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    Hi, I have uploaded 3 x DMD Dumps from Champion Pub if anyone is interested in tackling it for colourisation, Includes a successful Pub Champ. I am sure more dumps will be needed as their are 10 fighters but only up to 5 per game, but it will be a good starting point for anyone interested in the title. @lucky1 I currently only keep\store the .txt files generated by vpinmame, can you tell me if there is any advantage to working with the .raw files? http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/5526-champion-pub-midway-1998/
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    This is one I have been toying around with, it is on my list to color but admittedly I have not invested too much time on it...lol Thanks for uploading @Wob, I did not have a champion animation!
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    image rebuilt from a low res file. backglass has no flashing lamps. I did not like the default locations to the "Always ON" lamps, I moved the lamps around to match the objects in the image.
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    Thanks WOB ! I have introduced the raw file format because on WPC and Gottlieb machines sometimes triggering on the second hash was not working. The second hash is only correctly calculated if a frame only consists of two different frames, but sometimes it consists of three different frames. This is mainly happening in transitions. So for WPC you can work with raw files only and for Gottlieb it is better to have them both.
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    View File Barb Wire(Premier 1996) Barb Wire(Premier 1996) Submitter Wildman Submitted 05/04/2013 Category B2S Backglasses  
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    Thanks for sharing this beauty! Beers are on me ;).
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    Great work man! Thanks for sharing, looks beautiful!
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    It is with great pleasure I am able to make my Star Trek: The Next Generation PIN2DMD colourisation project available! Download link below. I hope everyone has as much fun playing this as I have had colouring it. I think I have also done a first in that I have provided two palette files so you can choose which colour you want the Borg ship - green for the TV show fans, or blue for the die hard pinball toy enthusiasts. I have said it before but I must say it again; the help and testing from @Wob has been so instrumental, it is the difference between me releasing this now in 2019 and some time during stardate 42947. I once accused NetZWerg of being a machine because he was so productive so quickly, but I think I realise now that he is not a machine, he just had a Wob! And because Wob is such a a gentleman, he has also graciously created a new preview video of the final 1.0 version. Seriously Wob, thank you. Make it so...
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    Version 1.3


    Desktop WS version of SEGA'S Godzilla. This Table is best played with Visual Pinbal 9.9.x.
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