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    829 frames. 277 sequences of 3 frames cut and coloured. 277 individual triggers added(!). Hours and hours of work in total, I added the last trigger last night and nervously loaded it up - it works great!... ...until you hit any shot on the table; at which point the none of my triggers reliably fire anymore, presumably the placement of the Enterprise vs. the purple background changes depending on when you hit the shot. It's hit and miss, sometimes it works great, but sometimes it just doesn't fire again. Alas my dreams of working magic may end here, assuming I could capture the "other" 829 frame sequence, I don't know if I have the heart to colour it again this was incredibly monotonous. I might try adding some "backup" triggers in line with how it used to be coloured but I have a feeling these will interfere with my existing 277 triggers... If anyone wants to try it, here is a (green borg) vpin version featuring the above sequence - it works sometimes, but not all the time. On the plus side, I think I have broken a new record here, the VNI comes in at over 10Mb! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1oCEbTS-fsV0Xle8aWge3d1p7-IQrxhtL?usp=sharing
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    Hi I started learnig how to use the editor. I overtook this project: I know the the user "Rensh" from pinside.com and @DJRobX from here already did a lot, so thank you guys, for all the work you already did So at the start i can play with the colors and then see where some trigger mistakes are. Here is one scene: Before: After: It still will take a loooooong time to finish and there will be 1000 questions but i`m having fun with the editor. A pitty that i dont have that much time.. As soon as i have this working i will carry on with the Apollo 13 where i also started (will put the DUMP in the download). Greets
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    ok version 0.1.0 is up meow. I'd like some thoughts on what I could do to improve video mode. Triggering anomolies: V.09 Million1-C is triggered corectly with only 1 possible key frame, yet it doesnt get triggered in WOB's video Million2-H is triggered corectly with only 1 possible key frame, yet it doesnt get triggered in WOB's video 1 trigger of PoliceWipe is triggered correctly in WOB's v.09 dump but its not triggered in WOB's video 1 trigger of LamboWipe is triggered correctly in WOB's v.09 dump, but its not triggered in WOB's video Scenes missing for sure: Extra Ball Release Change Log: .10 Shoot the SC to Lite Jackpot -Applied correct palette, looks better Shoot the SC millions plus per -new trigger, new colormask. -removed gradient text from supercharger and made the scene more colorful AND frame between extra ball awards -Recolored and added gradient -Might make make it even fancier later Post Ball Multiplier Bonus -Bonus trigger is cutting off the big number Mulitplier (gw_l5_007, frame 3,296 mask 5) -created new wider mask for bonus trigger, that should prevent the numbers from getting cut off -Scoring behind the 4x and 6x multiplers prevented them from being triggered after draining -created new keyframe mask just for the multipliers -new triggers using the new key frame mask Helicopter Chase Left - Keyframing 1:1 because the ghost frames duplicate triggers so I cant just color a sequence - Order may be random, this will resolve that - Not sure if I should shade the car; same "sprite" as the match & burnout scenes , cant shade those - I believe some of these frames are also used in other sequences, so this will colorize those parts as well - This is not completely colored, but the part that is done is triggered and colored SuperCharger Mode -Redid mask to remove ghosting -Altered colors to keep score color consistent and add some much needed green. MultiBall- -Recolored letters to differentiate from ColorDMD's choices -changed blue letters to white -cherry light stayed red to match topper Gears- -Forgot the gear display was 3 or 4 frames -copied first colored frame to the rest (ooops) -cut, colored, and triggered 5th gear -added gradient to the 4th gear frame JACKPOT -fleshed out the gradient colormask for sequence 1, final colors to be determined -All 4 jackpot sequences cut masked and trigger -I wont lie , I kind of like the unexpected purple Traffic Lights -These really are a cluster -removing the old keymask 5 and using the new keyframe mask 8 -may redo triggering based on the WORD on the screen and not the bulb lit up on the tree -These will likely get redone completely using the color words as triggers and colormasks Credits + Push Start -removed colormask -removed keyframe -will just use default palette Replay At -new and additional keyframes FreeRide -Converted to replacement scene instead of color mask. -retriggered split to hide transition frames Burn Rubber -cut, colored , and trigger word prompt -same for the award screen 4th & 5th Gear Award -cut, colored , and trigger word prompt Red Line Mania -cut, colored , and trigger word prompt Video Mode -Colored instruction screen -added a simple mask to put the scores and gear in color, better than nothing -You Win Screen keyed and colored Tunnel Shots -cut, colored , and trigger word prompt Speed Trap -colored the missing pixel on SpeedTrap2C frame, merp Replay -added scene -not set on colors, want to make it POP Status Report -First screen added, need to capture and color the rest. SC Boost -Added value screens for 4,5,6,7,8, and 9
