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    Hi everybody! Having just upgraded to a IMHO very affordable 220$ GTX 1660 SUPER GPU, which (compared to my old 1050) makes everything run super smooth on the highest VPX 10.6.1 options (Brute Force etc.), I 've gone through a number of my ca. 60 tables I have installed and I want to make a few comments about some things. 1. Changing the table view (Layback, FOV, Z scale) can easily make the table unplayable because it physically alters it! On so many tables I tried to adjust the view to a realistic one for me and messed up the table, like TOTAN or STTNG… and had to start adjusting from scratch. Let me digress here a bit. My cab was custom built for me as a private deal from a carpenter who bought my old real STTNG in exchange for a professional grade Williams Widebody cabinet in the original dimensions (pinball was his hobby too). The catch I wasn't aware of at the time (three years ago): The huge TV screen (47'') wasn't set lower into the cabinet as I see with most other cabs, tilted a little toward the back, but it's directly below and parallel to the glass. Yeah, I know, but that's the way it is. Also of course I can't zoom out all tables filling the 47'' screen but I can live with that. I try to get the real table dimensions (which makes SAFE CRACKER use only like half or so of my screen!). Also I can't just take out the screen so everything had to be put in from the front and back openings. (I managed to do it nevertheless!) So, adjusting the POV setting so that it looks realistic on my cab (and I really didn't distort anything or pushing the value limits in any way!) I more than once made the bitter experience that, although looking quite nice on the screen, when playing it the ball couldn't go up ramps anymore! It just bounced back from it or wasn't ejected of holes anymore – I can't understand nobody has adressed this so far. Am I the only one here? 2. The ball physics! Kudos and a thousand heartfelt thank-yous to all the guys who spend their time to give us VP for basically free, of course - but why are truly realistic ball physics so difficult to get right, apparently? Here are my observations of several recent tables: Why for instance has THE WALKING DEAD a (white) ball that bounces and flies around like more or less a featherweight ping pong or rubber ball? This makes the table almost ridiculous to play. T2 is another table which looks very nice but the ball is a cartoonish mess, and also ramp and other aimed shots are almost impossible to do. (It's a mean machine, I played it for years back in the day so I know it's not easy!) On the other hand, BRIDE OF PINBOT has remarkably realistic physics! The ball feels heavy and doesn't bounce around so much. Also INDIANA JONES (1993) plays relatively nicely (and fills my Widebody screen completely as one of only two besides STTNG). On some tables like MEDIEVAL MADNESS, when the ball comes down and hits the flipper rubber, it bounces back up like a rubber ball a little over the sling shots. Hm…do I just not remember the real tables correctly…? So my question: Why can't every table play like BRIDE OF PINBOT? 🙂 Well, I have to say when seeing it play on a regular 19 or 21'' PC monitor without any tweaking at all it looks exquisite and everything is perfect (colors etc.) so I also can't understand why it can't just translate onto a huge TV screen. Maybe all this is different in 4K rather than regular HD 1080? Would enjoy comments and thoughts of other players and fans! (Forgive me the crappy photo, I don't have any other right now)
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    Hey. Try this: open bride of pinbot, options and choose ”export physics set (incl. flippers)" now you can import this file in your other tables and see if it works for you
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    I updated my Documentation: VPIN – build your own Virtual Pinball in a old cabinet. This documentation summarizes two stages of development and round about: 1.25 years (duration) of the last 5 years (time) maybe there´s some helpful information for a few of you. have fun... 😉 Greetz fR33Styler
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    Not sure what version of AC/DC we're talking about there. For me, it is the right magna save button, not both flippers at the same time. That would be, right cntr.
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    View File Michael Jordan (Data East, 1992) This is my release of the 1992 Data East Michael Jordan recreation. Right off I'll tell you that its not perfect and thats because there are very few resources. Also there are lights and things that don't match up with the manual. I redrew the playfield and plastics myself and I think it looks pretty good considering the lack of resources. This is a mod based off the Lethal Weapon 3 table that javier1515 created and bigus1 modded. I made it all work with the Michael Jordan reskin. 32assassin has been working on a WIP and has made a lot of changes. Some of them are in this table, but not all. Sorry, 32assassin, but I got busy with real life and quite frankly I got tired of this table. I know a lot of people have been waiting for the release so here it is. Where I left off and open for anybody to mod. I like the table the way it is, but that's just my opinion. Its summer here where I live and I have been busy living. I got things I want to do. So thank you to the following and you all have fun: bigus1 for LW3 mod I based this table off of. javier1515 for his LW3 vpx table which I based this mod off of. oooPLAYER1ooo for his LW3 artwork that I used as a template to reskin. francisco666 for his LW3 artwork that I used as a template to reskin. pinballfan6500 for his work on getting a rom dump of this rare table. toxie for adding the rom to the vpinmame beta. Thalamus for his FSS additions to the script. 32assassin for a bunch of modifications to the WIP which some made it to this table and some will have to be added. Sorry, I didn't do them all. Please release your version, It does not matter if there are two or more downloads of this table. Oh and included with this table is HiRez00's very nice wheel art. IMPORTANT: YOU NEED THE BETA 3.3 OF VPINMAME TO PLAY THIS TABLE https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=31231 Download the rom here and rename it mj_130.zip https://www.ipdb.org/files/3425/Data_East_1992_Michael_Jordan_ROMs.zip Sorry if I missed anybody in the credits. Let me know and I will add you. Thanks, Rascal Submitter Rascal Submitted 07/30/2020 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name mj_130.zip Link to B2S Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod Yes VP Version v10  
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    View File Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (Sega 1995) VPX version by Schreibi34 and Herweh Version 1.0: Initial release Schreibi34: Visuals and gameplay "It's simply amazing what you do in Blender. So thrilling, so inspiring, so extraordinary. I'm overwhelmed every time when I see what you have created. You are the man. And a very relaxed, cool guy too. And for sure an awesome drummer ;-). Once again it was a pleasure and an honor to work with you" (this was written by Herweh) Herweh: Scripting, VP development and gameplay "Everything you see below in this script! Without him Mr. Basic v2.0 Schreibi34 would have been totally lost! What he has done on this table goes beyond my imagination. From animating Frank to implementing RothbauerW's physics to the texture swaps to all sorts of extras. Please check out all the stuff that the script Voodoo Master has provided for you below! Thanks for being such a cool guy! It was a pleasure!" (this was written by Schreibi34) Special thanks to: - Dark: We all know what he did! Frank is just jawdropping!! - Dids666: For starting all of this and his awesome meshes. Thanks for letting us finish this!! - Sheltemke: For stitching together the PF image and playtesting - Mlager8: For PS help on the sling plastics - RothbauerW: For his awesome physics' guide at vpinball.com and some more help on the physics - Mark70, Bord, Thalamus: For beta testing and some good hints - Batch: For the DT background image (Sorry for making it a bit darker! Batch's original is in the image manager for those who like more pop) Magna save selects LUT filters! Changelog: Version 1.0.1 - Herweh: Fix for the trapped balls and the post left of the Geneva hole. Fix for LUT filters resetting after restart - Skitso: Alligning the GI-ON and OFF better so they don't "jump" when swaping - Schreibi34: Minor gameplay/physics adjustments Submitter Schreibi34 Submitted 04/18/2020 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name Link to B2S Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod Yes VP Version v10  
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