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    These displays are top notch. They worked so well right out if the box and the construction looks better than if a factory had mass produced them. The pin community in the United States is lucky to have these available.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Medieval Madness 5 versions Medieval-Madness-Reloaded-1.0-1 Medieval-Madness-X-VPX-NZTT-1.1 Medieval Madness X VPX- NZ&TT 1.1_flippers Medieval-Madness-X-VPX-TTNZ-TOYMOD-1.0 Medieval-Madness-VPX-Remake-Tom-Tower-Ninuzzu-rev2.4
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    Version 1.07


    Junkyard Cats created by Brendan Bailey 2012 (another masterpiece) in Future Pinball is now available on VPX. About Brendan Brendan Bailey buys, fixes, sells, appreciates, and designs pinball machines. His love of the art, music, and design of arcade games knows no bounds. He was exposed to Williams pinball machines of the late 80's and early 90's at age 3 and has forever been a big a fan of creativity featured throughout those games. The desire to create original pinball machines is what fueled Brendan's exploration into creativity. From (slowly) learning Photoshop to composing electronic music, Brendan owes all of the inspiration for his abilities to the work of the designers, artists, programmers, and musicians of late 80's Williams pinball. Brendan went on to study graphic and new media design at Hofstra University, a career path he never would have discovered had it not been for pinball. Junkyard Cats is 100% original - Brendan created everything you see, hear, and experience during the game - even the voices! He cannot thank Christopher Leathely enough for creating the Future Pinball platform with such incredible passion and attention to detail. Brendan lives on Long Island and works as the creative director for Generations Beyond, a digital design agency in Ronkonkoma, NY... and yes, they have pinball machines in the office! Original Junkyard Cats Webside: http://www.junkyardcats.net/index.php PD: I can not test the table properly, my PC work has a graphics card onboard and I reboot the system, I apologize for possible bugs.
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    official rev 4723 Added Star Trek: The Next Generation (LX-5) from @lucky1 - extended and expanded support for altsound: SoundMode = 1 via new CSV file format can define playback parameters CHANNEL, DUCK, GAIN, LOOP, STOP allows multiple files to be used in a command (random selection among different files) Whitestar system support added Previous folder based structure is still fully supported See whatsnewVPM.txt for more details SAMBuild_r4723.zip
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    Version 1.0.0


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    Version 1.0.0


    Wheel of Fortune (Stern 2007) 1.0
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    Don't forget his backhanded slap to everyone else who's releasing tables: "Table alone is awesome. Rare one with no major bugs" On behalf of myself and everyone who else who works on these things and PROVIDES THEM FREE OF CHARGE and might put something out that isn't perfect, let me sincerely apologize for the inconvenience these "major bugs" cause you. I'll be sure to issue you a full refund,
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    Ah, a subtle reminder as to why so many of us authors have quit releasing tables.
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    Imploring someone to do something about their "absolutely horrendus" work is not often associated with someone who appreciates their efforts. Passive aggressive comments like "If real table uses rubber balls than ignore my comentary" will rightfully lead someone to to be offended. Rather than taking the feedback of others you double down and tell people to not be so sensitive to criticism? You then follow that up with what seemed like an attempt to seek empathy for all the time you spent testing and investigating how to make changes yourself pretty much insinuating your time is more valuable than that of the authors? Wow. I'd say I'm at a loss for words... but apparently I'm not
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    Version 1.0


    Contact (Williams 1978)
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