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    I thought I would start colorizing Scared Stiff: So far I have the attached done. It's fun but time consuming.
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    Version 1.2.2


    I started this table because I found an image on the internet of great quality, although the playfield was deteriorated, I tried to rebuild it as best I could with all my limitations (I'm not a designer, although I really like that job) that took me almost a month, the plastics They are the ones that Kiwi gave to dboyrecords for the VP9 version of dboyrecords, since thank you very much to both of you, I found only two better plastics that use them and I was able to recreate the spinner that I found for sale on ebay, although the image was by the half, I recreated it as I thought it should be, since there are no images of it Thanks to all those who worked previously at this table, Destruk, TAB, Eala Dubh Sidhe, Aussie34, Many data helped me to understand how the lights worked and others since there is not much documentation of this table. Thanks to Stephan (STAT) for his media packageThanks to Wildman for his Great B2S A special thanks to Inkochnito, who wrote the dip switches on the VP8 table and that he also uses in this version. Thanks also to the great developers like JP, Assassins32, Ninuzzu, DjRobX, Rothbauerw, Flupper, Hauntfreaks, etc. I hope no one is offended and I do not forget anyone, but I use many resources of all of them, I also enjoy the great tables they make, this is just my humble contribution I hope you enjoy it. Press F6 for this options: Maximum credits= 5 - 40 High game to date award= 1 - 3 credits Special award= Extra ball or credit Balls per game= 3 - 5 Free play feature Play tunes Match feature
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    Version 1.1


    Hot Ball is a "Taito version" of Eight Ball (Bally 1977) As it is an SS rare table, there is no ROM available and this backglass uses Bally ROM. The main difference is that Bally displays the 2 digit mach number using "ball in play" display, and "credit" diplay has 2 digit, so i decided the background has been modified making this two display bigger. For best result i used Bally light ID, but because of this some parts of backglass can't work as should. Taito backglass has simple inner illumination, so i add some lights like in Bally as fantasy mode Thanks to Carlos for images and fonts. And let's hope that someone will find and share Taito ROMS.
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    you are right, it is gottlieb rom i'm workin on two taito's bakglasses sultan and hot ball hot ball is made from eight ball bally sultan from sinbad gottlieb i simply made confusion when i wrote text i'll correct and soon upluad hot ball, bg, table and mp bye
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    excellent work cb3, the community is crazy, thanks for sharing it master
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    Thank you very much cb3. Fantastic work.
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    Here is Beta version 2. This is still a WIP and I probably overestimated how much I have done, I ended up cutting a lot more scenes since my last update. Good news is I do believe I have ALL the animations in the game cut now. Coloring is about 50% complete and I have been key-framing as I go, so this is probably about halfway complete. There are still some bugs to work out but it is as always playable. Additions in this version: Speeder Mode Multipliers Match (90% working) Taun Taun Lit As always be sure to rename files to "pin2dmd" and place in correct alt_color folder. Enjoy! Star Wars2.vni Star Wars2.pal
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    Version 1.0.0


    Space Shuttle (Taito 1984) backglass a.k.a. Space Shuttle (Mecatronics 1984) backglass First of all a "multiple thanks" to Carlos Guizzo (The Magician) for his images, video, support... and everything. Without him simply this backglass shouldn't exists. This backglass uses a main image restored from Carlo's pictures and for a more realistic result custom LED counters i made thanks to inside images of the backglass he sent me. "Special thanks" to JPSalas for his help with lights assignements, NOTE This backglass works with JP's Space Shuttle (Taito 1984) VPX table (Taito and Mecatronics are the same company) It uses a main image as the one in flyer and other images on IPDB. Anyway the origiunal table uses two version with two different bacground images, see images and videos around the web.
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