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    Don´t worry, I won´t forget to finish the TAF update and also RS and TZ. But I needed a break so I started a new side project because I really like this table. First impressions:
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    Happy new year to all!
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    Beta cycle is complete - pick up SAMBuild33 here:
  5. 8 points
    Here's a 2021 update. Cant believe I started this in May of last year, and with the pandemic it took a few months to even pick it up again. I'm starting to near the finish line! This DMD is full of random transitions so it has been quite the task. I've even had to redraw full animations to make it clear.
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    Assault mode real pin test... Thanks to Jochen Nicklas!
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    Hey Terranigma Thank you. Here are the gifs of the work done so far.
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    Latest SAMBuild for the version 3.4 cycle can be found in this post. The package includes the latest external DMD dlls if there has been a recent update. Or else find the external DMD dlls with the beta thread for the official VPinMAME build here: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27063&page=1 OR at lucky1's GitHub repository for Pin2DMD here: https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/tree/master/integration/pinmame OR freezy's dmddevice.dll which provides full color DMD support for virtual DMD as well as hardware DMD (i.e., LED panels): https://github.com/freezy/dmd-extensions/releases Copy the files into your VPM directory, and run setup.exe again. There, press the install button (with each new build) and remember to setup the defaults again! In case you have an external DMD connected that you want to use with VPM, please move the dlls from the respective subdirectory (Pin2DMD or PinDMD1 or PinDMD2 or PinDMD3) directly into your VPM directory! Commits to official source: https://sourceforge.net/p/pinmame/code/commit_browser Official rev r5270 SAMBuild_r5270.zip
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    Time for a new major release. The main job this time was to allow the usage of more colors for your colorization projects. We now are able to use up to 64 different colors per frame in all devicemodes. As a side effect that allows you to colorize machines like Stern SAM Stern SPIKE and HomePin using the PIN2DMD Editor. While adding the new framebuffer creation routines to the firmware I was able to optimize / speedup the existing routines as well, which should also give you a better performance with existing colorizations. You can find the 4.00 beta firmware for all pin2dmd hardware platforms here https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/tree/beta and the 64 color version of the pin2dmd editor here. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jVjZ0vApCiMgCiZKHe0PFDXdAizxpHdy With existing projects it should work like before. It should also fix some existing bugs. To enable 64 colors go into the config menu and set the colors to 64 and restart the editor. If you then load a 16 colors project you should be asked wether you want to convert to 64 colors. V4.01 - fix masked modes for AlvinG real pinball machines - updated dmddevice.dll which fixes 4 bit replacement mode and compatibilty to latest pinmame version V4.02 - better timing accuracy in real pin dumps - updated pin2dmd tools (32bit/64bit/OSX)
  10. 5 points
    Hi! I made fixed on last edition. - Fixed Scene "travel with Ripleys" -Fixed scenes if you change replay on extra ball on scores scene -Fixed scene "Extra ball at" -Fixed scenes with some scenes with idols. -Fixed scene with Match -And some other Fixes. Updated vpin version available here - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/gE2o/f6bpPZmVM Real pinball version update is available by that personal link which you received if you purchase it. Just download files again and update that files on your SD card.
  11. 5 points
    Hello Everyone I am realy new to this. I worked on the actual colorization for Super Mario Bros pinball Work done so far. Colored Castle destroy 1, upgraded background. Created 6 New castle destroy scenes (2-7) Work in Progress Yoshi replacment scene Test files atached pin2dmd.fsq pin2dmd.pal
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    Official rev r5270 Fix regression in solenoid emulation for Juegos Populares SAMBuild_r5270.zip
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    Thanks for your huge support to the community. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday this year.
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    SAMBuild33b is the same as SAMBuild_r5270 except that the version numbers are reverted back to 3.3. Don't have to install it if you already have installed r5270. They are functionally the same.
