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    The Getaway - High Speed II

    Thought I'd provide an update. I have now completed a few of the Burn Rubber scenes but still have a few to go, and probably still need to capture a couple more. I need to then do the masking for the cars crossing the screen and fix some Key Frames (when I get to that I might ask for some help). At that point I'd be ready for someone to explain to me how I could possibly colourise the Video Mode. It's been a long process and I haven't had much spare time lately but I am trying to do a little each night so that it still progresses.
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    Judge Dredd

    Some progress
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    This is my current solution: All VP versions have now surround sound included, so a much more simple solution than the one above is necessary to use 7.1 together with VST plugins and some tweaking actions: Equalizer APO! Equalizer APO is virtually inserted between your sound source and your soundcard, so that all these manipulations get possible. Install EQ-APO Activate it for your soundcard using the "configurator" program. Use "configuration editor" to customize your sound landscape (see screenshot) In the screenshot you can see different "racks" (described top down): The first one sets the sound device (my onboard Realtek card) Now the channels for the following racks are defined, First Stereo LR, where the next two racks (VST plugins, an EQ and a compressor) are assigned to. The same for the Center channel except that another VST plugin ( a Mono to Stereo converter with spatial widener) is added. Then same procedure for Rear LR (EQ + some amplifying for the tactile speakers) then again for Side LR. EQ-APO always runs in the background, no need to start it seperately Not THAT difficult, isn't it The purpose of all this is to improve the sound quality and to compensate level differences between the channels. Not really necessary for a proper function, but much fun! You can find VST plugins as freeware for all kind of applications, feel free to ask for some neat ones. Have much fun improving your surround pinball experience!
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    Hi Thalamus, this screenshot was made at a time, when VP9 and VP-PM5 did not have surround sound support included (only VPX). Now that all VP versions have it, this quite complicated way is no longer needed, and I now use Eqalizer APO for that. It is capable to use VST plugins and advanced routing, and it is freeware. I will provide new screenshots here, stay tuned...
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    Ghostbusters - just testing

    I decided to fire up Pinball Browser and start messing around with doing my first colorization. Decided to tackle the Stern logo first. Deleted the pinball image, drew in Slimer and slimed the logo. I know it's not much, but it's a start to learning how to do this.
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    The Getaway - High Speed II

    The method to colorize the videomode is currently in development. Steve has started to implement them into the editor (that is why it is crashing in the latest version ) As soon as I have editor exports to work with I can start to implement and test it.
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    Sorry for being vague, I put the b2s and vpx files in the same directory with the same file name which is normally what I've done in the past but that doesn't seem to be it. I have had to edit the script to add the b2s server lines to other tables in the past but all of that appears to be there. Edit: Nevermind, I read through the script a little more thoroughly and got it all figured out. Sorry for being a bother.
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    Attack from mars colorization

    Almost finished colorization for my Attack from Mars pinball machine. It will be available for free for virtual pinballs. Here is preview. Will be released when all bugs was fixed. Donations welcome -> https://www.paypal.me/vbobrusev
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    No Shaker (I wish I had one). I've only got the lights right now
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    Better lighting.. Redid the lights for a better look
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    Better lighting.. Redid the lights for a better look
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    Started doing MM. I have a real machine so it will work well in a real pinball. When I'm done it will be free or if you want a WIP version let me know. -Tom
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    Great, thanks!
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    Pin2Dmd Editor

    Hey lucky1 or cb3, When you mark start, mark end, and cut a scene - do the drawing tools highlight right away when you click cut? On mine they are greyed out - I have to click on another scene, then click back on the last cut scene just to make them active. I didn't have to do that on the old version. EDIT: I just downloaded a new version of the editor that was uploaded about 45 minutes ago, and the clipboard now works!!! Apparently the author fixed the problem. And I'm so glad I'm not going crazy!
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    Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Uodate your firmware and your dmddevice.dll and GB should work fine. If your DMD only starts when Mini USB (ST-Link) port is connected you also need to upgrade your ST-Link firmware. Everything described on pin2dmd.com Zadig has nothing to do with ST-Link. If you installed libusb drivers for your ST-Link you need to fix this and install the ST-Linke drivers provided by STM.
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    star wars data east

