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    1. Patch rom. 2. Change table script to match new rom name. 3. Make sure that the table script has Fast Flip enabled ( github repo has it pr example ). 4. Test by starting table - press F11 and look at left flipper response. Should not fluctuate and be very close to 0ms at all the tests. If it is not working you see approx 0-20ms fluctuation.
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    Makes sense that you'd want to use the correct file name in the zip. If you disable CRC check (as you must do with a patched file), how else would VPinMAME identify which file to load unless the file name was spelled correctly? By the way, I can't confirm the behavior for mtl180h. I haven't tested on my cab, yet. For those not getting color with the patch, have you copied over the pal file to mtl180hc folder within the altcolor folder? Gotta use both the patch file and the palette. I was not even aware of the patch until yesterday. Should have known something was up when DJRobX added fastflips. Wouldn't it be great if we get a patch for st162h?
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    Find it a bit weird that you are saying this @outhere - not that I don't believe you. I mentioned it already a few times that I've seen this behaviour before. If the rom inside the zip isn't 100% correctly named it may lead to issues. I remember a few times where I've told people to rename their rom inside the correctly named zip and it has resolved their problems. I've also seen cases where this has not been important. Now, this is a "color enabled" rom. Maybe it is so that in order to get color working, the rom needs to match pinmame 100% ? Food for thought ?
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