  15. 3 points
    Hi, New update on the google drive : - Super jackpot is colored (countdown / starting screen / end screen) - Double jackpot and crane jackpot should be completely colored now - Changed again the attract mode to color the ball of the data east logo - Changed the "dont use drugs" screen -> hope you'll enjoy - Changed the "6 balls" colors - Continued some changes back from replaceMode to Replace and colormask modes Changelod is updated - I'll keep you updated while going on ! Thanks @Terranigma for the vids, it helps !
  16. 3 points
    Hi to all I would share with you my first work of coloration on Cactus Canyon pinball machine. I've been working on it for a few weeks now, the result it seems very good I hope like . Bye
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    Getting closer to a release each day... So time for a teaser 🙂
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    Maybe a good idea is to stop using PUP Pack where they provide you with a rom without any sound ??? 😎
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    One more thing. ColorMask Sequence (or Replace Sequence) are theoretically ideal as it should keep the sync to the frames in the background but in practice it has shown that single frame ColorMask triggers work better.
  20. 2 points
    Hi, I've updated the google drive with a new version that should be correcting some errors shown by @Flens video. Thanks for sharing, it helps ! The changelog on first page is updated if you want to have some details over the last changes.
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    View File Pinball Magic (Capcom 1995) Pinball Magic (Capcom 1995) Hi Rez Thanks to Tamoore for the pics of his BG and his help.. Submitter Wildman Submitted 09/01/2014 Category B2S Backglasses  
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    View File Last Action Hero (Data East 1993) Last Action Hero (Data East 1993) Submitter Wildman Submitted 02/15/2014 Category B2S Backglasses  
  24. 2 points
    View File Tales from the Crypt (Data East 1993) Tales from the Crypt (Data East 1993) Submitter Wildman Submitted 02/15/2014 Category B2S Backglasses  
  25. 1 point
    Finally back to trying this and sent a pm regarding getting files for my real addams. Can't wait to toss this in. Been a long time coming.
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    Hi dtatane, good work. I love it ! here are some statements/ errors: beginning multiball - dannys popcorn bag colour mismatch, see video (beginning multiball) in dropbox the first 4 seconds you see bottom left the popcorn bag. catch the red eye - everything is red - see video (red-eye) in dropbox crane jackpot - crane red, see video (crane-jackpot) in dropbox chicken car crash - at the end of carcrash car is a little yellow - see video (chicken-car-crash) in dropbox. when getting 10 Mio points at chicken, the six 0 in 10. mio are orange and yellow find benedict - countdown still missing i think https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bhltk78okltgqj6/AAAKNw-OMRDYXRz306WXagV_a?dl=0 Best regards Holger
  27. 1 point
    Thanks man, another great update. I'm going to start testing now. I am going to go through everything you have updated first and then give a list of all the issues I have found. Some are most likely known but I will include them for reference. - Super jackpot is colored (countdown / starting screen / end screen) - Are now coloured - Double jackpot and crane jackpot should be completely colored now - Are now coloured but some issues with the crane over the text as detailed below. - Changed again the attract mode to color the ball of the data east logo - Working correctly - Changed the "dont use drugs" screen -> hope you'll enjoy - Can you confirm this screen please of what it should show - Changed the "6 balls" colors - 6 Balls still look grey to me - Find Benedict countdown missing, stays on the find benedict text screen. (Thanks Flens!) - Continued some changes back from replaceMode to Replace and colormask modes - The intro with the chopper and the building now works and some other scenes do now too! - Getting a direct hit at the start shows the frames all in red - Benedict Bonus Boost - The B and most of the O in the word Bonus are red and the rest of the word Bonus is white. The end frame is all red. - Chicken animation at the very end the car has a yellow back and red front. Should be all red. Sometimes it's not as bad. Looks like it is picking up frames from the previous yellow car. - The cats that jump to the far right in cat millions will turn yellow when they are close to the jacket on the right hand side of the frame. - Extra Ball lit flickers red at the start of the animation. - Extra