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    DMD Images 1280x320

    Version 1.2.2


    All DMD Images have the Resolution 1280 x 320
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    Version 1.1.0


    This is a VPX conversion a 1992 Gottlieb Operation Thunder table. Big thanks to mfuegemann for the awesome VP9 version. I saw that someone started to make a VPX version and decided to leave it for anyone to do. The version that mfuegemann did was so well done that I didn't have much to do to it to make it VPX worthy. From his models to the playfield it was all well done and clean, in my opinion. It need the rom "opthund.zip" to run, you will have to find that yourself. Here are some thanks I found in the script. Thanks to the following: mfuegemann for the masterpiece VP9 version which made this an easy conversion to VPX. Akiles5000 for all the resource images of the playfield and plastics Batch for creating the Desktop Backdrop image Zaphod, Destruk and Scapino for the Vari Target solution from their VP8 table Fuzzel for providing the images for the playfield lights Kodiac for Flipper Primitive routine JPSalas for the Flasher fading code Arngrim for the SoundFX code
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    Version 1.1


    Wheel Of Fortune (Stern 2007)
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    Version 1.4


    Based on Totan 1.1.1 shiny mod from flupper1 (Thanks a lot for permission). I try to update this nice Table to 4k Resolution, with improvement of many graphic's and physics.
  5. 2 points

    Version 2.0


    The Addams Family (Bally 1992) New rebuilt Hi Rez Thanks to freneticamnesic for the Hi Rez Pic...
  6. 2 points

    Version 1.0


    The Shadow (Bally 1994) hi rez Thanks to Tamoore for the great pics of his BG
  7. 2 points

    Version 1.0


    Lady Death(Geiger 1983)
  8. 1 point

    Version 2.0


    The Amazing Spider-Man (Gottlieb 1980)
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    Version 1.3.0


    This is a VPX recreation of a 1986 Gottlieb/Premier Raven pinball machine. Big thanks to Destruk, TAB, and Moonchild for their earlier version. Thanks to CaptainNeo for his playfield scan. It needs the rom "raven.zip" to run, you will have to find that yourself.
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    New vector-based card reproductions based on images at IPDB and Inkochnito's. Type and layout in InDesign and assembly used Illustrator. Flareserif 821 by Berthold Wolpe obtained at fontsgeek.com and dafontfree.net. Flyer images courtesy IPDB. No wheel image. I like 32assassin's. His collection is at http://hyperspin-fe.com/. Thanks to freneticamnesic for the Spinball company logo. I modified it and traced to vector for use on the cards. Thanks to Jörg Kammholz, IPDB, and Inkochnito for reference images. This work is free to use by the community without attribution. All sources are trademarks / copyrights of their respective owners. This is to be privately used in front-ends or for other non-commercial (or at least non-profit) pinball-related applications. I hold no responsibility for their misuse.
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    Version 2.0


    NOTE: Distribution of this file on a computer, virtual pinball machine or any variation of such device, which is sold as part of a product, or making this file available to download from a website, or via a file transfer process, without my permission is strictly prohibited. All characters, logos, and Flash themed graphics are the property of DC Comics. This is re-theme of JP Salas' awesome Flash (Wiliams 1979). It is my first attempt at creating anything in visual pinball. I welcome input and suggestions. I didn't touch JP's coding cause I think it plays really well. Big thanks to JP for letting me mod his work. Thanks to Wildman for letting me deconstruct his B2S file for Flash, then rebuild. Also, Hauntfreaks and Vogliadicane gave great advice on the graphics, it's much better with their input. And I have to thank Jim L. for telling me about comic book discrepancies.
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    Version soprano3.zip


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    I made reproductions available on the PinballX FTP, but I found that for the factory PDF hosted by Inkochnito, Acrobat had automatically replaced Helvetica with Arial. Yes, they are close but Arial is not Helvetica! This pack has new versions of the factory PDF with the correct font and WWF and Data East logos replaced with vector-based versions. Refreshed the standard card and the alternate wide body card. No change required for Inkochnito's own reproduction. Edits and assembly used Illustrator. Appropriate coinage card also included. Helvetica fonts obtained at ephifonts.com. Data East vector-based logo based on one created by Tapule available at http://vectorlib.free.fr. WWF logo traced from Inkochnito's own reproduction. Found a high resolution version of the old style WWF logo on Pinterest. member murrayrhoads9. I'll throw that in for a wheel image. 300dpi scans of the flyer courtesy http://flyers.cdyn.com/ Stern published a series of infographics on Facebook celebrating 30 years of business. I included the one for WWF Royal Rumble. There are two versions, one with some extra trivia and the other is just the infographic. Both included. I use these as additional flyer images. Special thanks to Inkochnito for hosting the factory PDFs. This work is free to use by the community without attribution. All sources are trademarks / copyrights of their respective owners. This is to be privately used in front-ends or for other non-commercial (or at least non-profit) pinball-related applications. I hold no responsibility for their misuse.
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    Monopoly(Stern 2001)

    Version 2.0


    Monopoly(Stern 2001)
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    Version 1.0.0


    Scared Stiff (Bally 1996) Some skulls with animated eyes and lighteffects.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Collection of custom flyers created and maintained by ALDiode. These custom flyers contain Tips, Tricks and Easter Eggs for various games. Images can be added to front ends as Flyer images.
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    Version 1.0


    The Rolling Stones (Stern 2011)
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    Kiss (Stern 2015)

    Version 1.0.0


    Kiss (Stern 2015)
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    Version 1.0


    Twilight Zone (Bally 1993) Hi Rez
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    Version 1.5


    This is the initial release of Stern's 2011 "The Rolling Stones" for VP10 (LE/Premium Version). **IMPORTANT** Please make sure you are using VPX Final before you play this table. Many thanks to all the authors and content contributors who made this table possible. Especially whoever made the primitives used in this table. (Let me know who you are and I will update this description with credits). Without them, the mick mech in its current state would not have been possible. Although VP10 supports a built in desktop mode, I have not bothered to tweak the desktop settings so this release is primarily intended for cabinets. I may get some time at a later date to tweak this but I'd rather do it if and when a good primitive model for the lips is made. At the moment the lips are using an old fashioned ramp image. The left and right stop posts are assigned to left/right magnasave and the center post is currently assigned to the extra ball button. These are activated manually but timed by the rom for deactivation. It is strongly recommended to configure the LE version of the rom to activate the timed ball saver as by default it is turned off. Although the game plays quite conservatively with the current outlane post settings, the game can be a drain monster. Also, as the game starts the first ball wait a few seconds before plunging until the playfield insert lamps start as there is a small delay before the skillshot lights etc. become available. This seems to be an emulation issue and beyond my control. It is barely noticeable though. Please post any bugs or comments in the appropriate support topic and I'll take a look from time to time to see if they can be fixed. Have Fun - Dozer.
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    Version 1.0


    Pink Panther (Gottlieb 1981) Hi rez version....
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    CSI (Stern 2008)

    Version 1.0


    CSI (Stern 2008)
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    Version 1.1


    Funhouse (Williams 1990 )
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    Version 1.0


  25. 1 point

    Version v1.0


    Al's Garage Band Goes On World Tour (Alivin G. 1992) Backglass Image provided by: Flying Dutchman's Backglass Paradise