuggla made the original version of this table and Dozer did the LE mod with lots of updates, Flupper did the ramps, ninuzzu did the prison walker head and I did the Well Walker, bicycle girl and Fish Tank models. Thank you very much for your work Here is my 1st mod for Walking dead LE - new playfield Hight resolution - new crossbow - new balls - add accessory available on real table Lucille, panel ... - rom edit with voice actor and negan full season 7 - new physics A big thank you to hannibal for the ramps and the roof of the prison Possibility to change the panel (terminus vs woodbury, and 3 different panel For cross road, and two balls) just change the picture in the option or change the no in picture manager. I would update the table if I add accessories The download link contains everything (modified rom, table, b2s) Good game for all
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    ACDC LE 1.68

    Version 1.0.2


    ROM File patch for Stern ACDC LE by PinballMike To create the needed ROM file you can use bspatch (http://www.daemonology.net/bsdiff/) Place the .pal file in your ..\vpinmame\altcolor\acd_168hc\ folder named pin2dmd.pal Patch needs vpinmame V2.8, latest dmddevice.dll and pin2dmd firmware >= V2.36. THIS PATCH DOES NOT WORK FOR REAL PINBALL MACHINES ! PLEASE CONTACT THE AUTHOR IF YOU NEED IT FOR A REAL PIN !
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    Version 1.1.0


    Blood Mod of the very nice table from Dozer, and tx for the permission to mod. I have changed this things: - new Hires playfield - new apron - new physics - new sounds - new animation - new lights - new grfx - more blood Have fun and enjoy
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    SAMBuild2.9 beta thread

    official rev 4277 Bring back 8 port AUX board check; hopefully will enable Metallica LE AUX board for coffin magnet SAMBuild_r4277.zip
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    Austin Powers (Stern 2001)

    Version 1.0


    Based in Austin Powers Stern Script: Javier and 32Assassin Plastics and Playfield: DStruct Models: Francisco666 and Rom Physics: ClarkKent Use several resources and techniques of some authors more than I know. I want to thank DevTeam for all the time and dedication they have for the VP scene and all of those who contribute their bit because without them VP today would not be what it is. THANKS!!! I apologize if I forget to mention someone The table has to play in VPX_3_beta_rev3069 or bigger.
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    I really hate to say anything but this is a VP10 alert post which is auto generated by the forum software it doesn't post all of the information.. The original post of the file is a separate post made by the author ...which is were the download is located / support / and as you can see from day one that credit was all listed there on who made the original table file ......it was not edited now whether the table is good or not lol I cant say and if permission to mod wasn't.. right again I cant say... Its just you dudes are raggin on the guy for not saying who made the original table that he modded and he did....so? .
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    Gilligans Island (Midway 1991)

    Version 1.0


    Gilligans Island (Midway 1991) not original but better..2 screen and 3 screen in rar...enjoy
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    SAMBuild2.9 beta thread

    Latest update should fix issues with TWD LE. Please report your S.A.M.-related findings in this thread. Huge thanks to @Ginsonic for all of the testing. official rev 4284 SAMBuild_r4284.zip
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    Avatar Pro Real Mod 1.0 (Neo)

    Version 1.0.1


    Thank you for the all creator, Scripting done by 85vett, modified to work in VPX by Freneticamnesic Table done by francisco666 and lacarril, with additions by Freneticamnesic and converted to work in VPX. And Arngrim Which helped me a lot with the script (it updated the script and added the toys) Thank you again, and thanks you very much for all members to the PincabPassion forum for their help and support "Link for rom at the end of the text" On the table I change -the script (updates and added toys) -the ball -Added gate -All drop target -the lights -The playfield -Full insert light -All plastic for even more realism -The physic -The rubber -AMP armor texture -All texture metal -And plastic ramp as well as flipp Thank you for reading and good games for all avr_200.zip
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    Pin2Dmd Editor

    Here is a little video with 3 scenes done in a shadow real pin.
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    Street Fighter II

    this is taking longer because Im not just picking colors, Im redrawing the bulk of it. for example, this is Ryu's in game animation: And this is my redraw:
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    @ Thalamus ok thanks you, I edit my post right away
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    Version 1.0.0


