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    Version 2.0


    The Incredible Hulk (Gottlieb 1979)
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    Pool Sharks(Bally 1990)

    Version 2.0


    Pool Sharks(Bally 1990)
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a cleaned up version of a backglass made by Rawd. I sourced and photoshopped a new cleaner image and adjusted lighting to match. Enjoy!
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    Clown (Inder)

    Version pinclown.zip


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    Version 2.0


    Twister( Sega 1996)
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    Version 1.1


    Rack Em Up (Gottlieb 1983)
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    Version 1.3


    I first would like to thank Allknowing2012 for allowing mods without permission. I would also like to thank him for making a great table!! I also would like to thank anyone else who helped contribute to this masterpiece, including John90803, Wolis, Drybonz, Thalamus, and HauntFreaks!! There is much more important info on original download page. They put in alot of time and work on the original table, and it is appreciated!! So if you like this mod, I would encourage you to thank the original author of the table, as I have only made a few changes! Original Table... http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=11754 Find ROM here... http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=779 IPDB... http://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=2067 THIS TABLE IS DEDICATED TO MY BROTHER DAN!!! KEEP FIGHTING BRO!!! I also would like to thank Flupper for his great Flasher resource table!! I would also like to thank Thalamus for telling me how to use resource tables!! I also would like to thank Allknowing2012 and Gtxjoe for teaching me how to add timers to script! I also would like to thank DJRobX, STAT, Gtxjoe, and nFozzy, for helping me shorten my StopSounds and PlaySounds script commands. (They each wrote out an example, and between them all, I was able to figure it out!! BIG THANKS!!!) I would also like to thank DJRobX for showing me example of flasher script command for flasher placement in FS mode. I also would like to thank STAT for his "Team Change script", which my script is based on. I also would like to thank Steve "Slydog43" for which these VPX mods would not be possible!! Version 1.3 Moved plunger activated sounds to trigger in plunger lane. Added JP's GI Effect script, so GI Lights blink with certain events. (Plunger release, and drop targets activate GI Effect.) (This proved to be really hard to implement on this table, because there are only GI Lights above the plastics, and below the plastics is lit up with a lightmap.(Basically like Shadows layer added to a flasher, except this is the GI lighting instead of shadows.) So I had to add timers and call for the visibility of the flasher to match the GI Effect script. Added GI lighting to DT Backdrop. Added coin being inserted sound effect, into sound manager and implemented it. (Dropping of quarter in coin box.) Added drain sound effect.(This sound was in sound manager but not tied to drain.) Tied upper 2 flashers to bumper hit. Changed height of drop targets from 1 to 0.01,(Tops can still be seen when dropped.) Connected adv left and right bonus to red and blue flasher. Adjusted sides of the flashers above plastics.(So they are not seen off table in DT mode.) Version 1.02F Fixed Shoot Again light on playfield, as it was lighting up when 2X light was on. (Timer Interval was set to 34, same number for 2X light Timer Interval. I just set it for 1 and now it lights up correctly when you get extra ball, and not when 2X is lit.) Fixed timers on in game rollover sound effects, so there is half of a second between each one, so none will overlap.I found a few that were set to 1 second timers, and they were 5 second sound effects. So this problem is fixed. Added 22 more sound effects, including 3 more coin sound effects, 2 more awaiting launch sound effects, 7 more side drain sound effects, and 10 more rollover sound effects. (No sound effects were changed in Music folder, so if you already have the old music in music folder, no need to copy again.) Switched Default FS Backdrop pic to chrome lettering. Added flashers from Fluppers Flasher Resource table activated by events. Version 1.01 Fixed timer on target6 timer. Changed from sw42 to Drain timer. It was activating launch sound effects after multiball. Added new Instruction Card with slightly bigger resolution. (I didn't make this for frontend usage, as I don't own a cabinet. It is mainly for DT users who want to read actual instructions.) Corrected info in Version 1.0 that I forgot to update before uploading. (I reduced the amount of bumpercaps from 15 to 6 as alot of them didn't