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    While I'm not into VP, I do have a couple of real pinball machines with Getaway being one of them. A couple of years ago I bought a PinSound for it, and I've been an evangelist for the product ever since. Anyway, I know that many VP enthusiasts have incorporated PinSound, so I wanted to announce the release of my latest Getaway orchestration to the community. This one is full techno, and I've had several positive compliments on it. If you are interested, you may download my v10 full techno mix or any other of my Getaway orchestrations for free at http://pinsound-community.org/forum/index.php?/files/category/22-getaway
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    Yes. Run the required updated beta pinmame. It is clearly stated in the table release and there is at last 10 people who have asked the same question. Meaning they can't read yet in the age of ??? Any reason for NOT posting this in the table thread btw ?
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    Little update some dynamic scenes
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