Ball animation turns orange when he throws the ball towards the guy. - Dynamite Feature sometimes flickers red and sometimes had a full red frame at the end. - Wild Card now looks coloured right! - Dynamite Feature explosion sometimes just goes yellow for a few frames at the end. - Have a nice day screen turns red at the end frames. - Bonus with the 2 people mirrored goes red near the end. - Catch the red eye, all 3 eyes are red. - Super Crane counter that counts down has some colour bleed flickering on the right hand side. - x more for Multiball doesn't look coloured. The countdown screen. The woman's face and the text etc are all red and white. - There is a scene where the crane for double jackpot moves over the text and it looks like it gets coloured the same white/grey as it moves. - Smart Missile is all red not sure if it's not triggering or hasn't been coloured. - When activating "Action" before "Last" it goes red and orange. Activating "Last" after this shows "Last" working correctly. - Balls Draining animation is much better but still a few flickers of red frame in between. - "Shoot Left Scoop to sell tickets" is all red when it switches from "theater capacity" - Beating a high score shows the previous high score name and has a red frame at the end. Here is a super cut of almost all the issues in 1 video: https://we.tl/t-jPH7o9pF2p Thanks!
  28. 1 point
    Could it be that you simply have nothing marked with that mask ? I can´t see any red or blue area. The about box issue seems to be something with your graphic settings. Mine looks like in the attached picture. Maybe you have the same problem like the user in this post and have to change the Properties of javaw.exe
  29. 1 point
    @TerranigmaThe consistance of the triggering depends on the way you trigger the scenes. In general my experience is for real pins, that you will definately need to use single frame triggers or work with the layered color mask if this makes sense. The real pin is not very consistant in delay times for the single frames, so I would recommend to use a very high delay time for each frame (500 or above). That will keep the mask active until the next frame gets triggered and will prevent you from "fallbacks" to pal0 what will let the frame lose its color. If you try to use the simple color mask with multiple frames, the mask will run out of sync. Replacement scenes with multiple frames will run in a different timing (delay time per frame) and the result is that the animation does not run all the way to the end, because it gets disrupted by a new trigger.
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    Hi, three years after introducing the completely new Nucleo STM32F429zi / STM32F439zi V4 Shield design which allowed us to build 128x32, 128x16 and 192x64 displays with the same hardware and lead to the EVO design, it is time for us to say goodbye to the old V3 shield hardware design. As a consequence we will stop giving out new activation keys for Discovery based PIN2DMD devices by the end of this year 31.12.2020. Firmware support will of course be continued as long as possible. Replacement keys with proof of destruction of the defective STM32F407 discovery board (picture of board physically destroyed) excepted. Too many support issues, like cheap chinese discovery clones or wrong enhancer configuration, which could have been avoided with the V4 design made this decision necessary to save my valuable time. We will keep the V3 shield design on github for all those who want to upgrade their hardware by replacing their old V1 or V2 shield. If you start a new pin2dmd DIY build here is a very good 4 based writeup
  31. 1 point
    Could not reproduce the problem. You should also have a raw dump file which is better for gottlieb. Could you please attach that too ? Do you store the recording in the same folder as project ?
  32. 1 point
    I'll post something, but for now you can grab the beta here: It will be the same DLL.
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    happy new year to you too. awesome colors and work.
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    Amazing stuff ... i know a safe cracker owner so he will spend some money for this (or i will kick hiss ass). and i´m happy as a vpin user too - thanks for you effort in all this 😍
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    I'm in - please, take my money!!!
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    Looks amazing, thanks for your work.
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    I love what I am seeing here....I’m not particularly familiar with this table but your colorization project will certainly change that for me. Nice job...thanks for sharing your WIP so far.