    I would like to start the colarion of this machine, I could also extract the virtual pinball nimations or tell me how I can extract them from the machine. thank you Edit so that people do not get confused, my work is totally disinterested and will be freely shared when it is finished, anyone who wants to can use it, change colors etc I will also put a donation button in my signature, in case someone wants to collaborate in the acquisition of my second dmdled for my sttng, which will be my next project, as I said before it is not MANDATORY to use the coloring.
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    Well I can let you know I have been doing some bits. That problem we had there should be good....I have added shaker to quite a bit of the game, no idea how it will be, but should be fine. That's also switchable from service and by default is off. Other small changes. Saved with 10.5 VP, some physics adjustments. I do have a small list to go through having just played a few games to clean up and should be ready. https://vphighscores.appspot.com/games/EvilDead/played/35 This game I played, 6 minutes, big score....you would be lucky to get a portion of that getting through the whole game before that. Not possible every time at all, but is a bit easier. In it's current state it's a good game for non VP/Pin players. I got beaten twice by a noob, they loved that, so that was a bit of sick one, but happy that was possible.
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    A huge improvement to what was available before. So, thank you very much for this !
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    View File Star Wars (Sonic 1987) Backglass for sonic star wars. It is fantasy, I did not find many videos to see the operation, only two and very poor quality. Submitter kalavera3 Submitted 04/08/2018 Category B2S Backglasses  
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    Wwf Royal Rumble (Data East 1994)

    Ok Thank You 4 help
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    Wwf Royal Rumble (Data East 1994)

    Glad you got it working. I am not sure if I understand your first question. Are you trying to set up your Insert Credits button? Open the VP Editor and click "Preferences", then click "Keys, Nudge and DOF" On the left side of this menu. you will see "Button Assignments". You should be able to change these coin inserts to whatever button or key you want. Simply click on "Add Credit" and change number to one you want, or click the menu below it to set to gamepad button. For your second question, Alot of the tables music and sounds will be set really low by default. most of the time you can just hit the "End" key, which opens the pinball service door, and then you either press 7, 8 or 9 to turn up volume on machines. I would recommend you check out ta2686's Volume Adjustment tutorials found here... http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=tutorials&cat=9 As there different methods of achieving this with each different Pinball manufacturer.
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    Wwf Royal Rumble (Data East 1994)

    If you are trying to rotate this FS version table into DT version, Open the table in the Visual Pinball Editor, On the upper left side of editor you will see Options and Backdrop tabs. With both the "Options" and "Backdrop" tabs pressed down, on the right side of editor, you will see "Colors & Formatting". Changing the XY rotation to 0 will rotate for DT usage. Change all those numbers to match the ones in pic i added as attachment. These numbers are just for example, but should work for you. Hope this helps you. Or you could try downloading the Desktop Patch made by coolball found here.. http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/3010-wwf_rr_v10_pm5_dtzip/ You will need to read the instructions on how to use the VPU Patching System to get the patch to work properly. Since you are a beginner, I added both options for you to choose from. One way may be easier than the other to a beginner.
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    New VPX feature - Surround sound output

    BTW: http://www.vst4free.com/index.php?m=VSTfx
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    Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Please attach your pin2dmd.pal . Here is mine which is stored in altcolor\spagb_100 pin2dmd.pal
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    I the release notes I mentioned that since 2.48 I mentioned that I added color correct, that the screen colors and the pin2dmd colors match better. You should get a orange look by setting RGB to normal orange values like 100 % 255,140,0 66% 120,66,0 33% 71,39,0 0% 0,0,0
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    I said it as nice as I could
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    The Getaway - High Speed II

    The way to get it done is clear. In fact we discussed the new method with exactly this videomode because we both own a getaway. Now the concept needs to make it into the code of the editor and the firmware.
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    Lethal Weapon 3

    Welp, the Scores are working for me, but I do have 1 miscolored frame in the match game and the occasional other oddity in the attract mode.
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    Judge Dredd

    Made some progress.
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    existing godmd animations project?

    Here is all that i have... would love to add more so hope people add more links to share https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9xa6zh22j3b01w2/AAAgJty58SZAMVumvShiwylWa?dl=0
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    existing godmd animations project?

    I have a fair collection for my clock will pull memory card and copy to Dropbox when I get a min