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    UseVPMModSol changes the way VPM reports solenoids. They change from being on/off to being 0-255 gradients so tables receive light intensity effects generated by the ROM. For example, in Scared Stuff the flashers slowly fade up and down. Without that option turned on you cannot see the effect as the ROM intended. This was added a few years ago. B2S DLL was patched in 1302 to convert these 0-255 values to 0-1 in the section of code that passes the solenoid states along to the EXE. If this patch is missing the larger numbers confuse DB2s and you'll see lots of wrong solenoids light up and it will intermittently crash, just as outhere's screenshots demonstrate. Are you running DB2S in EXE mode? It's very possible non-EXE mode is broken or there are other methods that need fixing. Pretty much everyone runs EXE mode since non-exe mode is prone to stutter. Be sure that you are using the patched DLL, and that it is the one registered.
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    DJRobX for some reason cant pm you ...so here... hey thanks....on a side note I talked to stefan/ Herweh is back and he is thinking of updating the db2s proggy after he builds his new cab.. there is a lot of stuff that needs updating for sure lol ...so once again thanks for the update will keep in touch cause have to update a ton of BG's to hi rez as i get them.. i been making them in vp9 cause of those issues in vpx i thought it was me ..
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    Id like to help as well. I have an IJ and pin2dmd and I have some experience with the editor. I could do coloring and key framing. Let me know. -Tom
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    Version 2.1


    Creature from the Black Lagoon (Midway 1992 ) Hi rez version enjoy man...
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    ok this is almost 100% done. I just need to do the splinter multipliers and trigger them. Finally got my spare panel from @dpannell2 all setup , and I just donated to Lucky for activation so I can fix color issues without having to trigger in game 😛 Next up is some polish on LW3 then some polish on T2 then I work on my mystery game more \ though I am having palette issues on some games.
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    Yes, Toxie and I maintain the official B2S repo, so this fix will become "permanent" once I check it in. Toxie usually kicks out a new official version at the same time VP is updated, so this will probably become when VPX 10.6 gets released. I need to clean up some of David's additions to make a "fuzzy match" feature he removed optional before I commit, but glad to hear it worked for you. And even more good news that Herweh might get back into it! And thanks, I had no idea my PM box was full. Cleared out some space, LOL.
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    So the crash with your test B2S is unrelated to solenoids. There is a longer list of lights coming into a function than the EXE is expecting. There is a sanity check that's supposed to check this, but it wasn't implemented fully. I've increased the capacity and fixed the sanity check. I can't really say for sure why this is any different in 1301 vs 1303 as I don't believe that area of code is different, but I've modified it so it doesn't crash. Please note this version also contains David Pavia's PinUP updates. It does not put B2S on top by default. You may need to set the "on top" option, depending on how you're using it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RpQiokTC_yYw1nAxaAF9NCpTVro9BQ0Y/view?usp=sharing Replace your two binaries with these and let me know how it goes.
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    at91jit makes sure everything is in sync - you turn it off and everything is allowed to gets out of sync. You can often get away with it if the computer is fast enough. Sounds like yours isn't. Try to adjust something so it works faster is my advice. You can get lucky and make it run if you open the editor and then load the table via file->open. Another trick that seems to work sometime is to load ACDC first. Except for that. It seems to be unresolvable. Some say Win10 is the solution.
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    Finally someone who knows what they are talking about jumped in 🙂
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    I made a private mod of BSD with ModSol and it is working great. And, the old one worked before I started doing this too. So, no, it isn't a problem.vpmModSol was added to core 3.52 and since you don't get any direct error you at least are at that version. Are you sure that you don't have some old *.vbs blocking somthing from being used ? You should not have any *.vbs files in tables or users folder. If you do, those get read first and effectively blocks the updated one.
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    I did some more sampling... All these tests were done by loading the game and not starting it It would appear when using 1301 backglass and VP-10 with this game everything lights up like a Christmas tree... I did not test any other games Yet... 1301 - VP-9 1301 - VP-9 1303 VP-9 1301 VP-10 1301 VP-10 1303 VP-10
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    The palette issues will go away when its activated
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    Updated version with total Annihilation colorized scenes also add gradient on scores. For vpin link below. Who purchased files for real pinball can request free update. https://cloud.mail.ru/public/Lvdf/fdbCH1wQE
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    Version 1.0


    Team One (Gottlieb 1977) for mkaking DB2S
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    Version 1.0


    Wipe Out (Premier 1993)
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