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    Hi dtatane again, just testing your new version after update. Looks good so far. In the attract mode the data east logo is now coloured. Just little red frames when scrolls in. Not to see if you dont know. The LastActionHero Logo scrolls in with a short stop/break. See Video NEW VERSION attract mode in my dropbox > https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bhltk78okltgqj6/AAAKNw-OMRDYXRz306WXagV_a?dl=0 In dynamite feature BigMistake i have a yellow screen in the animation. The changes to colour mask (CM) i dont see so far. Maybe when frames in play it is to fast ? So please dtatane look at the videos and you can go on with colouring. Cant wait to see the next version. Best Regards Holger
  41. 1 point
    Hi, I've updated the files on the Google Drive. I've updated the color to use more ColorMAsk mode which seems to be more reliable with realpins : - data east logo in attract mode : the ball in in ColorMask. I've left the "Data East logo" in replace mode due to color choices, let me know if you see red frames. - dyn feat lit / dyn-feat-explode : changed to CM - magnet sequences (last / action / hero) : changed to CM - insert coin : changed to CM + support for French ROM - benedict found : changed to CM - end-scn (game over scrolling) : changed to CM - play chicken : changed back to Replace Mode (was changed to ReplaceSequence Mode) : let me know if it works - ball 1 locked / ball2locked : changed back to Replace mode (was in ReplaceSeuence) - dyn feat - big mistake : changed back to replace mode (was in replace sequence mode) - push start (both versions with our without border) : changed to CM mode If you could check these changes on realpins and give feed back before I go on changing everything ? Merry Christmas !
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    I have struggled with myself for a long time, many of you have already asked me about it ... I think this will be the biggest challenge and amount of work so far, but now I finally decided... ...to enter the Twilight Zone!
  43. 1 point
    Nice. Thank you very much Carny, for this and all the releases you've given us throughout the years. This one was especially wanted in that it solves those ugly distortions and I prefer playing my favorite emulations with colors for the dmd. Merry x-mas !! ❤️
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    Seems like it will become a complete overhaul.. .
  45. 1 point
    I decided to look in to this over the weekend and figured out was is going on...but there's a twist! So after reading up on how lighting works with VPX (and inserts in particular) I open the table in the editor. In the light options for the monster heads it states the image that the light will go through...in this case it was named "MB insertslow". I exported that image (from Image Manager in the editor) and upon opening it was obvious the inserts for the heads and the other few lights mentioned earlier we gone. I then exported the playfield image, downloaded GIMP, snipped out the missing inserts, cleaned them up, saved them into "MB insertslow" and re-imported them into the table. Success! Play a few games and the lights come on as expected. Now for the twist. It was kind of late when I finished so I decided to bring the files to work the next day to write up this post. I wanted to check them one more time so I installed VPX on my work computer and downloaded the table from this site. Started it up and all the lights are working perfectly fine. Huh? I exported the MB insertslow image and sure enough the inserts are missing...but somehow the lights are working. I guess this explains why not many people seemed to report this as an issue. I did receive a few PM's from users with this problem so I knew I wasn't the only one. I am curious what could cause this... Anyway, I've uploaded my modified "MB insertslow" image and instructions on how to import it into this table for any that are needing it. Cheers, Robb Monster Bash light fix.zip
  46. 1 point
    Another update. Slow going with the keyframe detection but its happening!
  47. 1 point
    Some crazy dynamic scenes on that one...
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    File Name: Arena (Premier 1984) File Submitter: Wildman File Submitted: 29 Nov 2014 File Category: B2S Backglasses Arena (Premier 1984) Click here to download this file
  49. 1 point
    File Name: Devil Riders (Zaccaria 1984) File Submitter: Wildman File Submitted: 26 Oct 2013 File Category: B2S Backglasses Devil Riders (Zaccaria 1984) This was a tuff fun one.. love to see this table redone but until then enjoy Click here to download this file
  50. 1 point
    File Name: Blackwater 100 (Bally 1988) File Submitter: Wildman File Submitted: 18 Jan 2014 File Category: B2S Backglasses Blackwater 100 (Bally 1988) Click here to download this file
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