look good enough. I just forgot to update info before I uploaded version 1.0.) Added 2 nvram files. One for 5 ball and one for 7 ball. (Copy nvram into nvram folder where Visual pinball is installed. To go back to 3 ball just delete the nvram.) (Thanks to Johngreve for asking this question, and thanks to Allknowing2012 for linking to ball adjustment tutorials made by ta2686!!) I also ran across a post by Steve (Slydog43), asking DarthMarino in his drop target table mod support topic, about seeing top of drop target when in dropped position. So... I raised the drop targets, So now you can see tops when dropped. (Thanks Steve!!!! Looks more realistic!!) Added 4 more bumper pics. (another Cylon ship, a Cylon basestar, the Battlestar Galactica ship, and a cylon.) Added 26 more sound effects mostly triggered by lower rollovers. Added 2 more Background music sound effects. One is triggered by plunger pull, the other is a disco version of theme played during attract mode. Added cylon sound effect to lower 2 targets, sw49(right lane to reach top of table), and kickers. A few other script changes. Version 1.0 I used Allknowing2012's 2.1b version to make this mod. Removed Sidewood and Topwood image from being visible in FS view. Changed Light l18 to enable bulb. (Noticed this light was brighter than rest, so found the cause and fixed.) Tucked in metal wall under apron near plunger.(Didn't notice this until I darkened apron image.) Straightened out Shadows ramp5 and Lightmaps flasher7 edges.(By making X and Y control points same number.) Lowered left bullseye target under plastic so top does not show through plastic. Lowered pegs above upper targets,(and a 4 others), so red doesn't show through plastics. Lowered upper-left rollover divider so not seen through plastic. Added 3 screw primitives to left side of apron. Darkened apron and lit up cards on apron. (I was going to add Battlestar Galactica logo to apron, but then noticed there was no Scorpion logo on apron except on coin card. I didn't want to clutter apron with logo.) Pulled bottom of side rails out slightly so side wall didn't cut through. Changed side rail pics to ones that look like chrome. Changed sidewalls and top wall in DT view to stars. Added "plungerreleasefree" sound effect that plays when no pinball is in plunger lane. Added 18 FS Backdrop pics that can be toggled with left magna-save key (L-CTRL). Added 6 Bumper Cap pics that can be toggled with right magna-save key (R-CTRL). Added 6 Drop Target pics that can be toggled with letter "M" on keyboard. Default apron is darkened, but light version can be toggled with letter "N" on keyboard. Added 103 sound effects. 2 Background music effects are played during game, and 1 other is toggled when both pinballs are captured in left and right kickers. (I added timers to these rollover sound effects so they won't shut off if another rollover is triggered before one that hasn't finished. Before I did this, the rollover sound effects seemed too chaotic and cut off too many sounds.) 34 cylon and galactica sound effects are triggered by upper 3 rollovers, and bottom 4 inner rollovers. The upper 3 rollovers trigger 1 of 17 cylon sound effects. The lower 4 rollovers trigger 1 of 17 cylon and galactica sound effects. 1 of 5 space gun sound effects is triggered with each bumper hit. 20 sound effects triggered by coin insert. 1 of 4 Beginning sound effects are triggered during attract mode, then 1 of 13 sound effects are played before 1 of 4 Ending sound effects is played. This table has a buzzing sound that progressively goes up in pitch. (Part of the Rom I think. I will try to remove this buzzing soon!!) Place music in your music folder located where you installed Visual Pinball. (DO NOT PLAY THE MUSIC AS THIS MAY ADD A TAG TO MP3 AND RENDER MP3 USELESS!!) Added 2 nvram files. One for 5 ball and one for 7 ball. (For 3 ball no nvram is needed.) (Copy nvram into nvram folder where Visual pinball is installed. To go back to 3 ball just delete the nvram.) I included with table, 3 wheel images and 2 different dB2S backglasses with 4 versions each. Regular Orange LEDs, Blue, Red, and Yellow. Be sure to restart table after starting table for first time as flippers may stick on first start of table on your setup. (You should do this with all new tables you are trying out for first time to avoid weird table behaviour.) If the flippers are not working at all, you need to update to the newest VP10.5 Beta, or go to Line 228 and change.. Const UseSolenoids=2 To Const UseSolenoids=1 Change from 2 to 1 as this is activating nFozzy's FastFlips. All pics, trademarks, Logos and sounds belong to their respectful owners. This table is for personal home, and non-commercial use only. This table should be used for educational purposes only.. Hope you enjoy!!
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    Top Pin