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    You should post your feature requests to the github link lucky posted - https://github.com/sker65/go-dmd-clock/issues. Some kind of "folder" hierarchy view for managing scenes and triggers would be useful, I agree, that would help achieve what you describe for "finished scenes". I don't think this is practically possible though the triggers you created with the mask are tied to the hash generated by that mask. If you changed the mask shape, you (potentially) change the generated hash, and none of your previously set triggers would fire anymore. There might be cases where the new shaped mask doesn't change the trigger hash, but for the cases where it does, you would have to go back and retrigger everything and this might actually be more work than deleting the mask and starting fresh.
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    This is pretty useful slippi, I track all of this info in a spreadsheet to keep myself organized, it works well for me however is almost as time consuming as the actual coloring. Could you make your tool be able to export into google sheets or excel? Then you could manipulate and sort as needed for any modifications or condensing you'd like to make e.g. palettes or masks for size efficiencies?
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    View File League Champ (Williams 1996) League Champ Bowler ... took a long time to find a good pic to work with but finally found one. Submitter Wildman Submitted 08/08/2019 Category B2S Backglasses  
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    Found few things. Probably you wanna fix it. When you have multiplier it will be coler to colorize 10X 8X and other with move volume and proboably other colors: green blue or any other. 10X looks so flat. when you collect crystal, it have background. Not sure that it should have background. on last picture it has 3 balls on original dmd output and didnt have it after colorization.
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    not working for me either... It works for ultradmd and Pupdmd tables but every colorrom or altcolor table i tried gives me a black DMD with 3.01... again downgraded to 2.67. hopefully freezy will fix that anytime so everyone can use it
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    you can cheat and have more colors by cutting up the scene into smaller chunks, look at how I did some of the longer sequences on lethal weapon 3. I look forward to seeing what you can do, and if you need any help ask @cb3 or @slippifishi they've gotten better at this than me!
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    Thanks, glad you like it the fact people are willing to install and enjoy it is payment enough! Learned a new triggering technique/approach while working on a Flintstones scene recently and hoping to come back to this and work some magic on the wormhole status in the near future...
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    @NetzZWerg Try the attached to help with your current problem; wish I'd written it sooner, it's very interesting to see trigger and palette counts on my projects TNG was 1100+ triggers! Probably not perfect but let me know if you run into any issues. @lucky1 As for ideas/suggestions for the editor, I definitely have a few I that in my opinion would help save masses of time - I will add some comments to github in the near future. NetzZWerg mentioned a tool I had sent to him that is ultimately nothing more than a dump browser, but it lets you see a list of hashes up front and do some analysis and planning outside of the editor with crucial keyboard navigation! For the record, there is a copy available below. I don't know how useful NetzZ has found it, but it's definitely helped me save some time when it comes to repeating scenes and working out efficient triggering. It's not without its faults and quirks, but it does the job I created it for, happy to share the C# sources if required, though there is nothing ground breaking here... https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14EfpaVO5oAkja6wFe79BG-R0rc2Gtqcl?usp=sharing I did look into some "auto-analysis" type methods that are under discussion elsewhere on the internet for a rival product but in my opinion there were just too many variables to make it that viable. It would be easy to auto detect non-dynamic sequences, but without defining masks upfront and really restricting the number of frames to be analysed there was too big a chance of the wrong stuff being detected. By the time you've worked out the mask and restricted the frame sequence, you have already done all the hard work and the fun part of colouring it by hand can begin... p2dprojectinfo.zip
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