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    Topper Videos

    Thanks a lot for your work. Really a true add-on for the VP!
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    Topper Videos

    Thanks for the Topper Videos, Bambi. I really like your editing on the movie cuts. I look forward to furure releases! Suggestion: If you leave the audio in the movie cut, it won't play in the Topper, but for those tables that have no attract audio, the audio track could be de-muxed and used as Table Audio. Leaving audio in, doesn't add much to the size, but would add ambience to those 'silent' attract mode tables.
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    No Fear Dangerous Sports (Williams 1995)

    awesome Man !
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    Toppers by Laylow

    Bertie you are a machine. I do not have a topper, but I am going to try these out as my DMD videos. Thanks
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