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    Version 1.0.0


    Sexy Girl (Arkon 1980) Hi Rez
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    You too! My VP obsession died as I got into real ones, mostly because my pin cab couldn't handle VPX. BUT, I recently built cabs for friends that run vpx and that has convinced me to upgrade my own setup. Will install soon, then I may move out of my occasional lurker status!
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    If I were down to 1 I'd probably pic the VP cab too (IM may have changed that, so addictive and my first n.i.b.). That's how it started, VP cab. Then I got 1 real. Then I convinced the wife to let me sell the shuffleboard and claim that space. Now, I've about painted myself into a corner, running out of gear to sell and can't see selling the pins I have! Perfect time to get more into VPX, right? Wait for some cash to fall out of the sky...
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    Thank You, I will keep you posted. I have one scene left to do the AT-AT bumpers but it is intensive. I haven't had as much time lately as I'd like to work on this so it is a little slow going. It will be completed soon.
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