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    This got updated today.
  2. 2 points
    Thanks as always Wildman. You are the master of b2s... always will be!
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    View File Rocky (Gottlieb 1982) Rocky (Gottlieb 1982) this is the movie backglass ...ENJOY 😎 Submitter Wildman Submitted 06/09/2019 Category B2S Backglasses  
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    Version 1.0.0


    Rocky (Gottlieb 1982) this is the movie backglass ...ENJOY 😎
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    Version 1.0.2


    Needs VP 10.6 rev. 3696 or higher!! After almost 8 months it's finally done! A very special thanks goes out to Herweh!! Withou him this table wouldn't be half as good!! Thanks my friend! Don't miss Herwehs "Additional GI" switchable in the script! More GI-OFF for those who enjoy it! I hope you guys have fun while playing! Credits: - Herweh for scripting everything on this table, including kickers, animations, airball, additional GI and SSF sounds. He also fixed stuff like the trough and the tilt script! Without him this table wouldn't be half as good!!! One of the best and a great guy!! This is also your table!! Thanks!!! - 32assassin and BodyDump for bringing this Table to VPX. I used their table as a base. - Kiwi and Destruk for a great hint when 'Tilt' didn't want to work the way it should - RothbauerW for some code of his manuel trough in 'No Good Gofers' - Bord and BorgDog for images, testing and all kinds of help! - BorgDog for moving spinner rod - Flupper - cycles insert material - Thalamus for playtesting and screenshots - Ninuzzu - BallShadow - Whoever made the flipper shadow - Last, and definetly not least the VPX devs!! Thanks guys! Changelog: v 1.0.1 - Herweh fixed a crash caused ba a glass hit - fixed the "bleeding" of the flipper textures - better DT background image v1.0.2 - Herweh fixed two hickups in the script. Flickering of the GI when hitting the flipper button is now gone. Thanks to Thalamus for finding both issues and providing a quick fix!
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    Awesome - thank you Wildman !
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    On version 0.96, when the ball drains straight down the middle(not the outlanes) pass the flippers, the game does not register the ball drain, the table goes into ball search mode but does not find it, requiring a re-start of the table to continue.
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    Version shr_141.zip


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    Version 1.1


    Includes reproductions of factory instruction cards, two English language cards (presumably pre-production and final production cards) plus one German language card. A coin card is also included (US currency only). Graphic elements processed with GIMP. Type and layout produced with Adobe InDesign. Some more graphics work, assembly, vectorization, and colorization to simulate print out on Solar Yellow stock all produced in Adobe Illustrator. The basis for the German market KISS logo came from a glyph in The KISS font package: http://www.pickafont.com/fonts/The-KISS-Font.html. I updated the logo in Illustrator to better reflect the current logo style with rounded S's. Made a wheel image from the results and colored it like the US market logo. The US market logo came straight from Wikipedia (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Kiss_Logo.svg). And the US wheel image is simply a PNG conversion of the source vector-based image. Star icons copyright flaticon and made available through Creative Commons license v3.0. Distributed here: http://www.freepik.com Fonts - Helvetica Neue thanks to ephifonts.com and dafontfree.net; Aldo the Apache by AJ Paglia and distributed by DaFont; the ampersand glyph is Filmotype Meredith designed by Rian Hughes and modified by me (thanks to freevectorart24h.blogspot.com). Flyers, raw image extracted directly from the factory PDFs using xpdfbin and converted to lossless PNG using ImageMagick. Special thanks to Scott Tiesma and PAPA.org for the KISS rulesheet. This document has an excellent card reproduction. The pre-production card is essentially a reproduction of this image. And the band member likenesses were taken from there. Special thanks to stefanaustria (STAT) for helping me out by typing out the text of the German card. Special thanks to Pinball Universe and IPDB for German card reference images; and pinballnews.com for reference images; and as always Inkochnito for distributing the coin cards. Production version image came from the Limited Edition flyer by Stern Pinball. This work is free to use by the community without attribution. All sources are trademarks / copyrights of their respective owners. This is to be privately used in front-ends or for other non-commercial (or at least non-profit) pinball-related applications. I hold no responsibility for their misuse.
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