    Riverboat Gambler (Williams 1990) HI REZ Was a long 2 day project lol....came out real nice ENJOY
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    ACDC Premium (Stern 2012)

    Version 1.1


    ACDC Premium (Stern 2012) hi rez
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    Version 1.0


    Pirates Of the Caribbean (Stern 2006)
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    SAMBuild2.9 beta thread

    @Ginsonic I feel we need to thank you as well - nice debug report ... thank you !
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    StarTrek LE/Premium 1.61

    Version 1.0.0


    ROM File patch for Stern StarTrek LE / Premium by Sharkky To create the needed ROM file you can use bspatch Patch needs vpinmame V2.8, latest dmddevice.dll and pin2dmd firmware >= V2.36. THIS PATCH DOES NOT WORK FOR REAL PINBALL MACHINES ! PLEASE CONTACT THE AUTHOR IF YOU NEED IT FOR A REAL PIN !
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    SAMBuild2.9 beta thread

    1. r4277 allows the Metallica hammer to work and also the AC/DC diverter 2. Will it cause other tables to have issues? Maybe. I'm getting conflicting reports. There are a lot of moving parts now with the LE tables: Which tables have issues? Are you launching from PBX? Take it out of the equation. If the table runs OK outside of PBX then it is an issue with PBX and you can take it to the gamex forums. Do you use an external DMD? If so, do you have the latest dmddevice.dll and other associated dll installed and unblocked? I've linked to the sources in the first post. This is especially relevant to Pin2DMD users as lucky1 is continuously updating firmware, drivers, etc. PinDMD1/2/3 users - latest dmddevice.dll is included in the VPM post. If things are working, you have what you have thanks to lucky1, freezy, et. al. , but honestly I don't know if they or Paul/RussDX are keeping up with changes. There hasn't been updates in a few months. If things are not working, I don't have any suggestions aside from going to a virtual DMD. Are you using a virtual DMD? Which renderer: native VPM or freezy's dmddevice.dll (dmdext) or a desktop person using VP?. If you have issues with one have you tried the another? As I understand it freezy's version may have issues with some recent changes with Gottlieb System 3 DMD but I'm not sure on LE. If you are using freezy's version have you disabled the VPM display and enabled external DMD in the game settings? If you isolate your issue with freezy's version then leave a bug report on freezy's github repository and use VPM for now. If you are using DOF are you using latest configtool export? What happens if you disable DOF? If you are using B2S are you using the latest B2SBackglassServerEXE executable? What happens if you disable B2S? Are you using patched full color game code? What happens if you just use the unmodified game code? Have you confirmed that you have the at91jit registry key enabled? If it is enabled and it is not working, have you tried disabling? If there are still issues, are you sure that the hardware is powerful enough to run the SAM LE tables, especially the large ones? Have you exited all apps/processes/services not absolutely required to run the table? What OS are you running? OS and drivers up to date? Exceptions made with Windows Defender/anti-virus? If all else fails, reboot. As mentioned, I get mixed reports. Seems like some people are doing fine with the r4277. For all I know, some people are just reverting back to an earlier build and not reporting anything which doesn't help. Report issues and they will eventually get fixed. Perhaps not by me because my cab crapped out and although I can run builds, my laptop is not nearly powerful enough to test the SAM LE tables. But you can be sure nothing much is going to happen if we don't get feedback.
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    [New VP10 Alert] Avatar Pro Real Mod 1.0 (Neo)

    FYI, there is no difference in the game rules between v2.0 and the game code found at sternpinball.com. The v2.0 revision was issued to accommodate a mid-production change in the USB chip. That's all. Generally, if you are looking for the latest Stern game code, I'd just use the ones at sternpinball.com first. If you want back catalog code then try VPU.
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    Thanks to the great Pin2Dmd and it's Colorprism FW + the custom PinballX dll file (thanks Lucky1), I now can run my custom HULK themed video in color during attract mode where you select the tables. This look so great but I can't really catch it in the clip, but it looks like a blend between the original footage and the filmed DMD. Maybe the light is too strong from the DMD (or my equipment to shitty *lol*) Original movie made in Sony Vegas: Filmed running on my cabs PIN2DMD/rgbDMD : Hope you like it and get inspired make your custom cab vids (and please, post them for us to see) Thanks all involved in this great project and the continuous development of its firmware. Regards /Gustav
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    Street Fighter II

