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    Ok I finally shot some photos of the cabinet as promised. You can see the brass inlay work I did earlier this week on the lockdown bar in the last photo. That took several days and a lot of freaking work. I still need to re-stain the lockdown bar darker. I also replaced my dmd monitor with the PIN2DMD with which I am extremely happy 😃 Gwen
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    I ordered some parts a while ago to build a few displays for my machines. I decided to make up a few extra displays with the parts I have left. I've sold a few here and I have a few left. PM me if you have any interest. The displays have the SD card reader, no wifi. I also have some shields and power supplies and frames. While they last...
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    Glad to be of assistance. And thanks for the beautiful color work! Gwen
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    I don´t know if this is the right spot to post it, but I just released a tutorial video for the PIN2DMD Editor, for those who requested...enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMyt5doiiAE
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    Martin. Just makes me more impressed over what you and the guys that have completed builds do for us. I agree with Malenko, clickable time links and it would be perfect. So, I see that you are adding those ❤️ I believe that even I could do this job - not as good looking maybe, but still I now have a understanding of how it can be done. Just awesome that you and CB3 gave us this run though ! Very useful for anyone that comes in your footsteps.
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    The video is really good, little long should be broken into chucks (at least have clickable time links in the details) Its a nice compliment to CB3's tutorial.
  7. 1 point
    Hi Martin, Just took a look at this, awesome work! Obviously you spent a lot of time on this and it's very well done. Thank You for this all your Colorization work to date.
  8. 1 point
    I live in Europe and the day after I've picked up the parcel. Dan contacted me asking if everything was ok. For anyone that is looking for a pre-built Pin2dmd. You will be very lucky if Dan is still making these. Both looked and feels like a professional build. That's all I have to say about the matter.
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    Dan got me setup with three devices and they were all TOP NOTCH QUALITY and LOOK AMAZING! He ships fast and also helps with setup if you need, I highly recommend him if you need a pin2dmd!
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    The FPx template engine was designed to replace the stock New_table template built into FP. It fixes a lot of bugs, adds the missing features, and includes additional features like a true bonus countdown and multiball support. It was designed and structured to be as easy to use as possible even by absolute beginners, with a built in tutorial that explains the basic scripting concepts remarked right in the script. This template uses the same exe (Zed x64 version) and the default XML physics used by BAM as the upcoming unified FP/BAM installer, but should work fine with minor adjustments with other physics packages. This uses stock FP models and textures, just consider this a far more complete new table version than the original. This is the perfect package for beginners to get their feet wet, either for FP or down the road VP, as it's a learning template as well as a full featured engine to drive your own releases or to use as a prototype board to test out designs or new ideas. Screenshot shows the built-in debug system
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