    Version toppin.zip


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    Jokerz (G-4 German)



  10. 1 point

    Version potc_600as.zip


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    Version 1.0.0


    Night of the Living Dead '68 (Original 2018) Mod Version 1.0 by HiRez00 and Xenonph This is my first official mod / table release, and I wanted to do something unique and special with it. This was a labor of love pinball table created as a dedication to the late, great filmmaker George A. Romero, who single-handedly created and stamped the "zombie" genre with his original classic "Night of the Living Dead" in 1968. This film set the benchmark and tone for all "zombie" movies and TV shows that followed. Had he not made this great film that terrified millions of people, the zombie trend that is now upon us would have never existed, ever. How many filmmakers created a genre that has been imitated, copied and downright ripped off like the one he started on a shoe-string budget? None. When I first saw this incredible B&W classic in the late 70s - early 80s, it absolutely changed my life. I was in awe of how he was able to create tension and fear without ANY blood and guts at all. It turns out, when they made the film, they had a very small budget and couldn't afford anything like that ... but DID add these elements in later films like "Dawn of the Dead" in 1978. For his amazing creativity, wonderful personality, and moral message within each of his films, he was truly one of a kind, and will be missed. He may be gone ... but his incredible movies will be watched and remembered forever. George A. Romero (1940 – 2017) - father, film maker, friend, may you rest in peace. ------------- This is a graphics and sound mod of Out of Sight (Gottlieb 1974). Thanks to Loserman76 for allowing us to mod his original table. I chose his table because it played perfectly to what I wanted for this new table design and could be adjusted and modified fairly easily. His exact words when asked permission were: "Go for it!". Original Out of Sight (Gottlieb 1974) can be found here: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=13254 Every graphic / image from the original table has been re-drawn (from scratch), heavily modified, or swapped out completely for new ones for a brand new layout. Multiple elements were also moved and adjusted to work with the new layout design. This table would not have been possible without the hard work, dedication and collaboration from Xenonph. Well known for his great sound and "flashers" mods to several tables, this time around he REALLY "stepped up to the plate" and took a BIG swing at adding all the additional features of sound, lighting, and additional extensive scripting this table needed. I am very grateful to have collaborated with such a talent as him. With every project, he goes over and above what is expected and never ceases to amaze me to how much he contributes to making tables and here on the forums. I can't thank him enough for weeks of time he put into making this table with me. This new table is NOT a solo release. This is a collaborative release from both me (HiRez00) AND Xenonph. There are 2 versions of this Night of the Living Dead (1968) table you can download: NOTLD-68 Mod v.1.x and NOTLD-68 Grunge-Mod v.1.x. NOTLD-68 Mod v.1.x is the standard 'clean and new' looking version. NOTLD-68 Grunge-Mod v.1.x is a totally 'distressed' and 'grunge' looking version as if this table was originally designed by Gottlieb and built and then stored in an old barn or warehouse for 40+ years ... to be recently discovered and played. Both tables play exactly the same and use the same custom 'Music' files. The grunge mod started as an experiment to see if we could do it realistically, and it turned out amazing. I am partial to the 'Grunge-Mod' version and prefer that version now. Because this was originally a EM (Electro-Mechanical) table, there are no ROMs to download or install. Place the files in the 'music' folder in your music folder located where you installed Visual Pinball - VPX. (DO NOT PLAY THE MUSIC AS THIS MAY ADD A TAG TO MP3 AND RENDER MP3 USELESS!!) If you would like to change the game options / settings (3 ball and 5 ball and bonus options), when game is not in progress, holding down left flipper for about 3-5 seconds will bring up the options menu. Left Flipper selects item and Right flipper changes option. If you plan on using this table in a cabinet, we have created 2 versions of the backglass, one in approx 4x3 aspect ratio and one in 16x9 aspect ratio for widescreen monitors. You can download the original backglass files here: DOF commands (as in the original table) are included within the script, but you will need to add the functionality to your DirectOutputConfig.ini file as this is an EM table that has not been added to DOF. For those of you (like me) that are using a PinDMD3, we have included a folder of DMD images and MP4 videos you can use in conjuncture with whatever front end software you are using so your DMD will not remain blank or static during game play. All pics, trademarks, logos and sounds belong to their respectful owners. This table is for personal home, and non-commercial entertainment use only. Most of the media used to create this table is freely available on the internet and should be consider as non-profit fan art.
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    Version 1.0.0


    I used a new image, and tried to be as faithful as possible with the real backglas, I saw many videos and photos to find the location and format of the text, I hope you enjoy it!
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    Goldorak VPX Edition

    Version 1.01.1


    Goldorak Table created by Rom in Future Pinball now ported to VPX 10.4 The table uses UltraDMD, place the Goldorak.UltraDMD folder where the VPX tables are located Thanks: JP for help in Small DMD and the wise advice he gave me Haunfreaks for Backglass Art Stat B2B Dev team for the great work they do with the emulator and the great community. Sorry if I forgot to mention somebody :facepalm:
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    Version 1.0


    Twilight Zone (Bally 1993) Hi Rez
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    Version 1.0


    The Simpsons Pinball Party (Stern 2003) Hi Rez
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    Contact (Williams 1978)

    Version 1.0


    Contact (Williams 1978)
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    Version 1.0


    Metallica Premium Monsters (Stern 2013)
  20. 1 point

    Version 1.0


    Indiana Jones (Stern 2008)
  21. 1 point

    Version 1.0


    The Machine Bride Of Pinbot ( Williams 1991) Thanks to cscroble for the great pics of his backglass in 2 and 3 screen versions.....
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    Version 1.0


    Faeton (Juegos Populares 1985)
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    Version 1.0


    Rollercoaster Tycoon(Stern 2002)
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    Version Rev3


    Williams widebody plans, taken from my original TZ. Has been the source for many builds to date. for those not use to working with the metric system, simply take the number and divide by 25.4 to get imperial.
  25. 1 point

    Version Rev 1


    Williams standard body cabinet plans (22" wide). for those not use to working with the metric system, simply take the number and divide by 25.4 to get imperial.