    And Guile's trigger animation is complete!
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    Pin2Dmd Editor

    I'm proud to present the new version of the editor. Please see the new video tutorials here: And download the new versions for win64, mac64 and linux64 here: https://bintray.com/sker65/pin2dmd/Editor2/latest#files There's lots of new features like clipboard support and many more. Have Fun, Steve
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    So this table is a mod, of a shite mod by hannibal, which was modded from Dozers LE table, when Dozer modded the original pro version done by everyone listed by dark. People please read the history and give credit where credit is due. There was a lot of work done by the original people so at the very least acknowledge them. Thanks to Fren, ICP, Dark, Ninuzzu, Flupper and Dozer...there could be more even. Sorry to the same people listed for having to see this kind of disrespect by thoughtless twits Also thanks to the VP Dev team for their continued work, along with DJRobX for figuring out the LE coding with VPM in the first place. Thanks to Carneypriest and Arngrim for VPM and DOF On the plus side any physics adjusting from a typical turd table hannibal turns out is an improvement.
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    Version 1.0.0


    No Fear Dangerous Sports (Williams 1995) HI REZ
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    Ice Cold Kong

    Version 1.0.0


    Ice Cold Kong created by RidicRick25. Recreation of Ice Cold Beer/ Zeke's Peak
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    The Walking Dead Pro (Stern 2014)

    Version 1.0.0


    The Walking Dead Pro (Stern 2014)
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    B2S Backglass Designer

    Version v1.2


    B2S Backglass Designer v1.2 Application to create 'directB2S' backglasses. For installation and version info please click here. When you've made your first steps in the designer here are some maybe very helpful tips.
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    Pin2Dmd Editor

    its CLUTCH to know you can still copy / paste the masks between frames. So I take this frame And define the colors and masks and I get this: I can copy that data (that looks like this) And paste it onto this frame: And get this: Then I just need to color in the X with the last section of the palette: I can get the sequence done in about 10 minutes as opposed to MUCH longer.
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    Street Fighter II

    I finally figured it out. I think a better way to explain it is "make the first color of each block your masking color" , the other 3 colors are then used for shading.
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    StarTrek Premium / LE

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    SAMBuild2.9 beta thread

    @CarnyPriest What size display did you have? Not sure how close to FL you are but have a 240hz 42" Vizio lying around. There's a large speaker across the bottom but could be cut off. With all the hard work you do I could part with it but don't have money to ship it. Send DM if any interest. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    SAMBuild2.9 beta thread

    Playfield display took a crap early March. Been trying to find the time to take it apart since then. Hoping that it is just a matter of replacing blown capacitors on the power board. I'm also broke since paying income taxes. You do the math. If I get my workspace together I have a little 20" flat screen that I can hook up to at least do some testing. Nothing else is wrong with the cab. We'll see.
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    SAMBuild2.9 beta thread

    According to his profile he visited this forum yesterday ! Maybe real life things, but fortunately he is still among us...
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    SAMBuild2.9 beta thread

    For Star Trek, the only patch I know of is for the Pro game code. It works (with a script change) with fren's Pro table at VPInball. I think that there is a PM5 table here at VPU also. The Pro tables do not have RGB lighting. The patch does not work with the LE game code. Just use the unmodified code from sternpinball.com for the LE versions of the table. Good news is that it appears to be working as expected for you. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Street Fighter II

    The plan for now is to release it for Vpins and beg for donations to make me want to color and share more pins, T2 is next. For now, its nearing time to start these:
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    Version 1.0.0


