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    View File The Flash (Original 2018) NOTE: Distribution of this file on a computer, virtual pinball machine or any variation of such device, which is sold as part of a product, or making this file available to download from a website, or via a file transfer process, without my permission is strictly prohibited. All characters, logos, and Flash themed graphics are the property of DC Comics. This is re-theme of JP Salas' awesome Flash (Wiliams 1979). It is my first attempt at creating anything in visual pinball. I welcome input and suggestions. I didn't touch JP's coding cause I think it plays really well. Big thanks to JP for letting me mod his work. Thanks to Wildman for letting me deconstruct his B2S file for Flash, then rebuild. Also, Hauntfreaks and Vogliadicane gave great advice on the graphics, it's much better with their input. And I have to thank Jim L. for telling me about comic book discrepancies. Submitter Onevox Submitted 07/31/2018 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name flash_l1 Link to B2S Included in zip Link to Media Pack Wheel icon included in zip Permission to Mod Yes VP Version v10  
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    It will go with whatever matches first. I believe it starts by searching whole frames, then goes through the masks. However it searches plane by plane, so mask 10, plane 1 will hit before mask 1, plane 2. So *probably* the lowest numbered mask will win. I would not try to rely on the searching behavior to prioritize keyframe hits (but I can think of a few cases where that might be useful ) It doesn't matter if multiple things point to the same animation frame as long as it's intentional. I do it intentionally in WCS often when the ROM has inconsistent transitions. to the "GOAL" animation for example. There are a few different combinations of things that start the same color mask sequence that is appropriate for all of them. It would be neat to have a feature where the editor can analyze the project looking for "ambiguous keyframes". I'm still trying to wrap my head around the editor code, I may implement it someday if I get good enough with the code. When I look at cb3's project with hundreds of keyframes, trying to figure out places where he might have unintentionally created overly-generic masks that triggers the wrong frame is currently almost impossible to catch without careful playtesting and looking at the logs. If the editor can check all the combinations and notice that Keyframe X points to animation A but the Keyframe Z pointing to animation B will also trigger on Keyframe X's frame, it would be very useful to help catch bugs.
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    I do wonder about performance though - the more keyframes there are, the longer the lookups will take. It has to check numPlanes * numMasks times each frame, too. I would think B-tree lookups ought to be pretty quick relative to the actual hash calcuation though. That's why I liked where you were going with the colormaskseq - then once a sequence starts all those additional frames could just be contained to the one animation. Seems like a more ideal implementation would have been to just jump to any of the remaining frame hashes within the sequence when seen, that way if one gets missed it could re-sync whenever there's a match.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Media pack for Hoops (Gottlieb 1991)
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    a couple more... why not?
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    It keeps progressing. I have been hung up trying to get one of the scenes that disolves into another to work in a way that I like. I have 95% of it but the first part doesn't launch right. I still need to try and use some of the advanced editing methods posted here to try and get the dynamic scenes done, but that is a small portion of scenes compared to the main videos that come up.
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