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    We are talking about hundreds of frames. The layered color masks are not only interesting for video modes. They are interesting for vastly dynamic scenes that occur in many different states of the game. It prevents the project from becoming completely unsorted. They allow you to save on masks vastly, making detection faster. Maybe my coloring method is just the work of an amateur. So, I think some people get me wrong: If I say I don't care about VP that doesn't mean I don't appreciate it. It's just that the only way for me to make/test this was on a real machine because that was my goal. I thought this would work out of the box because I didn't know there is compatibility problems atm with layered masks. Converting this would be a crazy amount of work. Also to make video modes work in the future, this would have to be implemented in the DLL you guys are talking about. I'm honestly super sorry this doesn't seem to work straight out of the box for virtual pinball. I sincerely hope that Lucky1 can work something out for you guys. Seriously.
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    Thats the job of Freezy. Mine is done. He already contacted me yesterday and he seems to be working on it. Do you use the latest version of the DLL ?
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    Alright thanks again for looking into this issue. At least now know this is not because of me. I must say you are very quick to help out. I always see you jumping in for the Rescue, (3 sites) Much Appreciated!!!
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    Version 2.0


    High Roller Casino(Stern 2001)
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    No one was born with the ability to color DMDs.
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    I am currently working on the ij update. I do a circular work around my projects. The next updates after ij will be for mb, Taf and Tom while finishing the first releases of jp and rs... So sorry, I can't promise a point of time. For some updates for real pins I will need real pin dump files, especially for Tom and jp at the moment. If somebody could provide those it would be great and speed up the progress.
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    Version 1.0


    Mustang le (stern 2014)
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