    Tx to freneticamnesic for the permission to mod the nice table. Additionaly tx to using 85vetts script and adapted to work in VPX. Thanks to rom and Glxb and slamtilt for their FP Version! I have change this things: - new real playfield and decals - new physics - new lights - new sounds - some funny things
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    Patched Rom help

    Shrek and PotC are using inframe coding and are only supported with pin2dmd hardware.
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    SAMBuild2.9 beta thread

    No, 2.8 will work. There are tweaks that you can try to improve the look without getting into dmddevice.dll http://vpinball.com/forums/topic/lesser-known-features-of-vpinmame-dmd/
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    @neofr45 No need to take the mod away. What you should do is edit your first post, add those names dark mentioned. And if/when you do add more mods, please use some extra minutes to learn the history of the table. If people have given permissions to mod, doesn't mean you shouldn't thank them for their work. I believe we all understand your mistake, just learn from it and you're fine.
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    I am extremely sorry, I ask a hannibals Which was the last mod available, I respect your work and if you want That i remove the mod, i supress the mod away, excuse me again
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    Street Fighter II

    So after checking over the capture file again it turns out the section shouwing the portrait with an X over it *IS* dynamic , "X number of fighters remaining" so they'll have to be palette tricked, but all the "death" animations are not, so I took a break from drawing the street fighter logo 26 times and started E honda's sumo torpedo
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    Goin' Nuts (Gottlieb 1989) db2s

    Version 2.2 final


    Goin' Nuts (Gottlieb 1989) v2.1.directb2s Final version with BG given kindly by wildman that I thank very much. And thank you to jimenez for a layer. Attention the previous version has the 2.2 has a error of led please download the version 2.2 which corrects the error thanks Thanks to stefanaustria for his return of the errors on the leds
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    Version 1.0.1


    This is a HD version (2560x2048) of my Spiderman Vault Edition Backglass with the original Grill. Enjoy
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    Ghostbusters PREMIUM (Stern 2016)

    Version 1.0.0


    Ghostbusters PREMIUM (Stern 2016)
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    Addressable Rgb's

    I've had a bunch of people asking me for a tutorial for the addressable LED strips and matrix.. There’s just soooo much information on it, that I simply can't do a full "guide"....but I typed out a little "guide" that follows what "I" did to get my addressable LED strips up and running for me. This is by no means complete or perfect, as no two setups are the same....but I thought this would help alot of people by having this laid out out in my own plain words. This only covers the software portion of my setup. You still need to "Read the manual" as Swisslizard says.... My setup for DOF was only an Led-wiz and a Teensy for addressable leds. You will need to flash the Teensy with the custom firmware from Swisslizard: https://github.com/DirectOutput/TeensyStripController/wiki/Software:-Teensy-Firmware For software I recommend installing the VP 10 (X) all in one installer. That will setup your B2S server,etc...., and you’ll have VPX if you want to use it. http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=11573 http://vpinball.com/VPBdownloads/vpx-installer/ Then you need to install and setup DOF R3 beta. You need to find the newest version posted somewhere in the VPUniverse forums like the “addressable leds” thread. http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/2180-addressable-rgbs/page-19 You will have to read the DOF3 Wiki page to install DOF and have it enabled in the B2S Server: http://pinball.weilenmann.net/docu/DirectOutputWIP/index.html ...when it’s installed, you should have DOF R3 installed in c:\DirectOutput folder. You need to install the DOF plug-in for Pinball X. (If you want addressable leds in Pinball X) http://pinball.weilenmann.net/docu/DirectOutputWIP/pbx.html You will need to have a “c:\DirectOutput\config” folder. DOF Config Tool: http://configtool.vpuniverse.com/login.php Normally you would setup your DOF devices on the DOF config tool site. This site will basically generate config files for ALL of the VP tables. It basically maps the lights and feedback, etc to work with whatever arrangement you have for your devices (my LED-Wiz is setup different than other people for example). You would then copy those files to your “c:\DirectOuput\config” folder. In your “c:\DirectOutput\config” folder you will need the following files (I’ll explain each): ------------------------------- cabinet.xml -this is a file you MUST create yourself and edit for your setup. -You configure your led strips and back matrix in here.(left side, right side and back are all considered a separate matrix) http://pinball.weilenmann.net/docu/DirectOutputWIP/toy_builtin.html#use_DirectOutput_Cab_Toys_Hardware_LedStrip -You also create the “Led-Wiz equivalent outputs” in here... which would match up with your WS2811 controller outputs on the DOF config tool site. This is basically mapping your LED strip effects (currently only PFLeftFlasherMX, PFRightFlasherMX, and PFBackFlasherMX) to those outputs. Its confusing, but even all the other “effects” use these 3 outputs. http://pinball.weilenmann.net/docu/DirectOutputWIP/toy_builtin.html#use_DirectOutput_Cab_Toys_LWEquivalent_LedWizEquivalent -it also tells DOF what your addressable led config file is for VP tables,etc.. (normally directoutputconfig30.ini, created by the DOF config tool) ------------------------------------ directoutputconfig.ini -this is basically all the table config / mappings for Led-Wiz, sainsmart,etc for VP. Created by the DOF config tool. ------------------------------------ directoutputconfig30.ini -this is the table config / mappings for your WS2811 controller (Teensy, etc), and addressable leds. Created by DOF config tool. ------------------------------------ GlobalConfig_b2SServer.xml -this tells DOF what files you are using, where they are, etc.. You MUST create this for yourself using the GlobalConfigEditor.exe ------------------------------------ GlobalConfig_PinballX.xml -for me, I just made a copy of the file GlobalConfig_b2SServer.xml, and renamed it GlobalConfig_PinballX.xml. Needed for Pinball X addressable LED effects. ------------------------------------- tablemappings.xml -created by DOF config tool ------------------------------------ So in my case, I first had my Led-Wiz all configured and running for DOF, and I also used the DOF config Tool to create the directoutputconfig.ini, and tablemappings.xml files. I did NOT need a cabinet.xml file for Led-Wiz. When it came to addressable LEDs, then I needed the cabinet.xml, directoutputconfig30.ini, and GlobalConfig_PinballX.xml files in my “c:\DirectOutput\config” folder. Here’s the thing.... if you want to have addressable LEDS with Pinball X, and want a lot of the extra effects in VP (beacons, strobes, etc) you will need to use randr’s configs files (not sure if gech’s gives you Pinball X) in order to see them. (Pinball X is also considered a “table” in DOF) In my case, I needed to have a cabinet.xml and directoutputconfig30.ini that sets up everything for the addressable leds to match randr’s setup. If I used the DOF config tool to create my own directoutputconfig30.ini, it would work, but I wouldn’t get Pinball X effects or the extra effects in the tables. My cabinet.xml was based on randr’s, but I ONLY kept his Led-Wiz equivalent Outputs” sections. The portions needed for Teensy and addressable LED strips, etc had to be configured to my particular setup. http://pinball.weilenmann.net/docu/DirectOutputWIP/toy_builtin.html#use_DirectOutput_Cab_Toys_Hardware_LedStrip After all this was done. I was good to go! If I want to edit any DOF effects, etc in any table after this (and still keep randr's extra effects,etc)... I will have to manually do it by editing the directoutputconfig30.ini file directly, and not with DOF config tool..... that is until they have all been added into the database. Here is a dropbox link to my “DirectOutput/config” files. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/te4t6gtuv5flt2t/AABM-5p8qe6J2lpo8fYbeezRa?dl=0 These were configured for my system (I only control Led-Wiz and Teensy in DOF) , but the two main files you will need specifically for addressable leds in Pinball X and extra effects and shapes like randr’s (after you are all setup) are the cabinet.xml (you need to edit your Led strip layout) and the directoutputconfig30.ini files (this gives you the extra shapes and effects). This is by no means a complete and perfect “guide”, but its pretty much all I can help out with in my own words. Hope this helps....
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    Version 1.0


    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Data East 1991) 2 and 3 screen versions Noticed there was no Hi Rez version out there.....Enjoy
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    ACDC LE (Stern 2012)

    Version 1.0


    ACDC LE (Stern 2012)